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Ending the Inner Experience of Psychological trauma of: ‘Vagus’ Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes of Buzz voices in the head. 


Emotions are the neurochemical function of the body/brain barrier, that give body feelings of interaction. These feelings spread out to Script via Interpellation towards Biopsychosocial emotional interaction. 

East/West Script is,  

‘The completed presence so far, of the story happening all around us’.  

It is the Western Biopsychosocial of sweat and scent, that is energised by the Eastern Chakras. These in Western terms, are the Germ Layers that form early in the womb. These continue out – throughout life - as the emotional neurochemicals of a Biopsychosocial Core Identity. This Core Identity is the Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm tissue Germ Layers, where Chakras control an Inner energy Experience from, a Biopsychosocial day/night/day continuum. 

Interpellation is your emotional face of neurochemical feelings in the body of, ‘story happening all...’ and what I call, ‘Life narration’. Interpellation is the function of these 3 tissue layers and Chakras and a Core Identity Psychosocial Buzz (noise). These 3 layers create the neurochemical sweat and scent that can be defined as the Western Biopsychosocial of Conjoining to, Eastern Chakras energy. It is this that the subliminal Peripheral visual and hearing Cortex’ functions for. This is the Core Identity within the presence of Psychosocial Interpellation. It is a day/night/day continuum of Eastern/Western Script.  

This, then Conjoins, with the Chakras of Earth’s Inner Experience. This Conjoining, meet within a Core Identity, as the body/brain barrier of the Quantum Soul of Chakras, God’s and Ectoplasm Lights as, the Tinnitus pitches of the Ego Identity Buzz. 

Via these two Conjoining sciences, God becomes a Biopsychosocial presence again, in the: Core Identity via; consciousness of Tinnitus frequency pitches. It is the theory, that I place on the sanctitude, of Gods given Self, as frequencies of silence, of the Inner pondering Experience. These are the I’ness of Ectoplasm within the Core Identity, as the existence of the body’s Quantum Soul of God’s Star Lights.  

Vagus Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia creates the existence, of the energy and scent from Psychosocial. This is the Biopsychosocial subliminal voice in the head of a Core Identity in, Abnormal to be Normal life narration.  

In the Norm of Society that voice in the head becomes wordless loud breath, Parasympathetic body Ignorance or conscious Tinnitus pitch/es. 

The Inner Experience is the displaying of the Core Identity’s Sympathetic emotions to the feelings in a Psychosocial gathering. It also gives Inner Experiences to what the Parasympathetic body feelings are reacting to, in the 0-7 Chakras energy of Biopsychosocial emotional Interpellation. 

Emotions are the expressions of the face. Emotions give feelings that are an expression of thought and peace (Mindfulness) and verbalisation, but also Parasympathetic nerve Ignorance responses via body language. I describe Mindfulness, but in Western terms it is self-hypnosis. Although Mindfulness is now practised by many Psychology fields as Inner Experience training. This strengthens the sublime Peripheral nervous system barrier that mental illness causes dysfunctions to via the CNS. 

The Inner Experience of thoughtful voices of feeling/emotion, are a method given by the Conjoining of Germ Layers reacting in the Mindful Chakra. The Endoderm/Mesoderm Throat Chakras energy, leads to the Ectoderm tissue of the Central Nervous System in the Core Identity Germ Layers. It is the Germ Layers that gives the finality of the breath’s Chakra Ectoplasm of the Pharynx, Larynx and Vagus nerve. This neurochemical body/brain barrier is the homeostasis in Script of Endothermic and Exothermic Biopsychosocial. That is a cause via a night/day continuum of sleep to waking, or blinking a Cortical reboot instead of falling into a mental illness. 

The area, where the Throat Chakras inner voice box spreads the Inner Experience of emotional thought, or pondering feelings via wordless breath or Mindfulness.  

The thought process has two completely different methods in their body/brain barrier processes of the inner voice box: 

  • The Larynx is right side of Throat Chakra 

  • The Pharynx is left side of the Throat Chakra 

The Larynx 

The Larynx – Endoderm/Mesoderm – is the area of the Throat Chakras that causes Schizophrenia and Paranoia in a Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD) of Tardive Dyskinesia. When the system becomes poisoned by Orofacial Dyskinesia from medication, it is, because, the Vagus nerve has become infected with Histamine H1-4. The H1-4 that I call a Yeast infective is known to cause Inflammatory mechanisms. I say that Inflammation is also via the stomach/brain barrier of Chronic Inflammation of H1-4 in the GABA towards the Medulla Oblongata. This state is a Stimulus/Response to a Norm of Society Monk that practises, towards Omega wave Mindfulness for years.  

This H1-4 Yeast infection – for citing please - has direct interaction with the Larynx and Omega/Beta wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus and the blockade of vitamin D2. Also, the Cranial nerves in the body/brain barrier via, I say, their Parasympathetic Action of the Rest and Digest response. In Rest and Digest the Biopsychosocial Core Identity life narration is a Buzz dysfunction of Vestibular Motion Disorder. This is until the dysfunction causes Paranoia or a voice from the crowd being induced as a Schizophrenic emotional character within the Core Identity. Another effect of Vagus Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia is Confabulation of visionary hallucinations. In a highly educated Buddhist Monk, it is a controlled Inner/Outer Experience of Meditation of Omega wave functions. 

The Pharynx 

The Pharynx – Mesoderm - has direct access to the Glossopharyngeal nerve. That, impresses itself onto the Sympathetic nerve. In the state of a FCD the effect of Prolactin Antipsychotics causes Anxiety and Psychosis.  

This, for discussion, is the Glossopharyngeal nerve having a dysfunction blockage relating to the Throat Chakras right-hand-side (Pharynx). In my Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia, I suffered extreme Anxiety thought and a loss of Cortical rebooting. This latter of blinking into a momentary Biopsychosocial Reframing by Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia, creating a Psychosocial Abnormal to be Normal. In Psychosis I would discuss that it is an effect of the visual area becoming infected by Alpha waves causing a Psychotic overload. In an Anxiety FCD the lack of Cortical rebooting, the brain then dysfunctions.  In God’s sanctity the Delta wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus frequency should be a consciousness.  

Many emotional mental health issues from Tardive Dyskinesia can be helped with Phenergan and and I feel through my Self-hack on Sarcosine. Phenergan for the face of the infection and Sarcosine for the body/brain barrier infection. When these nutraceutical supplements are given, it alleviates both Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia in the 2 types of Prolactin Antipsychotics.  

The Pharynx is the dominant Sympathetic Action of speech, whether a Deviant or Deviance. The Larynx is the assertive vocalisation of a Deviance and is the total truth of Script. Bodily dysfunctions occur such as twitching and spasmodic motion, if the Larynx is incorrect and the process continues. 

Prolactin Sparing drugs 

Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia of Alpha/Delta waves = Prolactin Sparing emotional Inner Experience dysfunction. 

This group of Antipsychotics cause Psychosis and Anxiety, in its method of giving a FCD of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia. The sparing of Prolactin should cause the alleviation of Psychosis. However, it increases Anxiety, and I say, a Psychotic Episode. This latter is, from the loss of Core Identity, to a lack of Cortical Actions. 

The loss of Cortical Actions, is in the Sympathetic nerves within the Cranial nerves of the eyes. The facial muscles of HMB – an Amino acid - are the Facial Conformity Disorder interaction of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes in the body/brain barrier.  

When the Cranial Sympathetic nerve dysfunctions and the unheard Delta wave amplitude causes hallucinations - it is because there is no Psychosis present in the individual.  

However, Psychotic Episodes are also a fact of the Alpha wave particles that accumulate, because of the lack of Cortical rebooting in Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia. This is because the Alpha waves emit a constant alertness in the Sympathetic Action Potential keeping the eyes from blinking. That I say, is a fact of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes as a Facial Conformity Disorder. When sleep or Cortical rebooting takes place, K-spindles of Omega waves function on Reframing the Ideational Scaffolding and returning the Norm of Society’s visual Cortex to Beta waves.  

Via Phenergan and the Amino acids of HMB in a FCD: reframe themselves in the Sympathetic Action of also using the neurochemical Self-hacked Sarcosine.  Phenergan not only causes the dissipation of the traumatic emotional FCD, but in the thoughtful feelings in Throat Chakras as well. This is because the infected side of the Throat Chakras is reopened. I would say that Phenergan removes the Histamine from the GABA in the stomach and gut also. This in turn helps the Vagus nerve to function, without Histamines causing H1-4 Delta waves between the body/brain barrier by blockaded vitamin D2 of Core Identity Buzz. 

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