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Definition of traumatic Psychosis Disorders


What is the trauma of Psychosis? And how do you define traumatic psychosis? Well symptoms of traumatic Psychosis and signs of trauma of psychosis are a state where you interpret ideas within the Self as traumatic hallucinations or delusions. traumatic Hallucinations are where you define the senses within as: a definition of external reactants giving THOUGHT and trauma of inner Psychotic voices that deny the outer of Selves. It is a formula of thought blockage, but as a trauma of Psychotic episode of delusional Self. These external reactants are a form of Script Dissension where: it’s a distortion of the life story of Self-interpretation. If left untreated trauma of Schizophrenic Episodes can develop. What traumatised psychotics are lacking is a lack of truth or disbelief in their own traumatic body language. In other words the body has become a state of trauma of aural Confabulation as inner trauma of hearing Psychosis voices. The latter meaning you may be interpreting things in an irrational way. In other words your mind has become delusional and out of sync with your body and trauma of inner voice and THOUGHT is the natural process. Induced trauma of psychosis also has implications such as: alcohol induced traumatic psychosis, trauma of cocaine psychosis and other drug induced trauma of psychosis such as traumatic marijuana psychosis and trauma of steroid psychosis. If your system is not balanced nutritionally trauma of psychosis and drugs are a likely cause. Remember drugs need nutrition to function in harmony with the trauma of the body/brain barrier.

The body is the reactant to what the mind interprets as: trauma of sensual motion of Self notions via; what you see, hear and smell of others’ becomes inner thought and your emotional displays. There is also an aspect of noise entering your hearing and body rhythms. In theory of many psychotics who wander in a sleep-like state - I found sound travels far and wide, but so does the voice of trauma. This causes – the Self – a trauma of delusional state of Script narration that becomes distorted to a reality of trauma leaving you in denial of outer trauma of sublime voices via a delusional trauma of sense of Self-Dissension. This I explained as trauma of Psychosocial traumatic paranoia. This trauma of hearing the inner Psychotic voice can be alleviated via body and vocal stance retraining.                         .


Where an outer notion and Self motion creates a delusional trauma of emotion, thought or inner sublime trauma of hearing voices can become traumatised or confused. Sometimes early counselling and or medication can alleviate problems with the trauma of the Psychotic inner hearing of voices of Self. Having been in that system of mental hell I would say many doctors are too liberal with anti-psychotics used to treat this mental health illness. But within the state of the sleep walking facial stance trauma of Anxiety can also establish itself. The inner trauma of hearing voices can become trauma of paranoid or even cause aggressive tendencies.


This confused or traumatised state causes the thought to become an irrational state where your Norm starts to hear inner voices as a state of confusion or thought denial.  An example is an irrational thought from a sublime notion. It is explained as your trauma of emotional Self having an inner conflict. If it is acknowledgement via an unconscious ‘nod of the head’, what is done is: assess this as ‘why’? and not a facial feature of frowning concern or traumatic worry. So here a second and third motion is a positive ‘shake of the head’ followed by a ‘shrug of the shoulders’. This gives a Cycle of Enquiry of:


Opposition (why) → Deviation → Alleviation....Inner 'Peace' Experience







So shaking the head against the sublime 'nod of delusional confirmation' causing a counteraction with the single stern motional measure that is the positive Deviation against the delusional sublime trauma of Psychotic emotions of trauma of Self thought and inner trauma of voices. A shrug is a notion of, “I don’t know”. At that point Alleviation is gained against trauma of outer psychotic trauma of Script notions that you form as a denial via body ignorance .


Within the Cycle of Enquiry, these are a route where cycles of life circle. If the final route is Opposition, sometimes a shrug of the shoulders needs to be counteracted with a ‘nod or shake of the head’. I suggest trying both and feeling positivism towards feeling 'one or both' via an Enquiry towards calmness. At that point raise the thumb, but also then push the thumb downwards. This causes a double counteractive of:


Alleviation ↔ Opposition ↔ Deviation....or natural calm motions.


A classic Conditioning method away from trauma of psychosis disorders is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This involves using talking methods to change the behavioural patterns of sufferers via implicating positivism into trauma of body language. Using the above markers can treat mental health conditions via suppression. The latter can rebuild Theory of Mind. Self Behavioural Analysis can also be instigated, but a chat with a GP, MD is advisable. A doctor will look for symptoms such as:


1. Whether medication is taken or needed.

2. Are you suffering trauma of depression or traumatic erratic thoughts?

3. Whether thoughts are traumatic or irrational.

4. Are you keeping to your daily routine, or have you started to shy away from some daily routines that make you confused, scared or angry.

5. Whether you feel people are controlling you.

6.    Do social situations cause traumatic psychotic episodes that are not normally you?







Point 5 is where Theory of Mind has become demoralised which can lead to traumatic depression, trauma of anxiety and trauma of paranoia. This leads to point 4 of confusion because the mind has been depleted of calmness via behaviourism. Many mental health sufferers of trauma lack positivism in their body language or suffer from negativity in tonal and body language. A doctor can help regain the use of positivism via Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Body Mentalists is all about using Self Behavioural Analysis as a Self instructional method of answering inner and outer Script Dissension whilst sitting in the security of the home. Everyone has bad days, so be wise and pick your days for going out. Always remember though that your doctor is only a phone call away                                                      .


The Trauma of Voices is the narration towards defining inner faults and trauma of hearing Psychotic voices of Script narration. Script is the ‘Story that is happening all around us’. You need to find your own positive story that leads to calmness and that is via using correctional body ignorance.

Trauma of Anxiety is also a complication of traumatic psychosis. Trauma of Anxiety is an issue extended from confusion, but also inner Psychotic trauma of voices in the body language. Traumatic Anxiety is the feeling within the body that you are confused over an issue/s. Sometimes issues are never resolved because a trauma of mental illness is created via outer forces creating smell and noise towards your Core Identity (Self). This ‘Self’ is known as Psychosocial interaction of Script narration. Trauma of Anxiety is like the ribcage forcing the heart into thudding towards a traumatic panic attack because the lungs have depleted. In the latter confusion creates thought and inner hearing of voices of trauma of delusional psychotic episodes instead of the physical of a panic attack. Here the heart beating to a response via the Sympathetic nervous system in the brain that then creates a feeling of a panic attack via its syndrome of 'fight or flight'. A panic attack continues from Anxiety.This is a point where inner trauma of voices or a physical feeling of traumatic panic exist in trauma of psychotic episodes.


Anxiety and confusion are: a trauma of inner feeling of Psychotic trauma that go hand in hand with trauma of psychotic episodes and the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous system usually counteract this because they usually work in the Norm to compliment what the body purveys via: stimulus from brain electro-chemicals. The Parasympathetic system is the 'rest and digest' of the Core Identity calmness. When these areas in the brain cause issues, trauma of anxiety and traumatic confusion settle into the body and brain. Where conversation or body language are lacking, the issue results in trauma of anxiety. If you feel trauma of anxiousness about several issues, this is the time to see your M.D doctor or counsellor. If you feel confused and don’t know how to talk or think through your issues then see a doctor immediately.

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