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Traumatic Paranoid Disorders

Symptoms of trauma is Paranoia and are an effect of Psychosocial interactions on your Core Identity (Self). Trauma of Psycho social are things that happen within society via sublime reactions to a Psychosocial Performance (public gathering) and the Setting (eg: bar, supermarket. Also scent that is an electro-chemical soup that is absorbed when reactions are placed in you as trauma of emotional notions of traumatic body language. This causes reactants to a public Psycho Social Performance via the use of body ignorance notions that gives inner solitude instead of building trauma of paranoid body reactions that leads to your traumatic scent relativity in the Taste/smell of Coffee causing inner feelings of trauma of paranoia because placebos cannot always be seen consciously. A bit like music and a film and the music suddenly making to jump or suddenly frightening you. That is a traumatic paranoid placebo that can consciously relieve pressure or tension via the Sympathetic nerve relieving the trauma of the Parasympathetic nerve in the brain.


Dealing with traumatic that is Paranoia disorders is the resultant effect of scent and trauma of peripheral tonal and visual subliminal effects that your body has absorbed (Interpellation). This gives the effects of body ignorance to what is going on in the sublime notions and motions happening around you. Believe it or not I have a realisation of what the trauma is, paranoia and traumatic panic attacks smell like. It's a common scent that has no real relativity other than a sniff of buttered toast in the morning or the rubbish bin laying un-emptied (placebo's). That's how far the course of suffering towards eventually curing evolved from within me. A placebo of a trauma that is paranoia, but also good vibes as all about peripheral notions (seeing or hearing something not quite there). This builds to the good vibes of seeing that new friend again where the heart pumps or a paranoid effect where the heart sinks. Nowadays I use body ignorance to counteract anything that 'doesn't smell or look right' within subconscious reactions from what my sublime issues learnt when raising my state of Theory of Mind away from the public Psychosocial and dealing with trauma that is Paranoia via clarity.







I lived sublime clarity rather than trauma that isparanoia because of 'Their' medicaments....Ahem psychiatry but your spirituality stinks.


This latter 'Natural'! state evolves firstly from sublime tones reaching your hearing and can become either: an impact in Core Identity (Self) of the body's scent releases into the Psychosocial room or; even the physical condition caused by medicaments of erratic motion. An example is Tardive Dyskinesia of involuntary jaw movement causing trauma of inner vocal psychosis. This erratic motion is also a way of releasing the Script narrations hold on the symptoms of trauma that is Paranoia that has been stored in my term 'Glandular Sensual Neurones'. These areas are locations such as skin fat deposit points such as above the thumbs or the soft temple deposits abouve the outer eye sockets.


These are points I realised throughout my traumatic mental health clarity where points on the body stored neurochemical scent where the body/brain barrier react accordingly via Embodiment (body language) and your Theory of Mind. Symptoms of trauma is Paranoia. A physical state where 'Fight or Flight' in the brain's Sympathetic nervous system and Anxiety: cannot consciously and knowingfully balance because;


'You have no reason to run away'  'or even a conscious reason to!'


So trauma is paranoia is a physical emotional trauma of feeling that: cannot readily be consciously explained because you have no proof towards why you feel that way. The route I used was to keep in touch with my sublime sounds and do you know what I heard: people insinuating lies and deceit that had nothing to do with you/me. This is one of the ways symptons of trauma that is Paranoia can build in the Core Identity. You/me in French is Deja vu and is a pretense 'of you and me'!? It is the Interpellation that gives rise in a noise or scent that eventually triggers trauma what is paranoia, trauma of panic, trauma and anxiety. It also leads to trauma of voices inside head because you have allowed your Theory of Mind to become trapped in that mindset of no Disassociation to what others are saying. That is, whilst you think or react via others that keep staring at you all night/day that causes trauma that is paranoia to build in your eyes. Its establishment includes placebos in the ears and how you react with looking around in body ignorance.


Core Identity is a Psychology route of keeping your Theory of Mind seperate from those in societal Script that is the public Psycho social enactment of, "We play play the game for each other" in a sublime statement of body ignorances that sometimes come together to Interpellate conversation. In other words scent absorption feeds the brain theories of your trauma of life narration. The reason I place the question and exclamation marks in Deja Vu is because trauma that is paranoia can form via exclamations that can form in the traumatised body ignorance. But also questions form that that cannot be reasonably run away from: hence the Sympathetic reason for paranoia forming in your sensual brain reactions to tones and the resultant scent releases giving traumatic panic, trauma that is paranoia and Psychological trauma symptoms of anxiety. Put another way either your body is underactive in the trauma of the Parasympathetic notions of 'Rest and digest' or the imbalance is in the trauma of the Sympathetic system. Nutrition and supplements are also a key factor. You'll find plenty more information around the

website about healthy nutrition and supplements.


Now you can carry on reading this website for a curing effect via: you need to re-equate your tonal authority and sublime notions of body ignorance. Or you can buy the E-books of this sites enhancement. Honestly the choices here are your's.



Vocal tones;

Scent or; extra enhancement.











Within trauma of what is paranoia, its classical thinking is: 'There out to get me, get me out of here' or not knowing which way to locate the trauma of peripheral senses away from sublime traumatic notions. This is simply because the brain has no rationality where trauma of insinuations are getting the better of you. What you need is a re-enhancement of your body notions because this is what causes unconscious answers towards your usually rational mind. In Deja Vu counteractives can be formed via a reversal of the ! and ?. This of course causes amicable vocal negotiation.


Trauma of Paraphrenia.

The traumatic word paranoia comes from: the Greek παράνοια (paranoia), "madness"; and that from παρά (para), "beside, by"; and νόος (noos), "mind". If symptoms of trauma progress the term used on is: traumatic Paraphrenia. This state is typified via Psychological trauma of Hallucinations where perception towards reality becomes distorted. This state of unreasonable perception is also described as an 'Absence of external sources'. Here is the point where the trauma of the 'Rest and Digest' lowers the life signs into trauma of paranoia or furtherance to Psychological trauma of hallucinations towards outer noised vibes narrating what is 'sublime body language notions' forming trauma of Paraphrenia as an inner delusional thought process. Traumatic Hallunications can be seen as a visual and aural sublime notion that is not part of consciousness. Rather a state where a vivid imagination becomes confused. Hence the extension from trauma that is paranoia. At this level dealing with trauma of paranoia extends into imagined but delusional traumatic thoughts via the brain/body barrier being interpreted in the form of a life story in the ears, nose and inner voice box via trauma of body language notions. I would also use the word traumatic Confabulation where imaginary day dreams become trauma of paranoid irrational states. Or traumatic Theory of Mind seeing things in the background for the causing of staying within Core Identity singularity. I also would use the term Aural Confabulation for dealing with trauma that is paranoia of this kind. In the diagnosis a sense on consciousness is not lost. So saying this state is typified as traumatic paranoid daydreaming. What I would say is Glandular Sensual Neurones have started to overload the Theory of Mind and the body of Embodiment to counteract the 'Absence of external '"conscious" sources'. At this latter level trauma of sublime sounds cause the stabilising of traumatic Paraphrenia or trauma of Confabulation in your life narration. This is a condition of trauma of Script where other's have effects on your traumatic Conditioning of your life story. Traumatic Conditioning is how the Theory of Mind receives its programming in a Performance and the Settings you dwell within in daily life. What I add of traumatic Paraphrenia if the the mind has become overcompensated in the trauma of the Parasympathetic nervous system of 'Rest and digest'. This can cause the overactive states of trauma and paranoid daydreaming or traumatic Confabulation with aural and trauma of visual hallucinations if the condition becomes worse.


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