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The Psychological trauma of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves via Medicaments. I would like some comments on the prosecution of the U.K N.H.S.

Depot injections gives a vastly different response in the body/brain barrier compared to the tablet forms of Medicament because these enter the stomach/brain barrier and also act far quicker causing Confabulation and Psychosis. This can have a devastating effect of causing orofacial dyskinesia treatment. This then settling the Core Identity (Self) into its Confabulation of Psychosocial (public) Script (of the public) narration (of the tonal Psychosocial Prosody). This is in the Vagus nerve that can overload the Sympathetic nerve into the trauma of Psychosis. It can also cause silent Psychological Paranoia. It is a beneficial state of traumatized Theory of Mind for the trauma of Psychosis and Psychological Anxiety. The inner trauma of Schizophrenia is also a cause which should not be confused with Paranoid Schizophrenia. It's where thought sudue a person who loses to their own thoughts. A natural talent that can be used for Self-Behavioural Programming as it is Core Identity.

This affects the 4 Medulla Oblongata nerves of the Central Nervous System with the mental illness of: traumatic Peripheral Germ Layer of; a Buzz of Psychosocial sensations of; interpreted sublime Psychosocial Prosody tones entering; 7 Psychosocial Chakras of; body mental-ism of Psychological Orofacial Dyskinesia. Orofacial Dyskinesia is a mentality disability of neurochemical imbalances of a Facial Conformity Disorder caused by medicament. It is in Embodiment towards Psychosocial interaction disruptions in the 7 Chakras (0-7) of thoughtfulness and meditation. It is in the body language of the meat tissue of Embryonic Germ Layers. These three layers are of Chakra thoughtful energy points linking to the Throat Chakras and the inner voice box. This area has links to the Medulla Oblongata directly.

Psychological Schizophrenia relates to a Chakra Energy and an Inner thought Experience and not the trauma of silent Paranoia. That is natural to the professionalism of Prosody and the Norm of Society’s Deja Vu or Chinese whispers. Even, natural Core Identity instinct according to professionalism. The trauma of Schizophrenia is inner traumatic Anxiety of Neologism and Visual Confabulation that medicament can cause. This Psychological Schizophrenia is via body mental-ism of Inner psychological mentality Experience of Orofacial Dyskinesia in the anguished Core Identity developing Anxiousness instead of Paranoia.

These latter traumatic Theory’s of Mind meaning how we think via the Vagus. And talk, via the Glossopharyngeal. Nerves that can be blocked that causes an Inner Anxious Experience via the Parasympathetic Cranial nerves in the facial structure. This is where there is no speech control of a mentality Orofacial Dyskinesia. A traumatic Paranoid imbalance of Sympathetic thoughts then exists in the Vagus nerve and the Glossopharyngeal nerve

dysfunction. This is when Disassociation is not applied via the Sympathetic

nerve. And that is the Norm of Society’s Psychosocial Phobias of

Anxiousness of autonomic Psychosocial Script Energies. That belongs to

the Central Nervous System of breath and blinking as well as its Ignorance

and Disassociation. This Trauma of Psychological states of Medicament

relates to how it is administered in the body/brain barrier and the lack

Ignorance and Dissociation in the Cranial nerves and autonomic facial

muscles. The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves need Harmony

and not the imbalance that medicament can cause via Orofacial Dyskinesia.

It can lead to a Facial Conformity Disorder of Cranial relapses to

Psychosocial stimulus. And this is where Paranoia is needed. Haldol

works in this fashion. So do I need it when I’m labeled a Paranoid

Schizophrenic?:! I am hoping for 

comments on this article!

There are two main nerves in the Central Nervous Systems facial

muscles: the Trigeminal nerve and Facial (CNVII) nerve. These branch off

to several other specified nerves. Areas within the branches are what become infected with Orofacial Dyskinesia and relay back to the Glossopharyngeal and or Vagus nerve in the body/brain barrier of the Psychological trauma of tablets. This is also where medicament can cause the Psychological trauma of Orofacial Dyskinesia as a physical disfiguring illness of Psychological mentality illness causing visual Confabulation and anxiety.

When entering the gut from tablet form, medicament, it then travels to the Vagus nerve. And then it is divided between the Glossopharyngeal, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. This can give Psychological trauma on one of these nerves if mentality Tardif Dyskinesia is the result. However, with a depot injection, it enters the Embryonic Germ Layers of the Mesoderm, Endoderm and Ectoderm. This is the very meat or tissue that forms from neurotransmitters forming in the womb.

One of the Psychological trauma side effects of Medicament is Orofacial Dyskinesia given to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves as a Facial Conformity Disorder. Paranoid Schizophrenia is the cause of the Vagus nerve and the Glossopharyngeal nerve and is the verbal Psychopathic Episode. This forms when Orofacial Dyskinesia enters the throat Chakras of the inner voice box that Medicament can infect and can cause the Pharyngeal and Larynx. This is as Anxiousness and Psychopathic vocal effects. It is where Paranoia fails to keep the Vagus nerve silent from thought created in the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakras has links in thought and speech to the Medulla Oblongata. And, it is also in the Norm of Society where Theory of Mind thinks, talk’s and meditates a tonal Psychosocial Prosody. The psychological trauma of Orofacial Dyskinesia is a side effect common to Medicament in both depot and tablet formulas.

In the depot injection formulas of Medicament, it enters the tissues 3 Germ Layers as a Psychological trauma that causes the face to slacken and suddenly tense into Anxiety or Paranoia of a Facial Conformity Disorder. I say this conformity is via the HMB and Leucine deposits being wasted away and Leucine increasing in the facial deposits in the HMB muscles. It causes dysfunctions in the Trigeminal and Facial Cranial nerves via Leucine building in this area. It is in the Psychological mirror trauma of not wanting to look at yourself as well.

In tablet form, however, the Medicament can be an affect of the stomach/brain barrier that then enters the brain and the Vagus nerve. Upon leaving here, it enters the Parasympathetic or Sympathetic nerve. There is also the of the left-hand side of the inner voice box. This is where the Glossopharyngeal nerve as a talking process in Theory of Mind in the Norm of Society. This is where Anxiety overpowers Paranoia in the thinking of Anxious Schizophrenia or a re-Harmony in the Norm of Society now Olanzapine has been removed and the Orofacial Dyskinesia fading.

Orofacial Dyskinesia forms in the lack of alertness or Paranoia forming from medicament that is the Sympathetic nerve via the Facial Conformity Disorder of the muscles slackening into Parasympathetic nerve Rest and Digest. This is a Autonomic Parasympathetic reaction of this Facial Conformity Disorder relapse, imbalance system. It is the Vagus nerve and not the Glossopharyngeal nerve that may become blocked from talking in the trauma thoughtful of Anxiety and not truthfully Paranoid Schizophrenia.

This I feel is the term Embodiment. It is a Psychosocial interaction of Script narration (of public sublime tonal authorities towards Core Identity). Script narration is a Core Identity's tonal Godhead that constantly gives conginitive Tinnitus frequencies to those not affected by Orofacial Dyskinesia. It is via the Peripheral Nervous System causing neurochemical interaction in the body/brain barrier of the Medulla Oblongata.  The latter is where the four Medulla nerves are part of the Central and Autonomic Nervous System's.

In Psychological Bipolar it is elation and a trauma of mood swings into the Psychological illness. This is a trauma of a manic attack of the Sympathetic overload in the Otic nerve of Peripheral voices of the Buzz of Psychosocial interaction. That then causes a Parasympathetic Harmony between the Sympathetic Otic nerve (left ear feeling) and Sympathetic nerves of Psychological Elation in the left eye.

In the trauma of schizophrenia, Medicament should affect the Psychologically traumatized Parasympathetic nerve if a person is in the Psychological trauma of Sympathetic Anxiousness. Paranoid Schizophrenia affectation should be treated with the Sympathetic nerve. Whereas I feel the Self-hack on Haldol and Hemp oil from the supermarket causes Dissociation in the 7 Chakras and Germ Layers whilst the Self-hack on Haldol works on the blood/Germ Layer barrier. This, of course, is how a nutritionally balanced person acts in a Performance as a Psychosocial Core Identity. This I learned through Prosodic Projection and Neologism. This was so as I could remove the Foot Chakras blockage and Medulla Oblongata of mental Energies of Orofacial Dyskinesia. And, also the sublime Core Identity body mentalist analysis from Vagus nerve thought of Embodiment. This is in the clarity of body language for the reason of meditative blockage in the Parasympathetic nerve. This Orofacial Dyskinesia being of Script Dissension defined under the Parliament Act of 1951 and the Spiritual Wellbeing Association (SWA) into Globalising Social Sciences of Script narration from Swami’s, Lords and Ladies and young Gentlemen.

In the Psychological trauma of Psychosis, it is a traumatizing Psychosocial affectation of Peripheral sights and sounds of a lack of erratic Vestibular Motion. Medicament here should be used as a reactant towards the Traumatically affected Sympathetic nerve reaction with Norepinephrine to increase alertness. And so the treatment of this Psychological Disorder should be based on the Parasympathetic reaction to create a Rest and Digest with Sympathetic Disassociation in Medicament of caffeine based supplements such as Ibuprofen.

In the trauma of Schizophrenia which should not be confused with

Psychological Paranoid Schizophrenia - if traumatic Paranoia fails from a

lacking of Parasympathetic Norm of Society Ignorance. It can then lead

to, visual hallucinations as a result from Orofacial Dyskinesia in a:

non-physical mental illness phenomena to my professionalism. If

Disassociation fails in the Anxiety state of thought of Schizophrenia then

auditory hallucinations can occur via Projection or the Psychological

trauma of feelings of Paranoia in traumatic mood

swings. Someone with Schizophrenia may get a physical Orofacial


This lack of the Sympathetic reaction is due to a blockage caused by

Medicament in Orofacial Dyskinesia in the Vagus nerve in my case. This

then causes Theory of Mind to think via the Vagus nerve. It is a

professional misconductby meds. It is where Paranoid delusion of the

Psychological trauma of voices in the head is by Psychiatrists and other

mental health workers because in Schizophrenia it is Hallucinations of

Confabulation caused to me by my Self-hacked clarity on Olanzapine.                                                                                                        Paranoia is the interaction of a Performance with Psychosocial Front (Erving Goffman)

of not hearing so-called delusional tonal Prosody I heard with clarity and

Anxious thoughtful platitude because of a Facial Conformity Disorder.

This was of Orofacial Dyskinesia where the Vagus nerve enters the thought

point on the right-hand side of the Throat Chakras. You lose the art of

meditation because the Parasympathetic nerves Neurochemistry is

overworked. That leads into Confabulation via Orofacial Dyskinesia that causes delusional Inner thought Experience between the inner voice box and the left-hand inner ear. This is an inner Psychotic episode where the someone is kept inside themselves. Psychological Paranoia is a right-hand inner ear problem of the trauma of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Paranoid voices of the Outer Experience are blocked via cognitive Tinnitus. The inner left ear is a Sympathetic reaction where my Anxious thoughts were present from the whispered thought of my asthmatic breath on the Glossopharyngeal nerve of Chinese self Interpellation whispers that Orofacial Dyskinesia caused in the body/brain barrier. I was constantly using thought blockage of prosecuting them without being able to use a Psychosocial of voicing. 

You have Psychological Anxiety of traumatic Schizophrenia, but you also have no trauma of Paranoia in Schizophrenia! Anti-psychotics are for Paranoia (Parasympathetic nerve) and not Anxious Schizophrenia (Sympathetic nerve) of Energy in the neurochemistry of the body/brain barrier.

And in the Glossopharyngeal nerve thought processes of the self-Interpellated shallow Delta Wave breath of Orofacial Dyskinesia. This cause whispered internal trauma in a Vagus nerve blockage. The Vagus nerve should not have natural blockages. That’s because it is the other three nerves that cause Central Nervous System function. The Vagus should be autonomic until the three nerves have Harmony for meditation and reading. This is into the inner ears of Core Identity tonal Prosody from Psychosocial Interpellation causing a lack of Tinnitus via Vestibular Motion Disorder.

Tinnitus made of consciousness alleviates this condition and now the Orofacial Dyskinesia is fading I have come out of this with left and right Tinnitus frequency that also defines Delta Wave Amplitudes. It is a denial of Psychosocial interaction. It is because of inner Anxious Psychosis that builds to visual hallucinations. But also, Schizophrenia in the Throat Chakras that interprets Psychosocial body Mentalists as whispers of self-Interpellation of shallow Delta Wave breath from the Glossopharyngeal nerve.

I found that my left Foot Chakras also became blocked causing outer Script narration interaction to stop. This might be from a lack of a restless leg syndrome dysfunction that occurs in The Germ Layers of tissue and Chakras inflict self-thoughtfulness. An energized Buzz into my foot's Germ Layer of consciousness to body language interpretation. That’s via the Glossopharyngeal nerve because the Vagus nerve has a blockage from Tardif Dyskinesia as a Facial Conformity Disorder to the medicament. This happened with the inclusion of the inner voice box on both the Glossopharyngeal on the left-hand side. And the Vagus nerve on the right of this Throat Chakra energy region.

And that is in the Energy Buzz of the Psychosocial crowd carrying out a Performance affecting the 0-7 Chakras and Germ Layers of Historical Insignificance. This Performance (Erving Goffman) has Psychosocial implications of standardized tonal Prosody from its Energy Buzz of Script (Erving Goffman) ‘narration’. This becomes a commonality of Psychosocial voices in the head. Core Identity Inner thought Experiences Acting in a Front of common subliminal body language interpretations create via smelly Psychiatry. I was asked whether I had strange smells! Because of the clarity, I kept in the Psychological trauma of Orofacial Dyskinesia Tonal applications of Psychosocial tonal Prosody that has allowed me to listen to tonal Prosody of deep Psychosocial Script interaction.

Psychosocial Prosody as a calm naturalized Peripheral sensation of Script narration. Certain tonal applications define what is a traumatic Anxiety or the trauma of Paranoia codes that is a Psychologically ill Core Identity due to meds. This relates to a body/brain feeling seen in Peripheral visual sensations and Otic nerve overload. That’s because of Psychosocial Chakra ethics of meditation and its lacking because of medicament in Tardif Dyskinesia. This then leads to Psychosocial Script Interpellation (Lious Althusser) of Neologism. And that is via meditation of the 0-7 Chakras or Orofacial Dyskinesia. This leads into a Facial Conformity Disorder into medicament induced Anxious Confabulation of the Glossopharyngeal nerve.

Something is needed in medicament that causes the reaction of Cortical rebooting that exists in THETA energies of the Embryonic Germ Layers of tissue in the body/brain barrier of DNA. Which I will blog about.

This is how a Vestibular Motion Disorder forms as two codes as a Facial Conformity Disorder. It forms in the visual cortex and inner ear. It is sublime Peripheral nerves of inner auditory and Psychosocial visual hallucinations. It’s called Confabulation from Chakras in the body/brain barrier. Medicament that would suit Confabulation is a method of causing the Psychosocial Script of the Buzzed Prosody issues into Core Identity Dissociation and Ignorance issues in Social Sciences. In this modernizing Global Sciences of Nutritional levels and media devices (Tinnitus disruptions) these two issues along with liquid need to be looked at because of the Bicameral dysfunctions of Tinnitus discrepancies.

Confabulation is the result of falling through the THETA barrier. The barrier of the Circadian Cycles in the sleep/wake barrier of: sleepwalking in a Psychological cognition of; conscious sublime Peripheral ways of; the lower and higher ranges above and below the; 6 points of Tonal Prosody in; Psychosocial narration of a Script Performance amongst; the Script of Stranger’s in the 7 Chakras and; Psychosocial Germ Layers of a Globalising World of Social Sciences.

In the Psychosocial trauma of Psychosis of Orofacial Dyskinesia, the Medicament causes the Peripheral nerves have an affect on the Glossopharyngeal nerve as well. It’s where Psychotic Episodes are an occurrence verbally (Psychopathic Glossopharyngeal nerve). Medicament also causes Psychopathic thoughts in the Vagus nerve. This I say is a part of the trauma of Tardif Dyskinesia of the Psychological trauma side effect given to the Psychologically traumatized Vagus nerve that Medicament can cause. The psychological trauma of Medicament here should be used as a reactant towards the traumatically affected. This as a Psychological Sympathetic nerve reaction unless it is the trauma of Paranoia as well. This causing Psychosocial shutdown of becoming an Abnormal to be Normal. And so the Medicament treatment of this Psychological Disorder should be based on the Parasympathetic reaction to create a Rest and Digest with Sympathetic Disassociation Agonist (Ref: Hemp oil may be an answer.

In the Psychosocial trauma of Psychosis, the Medicament causes the Peripheral nerves an affect of traumatizing the Glossopharyngeal nerve as well. It is where Psychotic Episodes are an occurrence verbally. This I say is a part of the Psychological trauma of Orofacial Dyskinesia of the Physiological of Orofacial Dyskinesia. This is a side effect given to the traumatized Vagus nerve that Medicament causing a Facial Conformity Disorder. This is because the Medicament is not applying Disassociation in the Sympathetic nerve. In the cause of medicament that should be given it is an Antagonist (Ref:) to inhibit a Psychological Psychotic Episode. As an Antagonist of Ibuprofen and giving Epinephrine and Norepinephrine (from caffeines) in many teas and coffee is quite adequate for me and the Norm of Society.

Agonists are a chemical that binds to a receptor and then activates the receptor to produce a biological response in the body/brain barrier, but also the stomach/brain barrier via its direct route to the Vagus nerve. Whereas an agonist causes a Psychosocial action in the Sympathetic nerve. The Antagonists block the Psychosocial action with Parasympathetic nerve Ignorance of the Agonist. An Inverse Agonist causes an action opposite to that of the Agonist of Psychosocial negotiation and Fight or Flight.

This I say is the neurochemical functions of the Sympathetic, Parasympathetic and Glossopharyngeal nerves. From here it can be deduced that vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause traumatic psychosis. The psychological trauma of Anxiety is the AMP subdivision of vitamin B8 imbalance. However, it’s a Dissociation or thoughtfulness or even reading the newspaper in the Norm of Society. Ignorance to thinking is an issue of Dissociation where the Glossopharyngeal receptors fire into the Parasympathetic reaction of the Inner right ear Experience. This can be seen as Vestibular Motions Disorders of the Otic nerve as well.

Most of this is Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA) as I go through stages of alleviation on Haldol. I’m, basically having to cure myself via researh and Self-hack of Haloperidol via my eBooks Self Bilingual Programming methods of a Norm of Society prior to Olanzapine becoming an Inner Confabulation of (SBA).

Orofacial Dyskinesia and HMB (Hydroxy-Methyl Butyric acid) and Leucine production to avoid the stabilizing of issues in the Medulla Oblongata as mine did. And that is against a Facial Conformity Disorder in the Norm of a Societies localized Script narration. I feel, it is also part of the Sympathetic Otic nerve where my right eye and left ear of vestibular motion

become alerted to: Script narration energies involving; the 7 Chakras where the Foot Chakras is zero and; the fifth Throat Chakras was my issue that did not arise in the medication of Haldol.

The Glossopharyngeal nerve as a Orofacial Dyskinesia of the body/brain barrier though is causing Inner Projection Experiences in the Embryonic Germ Layers. That’s caused via a lack of blinking in the Facial and Trigeminal nerves into a Cortical rebooting via the Medulla Oblongata. This can then cause Hallucinations of Confabulation. These leads to the two courses of either a person afflicted via Psychosocial interaction or DNA with Auditory Hallucinations of Paranoid Anxiousness. A Paranoid Schizophrenia of a Psychosocial Cycle of Enquiry in one or more of the Psychosocially Scripting Buzzing Chakras. These become interpreted via body mentalists as a sublime Core Identity Inner thought Experience. This was of, unblocked Throat and Foot Chakras and Germ Layers in the Vagus nerve of the Medulla Oblongata by my Self-hack assessment of Olanzapine. It caused a state of Kundalini dysfunction. This then leads to trying to find problems that did not exist in body language interpretation via the Vagus and Glossopharyngeal nerves.

I have been applying my professionalism to a form of tonal Prosody that becomes a consciousness of sublime cognition to Psychosocial stimuli of finding problems that did not exist! In other words, Orofacial Dyskinesia of a medicament causing Confabulation of Orofacial Dyskinesia as well as increasing internal Anxiousness. I was in the Psychological anguish of bad relationships and a cry for help was issued via a paracetamol overdose.

This professionalism is to correct my Script Dissension via Self-Behavioural Analysis. It is of Core Identity Psychosocial interaction of Script narration in the Chakras Energy that finds those whispers from localized commonality of 7 Charkas (0-7) towards Psychosocial neighbours. This is where meditation takes the Norm of Society into Chinese whisper games. Also a dysfunctional  Disassociation and Ignorance in the 4 nerves of the Medulla Oblongata.

It is the denial of the trauma of voices in the head (?:!) that needs to be addressed when it is one of the Chakras. If you are to keep giving Core Identity patients Orofacial Dyskinesia professionalism! And that of relapses in those few that slipped the net into what is not truly known in professionalism until this article and the forth coming blogs about Facial Conformity Disorders. It is where I used clarity about Orofacial Dyskinesia in a dysfunctional Vagus nerve due to medicament of a velotab speeding into my system and dysfunctioning the Medulla Oblongata. Causing the Cranial nerves to dysfunction in a Facial Conformity Disorder of an internal mental illness as Psychotic induced state from medicament

So should I prosecute the National Health Service for wrongful diagnosis of the trauma of developing drug-induced Psychosis and then diagnosing Psychological traumatic Paranoid Schizophrenia? I was suffering the trauma of Anxiety due to cheating girlfriends that was exasperated more worse by medicament! Your comment would also be appreciated on the difference between Schizophrenia and Paranoid Schizophrenia and how medicament can cause the trauma of Psychosis and also Confabulated lucid visions.

These visions were from a lack of Cotical reBooting in the Sympathetic or Parasympathetic cranial nerves that give a Fight or Flight. And also the Parasympathetic nerve lacking Ignoarance. More on Orofacial Dyskinesia


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