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Embodiment is the way in which human (or any other animal's) psychology arises from the body/brain barrier of sublime Psychosocial physiology. This is a Core Identity interaction in a sublime peripheral Buzzing of Psychosocial sights and sounds of Interpellation (Lious Althusser). It is specifically concerned with the way the adaptive function of categorisation works, and how things acquire names that can be grouped. It is distinguished from developmental psychology and physical anthropology by its focus on cognitive science, ontogeny, ontogenetics, chaos theory and cognitive notions of entropy. Embodiment is far more abstract and more reliant on mathematics. And that is rather than on the 0-7 Chakra energy’s of Embryonic Germ Layers forming as tissue and skin I say to Westernised Asian Psychiatry and Pharmacology of the 1980’s.

Philosophy of embodiment

In essence embodiment as an idea that binds two worlds of substance (Psychology) and spirit (Chakra energy) (or culture, thought of as relativity and or intentional artifacts of objects and phenomena in a substance Setting). This is contrary to a duality long posited by notables like Descartes, but not Erving Goffman, Louis Althusser, Erik Erikson and James Marcia. The core idea of Embodiment looks to find the biological substrate not as a vessel, but as the being itself which is Core Identity. The mind and spirit are not a sublimation of the biology, but are a method of its workings in Psychosocial Interpellation of interaction. Thus body and mind are fused into a single being - the only distinction between matter and person being the way of observing the being of Theory of Mind where Self is Ignorance and Disassociation. In Embodiment it is looking for the Reward/Response of the Medulla Oblongata. This is known as Core Identity and forms the Theory of Mind where thoughts and Tinnitus are a point of being Singular from other biological Psychosocial Chakra entities.







Some consider such a reduction to mathematics, or alternatively an attempt to explain mathematics (as in the cognitive science of mathematics), to be at best premature. Critics of embodiment argue that there is no one process by which the brain and linguistic and categorization categories bind to things in the environment, be they ecological or social. Thus no one model could exist. Here in my medicament induced inner Psychosis of Psychological Anxiety my research lead to The 0-7 Chakras where 0 is the Foot Chakra. These I see as the energy centres of Chakra body language where thoughtfulness extends to the Throat Chakra and the inner voice box.

The political ramifications and public Psychosocial interaction of some of these points of view are extreme – like the Tissues of the 3 Germ layers of Embryonic emotional centres of the Chakras. This is: they imply both psychological and political notions of environmentalism. And in effect, if embodiment is valid as an ideology, then a single process may bind the mind to its body, family, mentalist language status in Psychosocial circumstances of Script locality. That leading ultimately even to its environment (eco-somatics). And that is via society, species, and planet. I say the Core Identity sound should be Tinnitus before mental health will need medical treatment via Holistic methods such as Acupuncture.

This extends into Chakras where energy’s exists in the body as a Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nerve reaction of the Harmony in the body/brain barrier. And that a Core Identity regains Harmony over voices in the head via Chakra Interpellation. That is too the third Eye Chakra of the Psychic of cognitive Tinnitus Germ Layers. This Harmony is where thoughtfulness is in psychiatric Script Dissension with Ignorance and Disassociation in mental health issues via the body/brain barrier of the 2 nerves. Chiefly, these belong in function to the Throat Chakra and the inner voice box via the Medulla Oblongata for the Inner thought Experience and drug induced Psychosis. This is where voices in the head are stimulated via dysfunction in the thoughtfulness of a Schizophrenic Anxiety. It was of losing to my own thoughtfulness via emotional overloads in my Facial Conformity Disorder causing visual hallucinations of tautology in the Sympathetic nerve and Cortical rebooting!

Via meditation and massage therapy my face may not have misaligned

in the HMB and Leucine and Chakras I say too Carol Tuttle. This is via

their area in the body/brain barrier and all these nerves in the Medulla

Oblongata. Especially those involved within a Facial Conformity

Disorder in the cranial nerves of Tardive Dyskinesia caused me via

medication. In a Facial Conformity Disorder the Third Eye Chakras that

honors the Psychic becomes infected with a delusional attitude because

of a lack of knowledge forming as Tardive Dyskinesia. This is in turn in

medicament induced Tardive Dyskinesia of

inner Psychosis that affects the Crown Chakra. And that honours

Psychosocial spiritual connectedness to Interpellation and Script

narration (DD100, Open University, U.K. 2007).

Script narration is a Psychosocial Buzz in the crowd of Adaptation in

Prosody of tonal applications and how biology of electro-chemicals

cause Adaptation in languages. This condition can be induced by many

medicament of the global mental health system model in the body/brain

barrier of the Medulla Oblogata. It is where the 2 nerves are within the

Central Nervous System in the base of the brain from the spinal cord. It

leads to an infection in the blood/brain barrier where the cranial nerves

become affected via HMB in the facial muscles and Leucine. This

condition causes a Facial Conformity Disorder of HMB and Inner

Psychosis where blinking is removed from the eyes nerves that lead to

the Medulla Oblongata and the 2 nerves. This is known to me as a

Facial Conformity Disorder where the facial muscles do not function

according to Psychosocial Interpellation of the Chakra sensations in the Germ Layers of Embryonic Adaptation and functions. Those who accepted some limited biological aspects of Embodiment as useful theory would find it hard to argue with more general application of it as a political but certainly a moral principle within the laws of Religiousness of Congruence - exactly as happened with Tardif Dyskinesia. This can be seen in David Attenborough’s film documentaries (2017) of Species cannibalism in Chimpanzees and modern African Human tribes prior to the 20th century.

Another concern is that embodiment theory simply reiterates ideas from behaviorism and sociobiology, combining them with theories of massive neural networks and a society of mind from computer science. It does to a degree treat ecology and environment as a homunculus (Facial Conformity Disorder leading to the mental illness in the 0-7 Chakras) via Tardive Dyskinesia. And this assumes that these are not beyond direct human investigation under clarity of Self-Behavioural Analysis. And that is I via Olanzapine induced Tardive Dyskinesia affecting the cranial nerves via the Medulla Oblongata, and certainly not beyond more than a very dilute control in my standards of moral ethics family of no distance.

Facial nerves where orange is the Sympathetic cranial nerve and yellow is the Parasympathetic nerve of the Vagus nerve that interact with facial nerve (CNVII).

In Core Identity as a Singular organism Chakra energy points relate to the thoughtfulness points linked to: the Throat Chakra; inner voice box; and the links to the inner ear passages of thoughtfulness; Psychosocial Embodiment. That is all by the Glossopharyngeal and Vagus nerves in the Medulla Oblongata. Embodiment also links to meditation, medications and my singularity. That Singularity of Core Identity is the evolved Neanderthal of Psychosocial Adaptations towards evolving media and Tinnitus frequencies of Script and life narration. FM (VHS) radio is a THETA frequency relative to the human mind of Tinnitus.

This in turn can offend those who believe in human  mental health dignity of yeast infections or the ongoing human control of Earth after a technological singularity. That media Singularity still has cultural Psychosocial Interpellation via news media and THETA waves of the Tinnitus frequency pleasure zones. And also the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nerve system of natural mental illness Ignorance and Disassociation via Fight or Flight and Rest and Digest medicament induced Script dissension of Embodiment. This is on a localized Script of Psychosocial Interpellation. It also leads to a Modernizing Global Evolution of localized Psychosocial Adaptations of media and storyteller. And that is via Script narration and the Buzz of ancient storyteller’s Embodiment. These new media controls cause Psychosocial Interpellation and conjoining circumstances of Religiousness of Congruence. Embodiment theory tends to contradict many common understandings of humanism including, high on the list, that of free will in mental health low security units! Defenders however point out that free will itself is not so compatible with real life on a planet with many incalculable forces:

If an unknowable process guides our conceptual development as a whole, starting with our neural structure, then our impressions of our family, then our home, then our local ecology and society, can we know that all of these are affected by global processes really feel in control of ourselves?

This is known as Script and a Globalising of media devices control via its unforeseeable control in Adaptation of Psychosocial Interpellation and building a Strong AI instead of Westernised Asian psychiatry of Chakras and media devizes.

Interpellation is the energy and vibes that creates Peripheral sensations of a Setting and public Performance in an organized biological function of Chakra energy’s born of Embryonic Germ Layer tissues of Adaptations. These Germ Layers form in the womb and become the Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm and become the inner/outer energy of Embodiment. It forms that of an Ego Identity (Self sufficient person) in the very meat layers of tissue and skin that is forming Chakra Homeostatic Script control of the electro-chemical Soup of Script narration in a localized community.

Embodiment in Artificial Intelligence

Embodiment theory was brought into Artificial Intelligence most notably by Rodney Brooks in the 1980s. Brooks and other scruffies showed that robots could be more effective if they 'thought' ( planned or processed) and perceived as little as possible. The robot's intelligence is geared towards only handling the minimal amount of information necessary to make its behavior be appropriate and/or as desired by its creator. Brooks (and others) have claimed that all autonomous agents need to be both embodied and situated. They claim that this is the only way to achieve strong AI. The link I would say is Bi-lingual Programming (B.L.P.), but that is the ultimate theory of an artificial Godhead called Singularity.

The embodiment movement in AI has in turn fueled the embodiment argument in Philosophy, see in particular Clark (1997) and Hendriks-Jansen (1996).



References to the original research and to underlined words can be found here:


Traumatic Anxiety Psychosis: The Psychological trauma of Anxiety can often make you feel like you're going crazy because of Embodiment. For some people, the issue may be so extreme that they believe it falls under the Psychological heading of "psychosis". The Psychological trauma of Psychosis which many people take to mean that they have actually gone crazy and fallen into the Psychological trauma of Schizophrenic Anxiety or Psychosis. This is via via Asian/Western Psychosocial Chakras and Germ Layers of evolutionary Homeostatic Adaptations of Script and Interpellation. Via this method Embodiment is formed.

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