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Do you suffer from a medicament induced Orofacial Dyskinesia and need treatment? It is a medically clinical induced state. And it is that that causes Psychological traumas of mental health issues in the facial structure. That is the HMB in the muscle structure to Leucine in the Germ Layers of tissue. And those Germ Layers are in the facial Cranial nerves and the Medulla Oblongata. This is via Western Phylogeny and Eastern Chakras of Psychosocial Social Sciences of the body/brain barrier.

Within the 0-7 Psychosocial Chakras they control the left hand side and the right side of the Body/brain barrier via the 3 Embryonic Germ Layers. These are the inner, middle and outer tissue layers and the brain. In the body/brain barrier the left hand side of the body is a Sympathetic nerve control of the brain via The Glossopharyngeal nerve. This also being part of the brain’s Medulla Oblongata. The Throat Chakras – where the energy of thought exists in the body/brain barrier of Autonomic function of Prosodic tones – is the key centre in the body/brain barrier of thought and meditation.

This has a Psychosocial (public) effect on a Core Identity (Self Identity). Many people that suffer Orofacial Dysknesia lose the ability of the left side Chakras function of the Glossopharyngeal nerve at the Throat Chakras via the speech Autonomic function of the Pharyngeal nerve. And that is in the Psychological traumatised inner voice box and voices in the head instead. These two nerves are the Autonomic speech function in the Medulla Oblongata as well as the Parasympathetic nerve.

These four nerves are the brain function, whereas the Psychological trauma of the Pharyngeal nerve is a bodily Mesoderm Layer function. This latter is the function involved is the inner skin of the 3 Germ Layers and is known as the 2nd Mesoderm Layer of inner tissue below the skin. It contains the scent and pores that conjoin with the outer skin tissue.

The 0-7 Chakras are the stimulation of the Embryonic energy’s of meditation, thought and speech and growth towards establishing an Ego Identity in the tissues of the very womb of Mother. They are controlled by the Throat Chakras and the Western term is Psychosocial Prosodic tones and voices of thought. And that are controlled in the Core Identity by the one tone of Tinnitus frequency of the Buzzing sounds and echoes of Script narration. Although I say Tinnitus: this is a one tone that can help a person understand the many tones involved in the Buzz of Tinnitus frequencies.

Tinnitus frequencies have a link to the electrical frequencies that are contained in the Psychosocial Atmosphere of Earth’s Global Social Sciences (DD100, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, 2007). It is a Higher Mind Theory Extension mentioned in my up and coming third eBook were a sample can be found on the eBooks menu. This eBook is my academic achievement called Casualties of Consciousness. Tinnitus frequency is the one code of a Core Identity living an Autonomic body/brain function as a Theory of Mind in the 0-7 Chakras and Theory of Mind.







I call it part of the Psychosocial Prosodic emotional tones that control the Autonomic Core Identity of sound mind and Embodiment. This I know of as the Buzz of a Core Identity frequency in their Godhead code. This is where cognitive Tinnitus frequencies keep the silence within a Core Identity (DSE212, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, 2007) of Eastern Godhead theorems of the 0-7 energy Chakras. Tinnitus is a key function of meditation where: the Psychological trauma of voices, traumatic Anxiousness and Paranoia can be calmed. Tinnitus is a direct control of the Throat Chakras and its transfer of inner thought into the ear. And that does not have a dysfunction of Orofacial Dyskinesia in the brain’s function of the Medulla Oblongata.

In the function of the body/brain barrier the Pharyngeal nerve is the inner voices boxes function that can be Autonomic into self-help techniques for Psychological trauma of mental health issues via verbal Interpellation of Psychosocial Chakras. Interpellation is a Neurochemical bonding that forms in the day/night/day continuum of family, friends, some passing strangers and sleep. This is a part of Script narration and how strangers get talking in the Psychosocial Buzz of a choral tonal one sound reaching the Tinnitus frequency.

This area of the inner voice box and Throat Chakras can function to raise and lower the Tinnitus frequency via breathing, chanting and humming. With the placebos mentioned in my first two eBooks the Prosodic Psychosocial tones I learnt can teach a person Self-help via Bilateral-Lingual Programming of a Core Identity.

In Orofacial Dyskinesia the body language becomes distorted into a Facial Conformity Disorder forming Neologism in a Psychosocial Performance. And that can make someone suffering this medicament induced state of vulnerability into the Social Mobility Disability of Embodiment. Embodiment is how you act and feel in a public Psychosocial Performance. When Embodiment fails due to the medicament of Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics the Chakras start to dysfunction at the Throat Chakras. Orofacial Dyskinesia is a direct result of medicament induced mental health disorders such as Psychological trauma of Psychosis and traumatic Anxiousness. And, also Anxiety attacks of delusional thought and traumatising Confabulation of visual hallucinations. This form of Orofacial Dyskinesia is caused by Prolactin Sparing medicament. These are part of the two forms of Prolactin Antipsychotics drug that are available to psychiatrists.

The other form of Prolactin Antipsychotic drugs are the Elevating medicament. In the Orofacial Dyskinesia the cheeks, lips and eyes can dysfunction towards Psychological trauma of Paranoia and traumatic Schizophrenia and Paranoid Schizophrenia in the facial Cranial nerves. These two forms of Psychological trauma of mental illness should not be confused.

In the dysfunction that is the trauma of Tardif Dyskinesia that affects the Psychological Psychosocial 0-7 Chakras - it is the mental illness of Projection in the website menu. Projection functions in two forms of the Inner thought Experience and Outer thought Experience. In my early days of using Prolactin Elevating drugs I was able to manipulate my inner voice box of the Throat Chakras. This was to stop Psychological trauma of Paranoia and outer Projection of Script narration Buzz and place it back in my zero Foot Chakras energy of body language as a wordless energy.

These Tinnitus frequency’s are one of the higher set of tones in the Tinnitus frequency. And these cause a Psychosocial Psychological Orofacial Dyskinesia of Psychological trauma of medicament induced Paranoia. This Paranoia of Psychological Psychosocial Prosodic emotional frequency tones to a Core Identity gives feelings via Tinnitus that cause emotions. This then entering the negotiation and Harmony of the Medulla Oblongata’s Autonomic function in the Body/brain barrier of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. Neurochemicals such as Norepinephrine and Epinephrine are a function of this system (Caffeine). As well as the: supplemental nutrition of B vitamins in the Sympathetic Disassociation and Parasympathetic Ignorance giving strength of Reward from Stimulus and Response of Reflex in Embodiment and Theory of Mind negotiations.

Theory of Mind is the Core Identity state of mind that can enact a natural Adaptation formula that keep unto one’s self in the 0-7 Chakras as an Inner thought Experience and Tinnitus meditation. That is in the Autonomic function of the Chakras. It is the forming of Embryonic Germ Layers that form soon after conception of a Foetus in the Script narration in the DNA of the womb and the Electrochemical energy. Script is the story happening all around us and its narration is the Buzz of Tinnitus energy and Prosodic sounds of Godhead.

Stimulus and Response give a Reflex that causes thought and meditation. When meditation is lost in the Throat Chakras due to the Psychological trauma in the facial Cranial nerves then thoughtful Psychological Paranoia traumas exist. And that is in a natural state of the Psychological trauma of mental illness. As well as thoughtful Anxiety disorders forming in the Psychosocial Cranial nerves as a Facial Conformity Disorder of Confabulation giving Core Identity Inner Schizophrenic Experiences. Where someone has Schizophrenia thoughtlessness is a natural state of Theory of Mind caused by Orofacial Dyskinesia. Psychopathic tendencies can be treated with Prolactin Elevation drugs to induce a natural thoughtless Psychological Paranoia.

Prolactin Elevating drugs function to block the Sympathetic nerve with its usage of vitamin D2 in the Fight or Flight Response of negotiation. And it then causes the B vitamins to increase Ignorance in the Parasympathetic nerve. In a Psychological Psychopathic tendency trauma is given if: a Deviant too the Inner thought Experience is via; outer Projection and if thought. It is a Psychopathic Chakras energy without Tinnitus disruption. This disruption can be given by an inner ear electronic device of which I want too research.

This electrical device is to the sublime Buzz of Peripheral tonal Prosodic sounds that construct a Core Identity via feelings that give thoughtful emotion. It gives within feelings and emotional overtures from the Psychosocial Buzz of Psychosocial sounds and Chakras Tinnitus frequency energy’s. And that, then gives a Core Identity their Godhead code of the 3 Embryonic Germ Layers. It also gives Chakras DNA energy’s of a more ancient Social Sciences via the 0-7 Chakras of body language thought. These are areas to the left and right function of the body/brain barrier of the Medulla Oblongata. This is research containing Phylogeny's.

In Phylogeny and the 0-7 Chakras the left hand side of the brain is dominant with a Sympathetic nerve function. This is via the Throat Chakras tonal breath of energy in the subconscious emotional breath. And causing function in the Mesoderm Layers of the inner voices box’s Pharyngeal nerve of the body language of the Inner Experience. Medicament induced Tardif Dyskinesia that causes via Vestibular Motion Disorder in the inner ear muscles that that I have felt re-opening from Psychological trauma of Tinnitus from my own Orofacial Dyskinesia. And via the Throat Chakras tonal breath of the subconscious emotional breath this causes Self-help techniques of placebos.

All of which are in my first two eBooks that I wrote as and when I reached a subconscious Inner mental health Experience due to several medications forming a Facial Conformity Disorder of Tardif Dyskinesia.

This then affects the Sympathetic nerve notions and its Harmony with the Parasympathetic nerve on the body’s left hand side of the Chakra energies’ positions known as thought points of the body language. That is according to the Homeostasis of the 3 Embryonic Germ Layers. It is via the disfiguring Facial Conformity Disorder in the muscles and Cranial nerves. This disfiguring is caused by medicament as drug induced mental illnesses of Tardif Dyskinesia. And that also affects the Cranial nerves of the Medulla Oblongata in the body/brain barrier. It is via in Eastern terms equivalent to the Vagus nerve energy functioning too control Psychosocial energy circumstances.

This is in Phylogeny of one of the brain’s oldest areas and how it affects the body barrier of the 0-7 Psychosocial Chakras meditation energy’s. These are of Self-sounded thought but Psychosocially unenlightened Script narration because of shutting down to the Performance (also of Erving Goffman). And that then gives the ultimate actions of a Core Identity in Embodiment of a Psychosocial Godhead theorem of Soul’s light and delusional visual Confabulation of psychiatric misconduct.

Now the right hand side of the body/brain barrier is a Parasympathetic nerve function of the Medulla Oblongata. This has a dominant function over the Vagus nerve in the ability to Self-help against the Psychosocial Buzz via Rest and Digest the present time of tonal Prosodic emotional sounds of my two eBooks teachings.

In the Chakras right hand side Parasympathetic nerve Orofacial Dyskinesia of Paranoia and Schizophrenia can be a resultant from medicament. And that being such as from the two groups of Prolactin Antipsychotic drugs. These are known as Sparing and Elevating forms of the Prolactin drugs. The Sparing Prolactin blockade vitamin D2 in the Harmony of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves.

In the Throat Chakras energy of the inner voice box the Larynx is located on the right side on this area of combining western and eastern Psychosocial philosophies. The larynx is also a Mesoderm tissue layer that has Autonomic function in Harmony with pure thought of the Vagus nerve. In Western philosophy thought tends to be more directed at the Glossopharyngeal and Pharyngeal nerves on the left side of the Throat Chakra’s. This is in the inner voice box’s tonal energy’s that then causes left hand Tinnitus frequency’s of a Core Identities Psychosocial body language.

This is where Chakras Embryonic Germ Layers of an Ego Identity have an Autonomic (automatic) function. That is towards the Psychosocial Buzz as a pure Chakra meditation or a Self-help technique that protects the Core Identity. The Self-help is via Prosodic tonal Buzz Deviant Adaptations. And that is away from Psychological Paranoia and trauma of Anxiety Psychological disorders contained the Inner Experience instead of meditation.

In Orofacial Dysnkinesia my logic code of Theory of Mind failed but with a clarity when I secretly stopped taking the meds. Lol Ahem! I ended up in mental health hospitals because of psychiatric incompetence. At these points in my mental illness all Theory of Mind Adaptation was lost in the trauma of the Inner thought Experience via medicament induced Psychological trauma of Core Identity thoughtful Schizophrenia and also too Psychological Inner Psychosis Experiences. Psychosis is displayed at Other’s of the Psychosocial Script narration of Godhead Interpellation (conjoining). This was caused against family and friends by many of the medicament along the way.

That was via the Throat Chakras and the Medulla Oblongata dysfunction. The Throat Chakras of the inner voice box is the meditation point where self control is lost to Core Identity thoughtful Anxiety issues that I personally had resolved years before. It slowly formed in my Mesoderm tissue Layer of The Cranial nerves and its Leucine Neurochemicals as a dysfunction known as medicament induced Tardif Dyskinesia. This then formed a vicious cycle in the facial structure affecting me with a Facial Conformity Disorder in the HMB of muscle structures. Eventually this caused visual states of hallucinations as a Core Identity of Confabulation (website menu).

This was in the nerves of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic in blinking methods of Cortical rebooting towards the 0-7 Chakras of the Psychosocial body/brain barrier. This is because of the fact that once lacked left hand Tinnitus frequency and only after two years regaining it from the medicament induced function of Orofacial Dyskinesia. This forming from the dysfunction I call a Facial Conformity Disorder. That Psychological trauma of Anxiety, traumatic Schizophrenia and Confabulation was via the Prolactin Sparing drug Olanzapine that I Self-hacked through clarity. Haloperidal briefly caused me Psychological trauma of Paranoia.

That cure, I had, in the formula of my first two eBooks available on the home page and below. These eBooks contain all my key concepts and placebos curing my mental health of medicament induced mental illnesses. That was before falling to Psychological trauma of medicament induced Inner thought trauma Experiences of clarity caused by Olanzapine and Self-hacked and other Psychological mental health induced states of traumatizing medication.



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