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Endothermic and Exothermic responses in Biopsychosocial.  

These are the Stimulus-Response of the body’s Sacral Chakra of the second brain. That is what the brain responds to via the Vagus nerve, via the second brain, known as the guts in Western Sciences. These are functions of Brain Receptors such as D1, H3 and D2 in the Circadian Cycle of Vagus Tardif Dyskinesia syndrome of Prolactin Sparing (Protein deficient) Antipsychotics. In this Homeostatic response mechanism, of hot and cold responses, of the body’s tissues, in the Germ Layers’ Psychosocial Buzz, it becomes: an allergic reaction of Histamine in the; conscious Tinnitus blockade created in; the left-hand-side ear of the; left-hand Throat Chakra for trauma and Anxiety, also Psychotic Episodes. Instead of hearing the Alpha wave Tinnitus, Tardif Dyskinesia affect the ears, nose and throat. This closes down the breathing passages and allows for: Delta-Slow-Wave thought patterns of Histamine H3 and vitamin D1. It is in a consciousness of thought-provoking mutism and failing running strength. So as a mental health client, are you trying to run a marathon of neurochemistry? Well, what I say is, ‘Get those meds reduce’! If it is an allergic reaction then speak to your GP (MD) about this page. 

The thoughtful mentality day continuum and marathon wordless breather of the Circadian Cycle becomes: 

  1. D1 Alpha wave Psychological trauma 

  1. Loss of Tinnitus or the lack of this Cognitive function 

  1. Loss of mental agility 

  1. D2 conforms to Histamine nitrogenous compounds in the Sacral Chakra in the body/brain barrier  

  1. Vagus nerve conforms to the stomach/brain (Sacral Chakra) barrier of H3 receptors 

Without Tinnitus the body stamina dysfunction of Vestibular Motion Disorder from Tardif Dyskinesia is a mental thought, ‘Fight AND Flight’ response. It is where the thought trauma and stamina become trapped in a Psychological trauma and Anxiety of ‘Can I make it to the front door for that Marathon’! Here the facial muscles in the ears, nose and throat have also become a Tardif Dyskinesia dysfunction or Psychosocial FCD disability. 

The Anxiety you may feel is in the body/brain response to vitamin D1. It is because the side effect of vitamin D1 is that you may receive too much Alpha wave particles. So, if you take a vitamin D1 supplement, I would recommend vitamin D2 as well. D2 is a Beta wave and reduces the mood to a more, calm mindset of a mental health expert. Especially for Mindfulness, Anxiety and Mindful Marathon running in the mindset. And if you incorporate HMB supplement then who knows other than you! 

However, in the Norm of Society, blinking a Cortical rebooting is natural to stop a dysfunction of a, Psychotic or, anxiously waiting at the front door or wandering about the marathon post. But when the Chronic Inflammation of Alpha (receptor 1) emissions is caused to the Cranial nerves via the eyes, if there is a lack of this Cortical Peripheral rebooting response – then it is known to me as a Facial Conformity Disorder of the eyes, ears, nose and throat. It is blinking and not being able to Cortical reboot that is part of the allergic reaction of Tardif Dyskinesia and a FCD. This is a Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics and diet causes the facial structure to not remain emotionally resilient, but in a Facial Conformity Disorder. 

That was seen by me as the allergic reaction to Prolactin Sparing Drugs and is linked to the work on Vestibular Motion Disorder. This Autonomic dysfunction to the Central Nervous System (CNS) is an Alpha wave dysfunction. It is the cause of the malfunction of a switch in the day continuum to sleepwalking in Delta waves. A Biopsychosocial Abnormal to be Norm. Delta waves is a physical stamina enactment and not that of lethargic Antipsychotics. This I found – Abnormal - a term quite discriminating towards my study in Social Psychology. Seeing as I was suffering this through Tardif Dyskinesia. This was via my own forming words of Facial Conformity Disorder and their inclusion too Tardif Dyskinesia. Tardif Dyskinesia - in the muscle and Cranial facial structure is: 

  • Vestibular Motion Disorder (VMD) 

  • Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD) 

A Stimulus-Response to a FCD can be as a Sympathetic dysfunction in, as well as, even I would say, trauma and Bipolar elation and many mental illnesses. In the nature of a chemical balance, too not Cortically reboot, the Medulla Oblongata dysfunctions. That then causes the Sympathetic ‘Fight AND Flight’ response interaction. Which then functions with the Amygdala ‘Fear’ or ‘Anxiety’ response. This is from the Glossopharyngeal nerve in the Medulla and the Pharyngeal in the Throat Chakra of the inner voice box. These are the left body/brain barrier of mindfulness processes of mental and physical stamina. In the body/brain barrier the, Germ Layers and Chakra energies, have direct interactional Stimulus-Response to Script and Interpellation of, mentality and stamina. The Core Identity of Biopsychosocial Interpellation (Althusser) is between the Pharyngeal nerve of the left inner voice boxes Inner thought Experiences of Deviant and Deviance. With the opening of the Tinnitus the Inner Experience becomes defined via:  

  • Deviant (Sympathetic nerve) Deviance (both nerves) 

  • Synaptic on/off switches 

Giving the Marathon runner; 

  • Optimistic 0-7 Chakra Hot and cold energies of the Biopsychosocial Germ Layers 

  • Homeostatic Biopsychosocial Core Identity mental and physical stamina 

The mental health patient of Tardif Dyskinesia or emotional blockade of a FCD 

  • ‘Fight And Flight’ in a Sympathetic allergic Histamine Cycle of traumatic emotional Enquiry 

  • Psychotic Episodes 

  • Worsening of OCD voices in the head 

  • Anxiety Disorders 

  • Depression 

  • Confusion leading to lose of will 

  • Lethargy 

  • Loss of Stamina 

A Sympathetic FCD occurs when the sufferer is naturally blockaded from vitamin D2, with Inhibitory Prolactin Enzyme. Prolactin in Gaba may also cause Histamine to form in the fermentation process of the Gut. The process of the Sacral Chakra where Dopamine D2 is naturally depleted and Dopamine D1 malfunctions the natural Harmony of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. A malfunction in the GABA process via, causing a chemical imbalance in the Vagus/stomach barrier as a, Histamine Yeast infection to the body’s HMB and lack of D2. That could be seen be me and a Marathon runner, where I was catatonic due to Suppressant effects of Sparing Prolactin Drugs. This can be seen from medical abuse and the Marathon runner - a lack of supplement D2. 

However, the muscles shutting down to Tardif Dyskinesia will cause a lack of blinking and so natural Psychosis, can irrationally be thought of, by clinicians in some on Antipsychotic medication. This, Biopsychosocial article is of course, down to the taste/smell of coffee of a Globalising interaction. A legality involved with drug experiments on human’s in the UK and how they are first administered.  

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