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So, anyway if you don't start standing up forself it causes or builds trauma of stress disorders that can form an imbalance in the body/brain divide. Pressure in the electro-chemical system of the body/brain barrier are relative to the inclusion of traumatic stress disorders via:


Body/brain barrier imbalances of life skills nogotiations via nutritional loss of notions to motions that is relayed via emotional sublime trauma of stress and pressure.

Emotional turmoil and trauma of Psycho Social voices causes stress and leads to pressurised circumstances on the body/brain barrier.

Retirement causes stress on a relationship and friends due to a new formula of conjoining (Interpellation).

Traumatic issues of Stress in friendship can cause Depressive Disorders due to the state of pressurised and upsetting moments. Especially if the friendship ends.

Bereavement. Even a pet that is ill causes trauma of pressure and stress that leads to a Depression Disorder if you are vunerable.

Annoying situations. Argumental people can also cause traumatic issues of stress or pressure The body and brain must have mentalism, liquid and nutrition.

Money is a modern issue to some third world countries I'm sure as our's. Western culture has lived - as have third world countries through the millennia with sublime issues and trauma of religious voices in stress or pressure due to money and work and food.

Upsetting moments can build trauma to inner voices.

Trauma of outer voice and noises can cause stressful and pressure points of view as a sublime trauma leading to trauma of paranoia and voices.

Suicidal Distress.

Distressed Body trauma ignorance: lack of motivation and or skills because of a degradation to Self. 




Although not considered a psychiatric condition, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist can assess when trauma signs of pressure or stress is  causing traumatic issues of concern.


A sign that you are on a loser to the trauma of stress or pressure is for example a shaking voice. Simply by allowing more boost in vocal energy of the breath and tonal force allows for the release of pressure in a traumatic negotiation. This is a key issue in understanding how the body and mind copes in daily life when communicating with others where stress and pressure are presented as traumatic emotions.







There is also Psychosocial factors of trauma. Psychosocial is relative to the story of your life and how it is influenced via your surroundings. The sublime tones and what your vision takes in all affect your mood. An example is peripheral vision. Something that catches the eye causes your head to turn towards that peripheral notion. But not always because some of you can cope with the stress factor of that periphal vision because it is a loud mouthed criminal. At the same time the stress factor of trauma causes you to look at the person with scorn. But it is a matter that: if the look is returned in Psychosocial factors stress or pressure is the resultant effect because you have allowed the trauma to return instead of ignoring the criminals bravado of trauma voices. A more positive motion is to flick the hand in the direction of a trauma presence. This is how Psychosocial pressure is released from the body from traumatic argumentative background noise. In tonal energy of positivism the criminal naturally loses to their own Psychosocial Performance because the issues are their own losing factors. At this point traumatic paranoia can form. So instead of looking, flick a hand if you feel pressure to relieve the trauma of stress factors. This is known as body ignorance. This is an ideology that is used if you suffer trauma from pressure from sublime issues in Terms of the Lower Voice of Significance (trauma and voices). Body ignorance also relieves the trauma to the senses of tonal energy and what is happening in the Performance or the Setting of your own home.





Now if stress or pressure is causing problems with your Self what you need to do is use Self-behavioural Analysis (SBA). It's a circumstance where you need to look beyond the natural thought of avoiding a subject. You need to be looking at the notions of body language and listening via using instinctual conversation of Self via those notions of YOUR body ignorance. If this is beyond your capabilities then experimentation with you body notions via is all you will need. This is an E-book of Self and can help alleviate the common cause of mentality disease known as Psychosocial paranoia.


Traumatic Stress is an emotional issue caused by the pressures of daily life. Traumatic Pressure is a routine that you enact throughout your daily experiences, but you usually create a comfort zone in the Inner Peace Experiences of thought. However locking yourself away from society only keeps these traumatic issues inside unless you face up to your Self desires and start using instinct of SBA or a Counsellor that can help you with Cognitive Behavioural Analysis (CBA). Emotional trauma and sublime voices are a cause of Electro-chemicals within the Self and how feelings react within the Psychosocial presence. It is the 'Story happening all around us' (DD100, Open University) known as 'Script' (Erving Goffman). However emotions are a matter of Interpellation (Lious Althusser). Interpellation are the notions that you take onboard in your daily routines and cause pressure and stress that is alleviated via communication and body ignorance, but also sleep. In Terms of relieving trauma and voices it is via communication and expressed as routines involved in the Cycle of Enquiry of Alleviation, Deviation, Opposition. In Terms of emotional trauma and sublime voices it is necessary for the Theory of Mind to instruct the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system to Alleviate Opposition via Deviation in the use of body ignorance. This is the extra inclusion known as Body Deviants that extends with the use of communication. Hence the use of SBA to alleviate trauma and voices towards an Inner Peace Experience. When the heart beats faster than your usual relaxed state it is because the Sympathetic system is signalling traumatic panic or stress. Here the Parasympathetic system compensates you into relaxing again via emotional Electro-chemical instruction from liquids and nutrients.

If you're not sure what's causing your trauma of voices or sublime stress, keep a diary and make a note of stressful trauma episodes for two-to-four weeks. Then review it to spot the triggers.

Things you might want to write down include:

the date, time and place of a traumatic stressful episode

what you were doing

who you were with

how you felt emotionally

what you were thinking or hearing

what you started doing

how you felt physically

a stress rating (0-10 where 10 is the most stressed you could ever feel)

You can use the diary to:

work out what triggers your sublime stress including people and associates of business

and pleasure

work out how you operate under sublime trauma to pressure and sublime stress of

voices with significant other's.

develop better coping mechanisms when in meetings or sessions or after hours.

Doctors sometimes recommend keeping a stress diary to help them diagnose stress or pressure of sublime trauma and trauma of sublime voices

A pressure diary of sublime trauma of voices for S.B.A (Self-Behavioural Analysis). This is a site of blatancy for your systems nutrition and liquids that relieve the stress and pressure of daily life via strength it gives to characteristics.


In the use of Theory of Mind and Script these triggers of trauma and voices are carried around and so Script hotspots could build at locations so a diary can help you deal with those Performance situations of trauma and voices. However in the theory of Interpellation, paranoid trauma of sublime and trauma of voices can build as a resultant effect of your Electro-chemical stimulus in the Self of your Core Identity at localities (Setting you carry to establishments).


What the diary shows to a Counsellor of C.B.T is the relaying via discussion what your traumatic feelings and emotions were at the time of those points in your Performance (Self of narrations and notions). That is the art of C.B.T. Via discussion a sense of relief can be issued in the counselling session/s via the Counsellor or Doctor instructing and negotiating you through body ignorance and tonal negotiation. These sessions offer you a reliving method in your Electro-chemical sensory perceptions and notions and have caused trauma and voices. So do not be afraid to express your body notions when in a C.B.T session of emotional disorder via de-distressing that trauma of sublime issues and voices.


These two issues go hand in hand and work in equilibrium and how Conformity causes trauma of mental illness. So, "Can stress and or pressure be a definition illness of trauma of mental health issues"? When under trauma of pressure: stress factors build in the body that affect the 'brain or mind' of electro-chemical nutritional balance. But Theory of Mind sends signals to the body that allows you to walk away happily or accept extra stress and pressure because of healthy nutritional balance. The fact is that might have lost 'You' a life skill negotiation via stress or pressure factors via nutrition. Body Mentalists is an E-book of blatancy from someone born of quaint psychiatrical notions (a term psychology should use as ventriloquism where you are the Psychosocial dominant dummies) and their insinuations about body and language motions that cause so called emotional dominance. I was a businessman and I know a bunch of liars from their truthfulness'...


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