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Stomach vitality

Balanced Inner health and trauma of mental illness in the body/brain barrier are sometimes related due to a non-physical illness phenomena. This is the state of how the body and mind trick one and other into re-distributing substances and causes dysfunctions that can affect the: cognitive actions of sensory (Theory of Mind) and peripheral actions (subconscious relays). The latter state is how the body/brain barrier acts as a congruent (Harmony) system of conscious relaxation instead of trauma of mental illness.


These relays and Theory of Mind need, not only nutrition, but water and liquids as well. Without liquids the Self can become poisonous because the system is not washed of impurities and also over-production of certain substances taken into the body causing trauma of mental illness and trauma of voices. Although human's are omnivorous (meat and plant), our system is still more so towards that of plantacious requirements.

Our Amino Acid production that we gain are from fruit for sugars in insulin production, but meat although necessary for acidic content, much more fruit and fruit juices is necessary for a healthy dietary intake. Meat also includes a saline enrichment via the bloods in the flesh. Fish from oils is also necessary and maybe somewhere in human evolution we may have been more fishermen than meat hunters. Our teeth are designed for eating flesh as well as fruit and vegetables, but also the teeth we have for grinding meat may also be theoretically and logically used to grind nuts and seeds. Whatever your style of dietary intake the use of liquids is vital because it gives the body the digestion juices for the washing of the waste products from internal organs and the blood and also through the skin pores via sweating.


In terms of meat and fish it is easy to catch a fish or even crabs in a pool of water when tidal flows cause so, but the bow and arrow and also spears, may not be as evolved as many people may think of in some cultures. So saying our teeth may have originally been designed to grind the flesh of fish and nuts and seeds. But Adaptations in Theory of Mind may have caused the desire of a spear being used to kill a slow moving land creature as well as spearing fish. Although fish are salt, but oil based - sea salts are far different to that of land salts. In sea salt fish become an oil, but plants and fruits become a sugar base. Both however contain proteins that are convertible in the human dietary system.







In the process of the male and female I say men discard excess salt via sweating and women sugar. Although I am a man I have been in relationships and yes women you taste sugary. It is however in the chromosones to genes of humans where the difference exists as X,X and X,X,Y chromosones. In determining sex of a forming child during fetal growth chromosones become a male or female via: humans are born with 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs. The X and Y chromosomes determine a person's sex. Most women are 46XX and most men are 46XY. So when eating this should be taken into account, as fish and plant sugars, but also a certain amount of meat - according to Self -  as well. In modern society calorific intake requirements need re-assessmewnt due to evolved state of Homeostatic frequency waves of new energies and trauma of electro-chemical pollutants. Even driving, watching television and having a light bulb on consumes more nutrition due to the body/brain reactions needing more nutrition to process these highly relative and extremely new Adaptations in human societal needs. In the day/night/day continuum however the brain will actually heighten with its processing effects in these evolving energies because of the terms of Script narration. The Bi-cameral state of modern Humans involving the two sides to the brain is where one side is dormant through sleeping methods. That state that has become dormant in essence absorbs energy from its surroundings via an Endothermic and Exothermic reaction to energy entering the Theory of Mind as trauma of mentality. This is how the day/night/day continuum has Adapted from sublime body language notions of creatures of the garden that: Mankind raised the evolutionary Adaptation method away from the creatured body language and evolvement of vocalised language skills above Natured Congruence of life and death ritual rites. Yes a parrot and budgerigar have a language of their own, but can probably speak Chinese, definitely English, Spanish...






Endothermic reactions absorb energy from the surroundings, while Exothermic reactions release energy to the surroundings. Fuels release energy when they burn. An Exothermic reaction causes inner feelings from outer forces via: notions and motions giving; sensory definitions to a Core Identity (Selfness).


The energy output of a fuel can be measured by calorimetry using a known mass of water - a bit like stomach juices or bile stored in the liver. This is heated by the burning fuel, and its temperature increase is then measured. These quantities are then used to calculate the energy output of the fuel. These are a standard measure of holistic chemistry and it is the individual excercise and relaxation quotas that need self analysis. Cognitive actions of sensory (Theory of Mind) and peripheral actions (subconscious relays) are the internal processes that the brain/body barrier of a Core Identity calculates according to the nutrients and liquids that the organism of a human imbibes to stop trauma mentality and trauma of voices.

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Endothermic and Exothermic reaction to energy follows in sleep as a day/night/day continuum of trauma of mentality and trauma of voices:


1. Outer Script (Endothermic) and Inner Interpellation (Exothermic) causes energy and notions to be stored in the processes of a Core Identity reacting to Psychosocial Conditioning. This allows atmospheric and Peripheral Actions to light Conditioning creating a body/brain barrier that requires clearance and future reference and or storage via Settings and new places, objects, creatures, etc. An Endothermic Outer Script is your notional and motional Homeostatic emotional life narration of Exothermic inner reactions.

2. In the essence of electro-chemicals, outer forces are absorbed and are stored in Sensual Glandular Neurone points around the body where fat points exist for continuance of Homeostatic Endotherimc Script. Surprisingly a thunder and lightening storm clears the air just like a brain storm creates and clear knowledge gathering. This is the body/brain barrier where Theory of Mind and behaviourism remain calm and the 10-20% of day time cognition via: the use of Cortical rebooting (blinking). At this point the rebooting is stored for the neuro-interaction that the brain processes in NREM1-4 for continuance of Homeostatic life narration to the following day's of Psychosocial interaction as an Endothermic Script that becomes defined. It is the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves that keep harmony, but can cause dysfunctional reactions to the Theory of Mind and sensual reactions that can cause motions of inner sensed peripheral actions involving Psychosocial Phobias and trauma of mentality issues. Much like acupuncture is the alleviation of pressure points and lines in the body - that balance the Sensual Glandular Neuron relays of Peripheral body motion from Psychosocial notions. These are infused into the brain to alleviate bodily devices from outer Endothermic and inner Exothermic reactions via herbs and spices that are drank or breathed.

3. Outer forces continue to permeate into a Core Identity whilst sleep causes a computational enactment of an established Adaptation of Homeostatic 'Circuitree' ((circuitry ans self's)                           ).

4. Chance is a causality where Theory of Mind is an act of Fashion Trends and who you might meet in a chance meeting creating an Ideational 'electro-chemistry of' Scaffolding Processes.

5. Behaviourism is the factor that defines strength of character (Embodiment), building in an Exothermic reaction of calorific values and statements made in Peripheral gestures of chances and 'Where to look next' ?:!. That's because in the sleep process an electro-chemical reaction has no sight in terms of Localised Script and who you cause in chances at Settings and Performances and unknown Psychosocial additives to the repertoire. This is the chance that as a Fashion Trend, an Ego Identity (established state of personality) has their ups and downs in a life's course of actions. Bodily and mindfully ignorance causes a late meal or missing a vital bus or train home.

6. Keeping calm at these points is due to Norepinephrine, but also keeping a cool head via Epinephrine.


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