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Germ Layers and Chakras

The Germ Layer consists of three layers of the human structure: Endoderm; Mesoderm; Ectoderm. They are produced in the early stages of the Embryo in the womb in EmbryoGenesis. They are a concept of Script Buzz and body mentalist language of the 7 Chakra Energies.


The Neural Crest of the Ectoderm develops into the involutions of the Peripheral nervous system of the mouth and Pharynx that is the control of the Central Nervous System and how mental dexterity controls subliminal and cognitive Psychological trauma of voices. This is via the Glossopharyngeal nerve and Arches of the ears and eyes. It is also a drive in the Adrenal Medulla in the brain/body barrier.


Mesoderm germ layer of skin and body tissue helps control Homeostatic Script in a Core Identity (Self) of hot and cold feelings. In terms of the Psycho-Social psychologically traumatized scent of Nitrogenous compounds of Histamine, these control emotions in the glands. This establishes Psychological trauma of sleepy Delta wave Amplitudes in Tinnitus frequency instead of an Inner thought Experience. And that is along with the Ectoderm and Endoderm system of tissue and skin layers.


The Endoderm is the innermost layer like the lung tissue or meat tissue if you like, whereas, the Ectoderm is the outer most layer known as your skin and has a direct confrontation with Script Buzz and partial Exothermic scent Energies.


English was the terms "mesoderm" by Huxley in 1871 and "ectoderm" and "endoderm" by Lankester in 1873.

In the eyes however, it is the skeletal muscles that are the function and air flow currents that can have a Psychological trauma affect on this area. All three germ layers form in the early stages of a baby (Embryo) in the womb. Endothermic reactions absorb Energy from the surroundings (Ectoderm or scent), while Exothermic reactions release Energy to the surroundings (Mesoderm or sweat). It is the Chakras that are the Endoderm reactions of Organs. Body fuels release Chakra Energy when they burn (Endoderm in Western Social Sciences). An Exothermic reaction causes inner feelings from outer forces via other’s of body mentalist notions and motions giving; Peripheral Sensory Psychological trauma definitions to a Core Identity (Selfless).


It is the Ectoderm layer of the skin that Script and Interpellation react to and Conjoining reacts to Mesoderm, Endoderm, and Ectoderm (Exothermic). Interpellation is a lesser term of Conjoining likened to marriage and family of Mesoderm layers of Script and Buzz Energy, rather Interpellation is occasion meetings and is Ectoderm of scent and Energy of Chakra. Interpellation of electro-chemical bonding of scent is a part of the day/night/day continuum of how you get people wandering past you in the street. And that is even when people are visiting your home. The script is the Metropolis of Life’s individualisms of species.


The fifth Chakra, the throat Chakra, in turn, leads to the heart Chakra and the Lateral Plate Mesoderm (including the spleen), the wall of the gut (Solar Plexus Chakra), and the wall of the human body (skin layers). The Paraxial Mesoderm develops into cartilage, skeletal muscle, and dermis (skin layers) and can be seen as part of the psychological trauma of Facial Conformity Disorders including the Mesoderm in Psychological trauma and Depression symptoms and the trauma of Residual Risk Suicide

7 Chakras and Germ Layers

In the Psychological trauma symptoms in mental health issues of Chronic brain Inflammation and the 3 Germ Layers, these are of the EmbryoGenesis in fetal growth to the 7 Chakras Energy of Biopsychosocial Interpellation and Conjoining. Mental health belongs to the electrochemical system of NitroGenous Histamine Compounds of End-chain DNA Interpellation formulations of what should not be scent and sweat of Histamine H1-H4. They correspond to an illness of a Psychological brain inflammation trauma in the body/brain barrier. These Histamines result in an allergic reaction in the Cranial nerves that can identify to illness and mental health as a Facial Conformity Disorder. Chronic Inflammation of the brain is relayed to the Germ Layers Cranial nerves of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Within the Biopsychosocial a Core Identity exists as the Ego Identity. The Cranial nerves are the byproduct of how Globalising Technologies of Self have given a new disease of Dry Eye Disease. These are a Delta and Alpha Interpellation that leads to sleep walking. Definition of alleviation is via the removal of Histamine, but also an increase in production of Beta waves where Biopsychosocial has developed a resistance to vitamin D2 receptors. Vitamin D2 blockade has become established because of Psychiatric abuse of Psychological medication, much like Antibiotics. Blocking vitamin D2 receptors is a crime to the Core Identity of our Solar Star code.


This is known as a non-physical illness phenomenon defined by; the 7 Chakras Energys and Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm meat tissue Energies in Psychological mental health trauma. These relate to the Endothermic and Exothermic heat and cold reactions of how Peripheral sublime sensation communicate, proliferate and descend in the mental health system. It is how the brain perceives a physical body symptom as a Psychological trauma and voices or that of health and fitness. It’s as the trauma of voices dysfunction in the Medulla Oblongata and it is Biopsychosocially Adapted in the facial muscles of HMB in the culture of Societies. This is via the Pharynx and Larynx of the fith Chakra, the Throat Chakra. It is this that creates in the inner voice box of the open Throat Chakra function of the Inner thought/peace Experience of the body/brain barrier. This peace and thought are the 5th Chakra interaction of Ego Identity from the Medulla Oblongata. This is the Ego Identity of the two hemisphere of culturalised 7 Chakras energy's and Germ Layers involved in Biopsychosocial day/night/day continuum of how Man overcame the Bicameral state.


In the Norm of Society Harmony is achieved in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves notions and motions. This then giving them stable emotions and feelings via body mentalist language of partially self-controlled Inner daily Experience routines from the night continuum. Mental health needs something that can reinstall controlled Inner Experiences via motion sickness of curing Vestibular Motion Disorder in the outer/Inner Experience of Sympathetic nerve hearing levels.


Nutrition from the Solar Plexus function and the Sacral Chakra function of the gut is out of Harmony with the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves fuel injection via the brain/body barrier of the Germ Layers of the Sternum and Diaphragm. This is a reaction via the Vagus nerve and the Motor function of the body/brain barrier in the Fight or Flight of the Sympathetic nerve Harmony of Interpellation of localized Homeostatic Script (destinies energy) of your life’s narration Story in the Embryonic Fluids. Here, a lack of body mentalist language causes a Sympathetic effect of not wanting to look up and or the ear not attracting the Norm of Societies Psychosocial sounds Positively. These three nerves do not work in Harmony, to feed the Germ Layers of the brain/body barrier, of the Crown and Third Eye Chakra in mental health and the resultant Chronic Inflammation is the cause of that. That is a time of Surrender as one of my Facebook posts purveys by Sangeeta Chacko.


Chronic Inflammation in the brain - Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra - becomes dysfunctional to physical Adaptation illnesses of the Humanly evolving body. A non-physical illness phenomenon is those Adaptations that have evolved according to what I smell in scent release into the Autonomic system of body language skills in Psychosocial Buzz and sublime Peripheral sensations of feelings and emotions. This Autonomy is the hot and cold reactions of Interpellation.


Trauma of the 7 Chakras

The effects of meditation and Philosophical views of the East are most welcome by someone that has been through the trauma of medicament induced Psychological trauma of Psychosis. The Psychological trauma of Mental illness is a structure of mental Delta wave Amplitudes that affect the 7 Chakras – the Energy Germ Layers of the birth Embryo. These are the meat tissue after birth of the: Endoderm Layer, Mesoderm function and Ectoderm function in Biopsychosocial. They are of Homeostatic Script and birth right of; psychological day/night/day continuum of Interpellation to the solitude of vitamin D2 from of Homeostatic Earth's Solar code. This is a Fight and Flight and the Rest and Digest of Ignorance and the Harmony of some Disassociation. The 3 Germ Layers are of the EmbryoGenesis in foetal growth to the 7 Chakra Energies of the Inner Experience that the Germ Layers Perceive as unconscious body language. However due to the new phenomenom of Dry Eye Disease the Theory of Mind has become an affliction of Alpha and Delta waves of Karmic Third Eye distortions. This is the devizes of Biopsychosocial Markers placed by Psychology in the DNA as an Interpellation that blockades D2 receptors.


These are Homeostatic Script narrations of Psycho Social scent continuum of Psychological body mentalists. It is EmbryoGenesis Germ Layer tissues of the Energy Layers of Existentialism and the DNA family unit. This is of Script and Buzz narration in Psycho Social scent Performances in the day/night/day continuum. It is within Settings of Fashion Trends of localized community and the day/night/day continuum of Erving Goffman’s Script and Lious Althusser’s Interpellation that leads to a Conjoining. It only takes one to break moulds' of a community Setting to know that liberation exists from Psychological trauma of vitamin D2 blockade medications and how Psychiatrists - via age old Psychology - have chosen the wrong Wave Amplitude for the Human frequency of Tinnitus.


Meditation can reach into the Chakra Energies of the 7 zones of the Material Self after the birth of Karma and two’s individual birth. These in the Embryo are the primary Ectoderm, blood Mesoderm and Ectoderm function Layers of the Homeostatic Germ Cells. I say Panchakarma-based Ayurvedic intervention and meditation is a true way of correcting Energy blockages in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves of the Vagus nerve control of the Embryonic Energies of the 7 Chakras. These blockages exist in the Medulla Oblongata and Throat Chakra as a dysfunction of the Ego Identity via the left and right energy of the Germ Layers hempisheres. The Vagus nerve is the Embryonic and Script Interpellation of the Metropolis zone of Homeostatic Script narration of Bicameral Homo-sapiens Sapiens without Beta wave frequencies relating to the fallacy Godhead.

Integrative medicine practices, such as meditation and Ayurveda, are non-existent in the mental health system but their effects on human physiology are not yet fully understood in Western Social Sciences and medical experimentation. Antipsychotics are wrong and its a Delta wave Amplitude of blood/brain barrier Tinnitus frequency. It is where life and sleep have become infused in some clients of Psychological trauma symptoms of voices inside your head instead of Bliss. A Biopsychosocial Adaptation conforming between the East and West energy's of the Tinnitus into that Godhead theorem.

Karma and Voices of Trauma

This is how I see the Karma via Social Sciences and Interpellation (light) of Homeostatic (heat and cold) Script (Destiny).


Interpellation is like a greeting momentarily given in heat, light, and scent that extends into the communication of consciousness of sublime notions localized to a public Performance of the Setting where you exist in a community.

Homeostaic Conjoining then breifly takes place via hot and cold impression in the Taste/smell of Coffee. This is where the Bicameral state exists in humanity. In terms of the Ego Identity Humanity sometimes lollol lets out breath. This is a raging issue with those that decided to whisp[er in the continuum of the Circadian Cycle and this is known as Projection or Witchcraft of Alpha wave emission. These are a natural phenomenom of a globalising culture based on mind games of Godhead a control freak. I my Theory of Mind, Embodiment is displayed as God was murdered at the conception of Time. Much like the dominance of Projection always causes.


The script is the extension of that the Karmic Performance that is your individual notions given by the Karma motions and noise, plus your sensual scent that exudes from your entire bodily motions. The script is the Karma destiny that everyone plays a part in and is the individual divide that you choose to motion and give sound too.


When these two words of Homeostatic are appraised you can see Karma in a localization known as Earth – our mother and its consortium of our star code then transmits around the world as heat and light that gives the smell of pleasure and distaste. This, in turn, forms our transferral of individual energy shining from the very beginning in the wombs enhancement of protection and nurturing growth in nitrogens. Or the fun loving criminals murdering God has caused via whispered propaganda. In no way can the individual know of beginning other than as the Karma of unreasonable – but ignorant energy in some. Certainly suitable consciousness can be gathered though for Self-Behavioural Analysis. That is a life force of peaceful and distasteful energy that is described as the temple of the brain where words have no beginning or meaning other than in a damaged system of energy frequencies of blood flow through the inner ears and the Taste/smell of Coffee of many of Humanities modern life projections.


In the Karma, if the left side of the Karma is damaged inner psychosis forms in this frequency and can form knowledge gathering of internal problems within the Sympathetic nerve and the inner left hearing. Usually, because the knowledge is not present panic attacks and what is paranoia can form from anxiety. This becomes a Core Identity issue where the Amygdala needs emptying. At this point Karma overtakes and study becomes necessary rather than looking inward for knowledge from an un-worded process of frequencies of Theory of Mind barriers. It is between its unconscious and consciousness of outer Karma gathering. This is known as D2 receptor Disassociation and Parasympathetic Rest and Digest of Prolactin elevation.


So the head needs sensual knowledge of guiding the ears back to the individualism of Self Interpellation of sensual Karmic notions of look to the right. This is to stop inner motions looking for inner knowledge – or thought – that does not exist in the womb of the earthly body of your mother’s electrochemical reactions. It will form however Biopsychosocially in our Presence of knowledge. True, in Karma Mother Earth has untold knowledge of the stars divide, but that is studied as a consciousness outside the womb. By looking to the right the left inner ear becomes pronounced into hearing lower levelled far and near noises, where knowledge is perceived as individualism of Karmic knowledge gathering of Script. It is then the stage of blinking a Cortical Reboot via the Parasympathetic nerve where untold of the Karma knowledge is treated with Ignorance responses or gathered via Rest and Digest.


Delta Wave Amplitude Tinnitus

A Histamine allergy is a bodily function created by the nitrogenous compound (nitrogen from breathing atmosphere in sleep and daytime relaxation methods) that has the involvement with immune responses. It also has methods of digestion in regulating the body functions in the gut and also acting as a neurotransmitter. The production of the latter is via the body/brain equilibrium of a balanced diet that feeds the life force in the lungs as well. Part of the Vagus nerve is involved in the guts functionality as it controls the vital organs in the body. The Vagus nerve also has implications to the vocal reactions via the Glossopharyngeal nerve in the lower jaw that relates to the trauma of Tardif Dyskinesia of the inner trauma of Psycho-effective voices. The physical side of the latter condition is physically known as Glossopharyngeal neuralgia.


Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia is a condition whereby there are repeated episodes of pain in the ears, tongue, and throat and the tonsils. This pain can last from seconds to minutes. Scary, but it is necessary to the state of alleviating towards Psychosocial mental wellbeing as an Ego Identity. That means someone that has re-established themselves away from the Psychological trauma of mental health illness.


The Histamine and allergies that result, exerts its effects by binding to G protein-coupled histamine receptors, designed in the evolution towards the bodily electro-chemical receptors known as H1 – H4. This area relates to the sublime trauma of mental illness via acute-phase proteins in the G protein-coupled receptors of Traumatic Pathogenic Delta Waves Amplitudes in the trauma of the Tinnitus frequencies.


In binding to the H2 receptor, histamine and allergies is protonated at the end-chain (finality) amine group. This amine group interacts with aspartic acid in the transmembrane domains of the receptor (body/brain links). The other nitrogens interact with threonine and aspartic acid in different transmembrane domains – collectively - this is referred to as a three-pronged interaction. Bringing the transmembrane domains close to each other, it initiates a signal transduction cascade. Even Psycho-Social stimulants of scent and Buzz echoes to the inner ear where: the trauma of the Tinnitus frequency is the body/brain barrier of a traumatizing mental illness; are part of the cascade. This cascade is a state of other electro-chemicals reducing the state of the electrochemical signals given in the body/brain divide and Tinnitus frequency Dissension and sublime trauma of hearing sublime voices in the head due to acute-phase proteins and Sublime walkers of Delta Waves in the trauma of Tinnitus. These that are relayed via the Core Identity Buzz echo in the inner sublime trauma of the voice box and back to the Inner 'Traumatic Pathogenic echo'' Experience. It is a Plasticity of the Psycho-Social trauma of the Tinnitus frequencies of modern Homeostatic frequencies that relate to Bicameral-ism and the trauma of modern electrical media devices. It should be noted that all of the known physiological trauma reactions of histamine and allergies are a series of weak interactions or sublime trauma of Delta Wave notions of the Inner 'ear' Experience.

Histamines and allergies H1, H2 and H3 are an issue where the Psychological trauma symptoms in Anxiety, what is Paranoia and traumatizing Panic. This can lead to the trauma of voices in Delta Waves and acute-phase protein, that lack Dopamine D2 and Omega 3,6,9 that derives from Hemp oil (cannabis) in supermarkets in the U.K. Also, the trauma of sublime frequencies in Tinnitus Psychosis of verbalized Schizophrenia. It also has implications for other traumas of Psycho-effective disorders of sublime voices and the trauma of voices in the head. H1-H4 I say is the weak reaction of many mental health clients via exerting H1-H4 effects by binding to the trauma of acute-phase proteins in the G protein-coupled histamine receptors. These are the causation of voices of Buzzing noise echoes descending down to commonalities of traumatic H1-H4 Histamines and allergies of the trauma of Delta Wave sleepwalking effects. This extends to where conscious Tinnitus is not just a notion but, the trauma of acute-phase proteins in H1-H4 G Protein-coupled receptors of Traumatic Pathogenic toxins of histamine and allergies causing the trauma of acute chronic inflammation of acute-phase proteins and Delta Wave Tinnitus frequency Amplitude where conscious Tinnitus is not present.

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