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.... These do not include via chance or hastiness:

•setting regular times for going to bed and waking up

•relaxing before bed time – try taking a warm bath or listening to calming music

•using thick curtains or blinds, an eye mask and earplugs to stop you being woken up by light and noise

• watching TV or using phones, tablets or computers shortly before going to bed. They make you tired

•not napping during the day.

•writing a list of your worries, and any ideas about how to solve them, before going to bed to help you forget about them until the morning


OnSetting (Scenery)

In terms of Setting as of Erving Goffman its extension is: Onsetting. This Theory of Mindset explains from the View of: localizational; a trauma of sleeplessness trauma theory! These include:

1. Positional direction disorders

2. Psychosocial (Erik Erikson, James Marcia, O.U, DSE212, Ed 1 and 2, 2007) scent phobia's

3. Scent of Psychosocial sensation/ed (most severe)

4. Sublime noise distraction

5. Personal scent phobia triggers (waking and from sleep scents and consciously - sometimes - sounds in NREM2 (!)). There are VISIONARY BARRIERS in theta states between NREM1-2.

6. day/night/day disorders (circadian cycle continuum)...


In terms of (1.) sleep begins within a position placement. 

Psychosocial (2.) is relative discussion to a scent phobic paranoia towards an inner Homeostatic Exothermic release trigger. This causes a fault in the Parasympathetic nerve. Sympathetic reactions are under rated in the ion channels relating to the body/brain barrier (encited: Monica Cassini,, 2016 A.D) in the Medulla Oblongata via the harmony of these nerves being uncoordinated functionly from the Autonomic Ganglia (top part of the back bone) . This area if you like is a junction into electro-chemistry giving you a Theory of Mind that gives Embodiment (your character) skilled notions to a Psycho social Fashion Trend Mind-Setting of: Homeostatic (hot and cold) sublime relativity that makes you position your dormant self in sleep.






Trauma of sleep patterns is a Theory of deeper Mindset caused by body positions, Facial Conformity Disorders and breathing. This area I suggest is the salvation of Self Identity of silencing and opening the Bi-cameral primitive dormant state into evolved unconscious sleep. All the same these notional sleep positions include a theory of Mindset of natured consciousness into our Script (life stories) and the resultant personal Psychosocial (public) interaction. Sleep and Interpellation (saying hello for example) is achieved via outer Endothermic triggers of the mindset related to: the Psychosocial computations of tiring to public interaction known as Interpellation. I know of this as Circuitree (eBook) in: an Adaptation to new electro-chemistry input of modern media devices and communicative Global Social Sciences such as television. Mobile phones do not cause text sleep but television does at certain points in the viewing. Many words may seem incomprehensional so take a look at the links.


(2.) and (3.) are relative to the body/brain barrier that disrupts the sleep into trauma of the circadian cycle as phobic and phobia mentality illnesses due to disturbing sleep via tossing and turning. It can also cause Script distortions and in terms of non-paranoia to nature voices thais can become a realization that now reveals the extra De-naturing to a Bi-Cameral 5-10% of extra consciousness as their casualties of consciousness. (the eBook sample). In terms of natured it can cause the healing via carrying out internal Script re-affirmation against Script Dissension and or witchcraft. I say the Medulla Oblongata is like a junction box creating a body/brain barrier of computation and body issues that can affect the Theory of Mindset as trauma of mental illness. An energy may exist here in this area relating to Residual Effects such as Residual Risk (Menninger clinic, 2016 A.D) Attributes.


In the use of OnSetting, mood relates to an application of sleepy notions when on a sun lounger on holiday. In a sensation you are falling asleep to punish yourself via burning rather than finding the shade of a tree or umbrella because of oxidihydration (di-hydrated over cal'ulat'cium). At this point Bio-synthesis maybe lacking in your stomachs bio-cultures of items such as yoghurt and natured sips of water as a punishment to: the sublime natured bird or deer in the backyard known as; trauma of mental illness that bring on a; conscious Bicameral state of this trauma of sublime mindset state.


So Onsetting becomes part of peripheral notions and scent creating an I:ness (self knowledge) of Self worths in nutrition of ion channels (blood process). These are a body's electro-chemical system of inner/outer new multi-media device forces as well as the nutrition they consume from you. This becomes a Psychosocial willpower struggle in some causing phobia and or phobic trauma of mental illnesses instead of sleep. Sublime insomnia of cheating sleep is the resultant trauma of voices in the head during the day via witchcraft trauma of a new Mindset. That is an essence into Script harmony via accepting the realization of new Earthly quantuum colors in unconsciousness of sleep that change the very atmospheric Conditioning once realization still gives life forces according to a building Fashion Trend of selfishness through identifying trauma of incongruent laughter of meeting a grumpy human that has had a drink. Here sadness causes the wind to cause a tear in the eye or blow dry its necessity to natured devices of willpower and trauma of phobic voices in sublime sleep patterns of the bird or deer. Or cold and hot Homeostatic moisture of oxidizing relative Earth energy of trauma of phobia or phobic alienation to the Theory of Mindset of: losing Selfishness of; Tinnitized inner feeling to vision and; Psycho Social scent and ion channels lacking of drinking 4 pints a day to an old scientific quantuum ecology. Yes dreaming consumes far more energy than unconscious sleep. At this point sublime sleep becomes encroached upon as a sleepy trauma of voices or trauma of mental disabilities lacking blood supply in sleep. This is the point of (2.) and (3.) created from (4.).







(5.) is the View of inner stabilizing to the Self notion of Core Identity re-achieving the state of an Ego Identity (stabilised Self) of true self worth of acceptance upto Selfishness of your Fashion vocal tendencies of Interpellation rather than necessary Conjoining to congruence of the nature of sinfuel. Sinfuel is in natured congruenced assessed consciously as vocalised to Self-worth of its nurishment levels to life and self-worthed life notions in ion channels and sleepy witchcraft of life and its resultant trauma of paranoid death sleep. Some at this point need confidential re-structuring via Self-Behavioural Analysis SBA in short - instruction. This is body ignorance placated via vocalization in a formulation of day/night/day Script Dissension of Alleviation via Deviant natured admissions to secrecy re\proofing tactical Deviance to Timed Plasticity of Ion Channels. Calcium deposits may be the cause of blood flow and frequency modulation of blood thickening (Oxidihydration). It can also be seen as a modernised technicality of Mother Earth's defence via Microbiology and microchips as a Theoretical towards future Socio-Psychologists.


In NREM2 (5.) it becomes a point in sleep where Bi-cameralism can be opened by the natured constriction on Homeostatic life, sublime sleep and death rituals. Nature under no circumstances will allow incongruence in that area of ecological Circadian Cycled Existence of the Soul lighted theorem under the trauma of voices and psychiatric witchcraft dominating old-style psychology and sociology. Under some circumstances nature can become incongruent to some trauma of mental healths sleepy inquisition frequencies of Tinnitus and its blood pulse.


In Views of (6.) mood actually defines the point where trauma of sleep is an inclusion of natured necessity that could not stop sinfuel dis-alighment. Sinfuel became frustrated in Script Dissension of presences in time and energy of Homeostatic Script Dis-senders known as mentality workers. That and natural culling Deviants(C) of the two-sided incongruence of carmik-man and Hymen still looking to breed sleepily and lifelessly. Mood sleep is the Exothermic and Endothermic sleep reactions of life choice rather than choices - once Mother Earth's natured cause a re-definition spell over human incongruent overbred timing of regrettable sinfuel to natured humanistic-als. Mood is a caffiene of Sympathetic and Parasympathic reactions to teas and coffees of Norepinephrine and Epinephrine in the Enkephalins and Endorphins controlling mood and temperature relativity of quantuum calorific sources. This is the mood defining of Homeostatic (hot/\\cold) inner constrictions and expansions of anti-thesis.


Realms Darker than the Taste/Smell of Coffee: Enkephalins and Endorphins.


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