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Psychosocial Bi-lingual tones can be used as Self-Behavioural Analysis.

Self-Behavioural Analysis via Psychosocial BLP.

So what is B.L.P it is Bi-Lingual Programming. It is where vocal cognition of consciousness programs the Theory of Mind and Embodiment in sublime public Psychosocial situations This is what instructs the body/brain barrier in Self Behavioural programming of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in the self and others. It as I said in my two eBooks The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists is a matter of talking your own tonal programming of Chakra energy. It goes further than Chakra meditation of breathing techniques because once you find your level of breathed words you can self program yourself into a better person that has self-control of character.

It is the public sublime issue of Psychosocial vocal tones and words that are issued at the sublime peripheral you that creates your character. And from the Performance where all around you creates a one tone that is the Godhead unto yourself. This is then taken into your sea of dreams where Script and Interpellation of the day/night/day continuum takes place. In other words it is the programming of your Life Narration of where you exist in a localised Setting. When you are out and suffer a mental health issue or character shift you should be listening to the tones and vocal depth that affect your body mental-ism. This is the key to Self-Behavioural Therapy through vocalising at your own level of C.B.T. Body language is also an issue that pertains to the sublime outer peripheral sensation of sight via what your ears maybe locate for you at times of lucidity. Mental health is all about denial and when you notice something logical it is important.

The importance of lucidity is a part of mysticism and meditation where breathing wordlessness is the strength of aura you have. As a mental health client your aura has been depleted from the public Psychosocial Interpellation (a conjoining interaction). You need to rebuild your depleted interaction of this public Psychosocial interaction in your body’s tissues of Germ Layers of Chakra energies. As a Norm of Society this website can also improve your character in the public atmosphere of work, play and relationships.

Germ Layers build in the Embryonic stage of Mother’s womb from the age of six months and eventually become the tissue of meat layers that are you as a Theory of Mind in Embodiment. Chakras are 0-7 of body mental-ism and are the very energy that feeds you via the vocal tonal and visual energy of your Psychosocial Godhead. This so far is how C.B.T and Psychosocial BLP works as a Self-Behavioural Analysis.

In the Chakra energies body language in the Psychological trauma of mental illness loses Sympathetic and Parasympathetic values. These values are Disassociation and Ignorance via looking for something else to look at in the public Psychosocial situation of a Performance of public attitudes in the presence of a public Setting. That Setting may be a coffee bar, restaurant or pub or even your own home where you deny tonal sounds reaching your own Theory of Mind and Embodiment. These two sides of yourself are the way you think and the character you display to yourself and in the Psychosocial Setting. Chakra energy without meditation of breathed silence is the body/brain barrier of lacking Sympathetic Disassociation and Parasympathetic Ignorance and instead a mental illness.

In these two nerves of the body/brain barrier Self-Behavioural Therapy exists as Bi-Lingual Programming (BLP). These two nerves that exist in the brain but control the body/brain barrier are the Afferent and Efferent nerves of the Medulla Oblongata of the brain. The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves of the body/brain barrier control how you react in Psychosocial situations via interacting to sublime issues of Interpellation (Louis Althusser). When you Rest and Digest information it is because of the Parasympathetic nerve. When you become paranoid it is because of this nerve. When you are in trauma of Anxiousness it is because of the Sympathetic nerve in the body/brain barrier of these two nerves. Both are in the brains Medulla Oblongata and extend from the brain to the body and are construction in the womb from Embryonic Germs Layers of Tissue that builds the person you become. That is once outside Mother’s womb in Theory of Mind and Embodiment. So what you need to do in Self-Behavioural Analysis to build a better character and also cure the trauma of Anxious thoughts of voices in the head is control the breath of these two nerves. Also, via breath you can control the Psychological trauma of Paranoia and panic attacks. It is breath from the Glossopharyngeal nerve in the Medulla Oblongata that forms speech and the Vagus nerve in the same area that forms thought. These four nerves form the Medulla Oblongata and control how you react and think and speak in a Psychosocial atmosphere and when you are on your own.

You need to learn how these work within yourself on your Theory of Mind and this is how you gain Self-Behavioural Analysis of controlled thought levels of vocal and tonal breath. In Embodiment of how you display yourself in body language you must lack Parasympathetic Ignorance. And this is to suddenly look up at notions of pleasure instead of the trauma of Psychological Paranoia of Fight or Flight Harmony via Disassociation. That is the cancelling of Parasympathetic Ignorance giving the Reward of Rest and Digest happiness instead of morbid Ignorance of a Psychosocial phobia situation. Look at the menu for instances of how this happens.

Tonal situations of Chakra energy exist in five main Tinnitus codes of a ringing in the ear. This Tinnitus overcomes the desire to think. It also overcomes the Psychological trauma of voices in the head. Voices in the head can be Chakra energies of Projection where external energies form internal energies in sight and the 0-7 energy points of the Chakras at Schizophrenic mental illnesses. These Chakra energies also form internal interaction. And so meditation can cure the Inner thought Experience via loud breath overcoming the Vagus nerve and Pharyngeal nerve of the inner voices box of the Throat Chakra.

Tonal vocal situations of Self-Behavioural Analysis have six main levels. You need to find the six main levels which my two eBooks can teach you. Check it out on the home page at the bottom of the webpage. These six tonal levels exist between vocalised, whispered and thought levels in the Medulla Oblongata and also need body language instruction like lowering and raising the thumbs. The eBooks are Streetwise not academic. There is also nodding positively and shaking the head in correction of an error that the eBooks teach plus so much, much, much more Self-Behavioural Analysis techniques. These eBooks will give you much more Ideology that will teach you how to have self control in any situation. And that is whether a mental illness or a rebuilding of character, these eBooks will help you build the character you desire to be.

So remember you have six tones that control your thought and speech levels that reach a Self-Behavioural whispered level in public Psychosocial Bi-Lingual Programming. It is up to you and maybe my eBooks that can teach you how to discover these self help techniques. These are techniques that somehow got me through Tardive Dyskinesia and Psychosis via medicament. And also they have taken me through Psychological trauma of Paranoia due to the medication Haloperidol. This research has even helped me with Chakra Projection into my very polluted Germ Layers. And that is of the inner trauma of Psychosis because of mental health Psychosocial wordless tonal public sublime insinuation and medicament.

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