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The Throat Chakra of the inner voice box of the Germ Layers has two sides. Germ Layers are the Western sciences of tissue layers that form from conception of a child and the Chakra function is the Eastern sciences. I have discovered through Mindfulness that the Throat Chakra function has two sides. In this article I will discuss the right hemisphere of the Throat Chakra function in the inner voice boxes Larynx. This controls the Ego Identity of the brain's interaction with the throat Chakra of the Vagus nerve in the brain.


The Larynx is a nerve that functions for speech and pure thought in the inner voice, but also has implications with the mental health disease of Paranoia and Schizophrenia. The Larynx is located on the right hemisphere of the Throat Chakra function. It is a part of the Eastern culture of meditation where supposed silence is kept.


When Paranoia is a function of the Larynx in the Throat Chakra silence is achieved via the Heart Chakra and its beating abilities. If however, these two Chakras dysfunction Schizophrenia and voices in your head are the resultant cause.


Paranoia is the natural Adaptation that freezes the body and its instinct to create a fear response mechanism that opens the hearing to approaching danger. It leads to death of the Heart Chakra and also the medicament induced sudden death syndrome.


Medication known as Antipsychotics that blockade Dopamine D2 receptors cause a dysfunction in the body/brain barrier of the Heart Chakra via its unconscious Parasympathetic nerve action. Because the unconscious silence of the Heart Chakra function dysfunctions, the Throat Chakra function starts to look for internal problems via Vagus thought from the Larynx.


The Larynx of the body controls the pre-thought patterns of the brain's Vagus nerve. When Antipsychotics blockade Dopamine D2, it not only blocks brain receptors, but also has implications with GAPS. GAPS is short for Guts and Psychology Syndrome. So this then causes the Vagus nerve to start assessing the food intake in the Sacral Chakra function via the Germ Layers Larynx. This is where I discovered the wrong doing of vitamin D2 blockade in Antipsychotics via Cognitive Behavioual Therapy (CBT) techniques I know as Self-Behavioual Analysis.


Self-Behavioural Analysis uses the Throat Chakra to assess internal problems that the Vagus nerve of primordial instincts - that had no modern speech methods of. If the body/brain barrier has the instinctual use of words, then the Vagus and Throat Chakra can be used to assess internal illness and disease. This is the power behind the true use of Mindfulness and CBT. The left hemisphere is the conscious instruction of those problems via the Pharynx in the Throat Chakra function of the inner voice boxes Ego Identity.


Mindfulness and CBT interaction is the use of tonal instructions that two or more people use as voices.... Ahem. It creates a Buzz that spreads through the Chakra and Germ Layers of the infected. Once it reaches the level of Tinnitus, then the body/brain barrier of the blood becomes a total function of Core Identity. This is the way of how the Throat Chakra becomes – as One in the world of I-ness in Eastern Paranoia and Western Anxiety.


In the use of Self-Behavioural Analysis vocalising mental Schizophrenia disease is the Norm of Society and can be used as a tool of the Vagus nerve and Throat Chakra to vocalise internal problems of the mind and body. Vocalising voices of Schizophrenia is the use against insinuations on the wind of Psychosocial Interpellation. This amounts to the Eastern scent of Magnolia or Western Psychology of the Taste/smell of Coffee as a Philosophy. It is the Interpellation where electrochemicals create the bodily scent of a Core Identity in the Self. This paragraph explains the Psychological term known as Yeast infections in the powers that be, in the day/night/day continuum.

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