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Resilience and Chakras.

Here’s something you might not know: life as an illness of Anxiety via; the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve in the brain/body barrier of mental agility and fitness. It is a mental health Resilience of Inner thought Experiences in the Sympathetic nerve. The Parasympathetic nerve is an area of marathon runners of mental Inner thoughtless Experiences of Harmonic Resilience. Those of mental illness are those lacking in the Inner Experience in Energies of Chakras meditation and Yogi of the Inner Resilience silence Experience of a marathon runner. Chakras Energies are also a time to logically think to Script narration of destiny. Script narration is Self-styled logical destiny shaping through the brain wave Amplitudes of body/brain frequencies of conscious Chakra Energy. In Psychosocial interaction it is a cognitive Energy that is purveyed of yourself (Core Identity) in a Performance and Setting.


Mentality is all about the trauma of thought Anxiety in the brains Sympathetic nerve where the Parasympathetic nerve does not have silence of Rest and Digest the thought with body mentalist Ignorance via looking around impartially at other Psychosocial Ignorant body languages. These two nerves control the silence and thoughts of Psychosocial (public) body language mental-ism. Mental-ism is the public and Self interaction from peripheral notions that create sublime motions and emotions as an intermixed brief Interpellation (bonding) of electrochemical scent and noise.


The Harmony of these two nerves has become mentally thoughtful and in some traumatic Paranoia, the trauma of thoughtful psychosis of Anxiety. It also causes panic attacks. This is a Psychosocial mentality interaction in the Self of Core Identity. This is where Resilience keeps the Psychosocial phobic stimulation of Traumatic Paranoia and the Anxiety, but as illogical thought of the trauma of hearing voices. In the marathon runner  as thoughtful calm panic where Resilience keeps you calm in the ’We’s’, ‘He’s’ and ‘She’s’ of Karmic thought.


Yoga and meditation is a state where the Inner thought Experience can be expressed of illness of Inner Experiences via Chakra Energies of 7 areas of the body mentalist attitude of the 3 Germ Layers. Check out the Spiritual page for a picture of these areas.


The 7 Chakras can be seen as 7 areas from the base of your feet to the top of your head as areas of Inner Experiences of Psychosocial Energy interaction. The Germ Layers are the meat tissue that

conveys the mental state of the Psychological trauma of hearing thoughtful Psychosocial voice interaction. It is Interpellation. Interpellation is an electro-chemical bonding that creates the Buzz, vibes or entertainment level.


Look for times in your life where Sympathetic nerve Resilience becomes a Parasympathetic dominant Harmony of Inner trauma of hearing voice Experiences. That is when it is reflecting on your Inner thought Experiences as anxiety, sadness or distress in Psychosocial situations of past Inner Experiences. This is via the Rest and Digest action of this nerve reaction.

The worst case scenario of this is mental illness of paranoid and panic episodes. Learn the tonal affect in my two eBooks for how breath should be created like a marathon runner stabilising the Inner Experience of the Throat Chakra s with rasping breath on the inner voice box to the inner ears. Physical and mentality Resilience is the one thing you still have. And you have plenty of it as a long distance mental health marathon runner because the Parasympathetic nerve is highly functional in the Autonomic Motor Function of physical fitness. That is in Theory of Mind of hearing the trauma of inner voices. It is a Harmony via the stabilising of Anxiousness of the Sympathetic nerve, even traumatic Paranoid Self Interpellation of Inner thought Experiences. And also the stabilising of the Psychological trauma of panic attacks.


In the Fight or Flight mode of mentality illness, in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves you have locked your Self in an exuberant Flight and Rest and Digest zone. Here is where you will let no one in because it involves your Psychological mental trauma. That is instead of physical fitness that shows you have Parasympathetic control of your body mentalist trauma of Anxiety via body mentalist Ignorance that this nerve instructs the brain/body barrier to purvey. It is because Sympathetic nerve Resilience gave up on hope of Rest and Digest something different. It’s via using physical stamina of a silent traumatised hunter rather that sits in Psychosocial Ignorance that Resilience is gained. This then proving they have nothing to run away from by sitting in front of the computer, television or a treadmill or exercise bike. Mental health Sympathetic nerve Resilience is Harmonic Ignorance of the Parasympathetic nerve. It is where you have given up on the Fight and naturally assume Harmonic of Rest and Digest Psycho Social Inner thought Experiences. Instead of silent mental agility of relaxing body mentalist attitudes with no need to communicate to strangers on the treadmill opposite - you think instead.


In Chakras Energy the Inner thought Experience is necessitated by the Sympathetic nerve. As thought is a state of Fight or Flight in the Bicameral emotional Harmony statement of Chakras Parasympathetic Embodiment Energy of your body language. Embodiment is the feelings and mood of the Psychosocial Buzz in your Germ Layers of meat Tissue. It is a Homeostatic hot and cold reaction to sublime Peripheral glares, stares and your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic notional answer of yourself. Subliminal Peripheral thought sensations that make you look up in times of your traumatic mental illness for more Rest and Digest. Homeostatic atmosphere and Buzz are making you feel and respond to Psychosocial atmosphere and your nerves respond into your:

Stimulus - Response → Psychosocial Expectancy of Inner Sympathetic thought Experiences.


This S-R is via electro-chemical Interpellation of your own Germ Layers that causes people to hear the trauma of voices, anxiousness and thought. These are formed as three Germ Energy Layers of the body’s meat tissue as electro-chemistry feeding outer influences. This should form body mentalist attitudes of sublime Ignorance and Disassociation to outer influence as body language Cognition to Theory of Mind. Theory of Mind is the way public Psychosocial sees your subliminal reactions.



It is between the body/brain barriers of Inner/Outer Chakras Energies that gives Ignorance in body mentalist attitudes that gets you looking around a Setting in Disassociation to peripheral sights and sounds. Inner Germ Layer Experiences are a Self Interpellation of thoughts. It is where mentality of Anxiousness can be used as SBA or Self-Behavioural Analysis via body mentalist training from my eBooks The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists. Bring those Anxious thoughts of Resilience forth by starting to give forgiveness for all that Self Interpellation. This is what makes you hear your trauma of Inner Anxiousness Experiences or traumatic Outer Experiences of Paranoia where you have no Harmonic logical reason to run away. It is unconscious Resilience that you have become numb too in the Parasympathetic nerve with a blockage at times of a quiet zone where you notice the trauma of Anxiousness building towards panic and Confabulation (confusion).


Inner Psychological trauma of hearing voices and mentality issues are thoughtful Anxiousness and Paranoid Interpellation of Psychosocial body mentalist language of traumatic Self interpretations. This will be a time when Inner thought Experiences will occur so be ready for them and use your Sympathetic nerves Fight and also Parasympathetic breath to calm those Inner thought Experiences of traumatic Anxiety, Paranoia and the Psychological panic trauma of hearing voices in the 7 Chakras. This then relays illogical Inner thought Experiences to the Throat Chakras as Karmic Psychosocial thought Interpellation of conjoining to public sublime interaction of tonal Buzz noise and Psychosocial Chakras vibes. This is a Rest and Digest of Self Core Identity thoughts in a relaxed panic. It is where the body language of a mentalist does not adhere to Parasympathetic nerve relaxation of Rest and Digest as Ignorance to the Psychosocial scenes by looking around the room. It is what can be a traumatic Paranoia and panic attacks. It is Psychosocial phobias such as Parasympathetic Chakras Energy Resilience traumas of hearing voices in the head instead of consciously looking at the person you think is laughing at you.







You need something that is going to let the compassionate side of the Parasympathetic nerve come through. That is with Compassion as: facial feelings that let go of your Self as a Core Identity of Self Interpellation. The Inner thought Experiences that are Anxiety based of not looking at other Psychosocial people and experiences with Resilient Ignorance. Feel compassion in your Inner thought Experience but show them a smile of mirth if they are not sneering. Look for the fellows lost in thought that look at you and then give a smile. My eBooks teach you that. Let go of the Theory of Mind that people will hurt you for thinking that causes you panic or Paranoia. It is the way you express your body language that gets your feelings emotionally hurt.  But also learn body mentalist skills via the eBooks that cures the traumatic Anxiety, Depression and calms Paranoia that makes you hear the trauma of voices. It is Harmonic Paranoia and panic attacks that also make so called trauma of hearing voices in the head. Your Resilience is most admirable. I have reached a point where I have realised that outer vibe and Buzz noise gives Self Projection, Anxiety and my understanding of traumatic Paranoia. A totalitarian Resilience to exist as a lifestyle that could no longer believe in the Psychosocial (public) system of panic laughter because it became traumatic mentality ridicule towards the Core Identity. This Resilience needs to shine through via Parasympathetic Compassion that they are worth forgiving in the silence and thoughts of your own Theory of Mind. Via channelling your Germ Layers those Parasympathetic Chakras powers of placid smiling Resilience are shown as your biggest ally into another view of how to improve your lifestyle.


Germ Layers are formed in the Embryo in early conception. They control how the public and its part in Psychosocial atmospheric Buzz of a crowd get you tingling inside, even laughing. And also in trauma of Anxiousness, Paranoia and thoughtful Resilient calm, acceptance of panic that you are mentally unwell. These are Inner Experiences in your electro-chemistry. It is of the body/brain barrier of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. This electro-chemistry are in the Chakras vibes of tones of people and things. These Psychosocially Buzzing tonal words, noises, notions and motions of emotional scent Interpellation are the Core Identity that is your Self.


In your Resilience to stay hidden you have a point I call Off-key. This is where your mental phobic and Psychosocial phobias exist in the Psychosocial crowd Buzzing. Psychosocial is the public atmosphere and tonal Buzz stimulus of the sublime Peripheral sensations of your body and tonal languages. This is as Sympathetic Resilience nerve reactions of physical inhibitions that hold you back from public stimulus acceptance. Psychosocial is the Social Science of interaction where the Self of Core Identity is kept separate via Sympathetic Disassociation and Parasympathetic Ignorance in the Theory of Mind displayed as body language.


This is where your Sympathetic nerve Resilience needs changing even if you are of fitness, mental agility or mental illness. If you want to improve your body mentalist attitude and the desire to talk to strangers thoughtful Resilience needs to be broken. It is a point in the Germ Layers of Inner thought Experiences or Chakras Energy of 7 key points in the body language mental-ism. They can be seen as the points in the body where thought ultimately transcends from and peaks in Kundalini in the Throat Chakra. At one of these points in the thought patterns of body language where Germ Layers of your tissue gather Inner thought Experiences. That is where you can enter Chakras silence. Kundalini Energy of Chakras Inner thought Experiences that can strengthen the Inner Experience of Inner thought Experiences via Ignorance and Disassociation that leads to Sympathetic Fight the Parasympathetic Rest and Digest dominant silence via relaxing Embodiment that is body mentalist language of the body notions. That will transform your Resilience into new processes of gaining a better lifestyle and mental agility of a marathon runner.


It to me is the knowing of the sublime Inner Experiences of the 7 Chakras thought layers in the meats Germ Layers conceived in your mother via a father. It is the body language of Germ Layers: Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm of Psychosocial sweat, scent, tone and Buzz of electro-chemical vibe Energies of other meat tissue. That is Psychosocial Interpellation with your Core Identity of Self.


Believe me Resilience is one thing you have in abundance, but as a sufferer of thoughtful and relaxed Ignorant mental health. Even a treadmill marathon runner with nothing constructive to think about will need to find an Inner resilience Experience point to go one further and enter a marathon. No matter how brief, this point of Inner thought Experience is where Resilience can change the power of your life of Chakras Energies (Psycho Social). A marathon runner exists after 13 miles on the Resilience of their 7 Chakras and the 3 Germ Layers of electro-chemical body language actions knowing they still have inner strength. So the Inner thoughtless Experience of the Parasympathetic brain/body barrier is the barrier to cross into if you have a mentality illness phobia that also leads to the trauma of mental illness and also the trauma of hearing voices.


Many of you on medication are suffering muscle contortions.  You are stronger than you think if your Inner thought Experiences is blocked from the 7 Chakras via Self Reliance on Sympathetic nerve Resilience. Even the trauma of mental health spasms that are just you exercising that Off-key problem, that your thoughtful Sympathetic nerve keeps your strength of Resilience as a Conformity Disorder that you are mentally unwell. Without Parasympathetic compassions to let go, you start dealing with your Residual Solitude where Resilience holds some of you in traumatic mental health. And those it doesn’t? Well stop getting psychological trauma of a resilient thinking until you not fall over again and a point of ‘No let it go! Find the fact that life needs more at that point – such as compassion. And instead of thinking of visiting the usual place, venture outward and show your resilient strength to new Psychosocial public things of Germs Layers.


Meet other Psychosocial public in your Chakras Energies of sublime Peripheral visual and tonal Sensations of the Buzz and the ensuing vibes. These are Inner Experiences via new sites and locals to what is known as Settings where you are part of a new Performance of Psychosocial Interpellation of the electro-chemical Buzz. Find a new Residual Buzz in the Germ Layers of Chakra crowds' Embodiment of peripheral body language sensations’. Embodiment flows through the emotions via the atmospheric mood of Chakras Energy Buzz in the Atmospheric vibes that feeds ionisation to the Theory of Mind in the body/brain barriers. Energy and scent to a Core Identity that is the Self of Psychosocial.


Resilience you have proved via mental illness and muscles of rigidity fitness regimes of medicaments. These need a Self-styled push that says enough is enough I’m going to complete with compassion to Psychosocial laughing from fun loving criminals. That is a placebo of the eBooks The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists You have proved in your Resilience to Culturescape that you are not interested in them because inside Resilience has seen the looks on their faces and your sublime vibes hold you back from what happened when you did look up from your mental stress to Psychosocial noise. You have reached – in some of you the Parasympathetic nerves Harmony of Ignorance and not wanting to run any further. Run a bit further and have a day out or a holiday to restore that exuberant quality that is true Sympathetic nerve Resilience.


Well Resilience says find Parasympathetic nerve Compassion instead of using Psychological trauma of Anxiety thought blockage as an excuse for stress relief of where the line of Self Interpellation should be:

‘It is the way I look for those Self Inner tonal Experience judgements of Psychosocial sublime tonal interaction of noise that gives my Inner thought Experiences’.


Moments of Inner thought Experience are Script life narration of your destiny (Script story) where your Chakras Energies are entering thought pattern zones. And with another that is of Karmic body mentalist language dominance (Script twin). But this can only be considered as Self Interpellation even if they are traumatic thoughts because you looked at the fun loving criminal.

Where Psychosocial has backed up the claims of a fun loving criminals verbal abuse of Historical Insignificance as to why that look and Buzz of Psychosocial crowd made you feel Anxious all those years ago are not worth the Resilience anymore. If your thoughts are exuberant follow them with body language Ignorance and a Resilient smile.


Flight is the Sympathetic nerve decline towards the Parasympathetic nerves point of Inner thought Experiences of paranoia and then panic. This then leads to Harmony of Fight in the state of thoughtful Anxiety. Anxiousness you forgot about in your Chakras line of Energy that would not fade in mental health of old Psychological trauma of Anxiety of old so called friends and acquaintances. Let go of your Inner thought Experience and relinquish the Fight to compassion to who is actually the mental criminal. It is where you entered mental health and lost your Resilience. You have let go of everything but your Sympathetic Resilience and so start giving Parasympathetic Facial Conformity restructuring via smiling and wanting to say hello to that stranger walking towards you on the treadmill. That twitch, that sudden trauma of panic and tensing of a leg muscle or Facial Conformity Disorder of un-noticed panic because you haven’t read my eBooks on looking into a mirror. It is because Inner Experiences of Sympathetic inhibition of Fight or medication. And that is saying let the dominance of Anxious Psychosocial Resilience you are thinking about leave your Core Identity via muscle contractions that then makes you look to the floor. It is in the Parasympathetic nerves Rest and Digest that panic and Paranoia and its calm logical thoughts of what you don’t see as Sympathetic Disassociation via looking up facially Ignorant that loses your Resilience. This is to your own Interpellation to Psychosocial sweat and Buzz of laughter and mental agility of a fun loving criminal that are part of your past. You are using your Chakras Energies to calm Psychosocial panic patterns of conversational tones and Germ Layer sweat because of fun loving criminals. Let your Root Chakra in the souls of your feet heal those old electro-chemicals that mean nothing. On a treadmill you certainly pound the Energy of your Root Chakras just to keep mental agility, but would a cinema trip be better once in a while marathon runners.


By accepting where and what you look at is choice of Self Interpellation. This is where you can start to move to Resilience and let the medication spread your Parasympathetic nerve Compassion to Karmic others. Help someone when you look up - once in awhile - and give a strengthening smile to show you still have resilient strength inside. Chakras Strength in the Inner Experience pattern zones that does not need physical Germ Layers entering their Core Identity.

Converting Resilience.


Resilience conversion in Self-Behavioural Analysis (S.B.A) is the ideology behind the eBooks: The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists. Resilience as you now know is a concept in the Sympathetic nerve. In some, it is a Resilience that has built a wall against Psychosocial Social Chakras Energies via the lonesome Parasympathetic nerve. It is as Ignorance in the Parasympathetic nerve of social isolation. In the Psychological trauma of calm, a Facial Conformity Disorder panic where you look up to admit what? Being unwell to sublime Resilence issues where no one notices you on the treadmill of mental strength and agility of Resilience.


It is a trauma of hearing voices and thoughtfulness where Resilience is lacking. iI is the 7 Chakras of Psycho Social Germ Layers. These create the Anxiety of Inner Experiences, but the Germ Layers that cause verbal or Self thought of inner Anxiety and Outer Experiences of sublime (peripheral) Paranoia and panic. It is from Psychosocial scent of Symbolic Data gathering in the day/night/day continuum of Parasympathetic Rest and Digest breath. That, is the absorbing of Harmonic Psychosocial Sympathetic Fight and Flight of scent and sweat that lowers or speeds the Heart Chakras.


Resilience conversion and S.B.A are a Self tonal negotiation and tonal pitch and strength that interacts with Psychosocial via convincing yourself verbally. Resilience has its opposite and that is Flight of Defeatism. This reacts in the Fight or Flight and Rest and Digest of these two nerves in Harmony of the Psychosocial body/brain barrier of scent. It is Sweat and communication of noise. It is where you will not reassure yourself via verbalising Resilience. Also, that you do not need to be a marathon treadmill runner getting absolutely nowhere in the Norm of Society in choice of communiqué.

Singing (SBA of vocal Prosody) is a way to find what pleases your sublime Parasympathetic peripheral Chakras Energy sensations of the Sympathetic nerves body mentalist attitude. Once you find the vocal resonances of Prosody (study of language) you can start channelling verbal interaction with your own Chakras Energies of the Inner thought Experience towards Resilience. It is the natured congruence of creatures of the animal kingdom that control this part in Chakras Karma.


Studying how the Psychological trauma of hearing voices and thoughts, Tardif Dyskinesia that forms a Facial Conformity Disorder against Resilience. It is also for those who are mentally agile in Throat Chakras as: being able to verbally voice the Self of Core Identity that medicaments can sometimes cause thought blockages via Tardive Dyskinesia.

At this point singing sadness, distress, anxiousness and paranoid Confabulations can be assessed as a Facial Conformity Disorder. It is via tonal expression affecting the way you conduct your Self in verbal and Psychosocial in Buzzing company. Also it is because your body mentalist language of looking up mentally unfit at fun loving criminals with Rest and Digest and Flight. A Paranoia or panic forms as your Facial Conformity Disorder of not looking at the treadmill opposite. In meditation and Yoga tonal style energies (Glossopharyngeal nerve and Larynx in the Throat Chakras and meat tissue Germ Layers) are used from Symbolic Data gathered over your personal historical Insignificance of accepting new people into your life via accepting Ignorant compassion. That is the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve reaction when Self-Behavioural Analysis is applied to singing with the enactment of sublime facial Conformity Resilience issues.

If you cannot sing then hum or whistle. They are part of meditation and Self-Behavioural Analysis. Read the eBooks......................


These are the autonomic and Central Nervous Systems (ANS) and (CNS) and how it causes Harmony in the body/brain barrier of the Medulla Oblongata causing Resilience. This is the area in the brain of the Sympathetic, Parasympathetic nerves and Glossopharyngeal nerve. These affect the Chakras external Throat voices of the Pharynx' Psychological trauma of Anxious thought and traumatizing Schizophrenia in the Larynx.

The Parasympathetic, Sympathetic and the Throat Chakras inner voice box of the Pharynx and Larynx are all part of this area of the body/brain barrier. They are of the trauma of hearing Psychological sublime voices in the head and thought. The Medulla Oblongata is the Motor Function of the body/brain barrier in how the body and brain perceive thoughts and delusional Psychosocial Interpellation when Resilience is lacking.

Whether you are physical and mentally agile, a Facial Conformity Disorder holds you in Sympathetic Resilience of a peripheral sublime facial contortion of not speaking to the person on the other treadmill. An Ignorance and Disassociation that stops you meeting new people and things on the treadmill of a Script life narration of Buzzing noise.  That Psychosocial facial contortion needs Resilience Conversion via letting go of a peripheral Psychosocial Inner Experience of electro-chemistry that contorts the facial muscles and affects body mentalist attitudes of body language. Going to the cinema could cause that Psychosocial Sympathetic Resilience to conform the Parasympathetic Germ Layers out of those Facial Conformity Disorders. That shows your Resilient strength as a body mentalist of Ignorance and Disassociation in Rest and Digest and Fight or Flight Psychosocial negotiation reactions. This is to sublime peripheral (outer eye or whispered noises into the ears) of public notions, motions and electro-chemical emotions to your Core Identity of Buzzed frequency and sounds.


Convert your Resilience to the Parasympathetic silence of looking at people, but with compassion and Ignorance. It is a Rest and Digest where you consciously see things via Sympathetic notions that give emotions of Harmony and conversation. It is by talking to that person on the other treadmill of silently running away from Anxiousness and thoughtful panic. This takes away the notion of emotional Paranoia that is the thoughtful Interpellation of small talk introductions of your treadmill of life narration of Homeostatic Script. Script is Destiny affecting your Psychosocial body language and communiqué in your 7 Chakras of Life’s interactional Story.


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