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Psychosocial is the sublime interaction between you. You as a Core Identity and Peripheral vision and tones and energy. OrofacialDyskinesia can make you vulnerable.

How does the Psychological trauma of Orofacial Dyskinesia symptoms cause medication induced Psychological trauma of an acute Psychotic episode? And how does Orofacial Dyskinesia symptoms affect mental health in general? Deviant and Deviance: a Psychosocial awareness of cognitive skills. This being via the Medulla Oblongata in the body/brain barrier and the Psychosocial facial Cranial nerves and how medication causes Orofacial Dyskinesia side effects. At this point in the brain the Vagus nerve answers the body language via the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. It is the meditation of the Chakras training in Embryonic Germ Layers of Homeostatic tissue in hot and cold energy in the three layers of tissue. Also these are of body language mentalist attitudes of an Ego Identity in the Throat Chakras of the inner voice box of the Mesoderm layer. This leads to the Glossopharyngeal nerve also in the brain’s Medulla Oblongata that pertains to speech. In the Vagus nerve it is a function of deep thought.

Where the Glossopharyngeal nerve enters the left hand side in the inner voice box of speech methods a Neurochemical paralysis occurs via the Orofacial Dyskinesia causes that link to the Cranial nerves in the face. This can also be a cause of medicament induced speech blockage via Orofacial Dyskinesia. The Glossopharyngeal nerve can be considered as the Cranial nerve of the cognitive methods of how speech interacts with the Medulla Oblongata directly from the brain/body barrier as Automated. This interaction has cognitive methods within the Autonomic Nervous system. It is the causing of a direct information exchange that is a part of body language skills of Psychosocial interaction in the Embryonic Germ Layers via the Pharyngeal (left) and Larynx (right). It is via the Central Nervous System of Theory of Mind and how Embodiment grows into an established Psychosocial Ego Identity. In Theory of Mind the Cognition skills in the verbalising of the Glossopharyngeal nerve are directly called upon in Psychosocial Autonomic interaction via the Pharyngeal nerve. They enter into the outer parts of the body’s cognitive skills via a direct route from the brain. So I do call this Neurochemical Motor Skill to be a direct consequence of cognition in the human body’s cranial nerves of Mesoderm tissue. So when medicament causes a seizure in the Medulla Oblongata the cranial nerves are responding to a Orofacial Dyskinesia causes the inducement of a Facial Conformity Disorder. So saying a client can become vulnerable even to psychiatry.











In Deviance and Deviant the Glossopharyngeal nerve has natural body/brain barrier techniques of cognitive communication skills via the Autonomic Nervous System. The Sympathetic nerve and the Parasympathetic nerve also respond with Neurochemical responses of the two types of their functionality of Deviance and Deviant. All nerves of the Medulla Oblongata including the Vagus nerve. This causes changes in the Cranial nerves of the body/brain barrier. When the body/brain barrier of the face takes on a certain structure the Cranial nerves respond via a direct source of the brain/body barrier of medicament. So I say symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia side effects must be looked at more closely. My Automated speech pattern was affect by medicament in the Medulla Oblongata. This is because its: the facial structure reacting to points of the Psychological trauma of; an acute Anxiety disorder inducement as a Facial Conformity Disorder induced state via; Orofacial Dyskinesia side effects. It can then be seen as forming in the Cranial nerves of the body/brain barrier in my case.

When these medicaments are used then they should be removed if signs of the illness are displayed in the client. I say Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia side effects is far worse than once thought of. That is, if a Facial Conformity Disorder is the results I suffered. I suffered delusional lucid daydreams at the time as well and this was a cause of the Central Nervous System of body mentalist energy language from the Cranial nerves becoming dysfunctional in blinking. This was in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves and how the Autonomic system causes Cortical Rebooting in the arts of blinking into a momentary shutdown of the brain/body barrier. This of course then re-stabilizes a Core Identity into their Psychosocial (sublime public) reactions of staying in cognitive Parasympathetic Ignorant consciousness. This is a point of tonal Buzzing noises causing the natural denial of Psychological trauma of Paranoia

During my clarity of the medicament induced Inner Psychosis Experience and Inner Lucid Hallucinations Experience, I crossed back from the Delta Wave open channel and have now returned back into Autonomic blinking. This was once the medicament of the Sparing Antipsychotics that were used was removed. This is a result where Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia side effects causes can be seen to react as a mental illness effect if the Medulla Oblongata becomes infected in a client. This I call a Facial Conformity Disorder of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia induced mental illness that is caused by medicament in the Cranial nerves of the facial structure.

Now within the Medulla Oblongata is also the Vagus nerve of thought where the right hand side of the Chakras inner voice box exists. Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia side effects can infect this side of the Mesoderm Germ Layer. This also allows for direct Psychosocial interaction of sublime issues to Psychosocial Buzzed sublime tonal sounds of Prosody that cause the Core Identity (individual that perceives itself) emotional vocal and thought patterns. It is a direct cause of Autonomic vocal and also pondering on a body language reaction in the Vagus nerve. These reactants are carried around with us in our Psychosocial and Germ Layers of the very Neurochemicals of scent and energy. And these are the brain/body barrier of the inner voice box suffering Cranial dysfunctions because of medicament induced Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes in Mesoderm Layers. If Theory of Mind fails where the facial structure contorts because of medicament then Psychosocial will naturally respond with emotional body language of Embodiment via Chakras of Psychosocial Buzzing tones and meditation. In Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes to the Inner Experiences clarity caused me to write my eBooks and website partly about the vocal tones in Prosody of Psychosocial stimulation.

In Psychosocial stimulation Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia can cause a facial stimulation of what looks natural to family members because of this. However if the Glossopharyngeal is dysfunctional and the Vagus nerve causes an Inner Psychosis Experience: thoughtfulness is the result. This is a Psychological trauma of Anxiousness and Paranoia caused if the wrong types of medicament are used.

Based on the blockade of dopamine vitamin D2 receptors, haloperidol, risperidone, and amisulpride are classed as Prolactin-Elevating antipsychotics, while olanzapine, clozapine, quetiapine, ziprasidone, and aripiprazole are classed as Prolactin-Sparing medicament. Prolactin-Elevating medicament produces a side effect of Psychological trauma of severe Paranoia disorder. Whereas: the Prolactin-Sparing medicament causes the Psychological trauma of Anxiety, Confabulation and Psychosis which I sometimes felt on these Antipsychotics. This then caused a Confabulation on Olanzapine. A form of Psychological trauma of a severe Psychotic event induced by the medication, but with visual hallucinations.

Psychosocial interaction with someone suffering medicament induced Psychotic event can be made vulnerable to attack without cognitive provocation. The Vagus nerve in Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia symptoms is the thought process of the blockage in the Glossopharyngeal nerve where speech is Autonomic unless in meditation. Then obviously they will not be able to talk because the Vagus nerve causes a retreat away from the Medulla Oblongata of Deviant and Deviance in verbal Negotiation skills of Stimulus-Response.

This gives Autonomy and cognition of the Glossopharyngeal nerve in the Throat Chakras of body language interpreted from the other 7 Chakras. These two negotiation skills are Automatic to instinctual communication of a mental health crisis. And what medicament can cause making people subdued when needing communication skills via Psychiatric verbal Conditioning. The words describe the Autonomic dysfunction. And what Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes in the Psychosocial (public image of self), is an interaction of looking up at sublime Prosodic sounds and scents in a Core Identity (Self). This is with unknown Psychological severe Psychotic event in the looks in the eyes. This caused in the Cranial nerves leading to the blinking methods dysfunction of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic function. Here the Crown Chakras fails in the energy surrounding the head and the Cranial nerves of the 3 Embryonic Germ Layers.

If the Gloosopharyngeal nerve is not affected and the Vagus nerve is, extreme Psychological trauma of Anxious Schizophrenia of: Core Identity self worth’s that enters the numb dysfunctional Chakras energy’s. And then bypasses to the Throat Chakras of the inner voice box affected in the Pharyngeal and Larynx. This is where thought centres around Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia symptoms in the body language of Chakras instead of Rest and Digest and Disassociation of meditation. And that is of the Cranial nerves causing the Autonomic Vagus system dysfunction to think in a delusional way because the client has become un-necessarily vulnerable in the Cranial nerves. And that is because they do not carry a mirror round with them where clarifying Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes can be hard other than watching the mirrors behind the bar.

Schizophrenia should not be considered the same as Paranoid Schizophrenia. That is because delusional Core Identity thought processes start to lose logic and also has a Core Identity Inner Experience in Schizophrenia. It is where thought blockage is totalled in the Throat Chakras of the turmoil of the Inner anxious thoughts Experience of the Medulla Oblongata. So saying someone with Psychological trauma of Anxiety problems should be treated with Elevating Antipsychotics. And not Sparing Antipsychotics because they can turn someone into a Psychosocial Abnormal to be Normal of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia symptoms in the Cranial nerves of facial structuring in Leucine and HMB tissue. And that is with their links to the Cranial nerve dysfunctions via Tardive Dyskinesia. This then causes Psychosocial intrusion from doctors of Psychiatry who see fit to cause Psychological traumas of a Facial Conformity Disorder and so experiment with the two types of medicament where, with me, they got it wrong for 23 years of my life.

In my case Lactin Sparing of the vitamin D2 caused my Anxiety to worsen. Where I was diagnosed wrongfully with Paranoid Schizophrenia. This was where vitamin D2 helps Psychological trauma of Paranoia from the Parasympathetic nerve as well in the side effect of medicament in Elevating Lactins from the Fight lacking in the Sympathetic nerve. This means that Sparing Antipsychotics worsen Anxiety issues with an Inner thought Experience and Elevating can cause Psychological Paranoia trauma. It is where thought trauma is the only choice of a Sympathetic nerve dysfunction lacking Dopamine D2 receptors. And that is: should Psychological Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes affects on the Cranial nerves in the Throat Chakras of the inner voice box via medicament. This is in the inner linings of tissue reaching Leucine from HMB in muscles to the facial structure of energizing Embryonic Germ Layers. As well as reaching the body/brain barrier of the Cranial nerves in the Mesoderm Germ Layers. The Ectoderm Layer (outside) is what indicates that the Mesoderm could be infected and because of the Glossopharyngeal nerve is infected I could not actually tell them what was going on inside. And that is psychiatrists like to think they are Conditioning a Sympathetic nerve ‘Right to work’ a placid Parasympathetic nerve state into the: Psychological trauma of Psychosis and too; Psychological Paranoid Schizophrenia trauma. It shows their Conditional Stimulus of Ivan Pavlov as an Operant Conditioning causing the client Flight in the Sympathetic nerve instead of Disassociation. And that is as a Norm of Society’s Psychosocial interaction in their ‘Right to work’ Script (everyone’s story) narration into a Core Identity.

Psychological Anxiety issues are also part of the Sympathetic and Glossopharyngeal nerves Psychological trauma. So obviously to treat internal problems of the Inner Psychosis Experience with and other Psychological acute Anxiety disorder conditions treat the trauma with: Elevating Antipsychotics. This then is to increase a client’s D2 receptors in the Sympathetic nerve of Psychological trauma of an Inner anxiousness Experience of thought control loss. The latter is natural Psychological Paranoid Schizophrenia trauma. It is where vitamin D2 is the dysfunction of psychiatric Psychosocial Negotiation. It is of their dominant Sympathetic nerve as Psychosocial energy points of Chakras in their disgrace of medicament induced Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes and symptoms.

This is a self motivated delusional thoughts experience I call Schizophrenia. It is where the Psychological presence of Paranoia is not a Parasympathetic Ignorance. Instead in the Abnormal to be Normal of someone who looks like they were deep in thought turmoil instead. This of course also relates to what can happen as an Inner Psychosis in Psychosocial Parasympathetic Ignorance. This is via looking down because of overwhelming thoughts at being gullible to Psychosocial ridicule of tonal Prosodic Buzzing to each Core Identity. And as my Core Identity affected by Psychosocial Prosody of clarifying the Psychosocial tonal Buzz in a Sympathetic nerve overload that I had due to Sparing Antipsychotics. How else could I have written this page? And that is also instead of falling foul to a cognitive mental illness attitude of Denial of sublime methods of tonal Psychosocial Prosody. It is of a Psychosocial vulnerable Psychiatric induced state of Psychosocial Buzzed tonal Prosody not giving Stimulus/Response = Core Identity tonal Reward.

You will find this as a Deviance and not Deviation because of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia associated with the Cranial nerves and the Medulla Oblongata. It is where medicament is induced straight from the gut/brain barrier to the Vagus nerve in the brain.

That is via Tardve Dyskinesia not being of Response/Reward of Alleviation via psychiatric Conditioning of busy people more interested in drugs than counselling. It can be better known as Stimulus/Response of my streetwise Core Identity knowledge gathering that kept me strong throughout my medicament induced Anxious Schizophrenia. That helped me as I wrote the words to my first two eBooks. That is what gave me back some of my Psychosocial Rewards before the medicament Olanzapine. That caused me to hallucinate in delusional lucid dreams. That was via a dysfunction of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves of blinking into Cortical Rebooting. This being as K-complexes sweeping the brain with Tinnitus energy frequency codes in the Crown Chakras and also the Cranial nerves of biochemistry.

It then leads into becoming classed as a talking misfit that some may develop if there is a Neurochemical imbalance. That should be a natural Psychosocial in the Norm of Society’s natural Neurotransmitters to the Sympathetic nerve of Disassociation. Even that of: the Facial Conformity Disorder.

That is in Cranial nerves of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes and symptoms. Where automated Stimulus/Response is displayed a Core Identity looks up at Psychosocial Prosody in Chakras body language frequency energy’s. Schizophrenia is via Deviation/Opposition; to my own self-motivated Core Identity. And that is of Ego Identity suffering a medicament induced Inner Schizophrenic Experience not born of Paranoia. So saying, I was very resilient in the Rest and Digest nerve. That is where on Olanzapine my thoughts were self coherent to Core Identity Performance in Psychosocial approval at thinking I wanted to be left in so called psychiatric Psychosocial Script narration of Paranoid Schizophrenia in my present stage of life (Script) narration by doctors.

In Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia it is the Cranial nerves leading to the Medulla Oblongata. And the resultant cognitive Psychosocial expression of the Crown Chakras energy where: all four nerves of the Medulla Oblongata are affected. This is of course by medicament with Psychosocial Cranial nerve dysfunctions. This, of course making me look like: a misfit of Abnormal to be Normal in Psychosocial reasoning of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia. And all because I spread word about the fact that I was on medicaments.

All this needs to be got around to psychiatry about Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia symptoms and the Cranial nerves. This is where Sparing and Elevating Antipsychotics actually cause mental illness like Anxiety and Paranoia. These two states are Deviant and Deviance cognition in part of the Harmony of the Medulla Oblongata. Where, this can be seen as the Psychosocial Throat Chakras in the body/brain Automated language barrier. This Chakras is the inner voice box of the Vagus and Glossopharyngeal nerves where medicament causes mental illness via the gut/brain barrier via tablets. Depot injections work on the blood/brain barrier once into the system and can cause Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes and symptoms in the long run.

The Glossopharyngeal is a facial nerve of the inner voice box as is the Vagus nerve. I say in the medicament induced Psychological trauma of Anxiety and Psychosis is a part of those being a Mesoderm Layer. That is where Mesoderm Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia in Leucine causes Psychosocial interaction of the Throat Chakras. It is where thought and speech can be affected in the Autonomic Nervous System and inner voice box of cognition. This is the Central Nervous System. It is the sublime Peripheral Psychosocial stimulation in Tardive Dyskinesia in Script (life force of energy) Buzzed tonal narration. The Buzz is the Prosodic chatting of the crowd all as one and is a Core Identity entrapment with the Godhead theory. That is where the Performance of daily events is taken into the day/night/day continuum of the Circadian Cycles truth of Neurochemical Embryonic Germ Layers of Embryonic Script (DD100, Open University, Milton Keynes, 2007). This life force is the Chakras of thought and meditation dysfunctions of body language.

They can cause in the three Germ Layers of Homeostatic control of the body’s aura of the heat and light energy’s. And that is via the Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes as the main sublime Psychosocial of the Peripheral Nervous System dysfunction in a Facial Conformity Disorder. That area of Psychosocial stimulation dysfunction built over years of medical abuse is: Leucine; and the facial muscles of Hydro-Methyl Butyric acid (HMB). This then gives the main Cranial nerves as the four Medulla nerves of Dysfunctional methods of medicament via Leucine blockages in Mesoderm Germ Layers. The latter Leucine being a supplemental nutrient.

So medicament causes the dysfunctional method of losing the Autonomic Nervous System function of the inner voice box.  So vocalising and thought from the inner voice box Chakras causes Anxiety, as a Psychological trauma of internal and external voices in the body/brain barrier as: Psychosocial Peripheral yet; Psychological tonal Buzz traumas. And that is how medicament induces mental illness that has become infected with Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia symptoms in the Peripheral Nervous System.

And so that is a Cranial Facial Conformity Disorder of Cranial Leucine Dysfunctions via Vitamin D2 in the natural dysfunction of mental illness such as the Psychological trauma of Anxiety and Paranoia. But the supplement 5-HTTP aids Leucine in cases of Psychological Depressive traumas, but also again for Psychological Anxiety traumas. This being from personal experiences as well: having to combat Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes in the Cranial nerves. This medicament induced mental illness state is in the Vagus nerve of the main gut/brain barrier. That then in turn then affected the Sympathetic nerve with Flight causing Psychological trauma of Anxiety and the Parasympathetic loss of Cortical Rebooting causing visual Confabulation. I feel more research should be carried out into the effects of Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia and Antipsychotic medicament induced mental illnesses of Facial Conformity Disorders.


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