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Psychosocial Phobia



 This term relates you to a dysfunction in your life narration. A life narration is your Script of Homeostatic highs and lows. It is your lifeline of time and indicates you have shifted yourself in mentality. Usually, voices can occur, but the art is in crossing the listening from the thought barrier. Or closing down the Inner Experience of thought and relearning to listen again.  Another name that can lesser this shift in conscious societal perception is Confabulation. Confabulation is a shift in Theory of Mind and its Embodiment, but Anachronism can make a person feel like they are not of this world, simply because Homeostatic Script cannot locate the person consciously in the form of 'The story that is happening all around us...' (Erving Goffman). At times a brain illness is not perceived and so Script can become dysfunctional towards the conscious Psychosocial Performance in a Setting. In other words, the perception of hearing can become an outside consciousness whereby sound sharpens to a higher clarity from an outer distance perspective.



Here’s something you might not know: modern life as an illness of acute Anxiety conditions and what is Paranoia. This is via the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve in the brain/body barrier. These relate to the Medulla of the hind brain of mental agility and fitness in the Cortical circuit as strength of blinking Resilience responses. It is a Resilience of Inner thought Experiences in the Sympathetic nerve. The Parasympathetic nerve is an area of marathon runners of mental Inner thoughtless Experiences of Harmonic Resilience instead of a Paranoid Heart Chakra affecting energy in the ribcage that then signals the area of the Embryonic Germ Layers Spinal Fluids because they have a reason to hunter and hunted. Those of mental illness are those lacking in the Inner Experience in Energies of Chakra meditation and Yogi of the Inner Resilience silence Experience of a marathon runner! Chakra Energies and the 3 Germ Layers are also a time to logically think to Script narration of destiny in mindfulness that builds trauma Resilience training. Script narration is Self-styled logical destiny shaping through the brainwave Amplitudes of body/brain frequencies. Frequencies of conscious Chakra Energy and Germ Layers that is created in the womb as the Embryonic Spinal fluids. Psychosocial interaction, give a cognitive Biopsychosocial energy that is purveyed of yourself (Core Identity) in a Performance and Setting. This happening in the Technologies of Self and the day/night/day continuum of choices to breathe and tonal instruments of your trauma and Resilience..


The mentality is all about the Psychologically traumatic school of thought Anxiety in the brains Sympathetic nerve where the Parasympathetic nerve does not have the silence of Rest and digest. Here the thought with body mentalist Ignorance is via looking around impartially at other Psychosocial Ignorant body languages for the Biopsychosocial Conditioning from the day/night/day continuum. A continuum of the Bicameral divide of day and night processes where sleep is the Soup of Biopsychosocial inclusion to the following days interaction of Interpellation. This keeps the barrier open between north and south polarities of wake and sleep separate and mentally. Here the Germ Layers and Chakras of the Psychological trauma, attempts at Being in the Psychosocial Presence response. This is in a state that is Resilient. These two harmonic, but opposing Chakra and Germ Layers nerves' - of the body/brain barrier - control the silence and thoughts of Psychosocial (public) body language mental-ism giving a strength to your Resilience. Mental-ism is the public and Self-interaction from sublime peripheral notions that create sublime motions and emotions in you as a Core Identity. This is as an intermixed brief Interpellation (joining) of electrochemical scent and noise that leads to Conjoining. In brief this is the essence of Biopsychosocial and the modern Bicameral divide of the day/night/day continuum and is how mindfulness can be used as trauma Resilience training. In the Bicameral mind of using mindfulness, stages can be taken to increase the level of your trauma Resilience training by using Self-Behavioural Analysis.


The Harmony of these two nerves can become mentally thoughtful and in some traumatic Paranoia. It can develop into the Psychological thoughtful psychosis of severe Psychological mentalised Anxiety. It also causes panic attacks  due to trauma and Resilience of these two nerves. This is a Psychosocial mentality interaction in the Self of Core Identity. This is where Resilience keeps the Psychosocial phobic stimulation of Traumatic Paranoia and the Anxiety at bay, by keeping Harmony in the Cortical stimulus of the Medulla. But as an illogical thought of the trauma of hearing voices in the head by mentality dysfunctions of Psychological Dry Eye Disease trauma. In the marathon runner as thoughtful calm panic where Resilience keeps you calm in the ’We’s’, ‘He’s’ and ‘She’s’ of Psychosocial runners wordless thought energies of the Chakras and Germ Layers. This is  in Karmic meditation via, Iness of the hunter and hunted of modern leisure and a loss of their Cortical Fear response that gives them the edge in trauma resilience training. A term involved in Ryuichi Sakamoto song and the Soup of, 'We play the game for each other'.


Yoga and thoughtfulness meditation is a state where the Inner thought Experience can be expressed of illness of Inner Experiences via Chakra Energies of 8 areas of the body mentalist attitude of the 3 Germ Layers. 


Stomach Vitality

Balanced Inner health and Psychological trauma symptoms of mental illness in the body/brain barrier are sometimes related due to a non-physical illness phenomenon. This is the state of how the body and mind trick one and other into re-distributing substances and causes dysfunction. It can affect the: cognitive actions of sensory (Theory of Mind) and peripheral actions (subconscious relays of Embodiment). The latter state is how the body/brain barrier acts as a congruent (Harmony) system of conscious relaxation instead of the Psychological trauma symptoms of mental illness.


These relays and Theory of Mind need, not only nutrition but water and liquids as well. Without liquids, the Self can become poisonous because the system is not washed of impurities and also over-production of certain substances taken into the body causing Psychologically traumatic symptoms of mental illness and trauma of voices inside your head. Although humans are omnivorous (meat and plant), our system is still more so towards that of plantation requirements in teeth of incisors and molars of apple and seed.

Our Amino Acid production that we gain is from fruit for sugars in insulin production, but meat although necessary for acidic content, much more fruit and fruit juices is necessary for a healthy dietary intake. Meat also includes a saline enrichment via the blood in the flesh. Fish from oils is also necessary and maybe somewhere in human evolution, we may have been more fishermen than meat hunters. Our teeth are designed for eating flesh as well as fruit and vegetables, but also the teeth we have for grinding meat may also be theoretically and logically used to grind nuts and seeds. Whatever your style of dietary intake the use of liquids is vital because it gives the body the digestion juices for the washing of the waste products from internal organs and the blood and also through the skin pores via sweating.

Trauma of Insomnia

The best way to prevent insomnia and all associated illnesses both mental and physical, you need to follow these easy precautions laid out below:

•setting regular times for going to bed and waking up

•relaxing before bedtime – try taking a warm bath or listening to calming music

•using thick curtains or blinds, an eye mask and earplugs to stop you being woken up by light and noise

• watching TV or using phones, tablets or computers shortly before going to bed. They make you tired

•not napping during the day.

•writing a list of your worries, and any ideas about how to solve them, before going to bed to help you forget about them until the morning​


Stress and Pressure

These two issues go hand in hand and work in equilibrium and how Conformity causes trauma of mental illness. So, "Can stress and or pressure be a definition illness of trauma of mental health issues"? When under trauma of pressure: stress factors build in the body that affect the 'brain or mind' of electro-chemical nutritional balance. But Theory of Mind sends signals to the body that allows you to walk away happily or accept extra stress and pressure because of healthy nutritional balance. The fact is that you might have lost 'You' a life skill negotiation via stress or pressure factors via nutrition. 


So, anyway if you don't start standing up for yourself it causes or builds trauma of stress disorders that can form an imbalance in the body/brain divide. Pressure in the neurochemical system of the body/brain barrier are relative to the inclusion of traumatic stress disorders via:


Agoraphobia Trauma

This Psychosocial traumatic Phobia trauma is not only a fear of open places because it can be a trauma of fear or rather traumatic dread of people. In terms of open spaces the trigger in its extreme relates to having a delusional state of having no escape routes. Logically there is a clear exit that can usually be taken via the front door. If you find yourself using online shopping as a convenience that is okay, but some of you may be using it because of trauma of agoraphobia and the trauma of sublime emotional trauma it causes in the neurochemical system of the body/brain barrier. Emotional trauma of Agoraphobia is created via SECRET sublime voices of trauma to what is your life narration of body ignorance created in public places of communication that happens all around us.


In the early stages of Agoraphobia the term used for what are traumatic symptoms of agoraphobia in the U.k system is 'Avoidance'. Visiting your doctor in the early stages just for a chat can be all it takes to stop traumatic dread or trauma of fear building via: thoughts; external sounds; friends or family visiting; or going out and confronting the sublime issues of secret voices of sublime trauma giving you trauma of the brains Sympathetic nerve. This area gives notions of a Adaptation known as Fight or Flight. These are what you should discuss with your doctor and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy allowing emotions towards the sublime issues created in the Buzz of crowded emotional voices Buzzing sublime trauma of loud mouthed paranoia. This is where Psychosocial Phobias become a definition of trauma of mental illness reality. A simple loud bang outside or arguments drifting through the window can cause trauma of alarm in the self and set midfulness triggers that could stop you wanting to go out via the neurochemical emotions that are triggered. This is not necessarily a problem, but sometimes the mind set tricks the body into a Conformity of electro-chemical triggers for trauma of mentality destabilisation. This however causes a conformity of electro-chemical signals that can occur in a traumatic negative factor. This is within the trauma of the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous system. These two systems of the Central nervous system (C.N.S) work to compensate one and other to keep you relaxed. Not only when indoors but also when you are out and about.


Trauma of Emotion

Trauma of Emotional trauma is formed in the language of electro-chemicals in body and mind, but is displayed via vocal and facial tones and expressions.  This is known as Prosody. These latter emotional expressions signify how you purvey yourself to other people when interacting via body language. It is a public Psychosocial interaction that forms a conjoining (Interpellation) where your trauma of emotions become programmed into your electro-chemical of scent. This scent, but also the body language is analyzed by yourself when you sleep. This is conjoining whereby the expressions you see become a self-programming method, but also when other's sleep they also form ideas and notions about how to express themselves towards you. It is a traumatic Psychosocial Phobia that forms sympathy from friends usually, but also the traumatic emotional Psychosocial energy of tones, sounds and scents that is your life story that I know as Script narration. Only you can form the life skills to re-educate that Psychosocial interaction. I see trauma of phobias as that and not a disease of mental health definition. If you read some of this website you will find plenty of helpful tips and advice. At the end of this short page you will find a sample link of my second E-book, so please read on.


At times a Schizophrenic uses the blocking ability of a paranoid vocalization or thought pattern from the inner voice box. This is where the frequency of the right ear is affected via trauma of outer noise of Script narration where your Script is a trauma of dissension to your inner voice box. This is what causes Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head – the interaction between the inner voice box and the inner ear.


Headphones can help alleviate this outer traumatic dissension via placing music into the right-hand ear if you are a schizophrenic. Another blocking motion is to learn breathing techniques via blocking the ear with cotton wool – or some such and learning to breathe from the inner voice box (throat) as a noised sound that is heard internally. When breathing, this simple technique against the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head, spread the right-hand side of lips and rasp the breath. Look that word up if necessary.

Being Gullible 


Being gullible is an area that is overlooked when it comes to trauma of mental illness disorders. It has links to trauma of depression and traumatic frustration and can lead to a Core Identity becoming paranoid into forming a trauma of Psychosocial interaction. Now what you may not realise if you find you are the brunt of jokes it is because of the way you laugh. The laugh in tonal affects can be formed three ways in basic forms: HoHoHo; HaHaHa and HeHeHe. Your Resilience is in the breath and tone of the H. By using these methods about being gullible you can actually lift yourself out of being the focal point of: traumatic mirth, traumatic ridicule and trauma of sadness and vindicism. These are the first points that lead into a traumatic mental health disorder.

Now when you are listening to a joke the tonal ranges of Ha can be considered as an exclamation mark (!) of tonal authority. It is also a way of saying Ha I've caught you! During a joke you can intermittantly add the odd HoHoHo. This is because it can be used in an expression of questioning someone (?). It is a tonal affect that is deeper than the use of Ha which is expressed as surprise. Ha is a way that alerts the Sympathetic area of the brain an anti-gullible state in Theory of Mind - that then causes the 'Fight or Flight' action of alerting you to danger. In the latter 'Disassociation' to being gullible is the trauma of Alleviation of 'Fight and flight'.  That is the point of HeHeHe and Ha! Beware of overextending the use of this though because the other will be trying to steal, balance or because you are upsetting their own tones towards your HaHaHa because it is a higher tone than what the authority of the joke is trying to verbally extend. So when a joke is being said use a Ho for a well balanced feeling in yourself and other's. But at points of trauma of frustration you must learn to use the Ha. Dont worry to much because the joker will get bored with the joke in most cases anyway. Just be aware it can become aggression as an effect from other people.


HoHoHo is a placid term balance and can be used as an expression that is in harmony with what the other is saying. Here you could become gullible though. This is because you are lowering the defences and letting the other know you are warming towards there traumatic mirth or traumatic ridicule of your Chakras and Germ Layers. At this point the use of HeHeHe can be used. This is because it is a way of expressing a sly notion that is being displayed or demonism. It can also cause within yourself actions that define that you are aware a joke is about to be played. At this point you have moved away from being the centre point of that ridicule.



Trauma of Lethargy

Trauma of the state of Lethargy is an Instrumental Conditioning Phobia, that can be linked to Psychological trauma of all Anxiety symptoms, traumatic severe Anxiety Panic attacks and trauma of acute Depressive disorder moods via Psychosocial Operant Conditioning. The state of Lethargy formulates as signs of Fatigue and or trauma of exhaustion establishing itself. Fatigue can be of the mind or body or even both. That is a definition of a traumatic Mental health problems Phobia Disorder and not a mental disease of the mind.  It is a definition that can naturally cause these conditions of traumatic mental health disorder problems illnesses. It is simply because of a Facial Conformity Disorder, although trauma of severe Anxiety panic attacks can be a physical resultant. I call trauma of mental disease a Phobia nowadays. Feelings of a Psychologically traumatic chronic Anxiety Disorder is caused because the person does not have the capacity for a panic attack in the inner/outer influences towards the body/brain barrier of your electro-chemical soup of lifes' scents because of a traumatic severe Anxiety panic attacks on a Facial Conformity Disorder. This is set in the Parasympathetic nerve in the brain. That is how trauma of severe depression symptoms becomes apparent.

These two states called the Parasympathetic nerve and its harmony of the Sympathetic nerve are also working in a harmony via the use of tonal energy and body notions of keeping in the Theory of Mind of  'Disassociation'. These are sublime issues where alertness is necessary via 'Disassociation' in this nervous system of the Self to outer/inward motions. The initial state in the Norm is to become suddenly alert via the Sympathetic nervous system that extends into the heart. The failure of this alertness at its lowest point is a traumatic emotional state of lethargy (trauma of mental health problems, mentality and phobia) where the lack of operation in the Sympathetic nerve does not shock a person away from feeling - by definition the trauma of a lethargic (sleepy) state. The stance of sleep can also be expressed as psychological trauma of severe depression symptoms if the facial muscles conform to a low breath that is a part of sleep.

Lethargy Update


The etiology (study) of autism may include excessive glutaminergic (before something else) mechanisms. In small studies, Memantine has been shown to significantly improve trauma of language function and social behavior in children with the trauma of autism. Research is underway on the effects of Memantine in adults with autism spectrum mental health disorders.


Meaning of Etiology.

1. Medicine the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or trauma of mental health definition, "The importance of sunlight in the etiology of the trauma of melanoma"

The causation of diseases and trauma of mental health definition of traumatic disorders as a subject of ‘ethically reasonable’ study into the trauma of mental illness disorder investigations.

2. The investigation or attribution (added reasoning) of the cause or reason for something, often expressed in terms of historical or mythical explanation (life story of truth and traumatic insinuation of lies about yourself). In other words the loss of honesty in yourself at points in your life.


Cysteine, taurine, tyrosine, and arginine are considered ‘semi-essential’ Glutamate amino-acids in children (although taurine is not technically considered an amino acid), because the metabolic pathways (digesting) that synthesize (chemical reproduction) these amino acids are not fully developed.


Our brain produces glutamate (a non-essential amino acid) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (non-standard gamma-amino acid) and these are involved as the main excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters. This is how reactions in the brain cause function in the body such as the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves to the heart. Etiology explains how a delusional state exists as an Abnormal to be Normal in the Self-notions of emotional reactions to public lifestyle interaction (Interpellation or Disassociation). The latter two terms can be where someone with Autism exists until Psychosocial Peripheral motions of Vestibular motion Disorder cause an overload in the two nerves. Vestibular motion is the act of ear notions caused by a lack or a stimulation of the sensations of a Psychosocial Facial Conformity.


Sleep Trauma

Psychological issues of Sleep trauma and Psychosocial lethargy in atmospheric Conditioning from a Setting and Performance. Self motivational technologies of Fashion Trends and how Vestibular Motion Disorders affect Peripheral body/brain barriers.


Sleep and trauma as I describe is a day/night/day continuum of 'Homeostatic' Script (Erving Goffman, (DD100)) where Interpellation (Louis Althusser, (DD100)) forms Fashion Trends. This may formulate a Conjoining Theory of Mind and Embodiment of Congruent Harmony - that sleep is the salvation from the Bi-cameral dormant sublime Psychosocial Buzz. That is Buzz is the 80-90% of unconscious internal body ignorance. The latter is a homeostatic equation set up in Settings and Performances via the continuum of sleep that gives: notion; motion; emotion = electro-chemical Psychosocial reactions. These are created as an unconscious body formulation from Psychological sleep as self-worth of nutritional advice. This is given as a sublime Peripheral choices of viewing Fashion Trends according to the Buzzing sounds, noise and sublime communication.

This can become cognitive coherent knowledge via emotion from notions of self motivational technologies. They are created in Psychosocial Script of homeostatic sleeping computations. This is according to what consumption can logically relay to the body/brain barrier of inner neuro-chemical Buzzing frequency reactions. Those reactions are from K-Complexes and Spindle brain chemistry that orders the brain in Psychological sleep and trauma via nutritional levels of the biological computational organism. Although it still has an element of choice according to the Self enquiry of what has been eaten and then frequency modulated. This is via tonal vocal arrangements that design the Peripherals sensations. And then Symbolic Analysis: a Psychological computational sleep process of Microbiome, that took humanity away from Bi-cameral interaction of body language via; trauma and sleep forming a Body Ignorance in the body/brain barrier of day/night and day continuum. The latter statement results in a hand being shaken at work for Symbolic Data gathering, for Qualitative and Quantitative advice, that is formulated again in sleeping processes. This continues with a carcinogenic sweaty electro-chemical palm that discusses hand in hand strengths and values via so-called communication. So what of Psychological trauma of Lethargy?

Autonomic Nervous System to become Off-key in Theory of Mind and Embodiment. It is via Peripheral notions, motions and electro-chemistry of emotions of energy and scent of outer forces causing inner neurochemical interaction. That is as Psycho Social corresponding notions that give off scent and emotions as a Homeostatic  Performance reaction. A bit like 'The atmosphere was electrifying with the Buzz of the crowd'. But the Off-key in the Core Identity is a disjointing from the Psychosocial Buzz narration  of the body/brain : brain/body electro-barrier from traumatic disturbing and or Psychological trauma and sleepless nights. This inner/outer disjointing causes traumatic Lethargy from trauma of stress and pressure zones in your Psychosocial Buzz. The exuberance of the electro-chemical night continuum. This is because an essential neuro-chemical has become depleted from a certain Synaptic connection due to shaking to many hands at the bar pool table! Trauma of Lethargy and trauma and sleep is an imbalance between the states of brain acknowledged via a bodily consumption nutritional rate according to the certainty that food is taken. This necessitates the body ignorance via Theory of Mind and vocal emotions, being able to remain in the 'Flight or Flight' and 'Disassociation', of an alert behaviour system.

Self-Behavioural Analysis


So what is B.L.P it is Bi-Lingual Programming? It is where vocal cognition of consciousness programs the Theory of Mind and Embodiment in sublime public Psychosocial situations This is what instructs the body/brain barrier in Self Behavioural programming of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in the self and others. It, as I said in my two eBooks The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists, is a matter of talking your own tonal programming of Chakra and Germ Layers energy. It goes further than Chakra meditation of breathing techniques because once you find your level of breathed words you can self program yourself into a better person that has self-control of character.

It is the public sublime issue of Psychosocial vocal tones and words that are issued at the sublime peripheral you that creates your character. And from the Performance where all around you creates a one tone that is the Godhead unto yourself. This is then taken into your sea of dreams where Script and Interpellation of the day/night/day continuum takes place. In other words it is the programming of your Life Narration of where you exist in a localised Setting. When you are out and suffer a mental health issue or character shift you should be listening to the tones and vocal depth that affect your body mental-ism. This is the key to Self-Behavioural Therapy through vocalising at your own level of C.B.T. Body language is also an issue that pertains to the sublime outer peripheral sensation of sight via what your ears maybe locate for you at times of lucidity. Mental health is all about denial and when you notice something logical it is important.


The importance of lucidity is a part of mysticism and meditation where breathing wordlessness is the strength of aura you have. As a mental health client your aura has been depleted from the public Psychosocial Interpellation (a conjoining interaction). You need to rebuild your depleted interaction of this public Psychosocial interaction in your body’s tissues of Germ Layers and Chakra energies. As a Norm of Society this website can also improve your character in the public atmosphere of work, play and relationships.

Germ Layers and Chakras build in the Embryonic stage of Mother’s womb from the age of six months and eventually become the tissue of meat layers that are you as a Theory of Mind in Embodiment. Chakras are 0-7 of body mental-ism and are the very energy that feeds you via the vocal tonal and visual energy of your Psychosocial Godhead. This so far is how C.B.T and Psychosocial BLP works as a Self-Behavioural Analysis.


In the Germ Layers and Chakra energies body language in the Psychological trauma of mental illness loses Sympathetic and Parasympathetic values. These values are Disassociation and Ignorance via looking for something else to look at in the public Psychosocial situation of a Performance of public attitudes in the presence of a public Setting. That Setting maybe a coffee bar, restaurant or pub or even your own home where you deny tonal sounds reaching your own Theory of Mind and Embodiment. These two sides of yourself are the way you think and the character you display to yourself and in the Psychosocial Setting. Germ Layers and Chakra energy without meditation of breathed silence is the body/brain barrier of lacking Sympathetic Disassociation and Parasympathetic Ignorance and instead a mental illness.


Materialism, Idealism Descartes

Neurochemistry inputs are passed on by the sensory organs to the pineal gland in the brain and from there to the motor nerves. At the pineal gland, the nerve processes affect the mind, an immaterial spirit, in accordance with Descartes' mind/body Dualism. The mind can also affect the pineal gland, thereby directing the processes of the motor nerves. From Descartes (1664).

The body/brain problem can be stated as, "What is the basic relationship between the mental and the physical?" For the sake of simplicity, we can state the problem in terms of mental and physical events: "What is the basic relationship between mental events and physical events?" It could also be stated in terms of the relation between mental and physical states and/or processes, or between the brain and consciousness.


There are three basic metaphysical positions: mental and physical events are totally different, and cannot be reduced to each other (Dualism); mental events are to be reduced to physical events (Materialism); and physical events are to be reduced to mental events (Idealism). To put it in terms of what exists "ultimately," we could say that according to Dualism, both mental and physical events exist ultimately; according to Materialism, only physical events exist ultimately; and according to Idealism, only mental events exist ultimately. Materialism and Idealism are both varieties of monism, and of monism, there are two further varieties, namely dual-aspect monism and neutral monism.


Mental and physical of Idealism and Materialism have junctions and can be reduced to a Psychosocial Charka energy junction. In theory, these give Psychosocial body language points in the body that is a mentalism of hearing voices in the head via the Throat Chakra. That junction is the muscles and this can be seen via meditation exercises and physical exercises. In a marathon runner, the mental (Idealism) takes over the normal functions of the Materialism. This is Dualism of mental health illness of a Core Identity Psychosocial mentalism.


The same is true of Tardif Dyskinesia brought on by medicament. This is so because the state of the facial muscles causes a dysfunction that is Idealism of the cranial nerves. These affect the brain via conscious muscle actions of both the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. It is a direct cause of the Psychosocial peripheral mental and sublime physical states and processes between the brain and consciousness. In Psychological trauma symptoms and mental health, Tardive Dyskinesia in the vagus nerve from a medication affects the thought processes that can be considered as mental and physical simply because the vagus nerve is a direct thoughtfulness in the mind/body barrier. This is because the vagus nerve in the Medulla Oblongata in the brain has a direct function. And that is towards the Throat Chakra and Germ Layers inner voice box of the physical thought processes.


So I say this is a junction in the mind/body barrier where both Materialism and Idealism have physical properties due to substances of the mind causing physical properties. It is much like reading the newspaper or thinking about a future appointment. These are actions of the: mental health issue caused by medicament and is known as Tardive (Tardif) Dyskinesia. This affects the vagus nerve via facial muscles and cranial nerves that have direct access to the Medulla Oblongata. It can also affect the physical Core Identity in the brain region of the glossopharyngeal nerve, also in the Medulla Oblongata. This nerve could be seen by Descartes as Idealism of spiritual and leads to the Asian Scripture of the 0-7 Chakras and Western Germ Layers.



Embodiment is the way in which human (or any other animal's) psychology arises from the body/brain barrier of sublime Psychosocial physiology. This is a Core Identity interaction in a sublime peripheral Buzzing of Psychosocial sights and sounds of Interpellation (Lious Althusser). It is specifically concerned with the way the adaptive function of categorisation works, and how things acquire names that can be grouped. It is distinguished from developmental psychology and physical anthropology by its focus on cognitive science, ontogeny, ontogenetics, chaos theory and cognitive notions of entropy. The embodiment is far more abstract and more reliant on mathematics. And that is rather than on the 0-7 Chakra energy of Embryonic Germ Layers forming as tissue and skin I say to Westernised Asian Psychiatry and Pharmacology of the 1980’s.


Philosophy of embodiment


In essence embodiment as an idea that binds two worlds of substance in Germ Layers (Biopsychosocial) and spirit of mental thought (Chakra energy). Culture, thought of as relativity and or intentional artifactual sight of objects and phenomena in a substance Setting of Biopsychosocial. This is contrary to a duality long posited by notables like Descartes, but not Erving Goffman, Louis Althusser, Erik Erikson, and James Marcia. The core idea of Embodiment looks to find the biological substrate not as a vessel, but as the being itself which is Core Identity. The mind and spirit are not a sublimation of the biology but are a method of its workings in Psychosocial Interpellation of interaction. Thus body and mind are fused into a single being - the only distinction between matter and person being the way of observing the being of Theory of Mind where Self is Ignorance and Disassociation. In Embodiment, it is looking for the Reward/Response of the Medulla Oblongata. This is known as Core Identity and forms the Theory of Mind where thoughts and Tinnitus are a point of being Singular from other biological Psychosocial Chakra entities.


Some consider such a reduction to mathematics, or alternatively an attempt to explain mathematics (as in the cognitive science of mathematics), to be at best premature. Critics of embodiment argue that there is no one process by which the brain and linguistic and categorization categories bind to things in the environment, be they ecological or social. Thus no one model could exist. Here in my medicament induced inner Psychosis of Psychological Anxiety my research lead to The 0-7 Chakras where 0 is the Foot Chakra. These I see as the energy centres of Chakra and Germ Layers as body language where thoughtfulness extends to the Throat Chakra and the Germ Layers inner voice box.


The political ramifications and public Psychosocial interaction of some of these points of view are extreme – like the Tissues of the 3 Germ layers of Embryonic emotional centres of the Chakras. This is: they imply both psychological and political notions of environmentalism. And in effect, if embodiment is valid as an ideology, then a single process may bind the mind to its body, family, mentalist language status in Psychosocial circumstances of Script locality. That leading ultimately even to its environment (eco-somatics). And that is via society, species, and planet. I say the Core Identity sound should be Tinnitus before mental health will need medical treatment via Holistic methods such as Acupuncture.

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