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The thought rationality dysfunction of Tardive Dyskinesia in a Facial Conformity Disorder due to Psychiatric A-class drugs. 

How does the Psychological trauma of Tardif Dyskinesia cause: Prolactin Elevating Antipsychotics induced Psychological trauma of Schizophrenia and Paranoia? 

Look to Phenergan of Antihistamines. 

Schizophrenia has two mental health issue confusions in Eastern and Western Social Sciences. One is Psychological traumas of voices in the head of Core Identity thought as Empathy (natural Inner Experience of East/West). The other is Paranoid Schizophrenia of Parasympathetic nerve responses as Fear. That Fear is from external Psychosocial attitudes of Core Identity Biopsychosocial emotionally. It can disturb the Bliss of the Souls light or Chakra energies of Germ Layers. The second is a natural mental health state - but can be related to - Tardif Dyskinesia. A dysfunction from medicament Conditioning induced mental health. An unknown Biopsychosocial controversy is a Facial Conformity Disorder in the medical institution of Psychiatry. 

In my experience if you have the first issue of Schizophrenia (OCD), then that is an internal problem of vitamin D2, D1, D3 and lack of Mindfulness and exercise.  

All these mental health issues can be a direct result of, causing the actual illness that the doctors say the client has. It is because of the western and Eastern research of mine. Research of differing views in the Medulla Oblongata where the likes of Internationalists that are building Charles Darwin’s culture. This is how Chakra energy of Germ Layers, should really have Harmony, in the area of Phylogeny interaction. Interaction involving Biopsychosocial Core Identity and Chakra Inner Experiences of Prosodic Buzz energy. 

This is a Facial Conformity disorder in the Cranial nerves and facial muscles that is Character building. This can change Core Identity by removing Histamine H3 receptors of Yeast infections. Even Vagus nerve of Tardif Dyskinesia from medication! 


Get the books that caused me too struggle through Tardif Dyskinesia. 

This professional, medically induced state of Tardif Dyskinesia is a mental Conditioning controversy. And this is the cause of the 1-4 Histamine receptors that cause a client to be induced into a, Delta Wave cycle of the day/night/day/continuum of, lacking Antihistamines. So here the Marathon runner may high levels of Antihistamine in the body/brain barrier.  

The continuum is where the Circadian Cycle is a world of internal and external thought reactions.  

Dysfunctions from the Vagus nerve and Sympathetic nerve is a result of Tardif Dyskinesia. That is because of a lack of Antihistamines. Because they are also an allergic reaction cure and Tardive Dyskinesia is an allergic reaction. Sufferers can become marathon runners, but the balance in psychiatry is the lack of Rigidity in the runners faces and medicine sleep exercising in Rigidity. In the Marathon runner Dry Eye Disease may become a problem. And not that of Tardive Dyskinesia forming in the body/brain barrier of normal Circadian Cycle of the Continuum.  

I say Phenergan is a part of the nutraceutical supplement that is available over the counter for an allergic reaction. This is of a Yeast infection, known to many Psychologists of Core Identity Social Scientist’s. However, yet again the issue will be dosage for, those who want to try it. If you notice symptoms such as a weak bladder, it is advisable to reduce the dose. They can also cause drowsiness until tolerance is achieved. So, it is advised to take it just before bedtime.  

First how about Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics? 

Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotic drugs caused, extreme Anxious thoughts in the head and hallucinations within the unacceptable sphere of a Psychological Anxiety Disorder. It becomes hallucinations and Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in the body/brain barrier of Tardive Dyskinesia. Thus, it, causes an allergic reaction of H3 receptors in the body/brain barrier of the Sympathetic nerve of the Medulla Oblongata. However, the Histamine of H1 is the cause of how women use Prolactin Elevation to think Empathically or with worry via the Medulla function with the Amygdala. And that is also a cause of worry, anxiety and a Western males Flight response. This is opposed to the Eastern cultural beliefs of Delta (D3) and Alpha (D1) – MAYBE – of conscious enactment with Gods death of Wa and or Tinnitus. This is a Conjunction of Globalising Dissension via the opposition of Homeostatic Script narration of evolution. A Phylogeny of Charles Darwin. 

In the Biopsychosocial sphere of Prolactin Elevating drugs: it extends Sociopsychological Anxiety towards; a trauma of Psychological Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and; Paranoia.  

The Prolactin Elevating Antipsychotic also cause hallucinations and Psychological Paranoia trauma. This dysfunction of the professionally induced Tardif Dyskinesia is a failure of noticing an allergic reaction in the Vagus and Parasympathetic nerves. Paranoia is a Fear factor of a thoughtless state. Prolactin Elevating Antipsychotics increase the Fear by blockade of D2 receptors. It can also cause OCD, but not in the Parasympathetic nerve, the Vagus nerve of Pureness, in Core Identity Core of Inner emotional Experience. In Tardive Dyskinesia of what is known in psychiatry as Dry Eye Disease, medicament can cause this. This is a Biopsychosocial Dysfunction. 

When Tardif Dyskinesia started to cause a dysfunction of Paranoia and hallucinations, I knew further research was needed into Psychological nutraceutical supplements, because of D2 blockade into Prolactin Elevating Antipsychotics psychiatry. 

What I have found is that Phenergan is an alleviation of Tardif Dyskinesia, but with a vitamin D2 nutraceutical, my Tardif Dyskinesia of Paranoia and hallucinations faded. Also, with the use of Phenergan as an Antihistamine of H1 Nitrogenous Compounds. This is part of a H1-4 Yeast infection or an allergic reaction to medicament.  

However, Phenergan can in fact cause Tardif Dyskinesia. It is not a dysfunction to the brains receptors however, but stops the allergic reaction of a Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD) within the body/brain barrier. A FCD is a dysfunction involved within Tardif Dyskinesia. It affects the Facial structure and cranial nerves with an allergic reaction of the muscles by Biopsychosocial allergic Circadian continuums of medical experimentation with Prolactin Elevating models.   

An energy of mentality stamina of a Marathon runner outdoing Histamine Yeast infections of H1-4 to alleviate FCD’s via Ignorance responses of D2. 

Now I’m not blaming psychiatry for the involvement of vitamin D2 blockade. No, I want an explanation from the original Prolactin researchers into the death syndrome of an outdated medical Conditioning of the U.K Doctors Royal Society of the 60 odd year-old ethic laws. Especially seeing as the old UK system of English - is now known as British in Social Sciences. 

An explanation that explains why voices in the head and emotions, cannot be displayed because of, Tardif Dyskinesia in Biopsychosocial. That is a lacking of Prosody and emotional feelings purveyed by Germ Layers Chakras.  

This I would call a witch hunt of innocent laughter instead of Being Presence of modern Dissension of crying! And that Japan is based on propaganda of Nuns turning baby’s upside down to stop Comical’s of Prosodic birth. The devolution stayed as Prosodic Wa or Waaaaaa. I blame Eastern cultures of Japanese propaganda against Uk nuns in World War 2. Something Eckhart Tolle might find enlightening. 

That in my Sociopsychology routine of Continuum of Insignificance, may have been turning me upside down to, cause Dissension to, Adapt my first Core Identity interaction with, Conditioning of Asthma instead of: Wa. Freud was a very mixed up individual for not Admonishing Prosodic Waaaaa dominance. I would have suggested he, put his research into Wooo or Woe of Prosodic Man – male and female or Yin and Yang. Maybe even evolutionary theories of X’Y and X Chromanone's of Adaptations of Script narration. That narration of Being in the Presence of the first W prosodic sound towards a gurgled laughter instead crying Fear responses of Mothers birth canal on the Crown Chakra Wa. This I base, on a Conjunction of Globalising errors in cultures and just who has the energy supplements of a mentality stamina of the Marathon runner - psychological researchers without D2? 

This, to me is a dysfunction that I know as, a FCD of Tardive Dyskinesia. It defines the cause of a D2 blockade in Spinal Embryonic Fluids. And that causes D1 receptors an allergic reaction via, facial muscles and the Cranial nerves of the body/brain Medulla Oblongata. And that is Alpha waves and particles in a Marathon runner or Tardive Rigidity.  

This is something that the Marathon runner has and one thing a true thinker does not have? In Tardif Dyskinesia of a FCD - caused by Prolactin Elevating drugs - D2 blockade increases the Fear response in the Parasympathetic nerve. And that is even within the Medulla Harmony of the body/mind barrier.   

That in, a psychologically Adapted Dissension sponsored Tardive Dyskinesia – such as Dry Eye Disease – Doctor's? This is also Tardive Dyskinesia that causes eventual Psychological Paranoia trauma and hallucinations. This is caused via D1 receptors reacting in the facial muscles as a Psychosocial Fear because the facial muscles lack stimulation due to feelings of Mutism. It is a body/brain interaction with the Parasympathetic nerves of the Cranium of the Throat and Crown Chakra and Third Eye Inner thoughts Experiences still exist.  

The Third Eye Chakra in the middle and sides of the forehead temple relate to the body/brain interaction of the Pituitary Gland and the Prefrontal Cortex and the Root Chakra. D1 receptors can cause hallucinations when there is no Harmony with, the Sympathetic nerve of D2 receptors and vitamins in, the body/brain barrier. This I say, is an allergy infection of Yeasts in the Embryonic Fluids of the brain stem.  

By taking a nutraceutical allergy medication of Phenergan, the body/brain barrier of the Cranial nerves and facial muscles of Presence can receive interaction still. This is because it opens the sinuses and the Lacrimal Gland and also the Thyroid gland. This stops the Alpha wave  and Delta wave function of A-class Antipsychotic drugs, where Beta waves are blockaded. Beta waves are a natural function of calmness.  

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