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Tardive Dyskinesia is a common side effect of Antipsychotics. It is something that psychiatry refuses to admit - is far worse than everyone realised!  

‘A Facial Conformity Disorder’ 

I have been using Sarcosine for a number of months and have noticed my improved emotional body/brain barrier. In this I mean that, the body mentalist attitudes had partially returned, instead of the dysfunction of Tardive Dyskinesia. I still have my Tinnitus pitches, but I no longer sit docile in a subliminal catatonic state of anxious thoughts in my head. This is due to Sarcosine. That state is a catatonic Vestibular Motion Disorder ( VMD ) from Antipsychotics that Phenergan treats as well. VMD is the sinuses that become infected with Tardive Dyskinesia. I say a short course in Phenergan relieves the sinus muscles contortions that Tardive Dyskinesia has caused. However overexposure to Phenergan can eventually lead to Tardive Dyskineisa or if the dose is to high. Antipsychotics can actually cause Schizophrenia and Psychosis from Tardive Dyskinesia and using Sarcosine can cure what medication causes or its natural occurence of mental health illness.

This is the Inner thought Experience from the Psychosocial Buzzing noise of Script into the individual Core Identity via psychiatric ‘Dissension’. This lacking of personal thoughtful voices in my head is due to Sarcosine, entering finally, my Biopsychosocial Script.  

These terms are how your emotional life narration of Script and who you interact with cause Interpellation of neurochemical bonding with others in the Psychosocial. The Interpellation is a conjoining of Chakra body energies and Biopsychosocial neurochemistry. Both are displayed spiritually and via sublime peripheral Psychosocial interaction and scent. This creates the Homeostatic Inner peace Experience, of a Psychosocial (public interaction), in a Core Identity Script (of life notions of the individual self). 

VMD is a mental health disorder affecting the ears and nose interaction the Throat Chakra (inner voice box). I had been suffering from the Script and Interpellation atrocities, from years of psychiatric medicament abuse. Also, a poor lack of communication due to my Tardive Dyskinesia of mutism. That was in my Psychosocial interaction of catatonic sublime VMD. And also combined with a facial stance of an Inner Psychotic Experience - from the Tardive Dyskinesia. This was all caused by the Antipsychotics of Prolactin Sparing Antipsychichotic medicament. 

Here’s how my life of psychiatric medicament abuse of Tardive Dyskinesia formed. 

Because of Tardive Dyskinesia I would frequently visually hallucinate. I would have anxious thoughts until it turned to these hallucinations. This would happen 3-5 times a day due to Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics, especially Olanzapine and Aripiprazole. 

I say the link between medication and Tardive Dyskinesia is a bigger problem than realised. I say it becomes a problem when Tardive Dyskinesia enters the Cranial nerves as a Facial Conformity Disorder ( FCD ) of Histamine H1-4 Yeast infections. If left long enough to affect the HMB (Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) in the muscles of the face, skull and inner voice box, then a sufferer will start to become Biopsychosocial adapted by psychiatric maltreatment. This Adaptation from psychiatric medication is the unbearable trauma, that Tardive Dyskinesia causes, in a Psychological FCD of Antipsychotic Prolactin’s.  

This, medication that causes a Core Identity Interpellation of psychiatric Script Dissension based in the evolution of Parasympathetic ‘Ignorance’ of witchcraft. A maltreatment of medicament Psychosocial Western Conditioning and an Eastern psychiatrist’s Skinner Box! Think on that one Evolutionary psychology and Social Scientists? Yes, witchcraft laws have been re-affirmed, Social Sciences of the U.K. Especially once the term ‘Witch is afoot’.... Ahem. 

When I first was taken off, the Sparing Drugs that they had me taking for 23 years, I started to feel relief within 6 months. These drugs were the group of anti-psychotics known as Prolactin Sparing Drugs. I lost all signs of deeply traumatizing Inner psychotic Experiences. Prolactin Sparing Drugs affect the Sympathetic nerve with intense thought, where the facial muscles only have the emotional stance of the ‘Flight’ response in the Glossopharyngeal nerve. 

However, after the 6-month period off these drugs, the Prolactin Elevating Drugs crept up on me. Instead of the Psychological trauma and Anxiousness, psychotic Inner Experiences, I started to suffer Paranoia in my Vagus nerve interaction with the Parasympathetic nerve. This I say, was because of the Elevating Antipsychotics and its starting of Tardif Dyskinesia! 

I have become very emotionally aware of my body/brain barrier by the emotions that I notice when practising self-hypnosis of Mindfulness. I could actually feel the Facial Conformity Disorder attack my facial muscles into the stance of the Psychological trauma that is Paranoia. This is how Tardive Dyskinesia affects the HMB in the muscles of the facial structure and Leucine in the Cranial nerves. 

The theory of Sarcosine and Tardive Dyskinesia. 

I say Sarcosine reacts with Leucine, the Amino Acid of a sugar chain. Leucine in the formulation of a Neuropeptide (Amino Acid that is a sugar chain of Glycine) and causes a natural thoughtless body/face notional reaction. This causes a calming effect especially when brain Neurotransmitters, like Endorphins and Enkephalins are included, like Dopamine.  Antipsychotics blockade Dopamine D2 receptors.

Endorphins are the ‘Disassociation’ of the Sympathetic nerve and ‘Rest and Digest’ of the Parasympathetic nerve. Enkephalins function to cause Sympathetic ‘Fight or Flight’ or Parasympathetic ‘Ignorance’. When Tardive Dyskinesia forms as an FCD, it is because Histamine H1-4 is causing the Medulla Oblongata to dysfunction in all four of the nerves that it contains. 

The Sarcosine is metabolised to Glycine in the body/brain barrier. This in turn binds with Leucine in the body/brain barrier. This cycle of metabolism creates the normalizing of the HMB in muscles of the face. This interaction of Biopsychosocial neurochemistry causes the affliction of: an FCD to be alleviated in the Cranial nerves and energy Chakras of the Germ Layers. Germ Layers are the physical conjoining of tissue and energy in the womb onwards.  


I found that overall the facial structure and cranial nerves are improved by Sarcosine. The attacks of the Psychological Psychosis from the FCD have stopped since I started on this Complementary and Alternative Therapy. However, the agitation of thought was still present in the form a Sympathetic nerve reaction due to this being an Enkephalin. This agitation was due to Histamine H1-4 entering the Sympathetic nerve from the Vagus nerve. 

This Sympathetic Inner thought Experience is due to the left-hand-side of the inner voice boxes Throat Chakra energy of Germ Layers. This area of the Throat Chakra is controlled by the Pharyngeal nerve. It has direct access to the brain’s thought via the Sympathetic and Glossopharyngeal nerves function in the Medulla Oblongata.  

I say Histamine is the cause of Yeasts building in the biological system from Antipsychotics. In turn it causes the Norm of Society to see the afflicted of Tardive Dyskinesia, as having a Biopsychosocial mobility disability in their Interpellation of the Buzz. That is via the interaction of Histamine H1-4 Yeast in the sufferer’s Homeostatic neurochemistry. 


The use of Phenergan at 10mg daily - in conjunction with Sarcosine - as an antihistamine for allergic reactions opens the ears, nose and throat, away from a VMD catatonia in the Medulla Oblongata. It allows the breathing and hearing passages to become open consciously to Psychosocial and Core Identity noise interaction.  

This in turn allows the Cranial and facial HMB muscle structure to reform away from Tardive Dyskinesia, that has become a FCD. So, saying, the muscles of these areas become firm again when histamine H1-4 is alleviated in the stomach/brain barrier and so correcting the brain. The Phenergan also stops a sublime catatonic mental motion sickness that is caused by Vestibular Motion Disorder (VMD) in the ears, nose and throat. It is this that gives agitated thought or a morbid look on the face. This catatonic state of Tardive Dyskinesia, causes sublime notions of energy from the Cranial nerves. These are then interacting in a catatonic state of Vagus thought that is Paranoia cancellation or Glossopharyngeal thoughts. It is instead of conscious Psychosocial facial and body notions that the Norm of Society function as. This function is the noises of the Buzzing crowd of Interpellation in Biopsychosocial neurochemistry and Chakra energy. 

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