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Be the character you desire. Someone not with mental health. Someone people want to know because you are Streetwise.


These two books encompass the reader into a deeper state of mind where the reader can start self-assessment of the body and mind of trauma. As one reader said, "The books have a sense of sending you into a deep mind set". It is here that inner workings of your mental health trauma can be corrected.
Mental health is a state where the eyes and ears are levelled in a hypnotic mind set. In this mood, it is a matter of moving away from that hypnotic state via raising yourself above the facial and body stance. These books teach you how to use vocal tones and expressions to raise the reader above their hypnotic mind set. The books teach you streetwise body and tone languages and how to use them to counteract mental illness such as: trauma depression, severe anxiety and OCD, panic attacks and what is paranoia. I will say sometimes caused by medications. Via this set of two books, the internal thoughts become a self-assessment retraining where the thoughts are vocally spoken and thought through to a logical ending. This is called mindfulness. In the mental health issue of trauma the facial and body stances can be seen as a Facial Conformity Disorder.
I could be called mad for admitting voices are real, but 'realization' breeds 'conscious ignorance' to subliminal voices, thoughts and severe and anxiety and OCD. So to overcome what's going on inside at a sublime level the first book causes self-assessment. From this point issues you have are then cancelled via a conscious self-therapy allowing the body and mind to heal itself of its sublime issues. This is the state the second book of gives you. This you then display via body and facial language as the new you to the Psychosocial atmosphere.
These books give you an edge by explaining how sounds and tones build an emotional conversation. Even laughing has key sounds that can be put into emotional vocal sound as I learned whilst writing these books. Things like this type of ideology are what I studied when I was in that sublime state of mind. 

The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists.


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