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Worry and the resultant anxiety. If you can't see a Doctor, try these Redicalm and Leucine reviews.

Updated: Mar 4

Worry and resultant anxiety are symptoms that you are heading for Inner psychotic Experiences.

We all know that Schizophrenia can be a world created via lacking paranoia. Anxiety however is different. It evolves from worry caused in the electro-chemical known to most as supplements.

Worry on the other hand however is the beginning to losing harmony of your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. These in turn may be affected by your electrochemical Vagus nerve where: nutritional imbalances occur in the supplemental area of; the body/brain barrier.

Supplements in the Vagus nerve feed via supplemental intake if higher doses are required. In todays foods many include nutritional supplements such as Redicalm for Anxiety. When worry sets in it can lead to anxiety in the electro-chemical system in the Vagus nerve due to Facial Conformity Disorders and Leucine vitamin Depression.

Leucine issues in facial structure causes worry lines in the skin and can set into the muscle. At this point the body/brain barrier needs exercise to correct the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves.

Collagen supplements are excellent for skin set worry lines and Facial Conformity issues with the deeper set version of anxiety. The skin works like electrical receptors to what is known as Psychosocial stimulation of scent and energy. Every sweat pore is a Glandular Sensual neuron. This gives Psychosocial the relativity of electro-chemical interactions in a Setting and Performance and even at home in terms of Script.

These latter three terms are used by Erving Goffman and involves life narration that leads to sublime trauma of psychotic issues that: extend worry into an electro-chemical anxiety affect via the skin and body mentalist deficiencies when; in a Psycho Social atmosphere involving Script and the crowds Buzzing energy. Script is the ‘story happening all around US’ This leads to Interpellation.

Interpellation or a momentary Conjoining involves electro-chemistry on the facial features when conversing, but also the ears. Listening is also a Sympathetic and Parasympathetic notion of ‘Fight or Flight’ or Rest and Digest’. Worry is caused by Parasympathetic nerve ‘Rest and Digest’ instead of thoughtless Inner Experiences. Thought creates electro-chemistry in the body/brain barrier and exercise creates depletion of old leucine deposits of worry lines set as a Facial Conformity Disorder. Worry extends towards Psychosis if the dysfunctional Harmony of the three nerves becomes nutraceutical. I always recommend a multivitamin B complex (without Thiamine if you suffer mental illness) especially if you suffer a lot of worry or anxiety, but also a marine collagen supplement with physical exercise activities.


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