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Why is Schizophrenia classed as a paranoid disease?

Updated: Mar 4

Why is Schizophrenia classed as a paranoia-type illness, when thoughts are Anxiety-based. From my research, I have come to the conclusion that the Psychological trauma of hearing voices is a Sympathetic reaction of Fight or Flight where no Psychosocial circumstance allows for running away. The trauma of Psychologically hearing voices in the head is focused in research on Paranoia and that is a Parasympathetic mentality based on a lacking of Psychosocial (public) Peripheral Ignorance. A Peripheral sensation is a set of sublime notions and this causes the neurochemicals to form emotional facial and sublime peripheral body language skills. There is also noise and this is what creates the Psychological trauma of Paranoia. In Ignorance of Rest and Digest from the Parasympathetic nerve, imbalances cause sublime peripheral actions that define looks on a Core Identity (Self) as the facial structure as a Paranoia from the eyes not being able to locate certain tonal Prosody (emotional language) in the Psychosocial Buzzing crowd of vocalizing. This creates a Script narration of Buzzing noises where everyone has a Performance (Erving Goffman). This Buzz creates primordial instructions in the inner ear that if Psychosocial circumstances allow starts to cause a catatonic Vestibular Motion Disorder where the thoughts can become a reactant to Psychosocial tonal sublime applications. And that causes the Psychological trauma of hearing voices from the Sympathetic nerves thoughtful action in the Larynx and sublime inner ear. However it is as a Anxiousness rather than a Paranoid affect. In a Psychosocial Buzz of the crowd, your inner hearing picks up on certain tones that naturally form a trauma of Paranoia where thoughts and Psychological hearing of voices do not actually exist. So I say the trauma of hearing voices are a Psychological trauma that involves traumatic Anxiety thoughtfulness rather than the Parasympathetic nerve trauma of Inner silent Experience of Paranoia. Paranoia is an emotional feeling that eventually leads to traumatic panic attacks and not the inner sublime trauma of hearing voices in the head from a lack of audible Tinnitus. So I say the term of Psychological of a ‘Paranoid’ Schizophrenia of the trauma of hearing voices is nonexistent. The formula of treatment for Schizophrenia and the trauma of hearing voices should be directed at the Paranoid nerve of the Parasympathetic reaction because it causes a state where voices in the head do not exist. Read more on Psychological traumas:

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