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Everyday Anxiousness or Anxiety Disorder? Either way get some Redicalm!

Updated: Mar 4

What are the differences between everyday Psychological Anxiety and the Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders? Everyone has Psychological Anxiety in our daily routine and Redicalm can help if it gets on top of you. Psychological Anxiety is the release of thoughts as stress factors in the Sympathetic nerve of the body/brain barrier. An Anxiety Disorder is a significance of how those thoughts formulate within you your 7 Chakras. Chakras are Inner Experience areas. And if they are Psychologically disturbing to you as a traumatic Psychological event. It can be difficult to tell the difference between the two, but generally, if your thoughts are getting on top of you then it might be time to see and speak to a Psychological Specialist. In general is a stress response in the Chakras energies in the brain/body where 7 points exist as thought or Karma zones. It is a Psychological stress response released in the Sympathetic nerve in the body/brain barrier. Stress and the trauma of Psychologically disturbing thoughts of Anxiety are not good for you because they form trauma. Meditation can be great for the release of stress and thoughts that are traumatically Anxious. In the Sympathetic notion, a Fight or Flight response is released via electro-chemicals in the brain and enter the body via the Ganglia in the Spinal cord. Strength against Psychological Anxiety and traumatic Anxiety Disorders like General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) are gained in Disassociation to thoughts of the Chakras energy, but also Psychological Disassociation to thoughtful trauma caused by sublime sights. This is what Redicalm is designed to help Anxiety in the Fight or Flight response. Disassociation in the Sympathetic nerve causes a lack of thoughts, hence meditation of the Inner Experience where also Psychological thoughts can be explored for the trauma they can give. Psychologically speaking trauma and Anxiety Disorders go hand-in-hand because you are keyed up to respond in your 7 Chakras to Psychologically disturbing points via the Parasympathetic nerve. In other words, your Harmony of these two nerves is set to give Psychological Anxiousness. What you need to do is gather a new Disassociation response at times when your Parasympathetic placid self causes you to look up at Peripheral sublime reactions in your Psychosocial event. Psychosocial is the reactants when viewing public aspects as thoughts and peace of the Parasympathetic nerve and Inner Experiences of the 7 Chakras. This is known as Inner Experiences of a Core Identity that reacts in a Psychosocial Performance in a Setting. A thoughtfulness is a lack of Psychological Disassociation to key events of Prosody that enters your Chakras from Psychosocial Peripheral sublime sights and sounds. In general, you have lost Disassociation to the stresses of thoughtfulness in a Psychosocial disturbance that leads to Abnormal to be Normal. This is because you look Psychologically thoughtful. People use Parasympathetic Ignorance because of the trauma and Disassociation you purvey to Psychosocial events in a Performance. In the Parasympathetic nerve of the Psychological trauma of Anxiety, you are looking up because your Inner Experience is at peace but also because you no longer feel Anxiousness. However, at this point, you need to look up and smile or raise a thumb. This is the first step away from falling further into Psychological Anxiousness when – as many do – you look down again!

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