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Leucine Depression, Protein and Mood Swings.

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There are two types of nerves that maintain and also help control the actions of the digestive system: stomach; large intestines and the small intestines. In the brain this area is controlled via the Vagus nerve. The nerves that control the digestive system of the stomach/brain barrier are the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. All these nerves belong in the brain’s Medulla Oblongata and is a key area in the divide of the body and brain barrier via the stomach. The Extrinsic (outside) nerves co-ordinate the digestive organs from the unconscious part of the brain and or from the Spinal cord. The nerve located from the brain to the spinal cord is an area known as the Vagus nerve. But also the Vagus nerve is a key area for nutrients entering the stomach/brain barrier and how our body’s react to emotions like elation and Leucine depression in Bipolar Disorders and mood swings. These release a chemical called acetylcholine and another called adrenaline (Parasympathetic nerve). This reacts in a Harmony of the body/brain barrier. This is where the Sympathetic nerve controls the more cognitive emotions in Homeostatic control of hot and cold Psychosocial notions that react via Ectoderm (outside) skins layers. Intrinsic (Inside) digestive Protein enzymes are produced in the stomach from the food and liquids we ingest. An imbalance in how the Medulla Oblongata functions causes the circadian cycle to malfunction. This is in Psychosocial Homeostasis where the Parasympathetic nerve causes a lack of Ignorance. And that is to dull tones of the Psychosocially Buzzing noise from the crowds notions Elation forms when the Sympathetic nerve causes the overproduction. This malfunction happens in the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nerves where the Bipolar Disorder of elation is concerned. In its Depressive Disorder a Facial Conformity Disorder causes the HMB (Beta Hydroxy Beta Butyric Acid) in the facial muscles a facial muscle feedback to the Medulla Oblongata malfunctions. All these nerves react directly with the facial muscles. HMB can be brought in supplements at many places as can Leucine to aid the facial nerves. Categories involved in food Protein enzymes: a. Lipase – break down fat and glycerol in our small intestine b. Protease – breakdown of protein c. Cellulase – breakdown of fiber d. Amylase – breakdown of starch e. Lactase – breakdown of dairy foods f. Sucrase – breakdown of sugars g. Maltase – breakdown of grains Since protein conversion is necessary for glucose in the body, problems with protein digestion can cause hypoglycemia. It can also lead to mentality problems concerning irritability, as well as mood swings. Protein mood swings and irritability are typical in Bi-polar and some Psychotic episodes. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas and this allows a body to use sugar from carbohydrates for energy, but also to store glucose for future use. Insulin helps keeps your blood sugar level from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia). Theory says that hypoglycemia causes an imbalance in mentality due to the nervous system of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nutritional inequalities in Leucine-based Bipolar Disorders of the body/brain barrier. This can be extended as a lack of Protein Structures (Sugars) for Protease Enzymes to digest causing un-naturally low states of Leucine-based Depression disorders, but also mood swings and irritability in the latter nervous system. This I see as a non-physical illness phenomenon Liquid Chlorophyll is a great tonic for alkalizing the body and it also helps to cleanse and strengthen the blood. Another useful natural supplement that can help alkalize the body is a Kelp & Hops Combination, Barley Grass and also Magnesium. Malic acid and Magnesium is said to aid and maintain a health of the mind as a Psychological functional resource. It is said to combat tiredness and fatigue (Lethargy), a common issue that can result in this Lethargy and that can cause sublime issues in mentality.

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