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Chronic Inflammation via Cytokines and Protein drinks in Depression and Bipolar Disorders.

Updated: Mar 5

The psychological trauma of Cytokine Depression is increasingly seen as a chronic Inflammatory illness. Chronic Inflammation can have a profound effect on your mental health stability. When the Immune system is under attack an Inflammatory effect takes place. When under attack Cytokines are released and there is evidence that Anti and Pro-inflammatory electro-chemical messengers cause Psychological trauma of Cytokine Depression. One study found that patients with major Depressive Disorder trauma had significantly higher levels of Pro-inflammatory Cytokine TNF-alpha. Whereas patients with the trauma of Depression had low levels of Anti-inflammatory Cytokines. One other study involving Depressed patients supplemented the patient’s medicaments with an aspirin which is an Anti-inflammatory. At the end of the study, more than 80% of the group went into remission due to the Anti-inflammatory affects of aspirin. Chronic Inflammation and traumatized mentality of Depressive Disorders is caused by negative traumatized feelings and the Psychological trauma of mental emotions to the consciousness. It is with more increasing evidence that Cytokine and Acute-phase Proteins cause the traumatizing condition of Schizophrenia as well and also major traumatic Depressive Disorders, but also Bipolar. Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (A1AT) is a protease inhibitor belonging to the Serpin superfamily and is said to inhibit the Psychological trauma of Depressive Disorders and I say Suicidal tendencies. It is widely known as Serum Trypsin Inhibitor of Enzymes. Alpha 1-Antitrypsin is additionally known and referred to as Alpha-1 Proteinase Inhibitor (A1PI). During Psychological Inflammatory episodes an Enzyme called Indoleamine 2 3-Dioxygenase directs Tryptophan – an Enzyme – away from the production of Serotonin and Melatonin and then instructs it to produce NMDA Agonist called Quinolinic acid. This can induce Psychological Anxiety and agitation. About one-third of depressed Core Identity clients have high levels of Chronic Inflammation. It is the body’s way of saying that you are in danger. There have been reports that an Anti-inflammatory treatment for Arthritis also improves mood. Professor Iain McInnes told the BBC:

McInnes and his team performed brain scans on people with Arthritis and gave them an immune targeted medicament. The brain scans seemed to confirm that the mood in patients was indeed lifted. After taking the Anti-inflammatory drug significant alterations in the brains electro-chemistry were made. Most importantly pathways known for the alleviation of the Psychological trauma of Depression seemed to favorably alter the state of trauma of Depression. McInnes also found that emotional trauma might alter your immune system and cause reactions in such a way that predisposes you towards Psychological Depression. The Arthritis drug is called Sirukumab and is currently being tested on Psychologically traumatized people with the traumatic Depressive Disorders. The thought that Inflammatory conditions have existed perhaps for decades but interest is growing in the area of this Psychological traumatic mental health and Chronic Inflammation. Previous studies have shown Inflammation in the blood but definitive proof has been found in the brain. Get yourself the right Protein drink and juices.

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