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The Psychological Trauma of Anxiety. Are you thinking of trying Redicalm before it's to late!

Updated: Mar 4

The psychological trauma of ‘Anxiety can feel like a spotlight in your mind shining on your deepest fears or worries at all times.’ Anxiety is an everyday emotion that can lead to the Psychological trauma of Paranoid thoughts as well. But Psychological trauma of Anxiety can interfere if the thoughtful feelings overwhelm a person. Sometimes it can be more about the feelings inside and this then confirms the features into a Psychological trauma I call a Facial Conformity Disorder. This is where the face takes on the looks of a mental health attitude of woeful pains in its structure. In Psychology this is known as Abnormal to be Normal and it affects the Inner Experiences of Theory of Mind. There are 5 structures involved in the Psychological trauma of Anxiety: 1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). 2. Panic Disorder. 3. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 4. Phobic feelings and thoughts. 5. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When suffering from an Anxiety Disorder feelings and thoughts of stress, panic and worry are longer lasting and can be extremely bothersome and nagging inside, then Redicalm is not for you. The thoughts are far harder to control as well. Symptoms of this Psychological trauma may also include emotions and feelings including: feeling restless or agitated; having trouble sleeping or keeping concentration on the Inner peace Experience; sweating; shortness of breath that can lead to hearing voices, dizziness and also heart palpitations. People with Anxiety Disorder can be stopped from living the life they truly want and Redicalm can help. Effects include a lack of stimulation in things such as work, seeing friends and even not being able to leave the house where they live. Also, they may find themselves becoming withdrawn from the Norm of Society completely. Suffering all these conditions means it's a time for a visit to the Doctors. These Psychological traumas are known as being Abnormal to be Normal. What is TN? Facial Conformity Disorders of the Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders and other mental illnesses are triggered in the fifth cranial nerve known as the Trigeminal nerve. So what is TN? It is Trigeminal Neuralgia and affects the facial features via a Facial Conformity Disorder. Unlike Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia, that affects the inner parts of the mouth, lips and inner voice box in the throat. And that causes the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head of the thought patterns. And other sublime hearing of voices from the throat and mouth. The physical terms of Trigeminal Neuralgia that the Norm of Society – that are nutritionally fit and healthy - suffer and are extreme and unpleasant: ‘sporadic, sudden burning or shock-like facial pain in the areas of the face where the branches of the nerve are distributed – lips, eyes, nose, scalp, forehead, upper jaw, and lower jaw. It is the lack of body/brain barrier nutritional products that causes the lack of pain in the Abnormal to be Normal of Psychological traumas of Anxiety Disorders and other mental illness affecting the looks of the facial expression. So like many mental illnesses such as the 5 Anxiety issues nutrition affects the body/brain barrier of physical ailments. There are many supplements that can be taken to aid Facial Conformity Disorders. ‘ ‘Pharmacological treatment options include anticonvulsant medications used to block nerve firing and tricyclic antidepressants used to treat pain. Common analgesics and opioids are not usually helpful in treating the pain.’ Consider these side effects and maybe try Redicalm for Anxiety by reading these reviews on the website.


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