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Symptoms and signs that a Psychotic episode is imminent.

Updated: Mar 4

Symptoms and signs that a Psychotic episode is going to happen. Symptoms and signs in the trauma of Psychosis are Psychosocial Conditioning of hallucinations and or delusions. It is a state where sublime Peripheral sensations affect the Inner Experience from outer sights and sounds. Symptoms of Psychosis trauma affect the Inner feeling Experience into an irrational state where emotions overloads to outer stimuli. The body mentalist attitude interprets these inner feelings via the electro-chemical of the Theory of Mind and its emotional stimuli of Embodiment. Embodiment explains how your feelings create emotions about others in the Self of Core Identity. Once Embodiment overloads your Inner Experience o If your Theory of Mind starts to show symptoms of the trauma of Psychosis. These feelings that you show outwardly as traumatic Psychosis are in the Opposition (why) → Deviation → Alleviation (why) → Inner Peace Experience. In other words symptoms of Psychosocial (public) stimuli do not allow Alleviation because these symptoms are sublime actions that are constantly happening and cause your sublime traumatic symptoms of Psychosis. One of the main reasons for symptoms of Psychosis is a lack of Cortical rebooting via blinking. Blinking causes – at times – a momentary shutting down of consciousness. This is a time when the brain collects Symbolic Data that is the displayed via body language as a Theory of Mind in the continuation of sublime Psycho Social stimulation of your life story known as Script narration. It is a Cycle of Enquiry that enters the electro-chemicals of sweat and homeostatic heat and cold that your body displays in energy and sound, motion, notion and – sometimes the emotional trauma of Psychotic overloads. Alleviation is gained via body mentalist language notion of Self expression through letting body language not become burdened by what the sublime is saying of you in Script narration. Opposition can be as simple as shrugging the shoulders and this leads to a Deviation towards Psychosocial that you are not overloading in your Peripheral sensation that can be a definition of traumatic Psychosis. Shrugging the shoulders is a way of saying, “I don’t know” in Theory of Mind that Embodiment acknowledges. These are the type of placebos that the eBooks, The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists give that can help with symptoms of the trauma of Psychosis and traumatic Psychotic Episodes. These are my comprehensive eBooks into how I Alleviated myself of mental illness. Please visit the website for Self help techniques of someone that has suffered mental illness because of Tardif Dyskinesia caused by medication.

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