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Suicidal Residual Risk, Depression and a Facial Conformity Disorder.

Updated: Mar 4

Suicidal Residual Risk, Depression: facial expression restructuring.

Continuing the Blog ‘concerning Acetylcholine’ from Centruum on smiling exercises: for putting a smile back on your face. It is via realigning the inner self notioned muscle structure of a Facial Conformity Disorder. These being neurochemically explained in the body/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve as: Plasticity, Arousal and Reward. However it also relates to Sympathetic Excitory nerve affects of the disorder known as Anxiety Depressive Conformity Disorders.

My next example for aiding how to put a smile on your face that has suicidal affects or even depression. Remember in the last blog I gave you insights into the lines of smiling from the eyes.

Well next we come to the forehead. Here the exercises extend into five locations that conjoins with the Temperal Sensual Glandular Neuron (TSGn) deposits. Or the soft part at the outer part of the eyes and forehead. So back to the forehead.

1. outer parts of the forehead. Start in the middle upper part of the forehead and gyrate the fingers outward and then taking the area back to those soft deposits. Keep gyrating those anxious motions out to this area. Then rub the ridges where the fatty deposits begin in an up/down notions of smiling. The Temperal Sensual Glandular Neuron deposits (TSGn). If you have the money treat yourself to some cream as well, even vaseline which is extremely oily women!

2. Above the eyebrows. This area is rubbed between the the outer TSGn in an upward motion, but pulling down and up at the bridge of the nose. This is an area for vaseline more than the forhead! Pay attention to any ridges or indents in this area and rub the indents more firmly. 3. Centred forehead. Place two or three fingers at the nasal and forehad and rub gently in an up and down motion. However the upward motion should be firmer.

These exercises pull the forehead away from the feeling of Anxiety Disorders in the Sympathetic nerve reaction where Flight is not understood causing autonomic shock paralysis in Residual Risk Suicide. It also treats Depressive Conformity Disorders. This is via my article on Acetylcholine concerns and the Menninger Clinic in the USA.

Now depression and many other mental illnesses I devise as a Facial Conformity Disorder. Residual Risk Suicide is also a cause of total shock in the body/brain barrier at the autonomic barrier of the Vagus nerve. It is also the eyes and especially the lips that show the most to my Mental-ism of Prosodic Projection-ism. Many mental health signals transmit via expression relaid from a Facial Conformity Disorder as similarities to the Conformity disorders. This relates to how for example: a sleepy looking person walks down the street and a Psycho Social interaction takes place called Projection-ism. This previous page is Projectional trauma where Inner Experiences are known as Kundalini. Ref:

It is not however a Facial Conformity Disorder because: it is the natural energy of the Inner Experiences of Kundalini energies and frequencies of Tinnitus of the inner energies of the inner voice box. These of course are – in part – Inner Experiences caused via the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve and relates to Kundalini. It is however in the Brain’s – I say within the automation of the body/brain barrier that becomes affected and that is within the Vagus nerve for Residual Risk Suicide, but not depression. However these exercises come from relaxing Anxiety from the gut to the Vagus nerve in the Medulla Oblongata. This I call the metropolis of inner Annotations of versed Prosody of sublime body language vocalised within the inner voice box and Tinnitus dysfunctions of Vestibular Motion Disorder (Thomas Haslwanter) or Neanderthal man: a Bicameral of natured Congruence. This is Prosodic Projection that is kept as inner Psychosis if the client is trained to keep within the confines of Self’s Kundalini energies. Paranoid schizophrenia is the outcome towards this indication.

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