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Suicidal Residual Risk Attributes in the vitamin B range Oxidation.

Updated: Mar 4

Suicidal Residual Risk Attributes in the vitamin B range and its link to Tryptophan.

Continuing with this revealing subject from the Menninger Clinic, USA and the discussion on this issue, about how suicide lingers and persists. ‘Fight or Flight’ in the brains Sympathetic nerve can become an anxiety/shock of Homeostatic Psychosocial Script (essentially everything that exists): it causes so, via Adaptation (evolution of life) and then death evolvement of that person/s. Put another way, the Parasympathetic nerve starts to ‘Rest and Digest’ via dis-harmony, with its brain partner the Sympathetic nerve. It causes anxiety until these two nerve harmonize into the death system, via Residual Risk Suicide, or natural illness and disease, that causes Psychosocial death systems. It does make that Tryptophan, gained from many foods plays a part within this system, because it is a sleep electro-chemical, but research would be regarded as necessary, into the effects of its Niacin (vitamin B3) production along with Serotonin. I say an imbalance causes an anxiety shock attribute in the electro-chemistry, that establishes a natural death occurrence, only it seems idiosyncratic that suicide and Residual Risk lingers, when happiness seems re-achieved.

Obviously there is an anxiety electro-chemistry system that defines systematic shutdown of these two nerves. I say its a Facial Conformity Disorder that Leucine establishes in the muscle structure of a deeply depressed state that causes a cascade effect at Homeostatic Script or localised Psychosocial affectation. Parasympathetic nerve and Harmonic dysfunction of the Sympathetic nerve causes paralysis of life as a Homeostatic electro-chemical reaction of Circuitree (Circuit/tree) and computational electro-chemical wave frequencies of the planetary Biological instrument/device of the organism. When looking at this Residual Risk Suicide has a way of ascending above the natural death system Psychosocially simply by balancing the attribute with an anxiety/sleep depressive disorder.

Tryptophan is also generalised into the growth system via the production of Niacin (vitamin B3) and Serotonin for the body/brain barrier. Serotonin is the sleep inducer and the stability of keeping the mood regulated. It is recommended that a healthy person consume 300mg of Tryptophan per day if they weigh-in at 75Kg at 4mg per kilogram of body weight. Chicken and Turkey contain per 3 Oz 123% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Amount). Seeds and nuts, cheeses and soya products are also higher quality:

Serotonin is a body/brain barrier electro-chemical and so has control both inside and outside the brain. Imbalances cause: Anxiety disorders. Bipolar disorders. Feelings involved with paranoia. Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). Not enjoying life. Serotonin is also involved in rational thinking. This is a body/brain barrier issue of anxiety pulling the FCD into submission. Paranoia then, eventually becoming the Psychosocial shock to the system that might make the headlines via media devices should Homeostatis and status in a Cycle of Enquiry cause so. That shock in Residual Risk Suicide is a block in the body/brain barrier that can be appraised as a Facial Conformity Disorder. This is where (OCD) and paranoia further the anxiety issue against Bi-polar and its depressive disorder by formulising the Core Identity to the shock of a suicide or illness attribute.

That is via Psychosocial paranoia of the Core Identities life narration, rather than elation and depression at the Psychosocial Buzz. The Buzz is the background noise of Script that can identify directly a Self technology and its life narration. So Leucine stabilises the Facial Conformity Disorder where the body/brain barrier relinquishes via Serotonin in the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System. Many people are also saying that Niacin also known as vitamin B3 helps alleviate problems with anxiety and depression. So anxiety is the imbalance caused by Serotonin levels in the body/brain barrier concerning Tryptophan and how it produces Serotonin and Niacin in the biological product. But I say vitamin B12 is also a key issue?

It helps the system by relieving lethargy and aids in energy production. It is the ‘Shock to the system’ that needs outweighing in terms of a totality Residual Risk Suicide finalising: .

Leucine Depression and its continual muscle re-formation via HMB that first needs addressing. A structured cultural massage system that can be used via Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA) is also a frontline defence against homeostasis and the inner shock that might not have been released or unblocked in a Psychosocial sense.

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