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Groundbreaking research into the body/brain barrier of the Throat Medulla Chakra in Ego Identity

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Cite: Acharya B, Vinay K S, Niti S. Chakra Genesis, A Correlation Between Evolution of Chakras & Embryogenesis. J Yoga & Physio. 2018; 6(4): 555694. DOI: 10.19080/JYP.2018.06.555694.

Vestibular Motion Disorder (VMD). Via the Temple Sensual Neurone deposits at the sides of the forehead, VMD forms in the Germ Layers, Throat and Vishuddha Chakras. It is the deposits that build facial muscle memory and become dysfunctional to the Peripheral Nervous System of Psychosocial energy. It is an inner ear dysfunction of VMD locating Incongruent Biopsychosocial Pathogenic emotional energy. This is via the body/brain barrier of the Medulla Chakra. That is: in respiratory and heart Chakra functions of Sympathetic nerve function. It leads to the Solar Plexus giving Sternum and Diaphragm (SD) function to; the left and right hemisphere of the Throat Chakra. That being in those Germ Layers of 3 in the Spinal Fluids and facial Cranial nerves.

A Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA) of Pranayama in my body/brain barrier in Tardive Dyskinesia (TD). Here is where there is a complete nonunderstanding of just how serious the case is against Tardive Dyskinesia in medically induced Psychological trauma via medication, but also the degrading of a marathon runner. This is how the Being in self of Core Identity can be shaped towards Ego Identity under an allergic reaction to Antipsychotics in the left or right hand hemisphere of the Throat Chakra, or going under the 2 hour running limit. An Ego of a Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD) or a Norm of Society in the heads Cranial nerves and the functioning with the Biopsychosocial Medulla Oblongata Chakra.

Here the Visuddha links the Thyroid gland to the Throat Chakra and Medulla via, the Pharynx and Larynx of the Germ Layers. It also functions in the body/brain barrier in all 3 Germ Layers. This is via the aura of Ectoplasma in the microbiome of the Ectoderm of Biopsychosocial Interpellation (Althusser) and Conjoining. An Interpellation of the breath to the Throat 5th Chakra and its corresponding gland in a FCD of the Lacrimal gland. This latter controls the deposits from the aspects of sight. I can say this through clarity of an Antipsychochotic reaction of an allergy to vitamin D2 blockade Antipsychichotics. Inflammation of this area of the Thyroid and Lacrimal glands - that interacts with the Vissuddha and the Endoderm and Ectoderm of the Medulla Oblongata. This interaction is via the tonal Prosody of 'Hummmm', that then enters both sides of the left and right Throat Chakra and reverberates to the Lacrimal gland and Sensual neurones of external sight and sound. This is good Kundalini practise for the state of a Facial Conformity Disorder. Once the initial energy has been released, the mmmmmm enters the facial muscles and so inciting the Cranial nerves in the facial body/brain barrier to become stimulated, much like the marathon runner. This is how Self-Behavioural Analysis functions for emotional blockades in the head and neck to the brain are via the Cranial nerves of the Germ Layers in the conjoining east/west of the Medulla Oblongata.

The Throat Chakra is like the nerve centre that Self-Behavioural Analysis entails for the Germ Layers of Chakra energy, via the body/brain function of the Pharynx and Larynx. That is the teaching's of my ebooks The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists. Goiter as a mental disease is where the left or right Thyroid energy does not function with the Pharynx and Larynx of the Throat chakra and Vishuddha tonal energies. Tones stabilises the thyroid imbalance in the body/brain barrier of mental disease or Goiter induced Tardive Dyskinesia in a FCD via medication.

Goiter is the inflammation of this area of the Mesoderm/Endoderm junction of the body/brain barrier via the Biopsychosocial Ectoderm and our Psychosocial microbiome. Yoghurt is excellent for this microbiome. Goiter is a part of a FCD via the Throat Chakra and its left and right link to the 4 sides of the brain. The ThroatChakra has direct function in accessing disease and dysfunctions in the body/brain barrier. It all depends on how it is used in the Core Identity via the belief in the self of Tonal Prosody. In terms of pitch of Tinnitus, the tonal authority ultimately belongs to Core Identity in Script (Erving Goffman) narration because in Sociopsychological terms truth is all-inclusive in Tinnitus. Alpha waves in Anahata of the heart and lungs and the SD. The Left side causes the function of stabilising the Glossopharyngeal/Sympathetic nerves of, Automated speech of thought dysfunctions, such as Anxiety, OCD and Depressive Disorders. The right-side stabilisation is via the Larynx.

The area has direct function with the Vagus/Parasympathetic nerves, that involves the deeper function of body/brain barrier. On this side of the Throat Chakra Paranoia, Schizophrenia of pure empathic tonal prosody and panic attacks exist. Mood swing disorders – such as Bipolar are the dysfunction that can exist when both the left and right hemisphere of the Vishuddha and Throat Chakra in infected with an allergy towards the Germ Layers Medulla Chakra. I say these are all accessible in diagnosis, firstly be using the swallowing test to assess which side of the Fight or Flight or Rest and Digest Medulla is infected with mental health in the Pharynx and Larynx. Goiter is a part of Myoclonus illnesses. In terms of Germ Layer frequencies Alpha (D1) and Delta (D2) are that of a Marathon runner and a respiratory green aura of Ectoplasma, but can also be seen as a body/brain barrier dysfunction in mental health Patients. D2 receptor is a function of the Disassociation and Ignorance as an Emotional Mechanism of the Medulla Oblongata Chakra, Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex (EM) in the runner. Where D2 can function at a Higher Theory of Mind Extension via D2 energy and Prolactin elevation in the Marathon runner.

D2 absorption where the runner's Facial muscle is in equilibrium with the Cranial nerves of the Medulla Chakra, but not to a mental health patient. Especially where D2 blockade of Antipsychotics are a dysfunction of Goiter (Myoclonus) or worse Tardive Dyskinesia as a FCD. A lack of D2 absorption causes Leucine to deposit in the Germ Layers of the head, spine and neck in, the Cranial nerves heart interaction of the, Sympathetic nerve in the Medulla Chakra body/brain barrier and Cortical Alpha waves. This also Conjoins to the Visuddha and the Thyroid of the Throat Chakra and Mutism of Tardive Dyskinesia of the Pharynx. Dyskinesia in the lack of tonal Prosody in the Mesoderm and Ectoderm Germ Layers. D2 receptor blockade should be seen as an Antidepressant to increase Alpha wave function in the Medulla Oblongata. D2 blockade is totally unethical to give to a patient suffering hypertension of chronic inflammation in the Germ Layers as Psychosis or Empathy. GABA in the body/brain barrier of Inhibitors as D2 of Beta waves in the runner's Sacral giving, 3 Germ Layers and Chakra of the Manipura.

This gives Hypotension as chronic inflammation via low immunity to Ignorance and Disassociation in the Medulla giving thought disorders. Mesoderm and Endoderm interaction to Biopsychosocial Ectoderm is a function of Ecto-psychosocial of HMB in muscles and Leucine usage in the Cranial nerves.

This in turn has two adverse effects in the body/brain barrier in the Throat echo of the Visuddha Chakra of the Medulla:

1. The runner conforms the muscles to wastage and also reaffirming of HMB in the Mesoderm D2 muscle via, the Sacral in the body/brain barrier of the Germ Layers Embryonic Fluids in the spine. EM functions via Leucine (Branched Chain Amino Acid) functions of D2 receptor Ignorance and Disassociation in the Cranial nerves of the head and neck. Avoiding a Facial Conformity Disorder extending from BioPsychosocial HMB muscle relaxants. This keeping the runner's breath in the state of green plasma from their Hydroplasmic lungs.

2. The Anahata Heart and Ajna Chakras and the Germ Layers Ectoderm become a dysfunction via Goiter in the Throat Chakra of Mesoderm/Ectoderm Biopsychosocial Pathogens as either, Hypertension or Hypotension forming in the brain. These Pathogens as Chronic Inflammation of the types of bad mood swings involved in mental health. EM dysfunction of the Prosodic Chakra tones in the Throat Chakra via the left (Pharynx) and right (Larynx) hemisphere to the Germ Layers Medulla and SD of the Manipura. The SD of the Germ Layers has tonal Prosody to the body/brain barrier of the Manipura and svadhisthana.

2a. Larynx and Vagus interaction (hind (brain) and Left (body) Chakra hemispheres.)

2b. Pharynx and Sympathetic interaction with Vagus and Pharyngeal nerve (hind (brain) and right (body) Chakra hemispheres). Glossopharyngeal and Vagus interaction in the body/brain barrier.

The Throat Chakra of the Left hemisphere of the Pharynx in the inner voice box of the Mesoderm/Endoderm body/brain barrier interacts with the Biopsychosocial microbiome at night. The left hemisphere of the Chakra defines the brain differently and I feel psychiatry sadly lack the knowledge of just how the Throat Chakra of the inner voice box functions with the Vishuddha Chakra of the Germ Layers. Functions in regards to the body/brain barrier of the medulla Chakra. Because of this, diagnosis is by word of mouth of vocalising voices, rather than via treating allergic Yeast infections, in the respiratory tract of Biopsychosocial Pathogenic Ectoderm, via Histamines H1-4. However, in the resultant Ectoplasm of green auras of Beta (D2) waves, tonal Prosody in the runner. A Mutism and Anxiety, even Paranoia, hallucinations, voices in the head and Psychosis to those of mental disease. These all have a precise function that can be identified in the left and right hemisphere in the Throat Chakra of the inner voices box and its Vishuddha echoes to the Germ Layers Medulla Chakra function directly in the brain.

Here also, the runner has superior control of the Sternum and Diaphragm (SD) via the tonal energy of hydroplasmic breath disposal, in the Solar Plexus Germ Layer and Chakra. This gives a stabilisation in the Hydroplasma of the lungs of the Visuddha and body/brain Harmony in the Germ Layers Embryonic Fluids and Chakras. In the person that suffers Depression, Hydroplasma production from the lungs is not a function as of the runner. This causes a lack of stimulation of Oxygen that could increase D1 (Alpha) receptor production. In the art of meditation, the Vagus nerve becomes the instrument of a Bicameral mind extension, via the modern language barriers and inspirations of a Core Identity. The mind has an autonomic speech pattern that can be used for Self-Behavioural Analysis SBA.

This is the marathon of the body as a runner will instinctively use wordlessly. It is impediment to any sufferer of mentality to access the Mindfulness inclinations of The Word of Alpha thought in a logical sense. D2 blockade however, removes that basic rite of our Solar Stars Homeostatic Interaction with Script and Biopsychosocial. This is to be able to instruct the Being away from mental health issues of Alpha and Delta wave dysfunctions away from the human Natural Selection of Beta waves (D2) – an atrocity of witchcraft rites and bylaws. This would cause the Medulla and just how the Vagus can be used to instruct the body and brain with Ignorance and Disassociation, but also the Power of Core Identity Word and Presence of Being.

Depression as an issue is due to Leucine deposits not being exercised – unlike the marathon runner - with the addition of a lack of the Amino acid from nutritional sugars. In other words, not pure white sugar, that has absolutely no nutritional value, other than calories.


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