, pub-3656949002636110, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Self-hacked Haloperidol known as Halodol. An Antipsychotic that gives an allergic reaction.

Self-hacked Haloperidol known as Halodol. An Antipsychotic that gives an allergic reaction.

Schizophrenic Allergic reaction to Phenothiazine Organic compound: towards meat-eating; and Thiazine (Thiamine supplement) Compound dye. An Oxidising reaction in the Antipsychotic Haldol known as Haloperidol D2 blockade medication as a side effect of Yeast infections in vegetarians. A medication causing Delta wave nutritional Neurochemical particles. It is in Biopsychosocial interaction known as Interpellation of Neurochemicals to the Ego Identity. These Neurochemicals are Psychosocial Norms of Society. This being Beta and Alpha wave frequency emitters in a meat-eating society.


An Electrophilic Allergy to the Organic (1) compound Bio-culture of vitamin B range Thiazine dye Oxidation in meat eaters and vegans: giving an Allergy in Sulphur and Hydrogen Peroxide via vitamin D2 blockade in Haloperidol. This is what I know as a Facial Conformity Disorder via medication but suffered with Mindfulness of Clarity. People medicated with Antipsychotic D2 blockade suffer side effects such as the medications Haldol known as Haloperidol and Olanzapine that I have Self-hacked. I suffered this and it is known as Orofacial Dyskinesia or to me a Facial Conformity Disorder, such as Leucine Psychological trauma of Depressive Disorders.

Many of today’s medicament, can cause the Altruistic of a Conditioned Ego Identity, to suffer a Biopsychosocial Performance, of Orofacial Dyskinesia or an emotional Tic in a Facial Conformity Disorder. This causes a degrading of the Ego Identity, via the facial structure and the inner voice box. It is an Allergic reaction and side effect, within the vitamin D2 blockade in medication Epithelial cells, of Yeast attacks of Thiazine Bio-culture dye, as a vitamin B range compound Oxidation of Sulphur and Hydrogen Peroxide. It forms from Biopsychosocial Homeostatic Interpellation, to Peripheral sight and sound not acknowledged because of a Psychosocial Vestibular Motion Disorder (VMD). And noised tonal Prosody of Script narration towards body mentalism. This is a side effect of Beta wave Dopamine D2 blockade medications such as Haldol known as Haloperidol and Olanzapine. Solar Homeostatic 0-7 Chakras energy of Germ Layers Interpellation. It’s an Interpellation, of Electrophilic cells in the guts’ and breathing passages. It is an Allergy reaction to the Ego Identity. Medical causes via Biopsychosocial Neurochemistry side effects that I Selfhacked from Antipsychotic drugs and medication. Also, side effects from supplements lacking waters and fruit juices.

This is of the Throat Chakras functional energy and Germ Layer tissues of Prosodic Biopsychosocial Discord. This is an emotional Psychosocial Discord in the Lacrimal gland and Thyroid gland functions. These are of Physiological Goiter conditions and mental Palatal Myclonus. This Self-hacked knowledge of vitamin D2 receptor blockade in Haloperidol that causes Delta wave and Alpha wave dysfunctions, of Vagus vindictive meditation and Schizophrenic voices in your head. The same is true of the Psychotic Episodes, where Neurochemical Fight or Flight response mechanisms become a Harmony with the Parasympathetic Paranoia, because the sufferer has been Sunbathing.

Also included are Alpha wave Sympathetic Chain Psychosis and the Anxiety methods of an Ego Identity OCD side effects and is from a course I prepared via the Autism therapy named Self-Behavioural Analysis (7). These Fight or Flight Neurochemicals are a Psychosocial interaction and is also via the Medulla Oblongata Chain in the body/brain barrier. These Psychosocial Neurochemicals effect, Biopsychosocial Core Identity with side effects from medications and supplements lacking liquids. This causes interaction of Neurochemical Interpellation in the Psychosocial. This all via the inner voice’s boxes Throat Chakras function. It happens in the right (Larynx) and left (Pharynx) hemispheres of the Throat 5th Chakras. It gives Ego Identity to a fun-loving Biopsychosocial Neurochemicals’ reaction to Script (Erving Goffman) and its noised tonal narration of a nature’s Congruence.

A new era of Biopsychosocial ailments, known as Dry Eye Disease and Goiter, of Alpha and Delta frequency waves of Cognitive Tinnitus dysfunctions, in Core Identity lacking Cognitive Tinnitus. A Condition known as GAPS of Guts and Psychology Syndrome and or a Facial Conformity Disorder. This forms in the Biopsychosocial Homeostatic blood/brain barrier, of DNA in the Germ Layers of the female womb and Chakras, of Mother Earth’s Tinnitus.

Does Haloperidol cause Allergic reactions of Schizophrenia and a severe Psychotic Episode?

A Schizophrenic Allergic reaction in the blockade of vitamin D2 from sunlight from Self-hacked Antipsychotics such as Haldol known as Haloperidol is due to the Organic Bio-culture of vitamin B range Phenothiazine and its Oxidation (5). This Allergic reaction is in Bio-culture of vitamin B range Thiazine dye Oxidation via Epithelial cells of the guts Gamma range of Hydrogen Peroxide. This is the active Organic substance that causes the dysfunction in the issues of GAPS of Gut and Psychology Syndrome, as well as a Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD) of Goiter.

Dopamine blockade of Beta wave D2 receptors – when a patient has a dysfunction with Alpha or Delta waves, then Chakras function and Germ Layers energy will suffer an Allergic Biopsychosocial reaction, towards vindictive fun-loving Norms of Society! The Organic Bio-culture of vitamin B range Phenothiazine and Thiazine Bio-culture dye in their Oxidation causes energy distortions in Peroxide eating meat consumers via a degrading of Beta waves. It causes this Allergic reaction via the guts and the body/brain barriers Medulla Oblongata. A GAPS of how Biopsychosocial gives a Facial Conformity Disorder. The Medulla in the Brains body barrier of the Oblongata Chain is the chief concern of vitamin D2 (8 Chakras of Sunlight function of I-ness). This is from the Embryonic Fluids and Homeostatic D1, D2, D3 Dopamine Harmony. A Reflex of Harmony via the response mechanism to Mother Earth and its Tinnitus frequencies. But it is the Bio-culture of vitamin B range Thiazine dye Oxidation, that causes the Germ Layers and Chakras the function energy distortions. This exists in the Hydroxy-Methyl Butyric acid (HMB) in the facial muscles’ interaction with Cranial nerve Leucine. This causes the Glands and tonal energy functions of autonomic function a pure Ego Identity of Vagus nerve thought and conversation. Thought and Autonomic conversation in a Sympathetic/Pharyngeal nerves thoughtful Conjoining or atmospheric D2 Buzz. A Conjoining that is a tonal Prosody that becomes a tonal energy dysfunction in the face, skull and neck. An area within the body/brain barrier of the Biopsychosocial Cranial nerves and HMB muscles.

The Cranial nerves are part of the Leucine supplement function via HMB supplement (ACTS) Alternative Complementary Therapies. These are for facial cranial nerves and HMB muscles. These aid a Facial Conformity Disorder to treat the Allergic Schizophrenic reaction of Orofacial Dyskinesia, Palatal Myoclonus and Physiological Goiter. This Allergic reaction gives a Psychosocial Performance, to Peripheral sight and sublime tonal noised Prosody in Phenothiazine (in part Thiamine supplement). A Bio-culture present in Selfhacked Haloperidol D2 blockade medication as side effects as Delta wave and Alpha wave of H3 Histamine and H1 Histamine. The side effects are Conditions as an Allergic reaction in the emotional Glands that affect the Medulla Oblongata Chain effects of Haloperidol and Olanzapine.

A Performance that is Conditioned by narcissism and a vindictive crowded Setting bowing down to fun-loving criminals as political correctness and not the true choices of the Lesser Child of Autism and OCD.


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