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Leucine Depression and Sadness in the Chakras and Germ Layers

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A Facial Conformity Disorder in the Germ Layers Cranial junction of: Leucine Depression in; low immunity towards the Delta wave Manipura Enzyme energy to; facial and neck HMB muscle dysfunctions of the Lacrimal and Thyroid glands.

In theory of the Manipura Pancreatic glands and the interaction with the Amino acids: Leucine and HMB causes Depression. This is where Leucine is an Amino Acid in the B.C.A.A group that aids the muscles after exercise via D2 in the Vagus/Ignorance in the Medulla. This is a mediation in the Medulla that has the functions of the body/brain barrier. The Medulla opens to the emotions and thoughtful acute Depressive Disorder trauma of the Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex. The Prefrontal Cortex that seems to function towards the Third Eye via the Quantuum and Chakra colours of the Circadian Cycle of Psychosocial emotions.

The trauma of Leucine Depression symptoms is alleviated by exercise and a facial massage because the facial muscles are strengthened and in depression trauma symptoms, a face becomes over-glum or a trauma of sadness. This pulls the face, lips and outer eye muscles into a downward position, causing a traumatic Psychosocial Facial Conformity Disorder. Leucine chronic inflammation causes severe Anxiety, thought and Psychological symptoms of Depression trauma. This is via giving the facial muscles a deep inner feeling. It is where the Depressive Disorder will cause sighing from microbiome of sadness via Biopsychosocial Pathogens of Germ Layers. Either way the runner is superior in self-fulfilling achievement.

At this point the Psychological #depression trauma causes sighing and miserable thoughts defined by the facial muscles emotional #Chakra energy tones, stance, further into lethargism or more sadness. It is where Neurochemicals such as the D1 receptor can stabilize the Theory of Mind and Ego Identity by increasing the mood energy in the Germ Layers. D1 receptor agonists can strength a facial Conformity Disorder of Depression via the gut/brain barrier of the #Sacral Chakra function. Delta wave energy in the Manipura energy is a normal function of D3 in the body/brain barrier in the Marathon runner. A function of cognitive Bicameral meditation in the Germ Layers of the Vagus nerve and Larynx breath. The runner has the ability of the Sternum and Diaphragm to energise the Enzyme production in the Embryonic Fluids via the Manipura.

This gives a stable head and neck in functions of the Cranial nerves that are an interaction of Leucine and a stable D1, D2, D3 system in the EM. Enzymes built from liquids in the gut/brain barrier of Amino acids. This interaction is known as the third brain. In Psychological trauma symptoms of Depression, the head and neck lower towards Psychosocial Interpellation that causes the Buzz of noise from the Script narration to become solemn or deep in tonal Prosody to the depressed. This causes a Biopsychosocial release of Delta wave energy from the depressed, much like the runner that keeps running away! Psychological Depression is a lethargy trauma of Delta frequencies in Dopamine D3 receptors. The results found in (ref 2) respond that, D3 can in fact, effect mental health mood. As we both conclude the Prefrontal Cortex, but I say Depression is a completely different condition, due to the Cranial junction and Medulla forming an actual Biopsychosocial disease of sadness in a Pathogenic Psychosocial Interpellation of the #Throat #5th #Chakra function of the Larynx and Pharynx. A place where Ego Identity exists. However, in the emotional response mechanism these play a role in the Medulla and Amygdala (EM) via Amino acids functioning to create HMB. This being HMB and Leucine interacting in the Medulla and Cranial junction of low immunity (D lacking) and a mentality dysfunction of blood sugars in the Pancreatic Amino acids of the Manipura Chakra. And much like Diabetes symptoms in the Manipura Chakra and the blood/brain barrier of a Ketone diet in bad mood disorders, such as acute Depressive Disorder and Bipolar II.

So, I say that, although findings have found certain mental health disorders display a route of Antagonist in D3 blockade, the body/brain barrier still needs interaction with the Cranial junction of Germ Layers. The mood needs lifting from lethargy or depression trauma via D1 receptors. But also, in terms of #Psychological #Depression there might also be an elevation or sparing of Prolactin. Prolactin should keep the mood stable as I found when D2 blockade is removed. Prolactin when elevated takes away motivation in a male, but to a woman it is a natural response that can cause deeper thoughts in their mindset from an elevation in Rest and Digest from the Parasympathetic nerve, but D2 blockade is the problem in both males and females. Here, Ignorance can also cause catatonia and loss of motivation, that will deepen the mood in the facial muscle deposits. That in turn will cause a cycle in the body/brain barrier where Psychological trauma of Leucine Depression symptoms, causes the Facial Conformity Disorder to become a brain dysfunction, that the face and neck HMB muscles lethargically conforms too.

The Sternum and Diaphragm are also a part of how the body become distorted by Depression. Paranoia and Paralysis are also a part of this area of Germ Layers and that involves the energy in the Manipura Chakra and Visuddha Chakra and D receptor blockade. I say this because in the body/brain barrier brain paralysis of mental health is Parasympathetic loss of the Ignorance emotion function and loss of Sympathetic Cranial nerve function. I at times found in my FCD my facial stance asserting towards what is Paranoia and Anxiety from D2 receptor blockade. When the Sternum and Diaphragm SD constricts in these two Germ Layers tissues, the Medulla is the first brain function to receive immediate information via the Germ Layers Embryonic Fluids. This I say is then relayed to the Cranial nerves via the Manipura and Vishuddha Chakras.

As the feelings descent from the Constricting of these Chakra, the mood of the facial and skull structure define the feeling via the Cranial nerves of the Medulla Oblongata. In the runner a D1 receptor response will be adequate. But the Depressive Disorder patient will be in a Delta wave function because of the Facial Conformity Disorder. I hope I have added to your knowledge of Germ Layers and Chakras.

#Psychological #Depression #trauma #symptoms are a very complex issue, but the starting point of curing in the Chakras and Germ Layers is to access the Manipura and Visuddha Chakras and using Mindfulness to study emotions of the facial structure via the Throat Chakra. The study of Psychological Depression symptoms is based on a Ketone diet used in the low immunity causing a #Depressive #Disorder in Bipolar II in the Manipura Chakra.

1. Manipura: ((SD)(Solar and Sacral) Endoderm; Adrenal gland and diabetes, low immunity. #Bipolar #Depression and Psychological trauma and a FCD and VMD of Dry Eye Disease

2. Anahata: Solar Plexus interaction (SD; Mesoderm; Thymus gland respiratory and autoimmune Hypertension or Anxiety

3. Visuddha: 3 Germ Layers of a respiratory allergic reactions and Dry Eye Disease that Link the Throat Chakra and the Thyroid gland of the Pharynx and Larynx body/brain barrier via the Lacrimal gland

4. Ajna: Centre of Forehead; Ectoderm; nervous system; Pineal gland Paralysis or chronic inflammation of Mutism and Projection Ref:


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