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Iron, Lyase and Ketone Acidity: Bi-polar Disorder.

Updated: Mar 5

Iron, Lyase and Ketone Acidity: Bi-polar type II. Hy everyone. Just an update that proves Bi-polar 2 has a physical disability likened to Diabetes, Anaemia and Lyase deficiency. You can see the research at: Lysine and Bipolar Disorder. So we’ll start with Iron nutraceuticals (supplements) as these carry Oxygen but also gives an intelligence quota. In the research it was stated that Anaemia and Lyase deficiency causes a state likened to Metabolic Acidosis via Diabetes and the linkages in Bi-polar II and enzymes. It is the vitamin B12 and Folate that is the key to identifying why Iron deficiency aids in the issues caused by type 2 Bi-Polar. Conditions given via lacking vitamin B12 and Folate are: 1. Psychological problems which include depression and Confusion (mentality Confabulation). 2. Memory problems and understanding judgements. 3. Disturbed vision. 4. Extreme tiredness. These two vitamin supplements also aid the body/brain barrier of keeping the nervous system healthy.

Ref: Bi-polar and Enzymes.

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