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Dopamine and THETA.

Updated: Mar 4

Here’s some interesting facts regarding Cannabis THETA Waves and the New-world Psychiatry of Delta Waved Psychosocial client groups via ‘Traumatic Pathogenic’ toxins in Psycho Social Histamines.

The lack of motion sickness in the Delta Wave amplitude function of some Histamine sufferers of Traumatic Pathogenic toxins that some drugs like cannabis give alleviation via motion sickness. This gives a pleasurable dizzy feeling. This which is acceptable to the Norm of Society. Alpha Lipoic Acid and 5-HTP are great for this and are used to treat the trauma of Depression and the trauma of Insomnia and the extreme Anxiety trauma of Kundalini (over 18’s only).

This uplifting affect of motion sickness is further explained via the body mentalist notional reactions of looking up at someone approaching you via Dopamine excitory reactions to a Psychosocially acceptable stimulant. Even to the crowds noisy Buzz cannabis that should cause you to become alert to sublime Psychosocial conscious interactions again.

So yes trauma of mental health illnesses and Tyrosine supplements (Dopamine) has a lot going for it where an overloaded Histamine human biology of Psychological trauma organism – that has been created by the nitrogenous compound. Nitrogen from breathing atmosphere in Script of electro-chemical Core Identity sleepers of timed Tinnitus frequency relaxation methods of Psychosocial Solidarities striving for uniqueness.

This view from Delta Wave Tinnitus frequencies of Psychosocial group meetings for traumatized clients building an Abnormal to be Normal Fashion Trend of Bicameralism in its Eutopia. Cannabis is an answer with a vitamin B compound to help alleviate the trauma of Paranoia that can be a side effect of THETA Waved Frequencies.

That’s in a Core Identity of trauma of the day/night/day continuum of the trauma of Histamine H1-H4. In Homeostatic Psycho Social scent of nitrogenous, Traumatic Pathogenic toxins of Gastric Enzymes that stimulate and feed the Metropolis Vagus nerve of Psycho Social Script. Also its localized Tinnitus frequencies Buzzing Homeostatically with the Buzz echoes of Script noises. These noises are Historical Insignificance that DNA of wind and air travel within the Earthly Homeostasis. I say Script narration of Tinnitus frequency prevails Rewards via Plasticity and Core Identity Reinforcements from THETA Waves and Dopamine and not being subjected to Delta Waved frequencies of mental illnesses. This I say is a Deviant that must be looked at if Delta Wave induced states of sublime trauma of sleepwalking from Histamine overdoses H1-H4, then so be it legalise cannabis and treat the trauma of Paranoia with Alpha Lipoic Acid and L- Carnitine and 5-HTP if they are 18 years plus and vitamin B6.

In a mutual interaction network with other neurotransmitter systems, brain histamine is implicated in basic homeostatic and higher brain functions, including sleep–wake regulation. In sleep-wake regulation, I say, THETA Wave of cannabis rather than the Realms Darker that the Taste/smell of Coffee of: researchers of conscious Delta Waves of Psychosocial Royal Societies. Also the circadian and feeding rhythms, immunity, learning and memory are involved in the Histamines. Thus, in addition to the predominately H1 receptor-mediated actions on smooth muscle it is also the modulation of Traumatic Pathogenic toxins from G protein-coupled histamine receptors in the body/brain barrier.

The main functions of the trauma of histamine includes gastric acid secretion and the Vagus nerve basically via H2 receptors of the trauma of the body/brain barrier and its neurotransmission in the central nervous system largely via H3 receptor signalling in the body/brain barrier.

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