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Hearing voices in your the head.

Updated: Mar 4

Hearing voices in the head.

Have you ever said this? What are voices in the head? Or: I hear voices in my head? Then what I can say is you lack a conscious Tinnitus frequency. There is also the cause of the trauma of peripheral hearing (sublime) Paranoid Schizophrenia. The frequency of Tinnitus is the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head if unheard. It is your blood flow passing the inner left or right ear. This, in fact, should be a clear and steady noise that gives motions to your Body Language via the notions of – usually un-worded frequency and Psychological trauma of sublime issues. These frequencies are Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega Amplitudes. It is where the frequency in the right or left ear is not heard. And this then gives a trauma of outer sublime noise affecting the inner thought processes. Where your Script (life stories) is a trauma of dissension to your inner voice box Tinnitus and also breath should block this. Lacking these is what causes Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head. The interaction is between the inner voice box and is via one or both areas of the inner ears. Script narration (a noise that creates ideas) of life stories also creates your own life story as a Core Identity. The story or Performance is a sublime chorus of garbled noises that some people as Paranoid Schizophrenics can hear. You are hearing your life story that belongs to the world of Paranoia because it exists in the semiconscious twilight world of people’s fears and terrors (Paranoia) and worry (Anxiety and fears). It is a level where dulcet tones have been removed from your inner ear and have been replaced with sublime life narration according to the level of dulcet ominous sounds. Believe it or not these sounds become words in Script narration. A motion to learn is heavy breathing via blocking the ear with cotton wool and learning to breathe from the inner voice box (throat) as a noised sound that is then heard internally. According to the lack of internal breath spread the left-hand side of lips and rasp the breath if your left ear is infected. Each time Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head occur, rasp the breath. As a body mentalist attitude raise the right-hand thumb. This has a placebo effect causing Self-Behavioural Analysis that gives neurochemical signals to your inner self of a positive motion of feelings to yourself that these are outer Paranoid sounds are not allowed in this way. Feelings from body language give you your emotional state of mind. So then confirm this rasping breath as a correct feeling in your attitude via raising the left thumb or smiling. Just because you don’t hear Tinnitus I assure you this is how thought interacts in the personal self (Core Identity). So at this point, the placebo is to place the thumb downward if thoughts or outer noises cause voices in the inner ear. This is what the EBook Body Mentalists is all about: giving you back your natural motions of placebo effects instead of the trauma of hearing voices, depression and other mental illnesses. So now you know that Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head are left-hand Tinnitus disruptions – schizophrenic rather than paranoid schizophrenia which is the Psychological trauma of both the inner and outer hearing of the ears. Where usually a bodily notion is all you would usually use to counteract this bothersome thoughtfulness to Psychosocial (public/self) phobic attitude to outer noise – the Psychological trauma of Paranoid Schizophrenia is the result.

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