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GABA: The ingestion of breast milk and mental health in a Biopsychosocial lacking full-fat milk.

Updated: Mar 5

GABA Via The ingestion of breast or: a supplemental (naturalised breast milk powder(!:?)), Inner Experiences become an outer motion of un-explainable Script narration, of the tonal Buzz surrounding everything, whilst the sight develops away from mother’s womb juice this having a re-stabilizing effect of having your world turned upside down… Ahem.

This creates from womb juice ingestion to a milky formula of the stomach and small to large intenstine of GABA. This then beginning inner notions that have no words explainable to the new computerising Theory of Mind. This is because it does not have computational Methods of Consciousness too verbalization in the Vagus nerve. This is the motherly instinct, of an inner/outer emotional aspect, of the Norm of Society and how Gamma AminoButyric Acid ( GABA ) forms, into notions of instinct levels brought between, Norm and Abnormal Theory of Mind, from the womb too the ‘Without’ (?:!). This being in mental disabilities and Embodiment skills of an Ego Identity application and strengths of womb and breast juice supplemental. Even GABA rich yogurt or full-fat milk powder.

So Gamma Aminobutyric Acid formulates from the inner womb juices to breast milk. Whilst sight can help create inner blindness to the main Peripheral system of the senses in a Fashion Trending that causes Adaptation in the Core Identity via the newly forming luck of hearing Psychosocial interaction in breath and waste disposal. At this point quantum relativity exists around creature Adaptations.

This is a point where hearing creates the Method of ‘luck enhancing skills’ and how nature creates instinctual learning within the Selfishness of Technologies (Circuitree) as an affected of hearing of a divide of consciousness’. At this point I can add the Abnormal to be Normal of Orofacial Dyskinesia (Norm of Society as Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia) and Haslwanter’s Vestibular Motion Disorder in the Sympathetic nerve reactions of the inner hearing levels of localisation to muscle ridges receiving sounds to Selfishness levels of Core Identity Technologies in blood frequencies of Tinnitus output (Exothermic).

Outside the womb hearing becomes singular to Erik Erikson’s Eight Stage Development chart in a beginning of ‘Trust V’s Mistrust’ where GABA and womb juice designs inner needs and Core Identity output of the Vagus nervous system of what should be unconsciousness: wordily. It is a Motherly instinct and the tonal methods are the Father’s and forms from Shamanism. Here GABA and instinct can be out-of-sync causing disorders of GABA Inhibitory motions and: unsettling emotional from; ‘worded and un-worded’ wordily notions.


Haslwanter Publications.; Ocular Motion Disorder.


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