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Amino Acids. Delta (H3) and Alpha (H1) in Anxiety and Depression.

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Amino Acids. Delta (H3) and Alpha (H1) Amino Acid of Histadine and Aspartic and Glutamate acidic Amino acids cause the dysfunctions in some trauma of mental illnesses. Alpha Wave Amplitudes and Delta Wave Amplitudes in the Tinnitus frequency cause a daydreaming sleepwalking affect to sublime trauma of Paranoia, Anxiety, Panic and traumatic Depression. The four main issues that were of Karmic choice instructions in my Holistic methods for cannabis us?:! So if Cortical rebooting (blinking) does not achieve its Alpha Compensation, then so harmony is not achieved in the Parasympathetic nerve and the Sympathetic nerve of the body/brain barrier via Glutamate: and Acetylcholine: . Via Gamma (H4) and re-stabilizing to Beta (H1) from a Nitrogenous Histamine compound a Cortical reboot should cancel Alpha Waves in the eyes frequencies from the four main issues, but Beta frequencies regard the Inner ears Experience. Beta controls body mentalist motions. These are of the Parasympathetic nerve: via Vestibular Motion and body mentalist attitudes of Embodiment purveyed via Theory of Mind. These in turn are caused by notions of sound reaching the Inner ear Experience of the Fight or Flight or Disassociation of the psychologically traumatized Sympathetic nerve: In turn the Rest and Digest Parasympathetic nerve shows Abnormal to be Normal body mentalist attitude of the Psycho Social psychological trauma of Ignorance towards: Interpellation of the Norm of Societal Beta and Alpha hearing levels. Here is where outer voices of trauma exist in echoes of Delta Wave Amplitudes of Script narration as a Buzz of choral noises in the Inner ear Experience. Some have become adapted to psychologically traumatic mental attitudes of Psychosocial responses via the Amino Acid Glutamate and Aspartic Acid in the vision or Histamine compounds in blood Tinnitus frequency Amplitudes as a brain dysfunction of the Vagus nerve. Glutamate is the most abundant of these two ionic (energy) characteristics of Proteins. In the trauma of Tinnitus and ocular frequencies Sympathetic Disassociation and Parasympathetic Ignorance are not achieved via Cortical rebooting which should remove the Tinnitus frequency of Delta Wave Amplitudes to the Parasympathetic side of hearing. When, a true Cortical rebooting takes place blinking momentarily closes down external reactions to the Endocrine Theory of Mind. However the Histamine Nitrogenous bi-products of the body’s Embodiment does not and I say that is Histadine and Aspartic Acid that are Alpha Amino Acids causing Facial Conformity Disorders and luck or Karmic instruction. So the Nitrogenous compounds of Histamine cause a constant Interpellation of Core Identity to Psycho Social Buzz echoes in the Inner ear Experiences of psychological trauma of voices that stabilize the trauma of mental illness issues via Glutamate in the body/brain barrier of the ocular nerve as mental body distortions of Nitrogenous compounds of Histamine. This mental health psychological trauma condition is known as Anachronism. In the state of the psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head as I said in my eBooks this is not so. Traumatic sublime voices are issued from the inner voice box in the throat where Script narration exists as a Core Identity of Self expressions to Settings and Performances of sublime Inner thought Experiences to the echo point of the Core Identity inner ear. This is where goals exist in extending your visions of a better future. This causes a Parasympathetic reaction likened to sleepwalking Alpha visualization. Hence the terminology of Confabulation that is a key conception of the trauma of mental illness known as paranoid, delusional converse and thought and the trauma of Anxiety and Panic Disorders in the Inner thought Experience. I’ve lived these states via meds and I’m trained to assess this. Early research suggests this research to be confirmed in its Endocrine shift of air on the inner ears via Vestibular Motion Disorder and removal of Cortical rebooting. This extends to Delta Wave Bicameral Interpellation of Psychosocial Exothermic exclusion via the Sympathetic nerves discord. Exposure of the anaesthetized rabbits retina to glutamate (5 mM), aspartate (5 mM), kainate (8 microM) and quisqualate (8 microM) abolished the light-evoked release of (H3) Acetylcholine but increased the spontaneous resting release four to fivefold.

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