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Acute-phase Proteins and Histamine.

Updated: Mar 5

Acute-phase Proteins and Histamine receptors of the trauma of Delta Wave Tinnitus frequencies. The G Protein-coupled receptors are creating a human Bicameral state of new-world psychiatric the: Delta Wave Amplituder’s’. A Psycho Social key has already been defined in me regarding personal research into left and right traumas of Tinnitus frequencies as a Psychosocial person of Natured congruence and not denatured Carl Rogers. Acute-phase Proteins are Traumatic Pathogens of traumatized Histamine H1-H4. This creating a Human of Delta Wave Cognitive Psychosocial acceptance. It can be seen that acute-phase proteins and a biosystem of Histamine Inflammation in the Vagus nerve of immune system of Traumatized Pathogenic Enzyme toxins that has created a human capable of semiconscious Cognition to natured sounds of what I know as Bicameral Man. Read more Histamine and Tinnitus Delta waves.


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