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Acute-phase Proteins and Histamine

Updated: Mar 4

Acute-phase Proteins and Histamine receptors are G Protein-coupled Nitrogenous compounds and chronic Inflammation of the Medulla Oblongata. They are of the trauma of Psychiatric Religiousness of Congruence of Cognitive Delta Wave Tinnitus Amplitude frequencies of a Paranoid mental health. Delta waves usually exist in Cortical rebooting. A body/brain barrier function of the sublime Peripheral divide of shutting down via blinking.

The G Protein-coupled receptors are an evolutionary process I say is a human Bicameral state of Delta Wave Amplituder’s of Confabulation. Confabulation is a mental illness dysfunction of an overload of Alpha waves in Acute-phase Proteins. Delta waves are a cause of visual hallucinations because Histamine receptors cause Nitrogenous compounds of sleepwalking as well. A Psycho Social key has already been defined in me regarding personal research into left and right traumas of Tinnitus frequencies. That is as a Psychosocial person of Humanistic Natured congruence. Acute-phase Proteins are Traumatic Pathogens of traumatized Histamine H1-H4. H1 –H4 is the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega brain frequencies of Tinnitus that can protect someone from sublime inner ear dysfunctions of the Throat Chakra’s Inner thought Experiences. This creates a Bicameral Human of Delta Wave Cognitive Psychosocial acceptance. It the two chambers of hemispheric cognitive awareness via Tinnitus. It can be seen that acute-phase proteins and a biosystem of Histamine Inflammation in the Medulla Oblongata nerves of the immune system of Traumatized Pathogenic Enzyme toxins that have created a human capable of semi-conscious Cognition to natured sounds of what I know as Bicameral Man that has evolved via conscious Tinnitus in the Norm of Society.

Acute-phase Proteins cause Histamine H1-H4 Nitrogenous compound inflammation in the Traumatic Pathogen toxins of Enzymes. It is from the trauma of the liver the response by producing a large number of Acute-phase reactants. I say treat the body and the Theory of Mind will follow via Embodiment. Theory of Mind is the negotiation that takes place as sublime Peripheral reactants from the Psycho Social public attitude of energizing noise and motion. Embodiment is the way Theory of Mind reacts to public stimulation of things.

Reactants are any of a number of proteins that migrate in the alpha1 and alpha2 regions of a serum protein electrophoresis, which are elevated in acute inflammation and visual hallucinations. Acute phase reactants traditionally include alpha1-antitrypsin, alpha1 acid glycoprotein. Alpha Wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus frequency are affected into THETA Wave Amplitude via hemp oil or cannabis as I found out in Amsterdam. Here a person that cannot get Psychotic when the symptoms of Acute Inflammation occur then causes visual hallucinations of Confabulation as a result. This is a part of Orofacial Dyskinesia where medicament affects the enactment of blinking into a momentary shutdown. The shutdown is unnoticeable and is via Cortical rebooting. But via constant anxiousness in sublime sounds where the Vestibulocochlear nerve is tuned to an inner Psychosis of thoughtfulness dysfunctions. In thought, the breath can become the states of NREM3-4 of a sleepwalking stance known as Abnormal to be Normal. A term that should not be used in my estimation of mental health clients. Once medications such as Self-hacked Olanzapine were removed the returning of Tinnitus was the outcome that then blocked inner psychotic actions of visual Confabulation and Sympathetic Anxiousness. If sleep cannot be instigated or at least Cortical rebooting, meditation may teach the essence of breath in deep intake and exhaling. The essence of breath is for talking and sleeping and the Circadian Cycle of night and day. Why not download the Streetwise eBOOKS: Ref:


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