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Phobic Mental Illness


Trauma of Schizophrenia

The trauma of Inner Experiences in Core Identity body mental-ism of voices in the head.


The Psychological trauma of Sublime voices inside head the Core Identity have three forms. The first auditory hallucinations example is paranoid sublime voices of traumatic Outer created towards Inner Experiences. The second auditory hallucinations example are the trauma of acute Anxiety Disorders of sublime voices of Inner thought Experiences. The third form of auditory hallucinations is traumatic Paranoid mental Schizophrenia. This third is where both Inner/Outer created Experiences contain sublime inner notions confused as outer thought Experiences usually because of physical abuse, verbal abuse or insinuation. Insinuation is what you are looking for in all three forms and needs to be logically spoken about in verbal form of Self-Behavioural Analysis. Insinuation is Buzz echoes from the atmospheric noises of insinuation from what you are looking at in a Setting or Performance. Insinuation is the electro-chemical reactant of Psychosocial stimulus that you choose to look for and see in Homeostatic Script. Script is everything that is everywhere. It is also how you create the inner voices of yourself as a Core Identity. It is not people getting at you. See it as the old system of inner thoughts that revolve around your daily aspect and you need to get control of them within the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nerve in the brain with vitamin supplements known as Holistic Nutraceutics.  All three relate to subliminal feelings that get inside you as an electro-chemical reaction to Psychosocial stimulants. People cannot be blamed for your wordless breath. All three forms of trauma of hearing hallucinations are a fact of Vestibular Motion Disorder where you are not using sensory perceptions of vision and hearing correctly.

In the paranoid version of voices in the head it is the eyesight.  In other words your eyesight looks for the body language mentalists attitude of keeping your ears Off-key to localised Psychosocial loud noises and conversation. So your eyes follow a paranoid route of looking for Psychosocial body attitudes that triggers your internal emotions of brain chemistry towards thought. You can also become fixated on sublime issues the causes you to be known as Abnormal to be Normal: a sleepwalker of Delta Wave Amplitudes. Amplitudes are blood/brain barrier Tinnitus frequencies that should keep the sanctity of a Core Identity as an element of the Self Inner peace Experience.

Auditory Hallucinations causes of psychiatric day/night/day continuum: Projection and voices in your head

Projection is a psychological trauma, but also the trauma of hearing voices in the head from aural hallucinations. It is an outer perception of sublime Psychological trauma symptoms of voice hallucinations and notions. These create the Inner Experience of the emotional centres of Core Identity Chakras. It is not paranoid schizophrenia! So get that straight with your doctor if they have you on medication for that. I found it was a left-hand ear hearing experience of psychotic episodes where life narration is answered via the right-hand ear via body mentalist attitudes. In this is Norm of Society of your body mental-ism known as body ignorance of thought and outer sublime thought intrusions. Psychological trauma is started in the right-hand ear that fills the body notion into the left-hand ear of psychotic episodes via blood circulation. The right-hand hearing of sublime Psychosocial (public interaction) is the ‘Fight’ stimulus of the Sympathetic nerve in the brain. This is via inner brain frequencies and lacking Tinnitus that affects the inner hearing of Self-notions of Psychosocial interaction.


The Psychological trauma symptoms of voice hallucinations in the head is a reactant of trauma of Psychologically acute Anxiety Disorders towards this outer perception and is either: the left inner ear trying to protect itself from traumatic sublime outer issues or; you answering sublime outer Psychosocial perception via the right-hand inner ear. Hands and ears are an opposition that is harmonic. These causes can be issued via Confabulation (irrational speech and vision) of spoken notions from your emotions or from thought transferral to the inner ear via the inner voice box in the throat area.


These are the results of how anxiety forms in yourself due to Script Dissension (outer talk and sound Energies in the Self of notions that are part of You). In other words, your Core Identity that may have become traumatically paranoid due to a lack of body nutrients. This then causes the body/brain barrier communicative dysfunctions.

It can also be from lacking or losing body language of Embodiment (how you show yourself) from yourself by being gullible or stressed out from traumatic Psychosocial (sublime public) via trauma of anxiety and or trauma that is paranoia. So saying, the dysfunction of trauma is that your energy of electrochemistry has become paranoid due to: the Psychological trauma symptoms of acute anxiety Disorders and; stress and pressure trauma from your life story within the body/brain barrier of traumatic Karma (Script (Erving Goffman)).

Projection is an Outer Experience of the Chakra and so is related to the Psychological trauma Symptoms of severe psychosis. It is also known as blockage via the Inner Experience of thoughts or reading the newspaper or reading this website. In the Norm of Society, this Script (everything that is happening all around us via Karma) gives normalized thoughts in the day/night/day continuum. You – if you suffer projection-ism you have become dysfunctional in the way you pick up on the brain/body barrier of thoughts from the sublime trauma of Psychosocial (noise and public sound energy of Alpha waves) notions.


Paranoia versus Anxiety

mental Schizophrenia disease and Psychosis trauma is: Paranoia or Anxiousness of the Body/Brain barrier.


We all know that Psychological trauma of mental Schizophrenia disease can be a world created via traumatic that is paranoia. Psychological Psychosis trauma, however, is different. So what are the differences between paranoid chronic Schizophrenia disease and some trauma of a Psychotic Episode where acute Anxious Core Identity (Self) as Projection-ism is involved?

A Psychotic Episode is a cause of Psychological trauma of chronic Anxiety where thoughtful reasoning of electro-chemical anxiousness is not present. It is replaced by Projection that causes the thoughts to be confused instead what is Paranoid. This I call Historical Insignificance in the body’s pathogenic (illness) system where the outer Psycho-Social Buzz has been removed leaving you socially isolated. Usually, the inner feelings have no electro-chemical desire to feel anxious during trauma and psychotic incident episodes. This gives the body/brain barrier electro-chemical imbalances of the thoughtful Psychological trauma that is Paranoia and Psychological trauma and Anxiety. It is more of an inner sensation of historical severe Anxiety and outer Projection hidden by the confusion of an old placebo (insinuation) that has become dormant voices and thoughts.


Confabulation is a psychotic episode where the feelings can overload the un-thoughtfulness process via a lack of Cortical rebooting of blinking the eyes because of insinuation and lies about you. Psychological trauma and Anxiety driven severe Psychotic event, is an effect of the ‘Fight or Flight’ dysfunction in the Sympathetic nervous system in the body/brain barrier.


So Psychological trauma of severe Schizophrenia disease and Psychotic Psychological trauma differ because the Parasympathetic nerve rules ‘Rest and Digest’ or hide in the cupboard because of traumatic paranoid inner feelings. The psychological trauma of mental Schizophrenia disease is a state of Projection-isms. In this ideology it can be used for medicaments designed to enhance the harmony points of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve in the Autonomic nervous systems induction point............via the Vagus nerve. The Medulla of these areas is centred as the body/brain barrier via the hearing of the inner ear and its Tinnitus blood frequencies via what body language Ignorance and Disassociation response mechanisms involves. 

Bad Mood Swings and Hearing Voices inside head from Aural Hallucinations

Mast Cells are part of the White Blood Cell system and involve Chronic Inflammation of Psychological trauma and the trauma of hearing voices in the head. The Mast Cells are rich in Histamine and Allergy relief supplements are Anti-Histamines treat Mast Cells. These Mast Cells also cause the lack of motion sickness alleviation in the Psychological trauma of mental health illness in terms of Vestibular Motion Disorder. In other words, they are Antagonists within the body/ brain barrier given to stimulate blood flow and stimulate Histamine production in what you have nutritionally available. So saying the production of an Anti-histamine H3 can be used to kill overproduction of this Nitrogenous Delta Wave frequency Bicameral state. In the Psychological mental health state, this then produces a sleepwalking patient of Bicameral Delta Wave Amplitudes without cognition of Tinnitus frequencies. 


In this state, the Tinnitus is denied inner ear usage of the inner voice box, instead hearing the Psychological trauma and voices from the Throat Chakra.


Mast Cells such as Histamine H3 (Delta) Granules are part of the Autoimmune system and Adaptive Immune responses such as actions of body mentalist attitudes. In some, I say Histamine H3 has become imbalanced and the Enzymes created a new Adaptation in Theory of Mind of the Psychological trauma of Bi-cameral states of Delta Wave-Amplitude of Slow Wave sleepwalking. This is in the Cytoplasm of the blood/brain barrier of Tinnitus frequencies via an imbalance of Nitrogenous Compounds of Histamine known as Mast Cells or white blood cells in the blood/brain/body frequency barrier. Mast cells are especially numerous at the sites of potential injury like the nose and mouth. Histamine is produced by mast cells found in nearby connective tissues. Histamine increases the permeability of the capillaries to white blood cells and some proteins. This allows them to engage pathogens in the inflamed tissues. H3 receptors are primarily found in the brain and are the Parasympathetic Inhibitory autoreceptors located on Histaminergic nerve terminals. These modulate the releasing of the Histamine. H3 Antagonists have a stimulant and nootropic effect, but an imbalance in them causes a Delta Wave Amplitude effect in the Tinnitus frequency. So saying the brain is having an allergic reaction due to Nitrogenous Compounds of Histamine in Mast cells. These are being researched as potential drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions such as the Psychological trauma of Alzheimer's disease. H3-Antihistamines have a stimulant and cognition based modulating effect.


Trauma Depression

Help for the trauma depression is treated with Anti-depressants so don't be afraid to see your doctor if you need help dealing with traumatic depression syndrome and Psychological trauma symptoms of chronic Depressive Disorders. The Psychologically traumatic and persistent Depression syndrome, can affect anyone and sometimes severe major Depressive Disorder episodes can last for weeks or even months. But with the Psychological trauma depression help and support teams you can find a more happier Self again. Anyway, what I suggest be carried out is that symptoms of traumatic acute Depressive Disorder are from a by-product of an over-active Parasympathetic nervous system of  'Rest and Digest' as a definition of a traumatic sleepy or glum Psychological trauma and depression. Its alleviation is via a facial stance of Grumpy. The trauma of massive Depressive Disorders form from glum and then enter the next state of facial conformity to a traumatic sad or a trauma of persistent depressive disorder in Embodiment. This causes the body to become glum in the trauma of 'Rest and Digest' that cannot be compensated via its Sympathetic nervous system because there is no reason for  'Flight' in your traumatic sleepy facial stance. This stance is seen as Glum or traumatic sadness, but can, in fact, become trauma that is paranoia or feelings of the trauma of fear. Here the facial muscles can start to conform to sadness or trauma that is paranoia or emotional trauma. Trauma that is Paranoia can form because of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves of Discord in 'Fight or Flight' where a person 'Rests and Digests without Sympathetic Disassociation.


Temporal Sensual Glandular neurons are within the fatty deposits at the sides of the forehead. Via Cognitive Behavioural Theory support can be advised upon if you feel depressed. However, you can gain knowledge on how to break the cycle of severe, chronic Depression and your particular definition of Depressive Disorder symptoms by using Self Behavioural Analysis in how to spice up your vocalization, facial and body stances. So give it a try, Psychological trauma and depression help techniques are available from this E-book that is free with The Trauma of Voices and can be purchased at the Shop.


Psychosis Trauma

What is the Psychological trauma symptoms of severe Psychosis and how do you define traumatic mental psychosis of Psychological trauma? Well, symptoms of being Psychotic are a state where you interpret ideas within the Self as traumatic aural hallucinations or delusions. Aural Hallucinations are where you define the senses within as a definition of external reactants, giving THOUGHT and trauma, of inner Psychotic voices inside head that, deny the outer of Selves. It is a formula of thought blockage, but as a trauma of a chronic Psychotic episode of delusional Self that may offend others. These external reactants are a form of Script Dissension where: it’s a distortion of the life story of Self-interpretation. If left untreated trauma of severe Schizophrenic disease Episodes can develop.


What traumatized psychotic Psychosis patients are lacking is a lack of truth or disbelief in their own traumatic body language. In other words, the body has become a state of the trauma of aural Confabulation as the inner trauma of hearing Psychotic mental disorders of voices inside head. The latter meaning you may be interpreting things in an irrational way. In other words, your mind has become delusional and out of sync with your body. Confused trauma of inner voices and THOUGHT is the natural process. The induced Psychological trauma symptoms in psychosis disease also has implications such as alcohol-induced traumatic of severe psychosis disease, the Psychological trauma in cocaine psychosis and other drug-induced trauma in psychosis such as traumatic marijuana psychosis and trauma in steroid psychosis. If your system is not balanced nutritionally, you define psychosis in Psychology and drugs are a likely cause. Remember drugs need nutrition to function in harmony with the trauma of the body/brain barrier.


The body is the reactant to what the mind interprets as the trauma of sensual motion of Self-notions via; what you see, hear and smell of others’ becomes inner thought and your emotional displays. There is also an aspect of noise entering your hearing and body rhythms. In theory of many psychotics who wander in a sleep-like state - I found sound travels far and wide, but so does the voices inside head trauma. This causes – the Self – a trauma of delusional state of Script narration that becomes distorted to a reality of trauma leaving you in denial of the outer trauma of sublime voices via a delusional trauma of sense of Self-Dissension. This I explained as the trauma of Psychosocial trauma that is paranoia. This Psychological trauma symptoms of hearing the inner Psychotic voice can be alleviated via body and vocal stance retraining.


What is Paranoia?

The Psychological trauma symptoms that define Paranoid are an effect of Psychosocial interactions on your Core Identity (Self). The trauma of Psychosocial are things that happen within society via sublime reactions to a Psychosocial Performance (public gathering) and the Setting (eg: bar, supermarket, restaurant) and your choice for your home surroundings. The first two are where your life story is created through Psychosocial interaction. This interaction is sublime narration (tonal sounds that cause trauma that is paranoia and paranoid, the trauma of severe anxiety, traumatic panic attacks and trauma of voices in your head). Also, peripheral motion (something out of the corner of the eye) also creates via the tonal noise and vocal effects within a situation (Setting), simply because you don't know where to look.


Also, the scent that is an electrochemical soup that is absorbed when reactions are placed in you as the trauma of emotional notions of traumatic body language. This causes reactants to a public Psycho-Social Performance via the use of body ignorance notions that gives inner solitude instead of building trauma of being paranoid body reactions that leads to your traumatic scent relativity in the Taste/smell of Coffee causing inner feelings of the trauma of paranoia because placebos cannot always be seen consciously. A bit like music and a film and the music suddenly making to jump or suddenly frightening you. That is a traumatic paranoid paranoia placebo that can consciously relieve pressure or tension. This is via the Sympathetic nerve relieving the trauma of the Parasympathetic nerve in the brain.


Dealing with trauma of a Paranoia disorder is the resultant effect of scent and trauma of peripheral tonal and visual subliminal effects that your body has absorbed (Interpellation). This gives the effects of body ignorance to what is going on in the sublime notions and motions happening around you. Believe it or not, I have a realization of what the trauma that is a paranoia and traumatic panic attacks smell like. It's a common scent that has no real relativity other than a sniff of buttered toast in the morning or the rubbish bin laying un-emptied (placebo's). That's how far the course of suffering towards eventually curing evolved from within me. A placebo of a trauma that define paranoid, but also good vibes as all about peripheral notions (seeing or hearing something not quite there). This builds to the good vibes of seeing that new friend again where the heart pumps or a paranoid effect where the heart sinks. Nowadays I use body ignorance to counteract anything that 'doesn't smell or look right' within subconscious reactions from what my sublime issues learned when raising my state of Theory of Mind away from the public Psychosocial and dealing with the Psychological trauma symptoms that is a Paranoia via clarity.

Trauma of Hearing Voices Inside Head

Hearing voices in the head or there are voices in my head. Have you ever said this? What are voices in the head? Or: I hear voices in my head. Well I can tell you if you have voices in the head then it’s from your lack of Tinnitus frequency that then gives trauma of peripheral hearing (sublime). This frequency is the the Psychological trauma of not hearing voices in your head via your blood flow passing the inner ear. This, in fact, should be a clear and steady pitch of noises that gives motions to your Body Language via the notions of – usually un-worded Tinnitus frequency to Psychological trauma of sublime issues.


At times a Paranoid Schizophrenic uses the blocking ability of a paranoid and paranoia vocalization or thought pattern from the inner voice box. This is where the frequency of the right ear is affected via trauma of outer noise of Script narration. It is where your Script story is a trauma of dissension to your inner voice box. This is what causes Psychological trauma of hearing voices in my head disorder – the interaction between the inner voice box of the Larynx in the Throat Chakra function and the inner ear.


Headphones can help alleviate this outer traumatic dissension via placing music into the right-hand ear if you are a schizophrenic. Another blocking motion is to learn breathing techniques via blocking the ear with cotton wool – or some such and learning to breathe from the inner voice box (Throat Chakra) as a noised sound that is heard internally. When breathing, this simple technique against the Psychological trauma of hearing voices outside your head, also spread the right-hand side of lips and rasp the breath. Look that word up if necessary.


At the same time each time Psychological trauma of hearing voices in head disorder occur, rasp the breath and raise the right-hand thumb. This is the placebo that causes Self-Behavioural Analysis that confirms notions to your inner self as a Body Mental-ism of a positive attitude to yourself that sounds are not allowed in this way. Then confirm this as a correct notion in your attitude via raising the left thumb. At times you may not get this right and the trauma of hearing voices symptoms in the head start in your right-hand ear’s Tinnitus frequency because it does not block the Psychological trauma symptoms and causes of hearing voices. Just because you don’t hear Tinnitus I assure you this is how thought interacts in the personal self (Core Identity). So at this point, the placebo (positivism or psychiatric negativity) is to place the thumb downward. This gives a placebo notion that motions’ in your body are incorrect and are giving you the Psychological trauma of hallucinations and hearing voices in the head. So now you know that Psychological trauma symptoms of hearing mental Schizophrenic voices in the head are a lack of  right-hand Tinnitus disruptions. If you have left ear disruptions, I suggest you speak to a doctor about hearing voices Anxiety and severe Anxiety Disorders.


Dissociative Disorder and Trauma

What is the definition of the trauma of Dissociation? This is a key issue that causes trauma of mental health disorders by definition of body ignorance giving confusion instead of mentality trauma relief.


Your sense of reality and whom you are depend on your levels of the trauma of feelings, thoughts, sensations, perceptions, and memories in the way you display the body/brain divide of electro-chemicals as an outer experience of the body to others.


If these cognitive traumas of notions and motions become ‘tramatically disconnected emotionally’ from each other in Self, or don’t register in your peripheral conscious mind then your sensual Self of identity (Core Identity), your memories and the way you see yourself and the world around you will change (Psychosocial Interpellation). This is what happens when you Dissociate as an emotional trauma of mental health definition. Usually, tonal sounds stabilize your life story of Self.


It’s as if your mind is not in your body emotionally. It's as if you are looking at yourself from a disjointed location. Much like looking at yourself as a stranger via trauma of paranoia from across the room.


Everyone has times when we feel emotionally disconnected. Sometimes this happens naturally and unconsciously. For example, we often travel a route and arrive with no conscious memory of the journey or of what we were sublimely thinking about. Some people even train themselves to use Dissociation (i.e. to disconnect) to calm themselves, or for cultural or spiritual reasons. Sometimes we Dissociate as a defense mechanism to help us deal with and survive traumatic experiences. These are sublime issues that the trauma of emotional sublime traumatic body notions of Self-deal with. Trauma Dissociation can also be a side effect of some drugs, medication, and alcohol.


Many mental health problems and symptoms, such as the Psychological trauma of mental schizophrenia disease, the trauma of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder trauma, have Dissociative features. The trauma of Dissociative disorders are traumatic emotions that have become disjointed via and towards external forces.


Dissociative Trauma

The Psychological trauma of Dissociation is a condition of disconnection from events and states that are usually interpreted in the logics of Theory of Mind. Theory of Mind is the logical thinking and enactment processes of the body/brain barrier. Dissociation and the trauma of Psychosis include many conditions of the consciousness in Theory of Mind and how it shapes our Embodiment, such as memory, Fashion Identity and our perception. In this web page article, there is the focus on Depersonalization and Derealisation.


The Psychological trauma of Depersonalization is a sensation of living in which one inhabits a consciousness that allows for the feelings that one is not in their own body because the trauma of hallucinations causes unreal events that may or seem real. In this feeling-state of Embodiment, the Core Identity (Self) body is perceived as being in a state of Psychosocial disconnection from the sensation of Core Identity. This state can result from physical or sexual abuse or other types of Psychosocial trauma. It is the enactment of sensations received from the Medulla Oblongata in the body/brain barrier.

Derealisation contributes to a state where the world around you and the Psychosocial environment of sublime feelings and sensations feel unreal. It is to the individual residing in this state of thoughtful Theory of Mind. Both Depersonalization and Derealisation are aspects of the trauma of Dissociation represented by subjective sublime Psychosocial issues that usually result from trauma in the interactions that occur in sublime Peripheral sensations caused by Script narration of a Core Identities Psychosocial life story. Script is the story happening all around us. These sublime Peripheral feelings and sensations are a cause of how you happen to look at someone because of Script narration. And that is for no reason other than they spoke or looked at you out of the corner of their eye unknowingly. It is in a Peripheral interaction of sublime feelings that they gave you via your 7 Chakra Energies of thought and sublime sensation. Chakras create the Inner Experience of how you react to Psychosocial public interaction from Homeostatic Energies, noises and looks that must be disregarded for you to get over these Psychological traumas of Dissociation and the trauma of Psychosis. Homeostasis is the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements of harmonics in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. That is especially as maintained by physiological processes in the body/brain barrier.

Trauma and Autism


The etiology (study) of autism may include excessive glutaminergic (before something else) mechanisms. In small studies, Memantine has been shown to significantly improve trauma of language function and social behavior in children with the trauma of autism. Research is underway on the effects of Memantine in adults with autism spectrum mental health disorders.


Meaning of Etiology.

1. Medicine the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or trauma of mental health definition, "The importance of sunlight in the etiology of the trauma of melanoma"

The causation of diseases and trauma of mental health definition of traumatic disorders as a subject of ‘ethically reasonable’ study into the trauma of mental illness disorder investigations.

2. The investigation or attribution (added reasoning) of the cause or reason for something, often expressed in terms of historical or mythical explanation (life story of truth and traumatic insinuation of lies about yourself). In other words the loss of honesty in yourself at points in your life.


Cysteine, taurine, tyrosine, and arginine are considered ‘semi-essential’ Glutamate amino-acids in children (although taurine is not technically considered an amino acid), because the metabolic pathways (digesting) that synthesize (chemical reproduction) these amino acids are not fully developed.


Our brain produces glutamate (a non-essential amino acid) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (non-standard gamma-amino acid) and these are involved as the main excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters. This is how reactions in the brain cause function in the body such as the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves to the heart. Etiology explains how a delusional state exists as an Abnormal to be Normal in the Self-notions of emotional reactions to public lifestyle interaction (Interpellation or Disassociation). The latter two terms can be where someone with Autism exists until Psychosocial Peripheral motions of Vestibular motion Disorder cause an overload in the two nerves. Vestibular motion is the act of ear notions caused by a lack or a stimulation of the sensations of a Psychosocial Facial Conformity.


Severe Bi-Polar Trauma Symptoms

Psychological reatment for the trauma of Bipolar concerns issues with highs and lows explained as elation (also known as the trauma of mania) and Psychological trauma symptoms of depression (traumatic Bipolar depression). These are two signs of living with the trauma of Bipolar type 1 and 2. The lesser form of elation is known as Hypermania. The trauma of Sublime issues can also be involved with this Psychosocial phobia, especially Psychological trauma and Bipolar depression. During periods of elation (mania) you might have feelings that are over-ambitious or paranoid that you counteract via mania reactions and vocalizations. In other words you may have thoughts that are not within the boundaries of your life narration. Elation is counteractive to the trauma of sublime issues in your trauma of Script narration where you feel that you have an intelligence above what you know. Do not cause conflict within yourself about what you have carried out via personal research though. Pick a subject and immerse yourself in it and then what I suggest is take a study course in what you have researched. This will help strengthen the 'You' or I-ness showing you have a strength and intelligence and not just delusional state that is paranoia expressed about what you are feeling from others. This intelligence is the state of Body Mentalism ignorance in Psychosocial interaction. Should trauma of mania or trauma of elation cause anger, medicaments for the trauma of Bi-polar depression should be switched to a medicine that alleviates the anger side of your condition. Please speak to your doctor immediately if this is the case?

In the state of the trauma of mania, trauma that is a paranoia can also exist where people looking at you or talking to you are giving you un-necessary communication. This trauma that is paranoia is a state called a traumatic  acute psychotic episode where thought does not exist. It is called a delusional episode in your Theory of Mind. This latter statement explains how tonal voice and body language causes you confusion because it does not meet your requirements. This can be counteracted via study, but also through reading a sample of the E-book is contained in this link button. What you need to be taught when suffering trauma of elation is to: tone-down your vocal expression via using the body instead as; body ignorance. Much of what is contained in the Psychological trauma of Bi-polar is tonal disorders. Because your tones of voice can be sporadic means what you say causes either a frustrating effect or simply that what you say is not recorded in the term Script narration because of the trauma that is a paranoia.


The script is a state of were everyone's life exists in the sounds and energy of life as a whole force. What you say and do effects this state of Homeostatic Script narration. In terms of life, this Script is controlled via the day/night/day continuum. What you say and do during the day is taken into the night of sleep and then continued in the following day. It is the evolved extension of the term Bi-cameralism. In this latter state voices of the sublime are included in the state of the trauma of severe Bi-polar condition. Reaching this state in the trauma of mental health involves sublime voices or its physical defendant of mental depression, but also the trauma of elation where hyperactivity in thoughts and vocal interaction are the two effects known as the trauma of an extreme Bi-polar condition. The E-books on this website teach you to overcome the trauma of sublime issues whether vocally heard or physical issues affecting you such as the Psychological trauma symptoms of severe Bi-polar behavior. Living with the traumatic signs of being of Bi-polar disease causes are not easy.


The Psychological Trauma Symptoms of Being a Schizophrenic

The trauma of being a Paranoid Schizophrenic and its Psychological symptoms unlike hearing the sublime voices of Psychological trauma involved in other traumatic and acute psychotic episodes. It is the establishment of the trauma that is a paranoia to the outer self of the Ectoderm tissue via the inner Self. The Psychological causes of Schizophrenia is trauma that is paranoid responses to outer fears towards sublime voices and noises caused by a trauma of the Psychosocial of a paranoia state. It is where the person lives as a Core Identity (Self) being the brunt of ridicule that has always existed to protect loud-mouthed criminals. Loudmouths are okay but a criminal is not good so keep that in mind. Let's face it a criminal is more fun than someone sitting with the head bowed to that subjection of trauma and the traumatic sublime voices. 


When it comes to cancelling the effects of the trauma of a paranoid severe schizophrenia behaviour and the sublime trauma of sublime voices in your head, an aspect needs to be looked at in the Self of Core Identity of traumatic sublime effects of 'I hear voices in my head'. That aspect is a vocalization of what is actually going on within the outer self. A traumatic Psychological Psychosocial that affects your inner Self as the trauma of hearing paranoid schizophrenic voices. In the existence of sublime thought and the trauma of a paranoia to hearing voices in the head, it can form a conjoining (Interpellation) that does not allow you to express yourself as a vocal Self-behavioural Analysis (SBA). When undergoing my own treatment I had enough logic to remain in clarity. This gave me 'Realisation' that hearing the sublime voices of the trauma of common symptoms of schizophrenia were real to the Self.


So saying the use of SBA can Alleviate tension caused by the trauma of Biopsychosocial that is a Paranoia in the Psychological trauma symptoms of Schizophrenic voices in your head. Before I continue however a boundary needs to be drawn when it comes to Self-behavioural Analysis because the next step in the definition of Psychological trauma of mental illness is a traumatic Bi-polar type 1 and 2. It is very easy to fall into a trap of causing a one-way vocalization of Self-expressing what that trauma of a paranoid echo is saying. This boundary is a fact of 'stop helping others and start helping yourself to raise your head and notice those happy faces and ignore the traumatic ridicule of the trauma of hearing sublime voices in my head. That is a fact of this causing you subjected sublime trauma of paranoia of those traumatic voices inside head. And yes once you thought they were laughing at you across the room I assure you. That's just what causes trauma and voices inside head, of a Psychologically paranoid mental Schizophrenic illness trauma, in a simple effect of tonal judgements, from the Buzz in the crowded boisterous bar. In the early signs of the trauma of chronic schizophrenia disease that is paranoia, it can be caused by this Psychosocial Buzz. A bit like good and bad vibes or feelings creating the way you express emotions.


Sarcosine Glycine for the Psychological trauma symptoms of severe Schizophrenia disease

There are a growing amount of clients with the psychological trauma symptoms of severe mental Schizophrenia disease, severe Anxiety and OCD and chronic mental depression illness that are now using complementary and alternative medicament. There is increased published scientific evidence on their benefits and risks. One such medicament is the supplement Sarcosine Glycine said to treat the psychological trauma symptoms of voices in your head and what Schizophrenia is associated with. But what are the benefits and what are the side effects of using Glycine Sarcosine supplement for diseases like Schizophrenia of voices inside head? Not to be confused with OCD voices in your head.


The natural supplement Glycine Sarcosine in clients with Psychologically traumatic symptoms of  the mental disease Schizophrenia and disability, has mixed results on the benefits and side effects. But overall side effects are few at the right dosage.


Glycine Sarcosine, also known as N-methylglycine, is thought to modulate N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) function through the glycine modulator (to regulate or adjust to a certain degree). Sarcosine Glycine has been researched as a putative adjunct therapy (supportive) for a wide variety of Psychological trauma symptoms of mental health disorders. Ranging from the psychological trauma of the causes of Schizophrenia disorder and disability to Psychologically traumatic severe mental Depression, severe and chronic Anxiety and OCD.


The possible Psychological trauma and the possible causes of Schizophrenia voices inside head, that is considered one of the most serious mental health disorders in the world. It is also still one of the most difficult to understand. The Psychological trauma symptoms of the severe and chronic Schizophrenia voices include delusions and hallucinations (positive symptoms), a flattened mood, the loss of speech or even disorganized speech (negative symptoms). Also, difficulties with attention, memory and decision making (cognitive symptoms).


1-2 people per 10,000 are being diagnosed with the condition of psychological causes of Schizophrenia each year. The trauma and mental Depression, traumatic and chronic Anxiety and OCD, and substance abuse often appear at the same time. There are now multiple studies having been carried out with putative adjunct therapy (support treatment) through the natural supplement Glycine Sarcosine and its Psychological treatment of Schizophrenia. Multiple studies administered Glycine Sarcosine with the usual antipsychotic treatment in clients with acute or stable psychological trauma symptoms of chronic Schizophrenia voices inside the head. In all the studies and research, the supplement Glycine Sarcosine improved the positive, negative, and cognitive symptoms of Schizophrenia more than the antipsychotic drug on its own.


In an experiment of 22 clients with mental Schizophrenia disease, Glycine Sarcosine improved symptoms and was safe. In another on 49 clients, Glycine Sarcosine improved the overall cognitive function when supported with benzoate, even if the symptoms did not show improvement. Two further case studies further the role of Sarcosine supplemental in the Psychologically traumatizing  symptoms of chronic Schizophrenia voices: In a client with psychological Schizophrenia illness treated with an antipsychotic drug (quetiapine) and an antidepressant drug (citalopram), adjunct treatment of 2 g of Sarcosine daily resolved their negative symptoms in 2 weeks. The client did experience some side effects after a 4 week period. This, was however, resolved once the Glycine Sarcosine dose was reduced to just 1 g. Another client with the trauma and Psychological Schizophrenia illness with negative symptoms was treated with the antipsychotics and antidepressants: olanzapine and venlafaxine. This was with the inclusion of 2 g of Sarcosine for 10 weeks. Sarcosine improved the client’s low mood, activity, and speech (negative symptoms).


Use of the Supplemental Vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids for overall Mental Health in Depressive Disorder symptoms, Severe Anxiety and OCD Benefits.

Many of the medications that are for common Psychological trauma in mental disorders, can be the cause of unpleasant side effects. And that can discourage some clients from taking their medication. In more recent years, there has been a great deal of interest and use of more natural substances. This is with the use of supplements and foods to treat the psychological trauma of mental Depression symptoms and the trauma symptoms of severe Anxiety and OCD. This is to either enhance the effects of prescription drugs or for use on there own.


Studies have now shown that a lack of certain bodily substances and nutrients may contribute to the development of many of the psychological traumas of mental health disorders. It is noted that many essential vitamins, minerals for acute Anxiety disorders and omega-3 fatty acids Depression are quite often deficient in the general population of the UK and other developed countries. They are are exceptionally deficient in clients that are suffering from psychologically traumatizing mental health disorders.


There are now many experts that believe that nutrition has the potential to cause an affect on the severity of Psychological trauma in stress Anxiety Depression symptoms. Supplements that are included are omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E, and folate have been now been put under investigation. Omega-3 fatty acids Depression and Anxiety, such as eicosapentaeoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) have been shown to have an impact. This is because these compounds are widespread in the psychological brain. So far the evidence is not fully conclusive, but omega-3 Depression and Anxiety supplements are an option if you have any psychological traumas of mental health. Where you suffer from a lack of Omega-3 fatty acids causing Depression and severe Anxiety and OCD. Just one to two grams of omega-3 Depression, Anxiety and OCD daily is now the generally accepted dose for healthy individuals. But for clients with psychological mental health disorders, it has been shown that up to three grams to be safe and an effective alleviation of Depression, Anxiety and OCD.


Supplements that contain amino acids have also been found to reduce the Psychological symptoms of Depression. This is possibly because they are converted to neurotransmitters in the brain and that helps to alleviate the Psychological symptoms of Depression. An example is that of serotonin which is made using the amino acid tryptophan. Dietary supplements that contain tyrosine or phenylalanine (lemon juice) that are later converted into dopamine and norepinephrine.

Where there are deficiencies in the magnesium and the B vitamin folate, these also have been linked to the Psychological symptoms of mental Depression trauma. There have been trials that suggests clients that are treated with 0.8mg of folic acid per day or 0.4mg of vitamin B12 per day will have their Psychological symptoms of Depression reduced. And clients treated with 125 to 300mg of magnesium with each meal imbibed and also at sleep time have shown been showing signs of rapid recovery from the psychological symptoms of major Depressive disorder.

Now experts have been looking at a range of herbal remedies and supplements for individuals with psychological symptoms of Anxiety. The evidence does support that the effectiveness of kava for mild to moderate Anxiety disorders is for its alleviation. Kava however has an impact on other medicines that are metabolized by the liver. St John’s wort, valerian, Sympathyl (a mixture of California poppy, hawthorn and elemental magnesium) and passionflower have all been put under investigation for the trauma and Psychological symptoms of Anxiety. However, the psychological studies have been generally small or inconsistent. In tests it has been shown that lower than average omega-3 levels have been reported in clients with Psychological symptoms of Anxiety. So supplementation with the omega-3s appear to improve some symptoms of this mental health disorder. Zinc and chromium supplements may also be helpful. And that also is with the inclusion of calcium and vitamin B6. Four hundred IU per day of vitamin E has been shown to be to some effectiveness, and several other supplements are now being investigated. These include magnesium, manganese and tryptophan. Supplementation with calcium is another promising option being investigated.


Supplements & Schizophrenia

Traumatic Schizophrenia is a chronic psychological mental health trauma in the brain. It can cause many of these symptoms that include:



breaking from reality flat effect, or a reduced ability to express yourself emotionally


Treatments include an anti-psychotic medicament that can cause an allergic reaction via vitamin D2 blockade.


These have two main classes Prolactin sparing and Prolactin elevating drugs. Therapy can be in a group or as an individual. Psycho-education and also rehabilitation. Complimentary and alternative medicament treatments are an option that people like to sometimes try for themselves. Some doctors also like this view. The terms complementary and alternative describe interchangeably. What these words mean are that there are two different types of treatment. The term complementary means a non-mainstream treatment used along with the more orthodox treatments. Alternative treatments are the usage of non-mainstream treatments instead of a medicament. Medication is of an importance when treating the psychological symptoms of Schizophrenia disease. Complimentary treatments should not replace the care of your doctor. Talk to your doctor before using any type of treatment mentioned here.


Diet management

Having a gluten-free diet has been found to reduce conditions involved in the trauma of psychological  symptoms in Schizophrenia. However, the benefits were only discovered within a specific subgroup of clients.


Gluten is found in certain grains like wheat. A ketogenic diet is also showing promising results. The ketogenic diet consists of a high-fat and low-carbohydrate nutrition that also has the inclusion of high-protein nutrients (not good if you have cholesterol problems). Diet changes are not always beneficial for people with the psychological symptoms of Schizophrenia. More research is still underway to find out whether there is a relationship between diet and traumatic Psychological Schizophrenia symptoms. Talk to your doctor before you decide to make any major changes to your diet. Changing your diet should not be used to replace your medication.


Fish oil supplements Fish oil is a rich and natural source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is known that these nutrients are known to reduce inflammation in your body/brain barrier. Chronic inflammation stimulates many traumatic mental illnesses, including the psychological symptoms of mental Schizophrenia behaviour. In research that was carried out on 81 young people who were at a high risk of Schizophrenia, those who took fish oil supplements were less likely to develop the condition. This research has been shown to be very positive in omega-3 oils treating psychological symptoms of chronic Schizophrenia illness Researchers are not yet sure whether fish oil supplements alleviate the condition in clients that have already been diagnosed with the trauma of mental Schizophrena causes and symptoms. The National Alliance on mental health illness said clients with psychological symptoms of Schizophrenia are at higher risk of a digestive syndrome.


Chakra's and Tardive Dyskinesia

If you say, 'My Throat Chakra is blocked',  and it's because of medication or generally in the body/brain nutrients barrier, then look no further. The 5th Throat Chakra function controls the body/brain barrier of body mentalists attitudes and meditation attitudes and dysfunctions in the medication induced Tardive Dyskinesia, I call a Facial Conformity Disorder in the Germ Layers Cranial nerves of the Central Nervous System of the thoughtful 0-7 Chakras. The left hand side of the 5th Throat Chakra is the Western view of the Glossopharyngeal and Pharyngeal nerves of the Pharynx. The Pharynx is the key area of what causes you to say, 'My Throat Chakra is blocked' and controls the Glossophayngeal nerve in the Medulla. This, left side of the Throat Chakra is the tonal authority of the Sympathetic nerve of Beta and Alpha wave Germ Layers and Chakra functions, in the Biopsychosocial function of Core Identity. It is to the continuation of Mesoderm tissue of the Core Identity (Self) from the Embryonic Germ Layers in the womb to an Ego Identity (established person). This is a Biopsychosocial Interpellation and Conjoining of the 3 Germ Layers and Chakras. This area - of Mesoderm tissue - in the Throat 5th Chakra function is known as the Pharynx and Larynx - the inner voice box - in Western science and is the second layer of tissue. It is the Inner Endoderm Experience, of the Biopsychosocial energies, of the Throat Chakra function in the body/brain barrier via, the external tissue barrier of the Ectoderm. The Throat Chakra function gives the emotional divide in the neurochemistry of the facial emotions that control the 7th Crown and 6th Third Eye Chakras of the Germ Layers Cranial nerves of the Third inner Germ Layer the Endoderm. This area is how you actually read a book or newspaper. It is also how you talk to Psychosocial people via the 5th Chakra in throat of the two nerves Autonomic control of Response Mechanism's of the Medulla and Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex, where Tardive Dyskinesia causes Cognitive Reframing.

It also controls the speech impediment of Tardive Dyskinesia in the Throat Chakras function of the Mesoderm and Endoderm energy function. This is in the body/brain barrier of the Germ Layers Central Nervous System of the HMB acids in the facial muscles of the Crown Chakra and Third Eye. This mental health affectation comes from the Cranial nerves in the Inner Experience of the Throat Chakra function. It is where the Ectoderm is the Biopsychosocial interaction of the Central Nervous System. This, latter can bring on, the Psychological symptoms of Psychosis, Psychological Anxiousness, Paranoia and mental Schizophrenia disease from having Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics drugs administered. This acute thoughtful Anxiousness is due to the side effect of Tardive Dyskinesia in the Throat Chakra function and the Medulla Oblongata. Tardive Dyskinesia in the Throat 5th Chakra function of the Mesoderm tissue, is what causes the 'Reframing' of the Theory of Mind. This deliberate affectation of the Theory of Mind is via allergic reaction in the Pineal (Third Eye), Lacrimal and Thyroid glands of the very Ectoplasm of Biopsychosocial interaction. And that area of this Throat Chakra is the left hand side of the inner voice box of the Inner thought Experience. And the Larynx on the right hand side of Paranoia and Vagus thought of the emotional state, where the Medulla is bypassed in the medically induced dysfunction. This is the body/brain barrier where Western Science meets Eastern Biopsychosocial energy 0-7 Chakras functions as an Interpellation of science. They are the internal thought notions and meditation of emotional body language.

The Embryonic Germs Layers are the Chakra energy’s of 0-7 Chakra functions to Eastern science where the Chakra function can be given to meditation devizes of the Inner Projection Experience of Delta wave function. A key function of the Throat 5th Chakra that functions in the Biopsychosocial Germ Layers of the external Biopsychosocial Interpellation and Conjoining. Both of these areas control the speech, thought and meditation of the Psychosocial Script narration. This narration is the very thought and body actions that enters a Psychosocial (living thing’s) Chakra energy functions. And that is then displayed in the tonal Buzz of Script sounds of Erving Goffman.


This is Script Buzz that in turn helps the Performance of Peripheral sights via attraction and natural selection. Script is the story that is happening all around us. It is as a sceptic of the Godhead theory which I know nothing of. Script narration is carried into the Electro-chemical atmosphere in the day/night/day continuum. And that is of chemistry and biology in the 0-7 Psychosocial function of the Chakras and 3 Germ Layers of Biopsychosocial Core Identity tissue.

Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics which can cause Psychological Anxiousness and visual hallucinations via Tardive Dyskinesia include: olanzapine, clozapine, quetiapine, ziprasidone, and aripiprazole. These drugs issued by psychiatry decrease the amount of vitamin D2 in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve of the brain’s Medulla Oblongata? The brain is within the Throat 5th Chakra, Third Eye 6th Chakra and the Crown 7th Chakra’s Psychosocial energy’s. D2 vitamin is a Beta wave function that improves the negotiation skills in Stimulus-Response Mechanism of the emotional Prefrontal Cortex and meditation strengths of calm and thought Projection.

Prolactin Elevating drugs entering the Sympathetic region of the Disassociation harmony causes Paranoia via blockade of vitamin D2. So what I suggest is make an official complaint if you suffer Tardive Dyskinesia and if you have Psychosocial mentality vulnerabilities, take a vitamin D2 supplement as well. And that is if you find this an issue as feelings of the Psychological symptoms of Anxiousness and trauma of Paranoia and mental and chronic Schizophrenia illness. That being from these two forms of Prolactin Antipsychotic drugs issued by my incompetent psychiatrists. Also Psychological thoughts where are lose to your own thoughts un-necessarily. That is while conversing with people and on your own. This is because Tardive Dyskinesia is forming a Facial Conformity Disorder of a Psychological symtoms of mental illness trauma. In Tardive Dyskinesia Elevating and Sparing Prolactin drugs, they can cause the Throat 5th Chakra  energy function to misfire in the thought patterns. Even reading can become impossible via the Ectoplasm of a breath dysfunction in the Mesoderm of the 3 Germ Layers and Throat 5th Chakra function of the Inner voice box Experience.

It is a point where a Core Identity retreats to the Vagus nerve - and this is pure internal thought from the Larynx that can be affected via Projection. It is when looking inward and what the Psychological trauma of Psychosis then forms inwards, via an Inner psychological trauma Experience when you lack vitamin D2. In the Chakras meditation that is used via the Vagus nerve so thought should not really be present. This nerve in the Throat Chakra controls the body/brain barrier of self control of the Ignorant Parasympathetic nerves body language via the Larynx. Hence humming and breathing exercises in my two eBooks.

Tardive Dyskinesia treatment via the supplemental vitamin D2 V's Psychosocial Vulnerability in the Medulla

Do you suffer from a medicament induced Tardif (Tardive) Dyskinesia? It is a medically clinical induced state. And it is that that causes Psychological symptoms in mental health issues in the facial structure, via an Orofacial Dyskinesia that I call a Facial Conformity Disorder. This is the HMB in the muscle structure to Leucine in the Germ Layers of tissue. And those Germ Layers are in the facial Cranial nerves and the Medulla Oblongata. This is via Western Phylogeny and Eastern Chakras of Psychosocial Social Sciences of the body/brain barrier.

Within the 0-7 Psychosocial Chakras and Germ Layers, they control the left hand side and the right side of the Body/brain barrier via the 3 Embryonic Germ Layers tissues and Chakra energy's. These are the inner, middle and outer tissue layers and the brain. In the body/brain barrier the left hand side of the body is a Sympathetic nerve control of the brain, via the Glossopharyngeal nerve, in terms of the Inner thought Experience. This also being part of the brain’s Medulla Oblongata. The Throat 5th Chakra function – where the energy of thought exists in the body/brain barrier of Autonomic function of Prosodic tones – is the key centre in the body/brain barrier of thought and meditation.

This has a Psychosocial (public) effect on a Core Identity (Self Identity). Many people that suffer Tardif (Tardive) Dysknesia symptoms lose the ability of the left side Chakra function of the Glossopharyngeal and Pharynx nerves at the Throat Chakra via the speech Autonomic function of the Pharyngeal nerve. A loss of ability due to vitamin D2 blockade in antipsychotics results in medically induced states of causing the very mental health diseases. They are not meant to give Tardive Dyskinesia, where the Biopsychosocial Core Identity becomes infected via Interpellation in the Central Nervous System. A negative Interpellation that causes dysfunctional Conjoining via an allergic reaction in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves from the neurochemical blockade of vitamin D2 receptors. This causes the condition of Orofacial Dysknesia in these two nerves function in the facial Cranial nerves. These nerves are Conditioned by the Psychosocial abnormalities to Althusser's Interpellation, simply because someone with Orofacial Dyskinesia cannot use the Cortical function of Stimulus-Response of the Amaygdala and Prefrontal Cortex because of Antipsychotic blockade of D2 receptors in the Medulla. This Orofacial Dyskinesia causes Mutism in the Fight or Flight response, via Psychosocial situations of the natural state of Abnormal to be Normal ,of having Tardive Dyskinesia as a Facial Conformity Disorder of Orofacial Dyskinesia. Also the negotiation of the Medulla Autonomic speech function of the Disassociation and Ignorance neurochemical responses become infected via the Psychosocial Stimulus-Response of chronic Inflammation of the Cranial nerves in the facial structure. This is due to the Medulla being infected with D2 receptor blockade, giving Orofacial Dyskinesia to the Peripheral system of Psychosocial Interpellation. And that is in the Psychological traumatised inner voice box, where autonomic thought and speech occurs, in either the left of right side of the Throat 5th Chakra of the Thyroid, but also the Lacrimal gland. If the Lacrimal gland also become infected with the allergic reaction to D2 blockade in antipsychotics, then hallucinations can occur in Orofacial Dyskinesia. This is because of the loss of the blinking function of Cortical rebooting. This causes an Alpha wave dysfunction in the Cortical responses that also leads to the Psychotic effect of Tardive Dyskinesia. These nerves are the Autonomic speech function in the Medulla Oblongata and the Throat 5th Chakra of the Pharynx and Larynx having an allergic type reaction in the Thyroid and Lacrimal glands via the mistreatment of psychyatry instigating no ethical research into Orofacial Dyskinesia.

These body/brain barrier nerves are the brain function, whereas the Psychological trauma of the Pharyngeal nerve is a body/brain barrier of the Mesoderm/Endoderm Layers function. This latter is the function involved is the inner tissue of the 3 Germ Layers and is known as the 2nd Mesoderm Layer of inner tissue below the skin. It contains the scent and pores that conjoin with the outer skin tissue of Biopsychosocial Biome and the brain's Psychosocial stimulus to Prosody and the Peripheral Nervous System of the Chakra function of the Ectoderm in the Central Nervous System.

The 0-7 Chakras are the stimulation of the Embryonic energy’s of meditation, thought and speech and growth towards establishing an Ego Identity in the tissues of the very womb of Mother. They are controlled by the Throat 5th Chakra and the Western term is Psychosocial Prosodic tones in an Ego Identity. And that are controlled in the Core Identity by the one tone of Tinnitus frequency, via the Buzzing sounds and echoes of Script narration to the Psychosocial Peripheral Interpellation. Although I say Tinnitus: this is a one tone that can help a person understand the many tones involved in the Buzz of Tinnitus frequencies.

Tinnitus frequencies have a link to the electrical frequencies that are contained in the Psychosocial Atmosphere of Earth’s Global Social Sciences (DD100, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, 2007). It is in terms of Erving Goffman and Script narration of this Buzz. It is a Higher Mind Theory Extension mentioned in my up and coming third eBook were a sample can be found on the eBooks menu. This eBook is my academic achievement called Casualties of Consciousness. Tinnitus frequency is the one code of a Core Identity living an Autonomic body/brain function as a Theory of Mind in the 0-7 Chakras and Germ Layers.


Psychosocial Tardive Dyskinesia Symptoms and Treatment

How does the Psychological symptoms of Orofacial Dyskinesia cause medication induced Psychological symptoms of Psychosis trauma? And how do Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms  affect mental health in general? Deviant and Deviance: a Psychosocial awareness of cognitive skills. This being via the Medulla Oblongata in the body/brain barrier and the Psychosocial facial Cranial nerves that medication causes Orofacial Dyskinesia. At this point in the brain the Vagus nerve answers the body language via the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. It is the meditation of the Chakra training in Embryonic Germ Layers of Homeostatic tissue in hot and cold energy in the Chakras and Germ layers of tissue. Also, these are of body language mentalist attitudes of an Ego Identity in the Throat 5th Chakra of the inner voice box of the Mesoderm layer. This leads to the Glossopharyngeal nerve also in the brain’s Medulla Oblongata that pertains to speech. In the Vagus nerve it is a function of deep Delta wave thought.

Where the Glossopharyngeal nerve enters the left hand side in the inner voice box of speech methods a Neurochemical paralysis occurs via the Orofacial Dyskinesia link to the Cranial nerves in the face and neck. This can also be a cause of medicament induced speech blockage via Orofacial Dyskinesia. The Glossopharyngeal nerve can be considered as the Cranial nerve of the cognitive methods of how speech interacts with the Medulla Oblongata directly from the brain/body barrier as Automated via the HMB and Leucine in the facial muscles and structure. This interaction has cognitive methods within the Autonomic Nervous system. It is the causing of a direct information exchange that is a part of body language skills of Psychosocial interaction in the Embryonic Germ Layers and the Throat 5th Chakra via the Pharyngeal (left) and Larynx (right). It is via the Central Nervous System of Theory of Mind and how Embodiment grows into an established Psychosocial Ego Identity. In Theory of Mind the Cognition skills in the verbalising of the Glossopharyngeal nerve are directly called upon in Psychosocial Autonomic interaction via the Pharyngeal and Pharynx nerves. They enter into the outer parts of the body’s cognitive skills via a direct route from the brain. So I do call this Neurochemical Motor Skill to be a direct consequence of cognition in the human body’s cranial nerves of Mesoderm tissue. So when medicament causes a seizure in the Medulla Oblongata the cranial nerves are responding to an Orofacial Dyskinesia induced Facial Conformity Disorder. So saying a client can become vulnerable even to psychiatry.

In Deviance and Deviant the Glossopharyngeal nerve has natural body/brain barrier techniques of cognitive communication skills via the Autonomic Nervous System. The Sympathetic nerve and the Parasympathetic nerve also respond with Neurochemical responses of the two types of their functionality of Deviance and Deviant. All nerves of the Medulla Oblongata including the Vagus nerve. This causes changes in the Cranial nerves of the body/brain barrier. When the body/brain barrier of the face takes on a certain structure the Cranial nerves respond via a direct source of the brain/body barrier of medicament. So I say signs of Orofacial Dyskinesia must be looked at more closely. My Automated speech pattern was affect by medicament in the Medulla Oblongata. This is because it's: the facial structure reacting to points of the Psychological symptoms of; Psychotic episodes, induced as a Facial Conformity Disorder induced state via; Orofacial Dyskinesia. It can then be seen as forming in the Cranial nerves of the body/brain barrier in my case. This was where Leucine and HMB vitamin were the interfunction lost because of the loss of D2 receptors and the muscle contortions from the Peripheral Psychosocial Interpellation.

Severe Clinical Depression

Acute Depression symptoms is in ranges of seriousness from mild, temporary episodes of sadness to severe and persistent mental depression symptoms. However, clinical depression causes are a more-severe depressive disorder illness. It is also known as major depression symptoms or major depressive disorder symptoms. It isn't the same as everyday  mental depression symptoms which are caused by a loss, such as the death of a loved one. A medical condition, such as a thyroid disorder can cause depression.

Signs and symptoms of major clinical depression include the following symptoms:

• Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or even hopelessness.

• Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration over small matters that would not usually bother you.

• Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all of your normal activities, such as: sex; hobbies or; sports.

• Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or sleeping way too much.

• Tiredness, lethargy and lack of energy, so even small tasks seem daunting.

• A reduction in appetite and weight loss.

• Anxiety, agitation or not being able to concentrate via restlessness.

• A slowing of the thinking, speaking or lethargic body movements.

• Feelings of worthlessness or unreasonable guilt and fixating on past failures or self-blame.

• Trouble thinking, a lack of concentration, making decisions and remembering things.

• Frequent or recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or suicide. All can lead to Residual Risk Suicide.

• Unexplained physical problems, such as back pain or headaches from lethargy and sleepless nights.

All these symptoms are usually severe enough to cause you noticeable problems in your relationships with friends, relatives and sexual partners or even in day-to-day activities, such as work, school or your social activities.

Severe Clinical depression can affect people from any age group. And that does include children. However, Psychological symptoms of Depression and clinical depression symptoms, even if severe, usually improve with psychological counseling, antidepressant medications or using a  combination of the two different types of therapy.

When left untreated, severe mental depression symptoms can have serious consequences.

If left untreated, acute depression symptoms can have serious and sometimes long-term consequences that can affect every aspect of your life. This is due to the anxiety effect in thoughtfulness where the thoughts have to be alleviated in logical thinking via Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Fortunately, causes of depression trauma are easily treatable. By getting help and following your treatment plan, you can prevent these complications. The earlier you receive treatment the less you will think of symptomatic thoughts that lower the facial structure into a depressive illness or anxious stance. It forms a Facial Conformity Disorder that shapes the facial Peripheral nerves into Psychologically acute depression symptoms. This can also form from anxiety and restlessness.



Having thoughts of death and suicide are Psychological trauma symptoms of severe mental depression and form Residual Risk Suicide. So if your health depression is left untreated, these anxious thoughts from the brain’s Sympathetic nerve can get worse. Sometimes, you or a friend might feel like suicide is the only way out, the only way to escape the anxious pain where you Rest and Digest in the brain’s Parasympathetic nerve. This isn’t true if you seek help as soon as possible. There are many effective treatments to reduce depression symptoms and help you to get better. Remember, these terrible emotional feelings and their anxious thoughts are not constant and will pass if you seek help from a Counsellor. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, then please get them or you help immediately.



Orofacial Dykinesia Symptoms and Causes

The Psychological trauma of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves via Medications. I would like some comments on the prosecution of the U.K N.H.S.

Depot injections gives a vastly different response in the body/brain barrier compared to the tablet forms of Medicament because these enter the stomach/brain barrier and also act far quicker causing Confabulation and Psychosis. This can have a devastating effect of causing Orofacial Dyskinesia. This then settling the Core Identity (Self) into its Confabulation of Psychosocial (public) Script (of the thing's) narration (of the tonal Psychosocial Prosody). This is in the Vagus nerve that can overload the Sympathetic nerve into the trauma of Psychosis. It can also cause silent Psychological Paranoia. The inner trauma of Schizophrenia is also a cause which should not be confused with Paranoid Schizophrenia. It's where thoughts subdue a person who loses to their own thoughts. A natural talent that can be used for Self-Behavioural Programming as it is Core Identity for self improvement via my two ebooks

The Trama of Voices and Body....


This Orofacial Dyskinesia gives a Psychosocial Facial Conformity Disorder that affects the 4 Medulla Oblongata nerves of the Chakras and Germ Layers in the Central Nervous System with the mental illness of: traumatic Peripheral Chakras and Germ Layers of; a Buzz of Psychosocial sensations of; interpreted sublime Psychosocial Prosody tones entering; 7 Psychosocial Chakras of; body mental-ism with a Vestibular Motion Disorder of a Psychosocial Psychological Orofacial Dyskinesia. Orofacial Dyskinesia is a mentality disability of neurochemical imbalances of a Facial Conformity Disorder caused by medicament that induces D2 receptor blockade. It is in Embodiment towards Psychosocial interaction disruptions in the 7 Chakras (0-7) of thoughtfulness and meditation. This is extended into the Germ Layers of Psychosocial Ignorance and Disassociation neurochemical responses of the Autonomic rights to Natural Selection and neurochemical reactions. It is in the body language of the meat tissue of Chakras and Germ Layers that becomes a Biopsychosocial malformation in the Microbiome of the Central Nervous System of the Medulla. These three Germ Layers are of Chakra thoughtful energy points. These, linking to the Throat 5th Chakra and the inner voice box of the Thyroid gland, Pharynx and Larynx nerves. This area has links to the Medulla Oblongata directly in the body/brain barrier.

Psychological symptoms of chronic Schizophrenia relates to a Chakras and Germ Layers Energy and an Inner thought Experience and not the trauma of silent Paranoia, when vitamin D2 blockade is administered. That is natural to the professionalism of Prosody and the Norm of Society’s Deja Vu or Chinese whispers to have Natural Selection of Beta waves digested from Wheat. Even, natural Core Identity instinct according to professionalism. The Psychological Symptoms of severe mental Schizophrenia illness is inner traumatic acute Anxiety disorders of Neologism and Visual Confabulation that medicament can cause. This Psychological chronic Schizophrenia disease is via body mental-ism of an Inner psychological mentality Experience of Orofacial Dyskinesia from medication in the anguished Core Identity developing Psychological Symptoms of OCD trauma and what is a Paranoia trauma.

Psychological Trauma

The mind and the spinal cord process all data coming in from various sense organs all through the body and facilitate appropriate reactions. Both the mind and the spinal cord are associated with different parts of the body/brain barrier by the peripheral nerves of traumatized sensation that involves psychological trauma symptoms of mental illness and diseases. The peripheral sensory system is made out of nerves that branch out from the cerebrum and spinal cord, and after - that divide over again to supply information to all parts of the body. The nerves transmit data which is necessary for sensation, muscle stimulation, and the control of unconscious or sublime functions in the Psychological trauma treatment of symptoms in mental health. Any disorder of these nerves might be really painful, cause loss of physical sensation, and this can even lead to paralysis. In mental health it leads to Chronic Inflammation of the brain that then causes the dysfunction of a Facial Conformity Disorder. These are the physical illnesses and you as a traumatized mental illness client sufferer of Psychologically induced trauma. This is via peripheral nerve blocks and imbalances in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves of the Psychological Medulla Oblongata that is part of the Psychological Germ Layers and Chakras. Facial Conformity Disorders are Psychological trauma that include Psychosis, mania, elation and traumatized lows of depressive disorders. As a disease mental health involves the Congruence of Alpha and Delta wave dominance of Psychosocial attitudes in a Setting. Biopsychosocial does define a disease where Psychological trauma of mentality issues is involved of a fun loving criminal.

Peripheral neuropathies are common and have many causes, including wounds, contamination, lack and blockade of proper nutrition which causes the trauma of mental illness, and other disorders, for example, diabetes mellitus. Diabetic neuropathy is the most well-known reason for peripheral nerve damage, an insulin imbalance can cause traumatizing mental health disorders such as Psychological symptoms of trauma in Bipolar and also Depression. Any disorder of the peripheral nerves is called neuropathies. Depending upon the nerves that are affected, the symptoms of Psychological mental illness in trauma of the peripheral sensation neuropathies may influence the trauma of mental sublime sensation and erratic movement.  Even the the automatic sublime functions, for example, bladder control and eye and ear coordination in the Psychologically disturbing voices in the head from what is traumatizing OCD as Psychologically disturbing voices in my head. The Psychological trauma treatments of voices in my head are the cause of a lack of D2 from natural sunshine. How can psychiatry be allowed to use medication that is so fundamental to the basis of Earth's solar life? Seldomly, peripheral neuropathy might be life-taking unless the mentality is suicidal thoughts and traumatized feelings and sensation of Residual Risk Suicide. The cause of Leucine and HMB vitamins blockade and lack of, that causes this type of Facial Conformity Disorder.

Any of the peripheral nerves, which connect the cerebrum and the spinal cord to other parts of the body might be harmed by physical damage, but it is the IX and x nerve that I concern mental trauma of health to. This damage may bring a weakness and increase of the traumatized mental trauma of sensation in the part of the body that the nerve passes. A peripheral nerve might be partly or totally severed, or it might be compressed or even blocked. It is the eyes and ears that are the main cause and this is known as the trauma of Vestibular Motion Disorder in the sensations and the resultant traumatized feelings of Psychological symptoms.  The harm or injury may not be permanent because those peripheral nerves can recover if they are not totally cut. Apart from the physical injury or damage, the trauma of the peripheral nervous system is directly related to psychological trauma.


Residual Risk Suicide

Leucine and isoleucine as well as valine formulate to the 3 branched-chain amino acids. In total there are 9 essential Amino acids that can only be derived from nutrients in food and liquid. These amino acids are of interest to athletes but also mental health clients as well. These Amino acids are what make the different types of Protein that the body requires to stay fit and in wellbeing. There are 23 mainstream Amino Acids that make up the Protein needs of a Humanity (!:?).


The key elements of an Amino acid which are the: Carbons, Hydrogens, Oxygens, and Nitrogen formulations. These may relate to Endothermic 'Script' (Erving Goffman) and subliminal inner relays pertaining Core Identity Nitrogen scent release from sweat pores in the skin. So sensual parts of the bodies give Psychosocial 'Streaming the computational Buzzing' via: Exothermic (Interpellation) nutritional qualities adhered too the; Theory of Mind in Hydrogen and Oxygen that formulates; a Buzzing Psychosocial noised interaction fulfilling; motion via; Congruence of Religiousness when; unheard notions are Relative to; Community Psycho-Socializing. This is the history of Carbonising Adaptationing within the Ego'ed Brain Identity area of oldest humanity within the Phylogenetic brain area:




1.the branch of biology that deals with phylogenesis.

Compare with ontogeny: another term for phylogenesis.


Source Oxford, U.K 2016 A.D dictionary.


Though other elements are found in the side-chains of certain amino acids, about 500 amino acids are known and can be classified in many ways such as: Scent interaction as a day/night/day continuum. They can be classified and detailed for discussion advancement - for now - to the core structural functional groups' locations as: alpha- (α-), beta- (β-), gamma- (γ-) or delta- (δ-) amino acids and Waves of newly forming Globalizing Frequencies. I say modern technology absorbs vitamin D2 and causes Projection in humanity of an Alpha wave dysfunction of Dry Eye Disease.  Other categories relate to polarity, pH level, and side-chain group type (aliphatic, acyclic, aromatic, containing hydroxyl or sulphur, etc.). These are in the form of proteins, amino acids comprise the second-largest component (water is the largest) of human muscles, cells and other tissues. Outside proteins, amino acids perform critical roles in processes such as Neurotransmitter transport and Biosynthesis. Neurotransmitter signals can be seen as Subconscious relays pertaining to Script narration where the boundary of secrecy is controlled via Humanized Natured Congruence of the need to Congregate in death's truth existing....

Trauma of Psychological Anxiety symptoms

One of the most common definitions for the Psychological trauma of acute anxiety disorders is Social Anxiety Disorder trauma (Social Phobia) that should not be confused with Psychosocial. There are many types of the trauma in the Psychology of anxiety disorders but I've chosen to highlight this one first. It is okay to feel anxious at times as many do. But when you start to feel the trauma of anxiousness to the point of fearing social situations (Psychosocial) in your daily routine then perhaps a check-up with the doctor could be necessary. I suggest you read on before jumping to conclusions about mentality trauma of this type of disorder. People suffering the Psychological mental health of Social Phobia trauma will have excessive traumatic worrying about what they achieve in standards of socialization. Simple things like cleanliness and the fear of being humiliated are factors involved in the trauma of daily Psychosocial life and a psychiatrist accusing you of strange smells before they've had a chance to answer! Mhmmmmm Projection. What you need to do is STOP worrying and start pushing yourself into positivism of emotional thought that is relayed via the body. Your thoughts are expressed via body language, so here you need to break your Cycle of Enquiry via finding positive times in your life - no matter how small and then building yourself again. Consider that as a 'Fresh starting point' and if you cannot find one make up a calm and relaxing scene.


Next time you're out, listen to what is going on around you in the sounds of the crowd. You may at times hear laughter or some type of ridiculing banter. These are factors involved in your trauma of Psychological Phobic Script narration and are the reason for your trauma of mental health. This means your life story of common sounds that follow you everywhere. This is the essence of Script and trauma of Phobia and is what you may or are following. In my experiences along my path, these were the things I noticed. If I raised my head usually it was miss timed and I would either look into an irrational face or the head motion would cause notions from the hubbub of the noisy crowd that caused me to look down again into the traumatic Psychology of mental anxiety due to medication. These are the ideals that cause the traumatizing in Social Phobias. A bit like turning round in alarm that causes you to panic or become fearful or not. This is what the trauma of voices website aims to cure via mindfulness use of the THETA Medulla Oblongata of the body/brain barrier. Theta and D2 is the state of Being Present as a Core Identity of Ego Identity. Sometimes a body notion from the trauma of emotional tones in the Buzz of a crowded bar in a Performance and Setting get imprinted in our electro-chemicals of scent. This Buzz is the sublime trauma of the Psychosocial Buzz of voices of trauma created in some people. These secret sounds are what cause your emotional state of traumatized mind and what I call in my E-books the Buzz. A simple term that defines this point is of walking into a bar and just knowing it's going to be a good night. That is the Buzz. Other times you will walk straight past the bar because those quiet sounds of merriment are in fact coming from the bar further down the street (Psycho-Social Script narration). That is the ideal behind Erving Goffman's Script and its narration. If you are heading towards a certain location try not to think about it. Instead, listen to the sounds entering your ears. This is where the secret trauma of voices exist in the Buzz that is happening all around us.


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