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Chapter 6 

Freeing yourself from negativity 

If you are the type of person to ask negative questions of yourself, then you will receive negative answers, or you will be in a spiral of self-defeating answers until you find yourself losing the argument inside. Sure, sometimes you win, but I bet it is with nagging doubt. This doubt is fuelled by the questions: 

  • Why did I not do that? 

  • What I am not good enough? 

  • Why me? 

  • What’s the point in doing that? 

  • I cannot do anything about it? 

The last question is your route out of these negative questions. Because you can. Just think for a moment further. Would you let others ask you the questions that give you so much doubt? Questions you have inside yourself. I very much doubt that you would entertain these questions from someone else. You need to stop and replace those questions to a more positive direction. Do not leave a question answered with negativity, force yourself to become positive. By closing your eyes at the point of losing to doubts or fears will allow you extra thinking time. Close your eyes into meditation and truly think of what the answer to the fears and doubts are. Usually much of these bothersome thoughts are not even necessary. Negative thoughts are self-spiralling. Without the use of mindfulness meditation unnecessary negative thoughts cannot be forgotten when the eyes are open. You need to close your eyes to send yourself into a deeper mindset where you can either drift in thoughtful silence or use placation to set those fearful and doubtful thoughts aside. 

You will notice that when you open your eyes your mind will be clear of conscious thoughts. This is because it is a state where the brains synapses (connections) have been re-evaluated, stored and cleared via cortical rebooting. They have been reset by the subconscious mind. This clears the conscious mind of thought that causes you doubt and fear. When you think, the mindset is in a shallow subconscious state, so by going deeper and closing the eyes you send yourself slightly deeper. Eventually you will find that by slow and fast blinking you can clear yourself of all negative thought. When you start to think challenge yourself by closing your eyes. 

Many of you will find you cannot think when you close your eyes. This is because you have entered a positive mindset and you might not be used to thinking in that state. So, force yourself to think. Start with simple questions like: 

  • So, what am I going to think about? 

  • Oh yes! Let me think further about that issue I was just thinking about? 

  • I do not need those negative thoughts, I assure myself. Surely it would be better to open my eyes now and stay silent? 

By doing this you will open up for the first time your mindset to positive mindfulness meditation. Thinking words in picture form is the most ideal way of dealing with the situation, so try picturing the thoughts as you writing words on a screen.  

Use the first question to open the deeper mindset of a conscious state of mindfulness. With the second question imagine mirrors when your eyes are closed and imagine printing words and visions of negative people in your life onto them. I know it is deemed as bad luck in some western cultures to break a mirror, but do exactly that in your mind’s chakra third eye: break them. It takes practise to do this but I assure you when you open your eyes your mind will be clear of these thoughts. Here are some thoughtful stances you can take with your eyes closed: 

What could you be happily positive about in the here and now, if you could do really do something you really wanted to right now? 

A great weapon against fear and doubt that affect our actions and decisions, is in your ability of choosing one thought over another. Happiness then escapes you if you are refusing to see the positive aspects of thought. Even mundane thoughts can be a deviant from negative thoughts. When your thoughts and life give you every reason to be negative change your thought pattern and think positive. Better still fast and slow blink those thoughts away to nothing. 

Who or what you think about needs to be forgiven? 

Forgiving a situation or person does not always cause healing of hurts or doubts from a relationship or situation. I had to do this because of the psychosis doctors gave me through giving me the wrong medicament. By forgiving - in mindfulness - the options are released and psychosocially passed on via the 0-7 chakras energy of mindfulness.  

Much spiritualism is placed in mindfulness and by forgiving the energy of what is known as chakras, it is released. In positive psychology this energy will be seen as changing the body language and tonal instruments of your conversation. By forgiving you release your fears and doubt. My doubt was prosecuting the doctors, but money was the issue. By forgiving them, I simply released myself from their psychosocial chakra energy that then changed the emotional feelings in my plasticity via heuristic techniques. This chakra energy is known in positive psychology as Interpellation and Script, or 'The story that is happening all around us'. So, forgive anyway. No matter how silly it seems and let what is meant to be, become chakras of Interpellation and Script. So yes, forgive silly thoughts of the moody colleague at work and set yourself free.  

When you hold doubts or fears of someone, you are psychosocially bound to that thing, person or situation by an internal emotional link. This link is stronger than steel, so forgive and you will release the psychologies Script and Interpellation and the body's chakras energy will also be released as a new you. Chakras control the body language and tonal accents energies that are told to everyone as a sublime peripheral story of your life narration. 

Freeing yourself of negative thoughts is necessary because what you focus on is what you attract. Worry, doubt and fear allow the mind to focus on the things that are not necessary in the laws of attraction.  

You need to teach yourself with mindfulness and positivism how to eliminate negative thoughts. By doing this you can then start to retrain your brain to attract what you want in life, so avoiding negative thoughts. These types of thought are not productive and sap your energy levels. This is why fear and doubt are so destructive to the inner energy of yourself. Your inner power of feelings and the emotions you display. 

Remind yourself that negative thoughts are just that and not necessary. 

Thoughts only have as much power as you give them. Constantly dwelling on something negative only empowers it into your body language and your tones of voices via hormones and neuroplasticity. Momentum is gained by these thoughts and this is the result that you then display to other people. By thinking negatively people will subconsciously see you as a negative person. So, stop yourself by fast and slowly blinking yourself into silence.  

The key you need is to put a stop to negativity before it gets a hold. If something worries your thoughts blink slowly or fast. With a bit of practice, you will start to notice before the worry and doubt emerge and naturally blink into the process of what is known as cortical rebooting of mindfulness. The mind and body are a creature of habit, but it needs to be trained. If you do need to think, encourage yourself into a positive emotional attitude by smiling. This will eliminate the negative processes and notion. 

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