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GAPS and the severe Anxious thoughts that are mental health.  

The gut and Psychology syndrome of mental health has direct access to the brain. The term third brain is the interaction between the body's gut and Medulla Oblongata in the brain. From the Medulla the brain controls the body via the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves that function in all parts of the body via the interaction of the body/brain barrier.  

In terms of acute Anxiety disorders the Sympathetic nerve has become dysfunctional. These Sympathetic nerve reactions are the Fight or Flight responses that are an immediate reaction of the Embryonic Spinal Fluids from gut Psychology. This is where the gut and brain syndrome exist. In the Fight and Flight of the gut and brain Psychology syndrome, many of the mental health sufferers lack the nutrient that aids in the Disassociation response mechanism of Sympathetic nerves. Instead of Disassociation to the thoughtful severe Anxiety Disorder, a Parasympathetic nerve Rest and Digest takes place. This keeps the body/brain barrier in a Psychology syndrome caused by a lack of liquids and key nutrients in the gut. Disassociation is a key to blocking those stresses and intrusive thoughts of Psychosocial interaction, via using the supplement vitamin D2.   

Vitamin D2 is a Dopamine neurotransmitter of the body/brain barrier of GAPS. It is a function that is actually blocked by Antipsychotics. However, a patient that sufferers an allergic reaction to Dopamine D2 blockade will suffer from the medicament induced Tardive Dyskinesia. Without the Dopamine vitamin D2 neurotransmitter, reaction, GAPS will start to function in the gut/brain barrier as natural stress functions. Without Dopamine D2 the natural instincts of primordial Man show as stress factors.   

Stress is a function, that is part of severe Anxiety Disorder thoughts, where the body cannot be assessed in a natural way by the Theory of Mind. Without Dopamine D2, the mental health is affected because it cannot gain the Sympathetic nerve reaction of Disassociation, to the thoughts and feelings of natural Psychosocial interaction. Emotions that the brain then illogically interprets, because of the condition of the gut and its Psychology syndrome.   

These stress factors are due to Psychosocial factors of public interaction. It is caused because GAPS or gut and Psychology syndrome does not contain the liquids necessary to function in Harmony with the Embryonic Spinal Fluids. Sympathetic nerve reactions are the enactment of the decisions made in the moment of present-time function. They are made in the instant of Psychosocial interaction. If the guts do not contain vitamin D2 Dopamine then Disassociation cannot be achieved and Rest and Digest thought stressors is the result. This then causes the brain to dysfunction towards the gut in its Psychology in its Theory of Mind.  


How the Medulla Oblongata functions in its use of the gut’s vitamin Dopamine D2 in a Psychology syndrome.  

Many of the primal instincts that is a condition of mental health are illogical response mechanisms to vitamin D2 blockade from Antipsychotics or a lacking in the gut. Vitamin D2 is the Disassociation and also the Ignorance response mechanism of the gut/brain barrier of the Sympathetic nerve and Parasympathetic nerve.  

Gaining Disassociation and Ignorance mechanisms is vital for the stabilising away from primal instincts to sound and vision. Instincts from peripheral sublime Psychosocial public interaction. If you find that your thoughts are erratic or uncontrollable, start imbibing more liquids – like bone broth - and a high-strength vitamin D2 supplement. Dopamine D2 is the very interaction of our star code and Earth’s interaction of energy, via food in the guts and Chakra energy. To constantly blockade vitamin D2 via medication is a case anyone can bring against the World Health Organisation or religiously Incongruent doctors.  

When a Psychosocial decision is made the Medulla is the negotiator of the guts and its Psychology syndrome. The Medulla Oblongata needs vitamin D2 receptors to act in Harmony with the body and what the gut stores in the Spinal Fluids.  

The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves are part of the Medulla Oblongata, along with the Vagus and Glossopharyngeal. 


Do you suffer from irrational thoughts or voices inside your head due to GAPS? I would strongly suggest you get yourself a Dopamine D2 vitamin, or at least choose a better diet. If you have the money, source the foods in this blog.  

The GAPS function is involved in the Parasympathetic nerve function of Paranoid Schizophrenic voices in your head. It is because the D2 function is not a reaction of Ignorance to the body of the Chakra body language energy of the gut nutrients. That then causing thought processes from external sounds and sights. The Sympathetic reaction is Disassociation to the body/brain barrier of severe Anxiety disorders, where external is kept as an Inner Experience.  

Because Dopamine D2 is a Biopsychosocial of Pathogenic devices, the mental health client will not have a key function of the primordial state of basic human instructions. Instructions to stop thought intrusions from sublime interaction, via Biopsychosocial sublime interaction.  

These sounds and also sights are how the Core Identity of Self-expression instructs the internal processes from the external. Without the Dopamine D2 nutrient a person has no defences to blockade their primordial instincts of intrusive thoughts from sights and sounds. Thought and tonal energy from both internal and external Psychosocial. It is where public vocal sublime tone affection on the Core Identity interacts at a Psychological syndrome level. 


Does the GAPS diet have any risks? 

This diet can seem very restrictive in the early stages. It requires you to cut out many nutritious and bad habit foods. It provides little guidance on how you can ensure that the diet contains all the nutrients necessary for a healthy food lifestyle. This however is on a short-term basis. The obvious risk is that of malnutrition and weight-loss. This is seen and can be very much highlighted in children who will be in the process of growth and not stability.  

With the introduction of lead into the body via the consumption of large amounts of bone broth is of main concern. Lead in high doses is highly toxic. However, there has been nothing documented on lead toxicity in a bone broth diet. 


I hope you have enjoyed reading this works on the gut and Psychology syndrome. If you suffer from intrusive thoughts or thought stressors, then now is the time to start with a vitamin D2 Dopamine nutritional diet. You can also start eating plenty of mushrooms as these are a great source of vitamin D2, especially Shitake and Portabella mushrooms. Soy milk is also an excellent way of getting vitamin D2 into your guts of a Psychology syndrome, but this is fortified and not so natural as mushrooms. Peas, parsnips, potatoes and onions are also a good source of vitamin D2 for this Anxiety busting GAPS condition. Remember Disassociation and Ignorance are your main goals from omitting intrusive and erratic thoughts if you suffer from Anxiety, worry and fear in the guts and Psychology syndrome of GAPS. 



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