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Thought rationality skills of: Deviant and Deviance; Psychosocial awareness of cognitive skills or a FCD. 

The rationality thought skills that need to be gained for the muscle memory retention against Tardive Dyskinesia or lethargy are beyond most mental health patients. It needs a deep understanding of the technique known as Mindfulness. In Deviant and Deviance, the Vagus nerve does not function correctly. That is a cause towards the Dopamine D2 interaction of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. This leaves the sufferer of Tardive Dyskinesia with the memory muscle retention of a Facial Conformity Disorder after each bout of medication experiment. And this relating to the very illness the medication was issued for. A cause of a Psychotic Episode is because the facial muscles are reacting to a Tardive Dyskinesia in some. Reacting via a lack of not being able to Cortically reboot Alpha waves dysfunctions of daylight and Hydroplasma. That is where the facial dysfunction, conforms its structure to the very emotional stance of the illness that it is meant to blockade.  

I know this to be true, as a FCD started to be caused and I noticed that my face kept being dragged into an emotional stance of Paranoia on Prolactin Elevating Drugs. And that is after 23 years of Sympathetic abuse of Sparing Drugs. This Paranoia, was due to Prolactin Elevating Drugs blockading vitamin D2 in my Parasympathetic nerve reaction to the facial and skull’s Cranial nerves. It then causing Paranoia, instead of the natural state of Biopsychosocial awareness, of Ignorance from the Parasympathetic nerve to the conscious body language. No, they take away the mentality strength and stamina via the blockade of D2. This Ignorance is part of the ‘Rest and Digest’ and the Disassociation is a ‘Fight or Flight’ nerve responses. A natural and direct effect on the brain function of Abnormal to be Normal, is what Tardif Dyskinesia forms via the Cranial nerves of Peripheral Biopsychosocial. 

Although, when the medication is causing erratic motions of muscle contortions, you can say the medication is actually working right. They must of course be bearable to family, friends and the client. That muscle contortion is how you stop the thought process with Parasympathetic nerve responses lacking a physical motion in body language Ignorance. This Ignorance belongs to a Marathon runner and not someone that is laid up on the sofa in a catatonic state of medication from Prolactin Sparing Drugs.  

Also, by using Self-Behavioural Analysis of Mindfulness, to assess an Inner thought Experience, via the Biopsychosocial Vagus nerve, internal inability thoughts of the faces muscle structure of emotions can become a self-assessment. And that is where the visionary power of Delta waves steps in via Mindfulness. This causing a strengthening of stamina and mentality mindset. In body language that Ignorance can be via the shrugging motion of the shoulder’s or stiffening muscles. Here I say the ideal situation that can be imposed by Tardive Dyskinesia is muscle tightening, something the runner would be also like – emotional facial muscle tautness in the Leucine function between nerves and muscles. Mindfulness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) must be a Biopsychosocial Interpellation. You can learn something there, psychiatry, ‘Dominance becomes spiritually impartiality to Interpellation’. 

Overwhelming or disparaging silence (Paranoia or Mutism) and constant points of mentally induced worry (Anxiety and Psychosis). 

There are five states that I found in my journey through Tardive Dyskinesia inducing Prolactin Antipsychotic drugs. 

  • Psychosis 

  • Anxiety 

  • Hallucinations 

  • Mutism 

  • Paranoia 


  • Depression is a formula I propose in a FCD as well 


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