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Via Self-hacked Sarcosine, in the Throat Chakras, the Pharynx and Larynx also lose their neurochemical dysfunction.  

This is because the nasal passages are reopened, to allow the Homeostatic Biopsychosocial atmosphere, to enter/exhale, both sides of the Throat Chakras inner voice box, via Phenergan. This in turn travels through the other Chakras (CNS) and is emitted through the Foot Chakras energy to cause Script and Interpellation. This life narration is also a part of the day/night/day continuum. That is where the enactment of Psychosocial interaction is processed, much like a blinking Cortical reboot during stress in the day. 

When mutism is caused via Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes, an Inner thought Experience occurs. This is because of the Pharyngeal nerve dysfunction in the Throat Chakras. Mutism causes the Alpha waves to hyper-stimulate the Glossopharyngeal nerve into a whispered word of thought. That can result in a Psychotic Episode as a Cortical reboot dysfunction of Alpha waves. The Alpha wave cause visual hallucinations because D2 is Biopsychosocial. Via the Histamine infection, the Alpha wave cause the reboot to become an Abnormal to be Normal visionary episode.  

This is as the Hydro-plasma breath interacts with ionised D2 passing energy over the area of the Throat Chakra in a Norm of Society. These receive Stimulus-Response gives Reward of gaining a Larynx or Pharynx placebo.  

It is also the inclusion of lacking vitamin D2 for the Sympathetic nerve function of Disassociation in the FCD. Self-hacked Prolactin Antipsychotics blockade vitamin D2. This Disassociation enables Cortical rebooting and this allows the facial structure to stay in congruence of Core Identity. This will also, usually become, the congruence caused by Cortical rebooting, causing re-stabilisation of the Ego Identity, once the Tardive Dyskinesia dissipates, by the removal of Self-hacked Prolactin Antipsychotics. 

Tardive Dyskinesia of Mutism, is when emotional thoughtfulness takes place. It is a time when Disassociation is not triggered by vitamin D2. This I say, is from Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA)! Lacking vitamin D2 can open the Peripheral nervous system to Psychosocial suggestion.   

Prolactin Elevating drugs 

Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia of Omega/Beta = Prolactin Elevating emotional Inner Experience dysfunction. 

This group of Self-hacked Antipsychotics cause altered perception of voices in the head, hallucinations and Paranoia. By the blockade of vitamin D2, the Ignorance that is the function of the Parasympathetic nerve misfires neurochemicals, alongside the Vagus nerve. Without the neurochemical vitamin D2 the body/brain barrier exists in a Rest and Digest response of the nerve. 

The Psychological trauma of altered perception of voices in the head are the interaction between the Vagus thought and its direct interaction with the Larynx. The emotional state of feeling voices is that of the internal process. The interaction of Vagus thought is pure to the relative emotional vocal tones of the impressionist. Because of the loss of D2 Parasympathetic Ignorance is not achieved in some Psychosocial interpellation. This causes the Norm natural thought usually, but Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes the Inner voices Experience. Voices in the head are interaction within the inner right-hand ear.  

It is where Vestibular Motion Disorder closes the inner ear to pure emotional thought. This is where a Core Identity expresses thought as the sound of another that was Biopsychosocial Interpellated with in the Chakras. It is also part of the interaction of energy communicating with the Throat Chakras. This is where Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia causes and functions as a Vagus nerve infection to medicament via its Histamine Yeast infection. Phenergan is an Antihistamine. 

The difference between the voices of Anxiety and Schizophrenia is that the Pharynx is the function of conscious thought, like reading. The Vagus Schizophrenic thought is a deep intensve meditative state of Omega wave Amplitude. When blinking is not achieved because of Rest and Digest in Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia, the Prolactin Elevating causes Omega waves. Without Ignorance in the Parasympathetic nerve, the onset of Paranoia exists in the overload of sensory input from Psychosocial. This overload also causes a massive hallucinatory effect from the Vagus nerve. It is here – in the Vagus nerve - that Buddhist Monks may visually meditate in their heightened Omega wave state. 

The Facial Conformity Disorder is the HMB Amino acid in the muscles suddenly falling into a stance of Paranoia.  

I know, 

         I have felt my face slouch into that position to Paranoia, because of Prolactin Elevating drugs! 

Phenergan causes the facial muscles to remain taut is my opinion after studying the effects with and without Phenergan on a FCD. It also opens the Throat Chakras energy Amplitudes to become a better flow of wordless breath. The ears that close from Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia are reopened as well. This stops the Vestibular Motion Disorder in vitamin D2 blockade from causing sublime Peripheral Psychosocial interaction of the noised Buzz in the inner ear or Throat Chakras. This Buzz is a part of the life narration of a Core Identity. It is when Peripheral hearing or sight dysfunctions occur that voices in the head can be the result. 

Vestibular Motion Disorder is where Psychosocial Peripheral feelings and emotions cause the sensory input to cause a mental illness breakdown. This illness is actually alleviated via the use of Phenergan because the body/brain barrier has a Norm of Society alertness to Peripheral sublime sight and sound. And that then causing consciousness of Stimulus/Response that gives a Larynx Reward of Chakras energy.  


By re-affirming the facial structure with Phenergan, sensory input is pacified in the Cranial nerves with the inclusion of Self-hacked Sarcosine. These two nutraceutical supplements cause the body/brain barrier what is necessary to re-affirm the barrier away from Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia. 

I say, Sarcosine is the stimulus of neurochemicals needed to allow the Cranial nerves to function properly within Leucine. I say of Phenergan, its function is to keep the HMB within the muscle structure. Also, Phenergan causes the removal of Histamine H1-4 (Delta Yeast infection) from the gut GABA.  

That, then relieves, the infected Vagus nerve from Inner thought Experiences of Anxiety and Psychosis. Also, Schizophrenic vocal and visual hallucinations.  

The vitamin D2 blockade to the Sympathetic nerve is thoughtful Anxiety and Psychosis where the Vagus nerve has been infected with Histamine H1-4. This blockade is caused to the Pharyngeal/Glossopharyngeal interaction of medicament induced Vagus Tardive Dyskinesia. 

The Vagus Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia in Schizophrenic interaction is the Larynx. It is also the Paranoia from vitamin D2 blockade to the Parasympathetic nerves as an Ignorance response dysfunction of Vagus Yeast H1-4 Histamine.  

This body/brain barrier interaction of Self-hacked Prolactin Antipsychotics, causing a neurochemical Facial Conformity Disorder, that I include and discuss as, ‘Vagus’ Self-hacked Orofacial Dyskinesia and alleviated with Phenergan. 


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