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The restless agitation (Parasympathetic nerve) and anxiousness (Sympathetic nerve) of the FCD is part of how the body/brain barrier react with thought, Paranoia and Anxiety. And that is instead of the head and body moving along with standard peripheral Biopsychosocial interaction.  

Phenergan reacts with the lessoning of agitation, by suppressing the body/brain barrier reaction to H1-4 of Histamine and increases Dopamine. Phenergan works as a natural Endorphin that blocks the Cranial nerves, from forming a ‘Flight’ response in the Leucine/HMB dysfunction. I call this an FCD in Chronic Histamine Inflammation of the body/brain barrier. This agitation creates the hallucinations in H1-4 Delta waves of the eyes via the Parasympathetic Cranial nerves forming a lack of Sympathetic Cortical rebooting. This rebooting is the function of blinking away Alpha wave emissions. Histamine creates Vagus nerve Inflammation. This creates voices in the head by a Sympathetic Anxiety attack in the ‘Flight’ response from the stomach/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve.  

This Anxiety is the result of Enkephalins malfunctioning and Phenergan is the natural Harmony giving the breath a wordless 'Disassociation’ response instead. Many reports of Sarcosine experiments have reported that agitation can be a huge problem with high doses of Sarcosine. The answer to that is Phenergan which causes Dopamine functions, controlling mood. 

By Phenergan releasing the natural Breath response of wordless ‘Fight’, the sublime Sympathetic nerve is caused less Chronic Inflammation, of ‘Flight’ via Dopamine. This includes the thoughtful stomach/brain barrier of the Histamine H1-4 blockage in the Vagus nerve that gives the ‘Flight’ of confusion instead in the Sympathetic nerve. This confusion in the Sympathetic nerve causes agitation. 

The interaction of a H1-4 dysfunction, blocks the Vagus interaction with the Parasympathetic nerve of ‘Rest and Digest’ and ‘Ignorance’ as well. This then causes sublime interaction via the Inner thought Experience of the ‘Flight’ response from H1-4 entering the Vagus nerve.  These two nerves have been caused to misfire in their Harmony because of Orofacial Dyskinesia. It is via the malfunction in the Medulla Oblongata and the stomach/brain barrier and Antipsychotics.  

This is what happens in Interpellation of the Biopsychosocial buzzed noise and peripheral actions of public and Core Identity. And that causes a person to be the Psychological term of Abnormal to be Normal, of Orofacial Dyskinesia, in Psychosocial interaction of Homeostatic energy. A belief that can be justified via: Eastern Chakras of thought and meditation and; Western tissues of neurochemical Germ Layers. 

It is from the throat, where thought to the Vagus nerve is an affliction, of the right-hand-side of the inner voice boxes Larynx in Histamine H1-4. Phenergan reduces the Chronic Inflammation of: what I see as a Histamine H1-4 Yeast infection in the Parasympathetic response of the Vagus nerve. This has the direct result of affecting the Throat Chakras with the Abnormal to be Normal mental thought process in the right-hand-ear. Orofacial Dyskinesia affects the Eastern Chakras in the meditative energies and the neurochemistry of the Western beliefs of the Germ Layers. 

The Larynx has direct thought interaction with the Vagus nerve. When the ears become closed by an FCD, the head does not move correctly. It then causes VMD and the Cranial structure forms a ‘H1-4 Flight’ response in the body/brain barrier. This then causes the emotions of Psychological trauma of Parasympathetic Paranoia, or traumatic Anxious voices in the head, via the Vagus Inner thought Experience. 

Psychiatry should be forced, to use these complementary and Alternative medicaments for Tardive Dyskinesia! 

My own experience of Self-hacking Sarcosine and Phenergan are a reaction to Chronic Inflammation that medication causes, via Tardive Dyskinesia to the body/brain barrier function. It is atrocious why Orofacial Dyskinesia, caused by antipsychotics, is not treated more widely by psychiatrists!  

It has been reported that Phenergan can cause Psychologically traumatizing Anxiety. However, when used in conjunction with my Self-hack on Sarcosine they have a natural Harmony in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves. 

Phenergan allows the Chronic Inflammation of Histamine in the gut/stomach link directly to the Vagus nerve. It allows for the alleviation, via thoughtless Harmonic breath and the guts Sacral Chakra becoming stable. This then causes Sympathetic ‘Disassociation’ to thought and Parasympathetic ‘Rest and Digest’ in the Harmony of a relaxed body and wordless breath. With the inclusion of the self-hack in Sarcosine causing thoughtless ‘Fight’. The ‘Fight’ response is the relieving of Vestibular Motion Disorder, that gives relaxed body notions through the Self-hack on Sarcosine instead.  Also, where Phenergan alleviates an FCD of a ‘Flight’ attack and so giving ‘Disassociation’ of an Inner peace Experience instead.  

That Sarcosine complement, is instead of a medicament induced catatonic Orofacial Dyskinesia of ‘Flight’ into an Anxious Inner thought Experience of the left ear via VMD. Also, a lack of Paranoia and voices in the head caused by the use of the Antihistamine Phenergan towards Orofacial Dyskinesia.  

These two combined complementary medications alleviate the dysfunction caused to the Cranial nerves, body functions and facial muscles. They are controlled by the Medulla Oblongata/stomach/gut and is a Psychotic and Paranoid inducement of medicament towards Orofacial Dyskinesia. 

Prolactin Sparing Drugs cause: thoughtful Anxiety and Psychotic conditions of a Facial Conformity Disorder in Orofacial Dyskinesia. That is in the Sympathetic and Glossopharyngeal nerves. This is then Adapted in the Pharyngeal in the Throat Chakras and also, the Cranial nerves to traumatizing thoughts and hallucinations. They block Tinnitus consciously in the left-hand-ear into psychosis and the Inner traumatic thought Experience. 

Prolactin Elevating Drugs cause: Parasympathetic Paranoia and voices in the head from the Vagus nerve. This then forming as the Orofacial Dyskinesia, in the Larynx of the Throat Chakras as voices in the right ear. And an FCD of Paranoia in the Cranial nerves and facial muscles of HMB. Seems to increase Tinnitus in the ear used for Paranoia that causes Parasympathetic dysfunction. Restores the dysfunctional Tinnitus in the left-hand-ear. 

I also complement my treatment of Orofacial Dyskinesia with high doses of Vitamin E and Omega-3 oils. 

If you suffer from Orofacial Dyskinesia and have any negative symptoms, I suggest you get yourself, the Sarcosine complementary and alternative treatment. Either that, or involve the legal system regarding Prolactin Antipsychotics and Evolutionary Social Sciences of medieval witchcraft! 

About me. 

I have an open honorary degree in Evolutionary Psychology of Social Sciences. And 7 months of a Cognitive Skinner Box.  

All thanks to Phil Woodward (DD100, 2007, Open University) giving me his time, where I arrived late for the exam. 

As for the Skinner box education of, (DSE212, Circa 2009-14, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK): that was the Prolactin Sparing Drug of; Olanzapine at all uncompleted attempts. 

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