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A Bi-cameral mind – I say in Adaptation – reacts in thought via emotions developing from feelings of Biopsychosocial interaction. This interaction is caused via a suffer of thought patterns interacting in a Bi-cameral thought of inner sensations that are an interpretation of the facial expressions. Within the facial expression, the Prosodic energies of the inner voice box interprets a constant cycle of traumatised facial expressions. I call this condition a Facial Conformity Disorder (FCD), where the Cranial nerves interact within the body/brain barrier, as a Bicameral mindset, of the right side of the Amygdala not emptying itself when Cortical rebooting does not take place. Cortical rebooting is a function of blinking where the senses momentarily shutdown. 

This FCD I see in two forms: Tardive Dyskinesia and; Dry Eye Disease. Both of these conditions can have causes due to Hyperactivity in the Alpha emissions of D1 vitamin in, the Cranial nerves of facial expressions from, the Lacrimal gland.  

In the inter-function with the Cranial nerves Melatonin is a function of easing the Facial Conformity Disorder in Anxiety and Depression 

The Amygdala is a Peripheral action response of the Automated Medulla Oblongata. From this area of the Brain, Consolidation of thoughts permeate towards to Prefrontal Cortex. This in the body/brain response, is due to the visual Cortex, where Consolidation is via Cortical rebooting or sleep. Via my two books in one: The Trauma of Voices and Body Mentalists you can achieve the emptying of your recycle bin. 




How to empty the Amygdala 

There are many spiritual aspects placed on the healing of the body/brain barrier. I myself have been using SBA, with the Chakras and Being Mindful. However, there is the emergence of CBT which is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This has many disciplines but are based on Prosodic overtures of true Empathy therapy, psychiatry! 

There are also medications that can be used in many nutraceutical supplements. When these are used for an Alternative Complimentary Therapy (ACT). One that I would recommend for Dry Eye Disease and Tardive Dyskinesia is Ashwagandha. However, for this cure it would need to be used as a nasal spray. This is because the centre of its Facial Conformity Disorder is the Lacrimal Gland. Within Myclonus illnesses of Dry Eye Disease the Lacrimal suffers an allergic reaction. This in terms of either induced condition, the brain becomes hypersensitive to Alpha waves. In terms of a Facial Conformity Disorder this causes the facial muscles to contort to either a physical or mental health Psychosocial condition. 

You can consider – in terms of psychiatry – that Dry Eye Disease covers all effects of mental health, including all minor side effects of medicament. The latter includes hallucinations and hearing voices and skin picking!:?   

Physical symptoms of a diseased Facial Conformity Disorder include: 

  • Spasmodic motions 

  • Blindness or spatial sight-loss (tunnel vision) 

  • Dry eyes

  • Allergic to strange smells 

  • Clicking sound or pain in the palate 

  • Anxiety Asthma

  • Hyperventilation

  • Ear problems due to Yeast infection 

  • Gums shrinking due to the diverting of salivary mucus 

  • Empathy issues 

Mentality symptoms of medicament inducement of a Facial Conformity Disorder: 

Prolactin Sparing Antipsychotics blockade of vitamin D2.  

  • Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders 

  • Hallucinations 

  • OCD trauma version of Psychological voices in the head 

  • Projection issues 

  • Feet Chakra dysfunctions 

  • Mutism 

  • Erratic mouth motion 

  • Facial contortions 

  • Strange smells! 

  • Empathic issues 

Prolactin Elevating symptoms of medicament induced Facial Conformity Disorders via vitamin D2 blockade: 

  • Loss of the natural Paranoia trauma Response Reflex in Responsiveness Neurochemical Mechanisms 

  • Psychological Schizophrenic voices trauma in the head 

  • Facial contortions 

  • Projection issues 

  • Feet Chakra dysfunctions 

  • Erratic mouth motions 

  • Hallucinations 

Sympathetic nerve of Anxiety or worry issues.

Within my own research into the minor! effects of Tardive Dyskinesia.... lollol I used Ashwagandha for my Lacrimal Gland. This causes the Facial Conformity Disorder in the facial muscles to realign themselves. By using Ashwagandha, the left sinus dysfunction, of the Lacrimal gland –it can be alleviated of its allergic reaction. By using a nasal spray, the Ashwagandha has direct topical adhesion to the Lacrimal gland. In this way, I say, the Alpha wave Hypersensitivity of Prolactin Spring drugs is removed from the left-hand Throat Chakra and Lacrimal gland. This then setting a Circadian Cycle in the body/brain barrier of alleviating worrying or Anxiety trauma in the Amygdala via ACTS. This has direct function on the Mesoderm/Endoderm skins tissues and so works on a neurochemical level - as research I will carry out will prove. 

Vagus Inner thought Experiences of Paranoia.

Within further research I have can prove that using another supplement of nutraceutic can alleviate the dysfunctions of Paranoia trauma symptoms in the Vagus nerve via ACTS. These are a cause of right-hand Throat Chakra dysfunctions. A dysfunction also involved in Multi-personality Disorder traumas. These are emotional disorder traumas including Psychopath's. 


Mindfulness alleviates Dry Eye Disease of Psychopathic of: intolerance levels within, the term vocalising voices of; Script narration. 

The re-cyclying of Inner Experiences to Shades of Grey! 

In Mindfulness CBT the term voices actually exists Dr Chakrabarti. This of course caused me a Psychosocial issue – as too whether human's actually have sensience of voice and a group discussion of voices.... Ahem psychiatry!:? Script narration as I've been using to Discuss verbalisations of voices!  

Mindfulness training - as I have carried out through Self-Behavioural Analysis of Inner clarity Experiences, have caused me to gain a state of Inner peace Experiences. My first route, before entering education, was through my first two books. These allowed me to go through a state of clarity during medicament induced Tardive Dyskinesia of a Facial Conformity Disorder. Mindfulness as I see it, is to extend into the voices narrated Script narration of the Core Identity. Here as my books for research in mental health Body Mentalism say, the Enactment of Self exists, under the guise of Godhead – Dr SadDig Bhandari.  

When this is achieved the Inner Experience becomes, an Ego Identity of Core Identity Script narration, in terms of how they chose to hear voices of sentience. Mindfulness of my two ebooks The Trauma of voices and........  


Ref: Myoclonus

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