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Deficiency of Vitamin D2, Prolactin and HMB Leucine, is part of the cause of Dry Eye Disease (DED). 


In both cases low doses of Phenergan can Alleviate symptoms via:   

  • Embryonic Fluids of receptors in the gut/brain barrier affecting;  

  • alleviation of allergic Histamine H1 (Alpha) in the; 

  • muscular HMB Leucine mediation with;  

  • the Lacrimal gland with D1 hypersensitivity via;  

  • the Cranial nerves that can be aided with D2 and Sarcosine. 


A Facial Conformity Disorder of DED: a Biopsychosocial function in; Myoclonus Throat Chakra dysfunctions from; H3 Histamine nitrogenous compounds (Slow wave Delta REM infection); as a Yeast infection from D2 (Beta wave); in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic body/brain barrier; of Stimulus/Response from the deformed Psychosocial Mesoderm and Endoderm facial muscles. 

This deficiency might cause the Chakra energies to form dysfunctions in Germ Layers. Dysfunctions of Biopsychosocial interpellation through the Psychosocial Buzz of the Script narration of Word. Words that you carry around in Prosodic tones of a Core Identity noised Buzz. Noise that should end within the self as a Godhead Buzz of Tinnitus frequencies. A multitude of Creations both living and dead, elementary. Creation is a part of Historical Insignificance of Propaganda forming in the womb via continuous recreation of Presence. This is considered in my Social Sciences as Projection of the Buzz narration. It is the breaking of Psychiatric Psychological trauma of symptoms of Paranoia. 

In Dry Eye Disease the dysfunction can be from Chakra Alpha wave emissions of D1 receptors. This causes the same effect as Tardive Dyskinesia and the allergic reaction of a Facial Conformity Disorder to medicament. This is via D2 receptor deficiency. Within the Medulla Oblongata, Cortical and peripheral responses are a Harmonic response interaction of D1 and D2 receptors.  

In OCD the mediation with the Amygdala is within the right-hand-side of the more negative response mechanism. With symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia and Psychosis the left-hand-side of the Amygdala will be more apparent. 

Damage to Throat Chakra and its nerves may cause paralysis or paresis of the vocal folds of SD of the Solar Plexus and Germ Layers. This includes Mutism of Tardive Dyskinesia. This Conjoining effect exists in the Prosodic energy muscles because of an HMB Leucine deficiency in the Chakra energies caused by DEDS in the Lacrimal gland and sinuses.  

In the onset of DED, CBT and its Mindfulness are necessary to settle the dysfunction in Alpha waves, with eyes closed. The vitamin D1 Dopamine receptor will reduce with CBT therapy. Also, there is an option: by using a vitamin D2, the Harmonic response of the Circadian Cortical responses – such as Cortical rebooting – can be re-stabilised, instead of using medicament preventative measures. This Harmonic Cortical response is via the natural energies and neurochemistry of Biopsychosocial Interpellation, where Dry Eye Diseased is alleviated. 

Mindfulness is the Cortical function of training the tonal Inner energy Experience. Energy centred towards the SD as a function of the gut (Sacral) and Solar Plexus. This is all via the inner voice box of the Throat Chakra. This in turn creates functional Inner emotional Experiences, in the, neurochemical feelings of Cortical Pathogenic sweat and scent response. An energy response in the inner voice box of the Pharyngeal and Larynx nerves of the Biopsychosocial inner/outer Pathogenic Germ Layer Traits. This mediation between East and West is the Inner Experience of Homeostatic Script narration. A Secret narration of Prosodic tones of Biopsychosocial Nature of Congruence. It is the Chakra Homeostatic energy of Ectoderm/Mesoderm Layers, as a Conjoining point of Eastern and Western Sciences of Psychosocial Trait Adaptations according to locations. These are the two sides to the Throat Chakra, that gives Self-Behavioural Analysis, to the Left and right sides of the Germ Layers, inner function of the Prosodic Throat Chakra. 

The Throat Chakra and Lacrimal gland are an area involved in visual and auditory Hallucinations of VMD and a FCD in the disorder of DED. This is from both the Glossopharyngeal/Pharynx and Vagus/Larynx. These are interactions with the Amygdala left and right hemispheres of the brain via the Throat Chakra. 

In terms of a Psychological trauma condition of Signs of Anxiety, the Pharynx of the left-hand-side of the Throat Chakra contains the Inner emotional thought Experience. That is an experience of the Sympathetic nerve and Glossopharyngeal nerve. In this area deficiencies in D2 vitamins will cause Tardive Dyskinesia and Dry Eye Disease hypersensitivity. DED in this symptom of Anxiety will also have a function towards the right hand side of the brain’s Amygdala. 

In therapies for symptoms of Dry Eye Disease, a vitamin D2 should be administered, with a low dose of Phenergan to relieve the Lacrimal gland of a Histamine infection of Yeast. This Yeast infection, will also infect the Throat Chakra via the nasal breath energy lines of left and right Prosodic occurrences of breath and vocal at a Mesoderm/Endoderm function. The tones involved in humming chants are also beneficial for the nasal mediation with the Throat Chakra because of this in the Solar Plexus Chakra of the SD. Prolactin Antipsychotics should be issued without D2 blockade. 

The Sacral Chakra is part of the body/brain barrier of the Vagus nerve. The Sacral, Throat Chakras and Kundalini Yoga, cause tonal Cortical responses of sublime peripheral actions, that are created as a Core Identity, as someone that functions, from the Western Sternum and Diaphragm. The meditative exercises of Kundalini Yoga are how the Sacral and Throat Chakra Conjoin to create harmonic Cortical responses in the Sternum/Diaphragm of the gut/brain interaction of the Alpha and Beta responses of D1 and D2 in the Medulla Oblongata. This area is defined in the Solar Plexus as an energy tonal point. 

The mediation of Eastern and Western sciences indicates that by using tonal energies emitted from the SD the dysfunction in the Parasympathetic/Vagus and Sympathetic/Glossopharyngeal mediations in the Throat Chakra, can cause re-stimulation, of the mentalized muscle memory and nerves, of thoughts of voices on either side of the head. The Psychological trauma of voices in the head have two distinctions: 

  • Left-hand-side Anxiousness of a Natured Congruence of Empathic SBA of OCD emotions to the tonal Buzz. 

  • Right-hand-side Parasympathetic Paranoia symptoms failure giving Vagus emotions of an Inner emotional vocal Trait Experience. 

Mindfulness of East/West Psychology causes internal thoughts and voices to be reasoned with. The logic of Being Mindful is to retrain the irrational thoughts into a deeper mindset. When a meditative state is awoken from, OCD emotional thoughts and Schizophrenic hallucinations are sent towards a deeper location in the subconscious mindset. Mindfulness breaks the subconscious barrier of Alpha wave D1 thought processes into a peaceful stabilisation of Consolidation. This Consolidation is achieved in THETA or Beta waves. 

This is an Inner voice Experience of VMD or FCD in the left or right ear involved in the D1 Dopamine receptor of Projection in DEDS. Projections caused where D2 Dopamine wave functions are blockaded.  

Voices from Paranoid Schizophrenia are a right-hand affliction of pure Vagus thought. This is via the Throat Chakra echoing pure thoughts of the emotional one voice into the right inner ear from the Sacral or second brain. OCD voices in the head are Pharynx thoughtfulness from the left side of the Throat Chakra of Anxious emotional thoughts to the left inner ear. These western and Eastern Conjoining of knowledge contains how tonal Prosodic methods of ‘Ah’ and ‘Ka’ can ascertain a physical testing system.  

A testing of the inner Mesoderm Germ Layer that has direct function with the body/brain barrier of muscle/nerve D1/D2 (Alpha and Beta) responses. Responses of Biopsychosocial mesoderm/Endoderm Chakras to Psychosocial Exothermic reactions. This is how Dry Eye Disease causes dysfunctions within Interpellation.  

In terms of symptoms of Dry Eye from medicament, Psychosocial becomes an Endothermic reaction, of Prosodic D1 Alpha wave mechanisms, in Prolactin Antipsychotics blockade of D2. This then causing an allergic reaction in the Lacrimal gland of H3 receptors to Cortical Hypersensitivity from D1 Dopamine receptors. 

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