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Psychological trauma of Chakra

The effects of meditation and Philosophical views of the East are most welcome by someone that has been through the trauma of medicament induced Psychological trauma of Psychosis because of the NHS U.K. The Psychological trauma of Mental illness is a structure of mental Delta wave Amplitudes that affect the 7 Chakras – the forming tissue in Germ Layers of the birth Embryo. These are also the meat tissue after birth: Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm. They are of Homeostatic Script and birth right of; psychological day/night/day continuum of Interpellation. This is a Fight and Flight and the Rest and Digest of Ignorance and the Harmony of some Disassociation. The 3 Germ Layers are of the EmbryoGenesis in foetal growth to the 7 healing Chakras Energy of the Inner Experience.


These are Homeostatic Script narrations of Psycho Social scent continuum of Psychological body mentalists. It is EmbryoGenesis Germ Layer tissues of the Energy Layers of Existentialism and the DNA family unit. This is of Script and Buzz narration in Psycho Social scent Performances. It is within Settings of Fashion Trends of localized community and the day/night/day continuum of Erving Goffman’s Script and Lious Althusser’s Interpellation that leads to a Conjoining. It only takes one to break moulds' of a community Setting to know that liberation exists from Psychological trauma of how medicaments and Psychiatrists have chosen the wrong Wave Amplitude for the Human frequency of Tinnitus.


Meditation can reach into the Chakra Energies of the 7 zones of the Material Self after the birth of Karma and two’s individual birth. These in the Embryo are the ig, Mesoderm and Ectoderm Layers of the Homeostatic Germ Cells. I say Panchakarma-based Ayurvedic intervention and meditation is a true way of correcting Energy blockages in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves of the Vagus nerve control of the Embryonic Energies of the 7 healing Chakras. The Vagus nerve is the Embryonic and Script Interpellation of the Metropolis zone of Homeostatic Script narration of Bicameral Homo-sapiens Sapiens.


Integrative medicine practices, such as meditation and Ayurveda, are non-existent in the mental health system but their effects on human physiology are not yet fully understood in Western Social Sciences and medical experimentation. Medication is and its a Delta wave Amplitude of blood/brain barrier Tinnitus frequency where life and sleep have become infused in some clients of Psychological trauma of voices instead of Bliss.


Meditation where the client is woken properly from meditation and your relaxation classes of the mental health system is so very extremely important Psychiatry and Psychology towards opening conscious THETA Bliss instead of walking away sleepily in thought. This breaks the code of letting dormant madness sleep in the Nature of Congruence, but Nature is aware of the Religiousness of Congruence. Take it from me Self-Behavioural Analysis (SBA) is vital in the healing of the Inner thought Experience of Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word that means the ‘Science of Life’ or the ‘Science of Perfect Health’, is the traditional system of personalized medicine (Nutraceutics) from India that emphasizes disease prevention and health promotion.  Panchakarma, Ayurvedic medicine’s principle cleansing and rejuvenation protocols, incorporates various treatments of nutrition compounds through herbs. I say Psychiatric medicaments are nothing more than the culture of supplemental Nutraceutic compounds of futuristic compounds of chemistry.


Meditation is known to change the blood/barrier of Amplitudes of the Human Tinnitus Core Identity frequency of Theory of Mind. This in the terms of Tinnitus flow of blood plasma frequencies that allows for the transition of left and right motion of left-hand Tinnitus bodily mentalist notions of Psycho Social to be corrected in the change of blood plasma to the right-hand Tinnitus. Psycho Social being assessed as a Homeostatic day/night/day continuum of scent as - a Sanskrit word that Conjoins Core Identity with Homeostatic Psycho Social scent of NitroGenous compounds of Histamines. This is via Science of Life with the Psychosocial of Science of Perfect Health.


This is what that promotes the Core Identity of individualism on a Bicameral basis of Natured Congruence to the birds of lark (Fight or Flight) and call (Self Conjoining. This is of the Sympathetic nerve Disassociation and whether to produce Parasympathetic Endorphins of Ignorance with partially Rest and Digest the information). And this is in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve in the brain of the brain/body barrier Theory of Mind and body language mentalist attitude of Psychological trauma of Amplitudes of Tinnitus frequency and the trauma of voices and mental illness. It is the Conjoining of Life DNA Script narration rather than Lious Althusser’s Interpellation – a Marxist theory. Interpellation is the everyday Setting of Conjoining that walks in passersby. At this point Ayurveda and the food of Life Script is in the single story of Self-Behavioural Analysis. It is via Science of Perfect Health as: a Core Identity of Psychosocial (Chakra influences) daily practise in a; Setting and; Theory of Mind of; Performance.


In the psychological trauma of voices inside head and chronic depression I say a facial massage is necessary to exercise the Facial Conformity Disorder that accentuates meditation and helps with Yoga classes. Although eyes of the Psychological trauma that is Paranoia are involved with the trauma of voices in the head they are part of the Pharyngeal nerve (Throat Chakra) and Germ Layers of hereditary DNA. As is all psychological trauma of mental illness. I say at this point compounds of the medicament Lipoic Acid and 5-HTP help as a medical medicine compound for the Psychological trauma of depression. Bearing in mind that Delta wave Amplitudes of conscious living are not acceptable in any industry of Alpha and Beta wave Amplituders of the Norm of Society. Meditation and Yoga unblocks the Psychological trauma of mentality in body mentalist attitudes that affect Energies of Chakra and Ayurveda Social Sciences in an Evolutionary Socio-Psychology aspect. Energy of Chakra needs

Alleviation ← Deviation by brain/body blood plasma trickery of the mind/body barrier, but not as traditional Deviant but Deviance into a failed culture.


Disease is the simplistic blocking of what Earth’s Mother as Circuitree is prescribing as the 7 Chakra healing Energy imbalances. Stop blocking these new Energies of so called Chakra Psychiatrists with your medications and look to Bipolar Elation for a cure Psychological therapists. Aruyvedic practises and Yoga balance the Tinnitus frequency where Delta wave medicaments should be banned according to the Natured of Religiousness of Congruence. Rather that a dysfunctional Psychiatric legalization of Self-made Incongruence of the legalized punitive manipulative Human in an Incongruent Theory of Mind of secret sublime voices to a female through Fashion Trends of: moronic sexual pump status of Indian Asian Embodiment on the Female of; the subliminal trauma of thoughtful voices in Religiousness of Congruence of; Chakras and Male Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation sexism on the female individualism. I say to you of mental health mix the mineral of Ayurveda herbs and supplements with the compounds of Western medication - those of Globalising Evolutionary Social Sciences.


Heart and blood pressure result from the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Harmony of the brain/body stimulus via Yoga, Meditation, along with fun and work ethics of stress and pressure. I say Tinnitus frequency is aided by these methods and many THETA chemical compounds that mental health clients of Delta wave Amplitude Anxiousness are denied. The Psychological trauma of mental health is in the sleep/wake barrier of Delta wave Amplitudes of Human brain/body barriers of medication atrocities. The THETA wave Amplitude of cannabis and hops is an answer, as is Lipoic acid and 5-HTP which is a compound medication of the Psychological trauma of chronic depression symptoms according to Kundalini. Both give Elation over the Psychological trauma of chronic Anxiety disorders. Ayurvedic medication and herbs?


Well Nutraceutics are the advancements of this status quo into medical chemistry compounds of medication in the Western Social Sciences. Nutraceutics are the higher authority over newly developing industries of Western Psychological experimentation on Humans and mental health clients. 


Metabolites are an all endpoint as NitroGenous Histamines compounds of H1-H4 where Delta wave Amplitudes of Tinntius frequency do not exist in the trauma of Psychological mental illnesses. Nitrogenous compounds of Histamine are the end-chain metabolism of Psycho Social scent beliefs when it comes to Psychological trauma of Chakras and healing as: Buzzed subliminal thoughts of traumatic acute Anxiety disorders and trauma that is Paranoia of; Psychological traumatized mental illnesses of voices in your head. The dynamic system that helps Western medical hypocrisies of experimentation on Humans is the medical compounds of Holistic supplemental in Nutraceutic vitamins and minerals. This is as of a Core Identity Ayurvedic Science of Perfect Health client of a Psycho Social scent interactive of the day/night/day continuum of the Psychological Script, Chakra and growing Embryo of Homeostatic unconscious Interpellation of common frequencies. These approaches all reveal towards the Psychological trauma of Chronic mental Inflammation that Yoga and Meditation reveals themselves as healing methods of Delta wave Amplitudes of Western medication that forms blockages in the Chakras in our body of Energy from the body’s Homeostatic Script narration. Genotypes and Phenotypes relates in this course of Chakras in our body to hereditary methods and Phenotype of what is learnt through conception of Embodiment and subsequent Theory of Mind in the Core Identity. That is the Self of Tinnitus frequency motion from the notions that Psycho Social scent entail. This is via Homeostatic Script narration of Performances and Setting. And that gives a Conjoining of Ayurvedic Science of Perfect Health in Iness, Oneness or known as Core Identity of Script narration of Interpellation in public notions of Self as peripheral motions that leads to emotions of unconscious body language.


That is Ayurvedic herbs. If you look from a Nutraceutical Holistic view of Western medication compounds, these are of brain chemicals and how simple Holistic body mentalist formulas of compounds can formulate Western medication with Alternative Complimentary Therapies. 


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