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Psychological trauma and Vitamins B6 B8 B12 with Omega oils (Hemp oil) and Creatinine.

I say the Omega 3, 6 and 9 are an inclusion for overall Harmony in the Psychosocial body/brain barrier of: Bipolar; Schizophrenia causes and symptoms and Depressive Disorders in Psychological traumas. These are the Harmony of Psychological trauma of vitamins B6, B8 and B12 in the Medulla Oblongata. Here the Sympathetic, Parasympathetic and Vagus nerve all work in Harmony in the body/brain barrier via the Omega oils and these three vitamins.


Vitamin B8 is the Fight in the Sympathetic nerve of the Psychosocial phobia of: Psychological acute Anxiety disorder trauma and; also is Paranoia traumas. Inositol and Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP) are forms of vitamin B8.


Lacking B8 and the resultant Omega oil, create severe Anxiety disorder as a Psychological trauma Harmony of, Parasympathetic Depressive Disorder trauma. These are the traumatic bad mood swings from Bipolar trauma, in the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve.


It is immediately fed neuro-chemicals via the Vagus nerve of the Central Nervous System (CNS). That also using these  B vitamins and omega oil nutrients in the body/brain barrier. This also, too feed the Glossopharyngeal nerve of the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head. This area involves the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head from a  Schizophrenic acute Psychotic Episode as well in Core Identity.


These are as Inner Experiences of Psycho Social interaction of body Ignorance Parasympathetic dysfunctions called Inner language Experiences to the Psychosocial peripheral noised Buzz. They are of the Chakras and Germ Layers of meat and Embryogenous Energies and also the meat tissues of sweat and scent. This is the expelling and absorption of the Psycho Social day/night/day continuum of a Core Identity practising Interpellation (Louis Althusser).


If the Chakras Energies of the Inner Experiences are entered, including the Godhead code of Tinnitus frequency Amplitudes it leads to the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head from a Schizophrenic or an acute Psychotic Episode. This then I say leads too: Facial Conformity Disorders of Leucine and HMB vitamins. This forms in the facial tissues in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) of B6, B8 and B12 with Omega 3, 6, 9. And that includes Bipolar and an acute Psychotic Episode of the trauma of hearing voices in your head. This is via these Harmonic areas in the Medulla Oblongata. These areas include and leading towards the Glossopharyngeal nerve reaction within the inner voice box of the Throat Chakra. As with the B vitamins it is known that the Omega oils are brain food nutrients. I say the Vitamins relate more towards the body/brain barrier of the body mentalist attitude of the Norm of Society known as Parasympathetic Ignorance and Sympathetic Disassociation. This relates to communication, body language and the Inner Experience including thoughtfulness.




In the Medulla Oblongata the Vagus nerve is the key first area to the brain that is the brain/body barrier of the ill-nourished. It is those of Psychological trauma of Chronic Brain Inflammations leading to Excitability in the Hippocampal. But also looking further, the daily Psychological trauma and Anxiety and also is Paranoia traumas. It is in Psychosocial Cycles of Enquiry into how Core Identity Inner thought Experiences are evolved. And that is in a Core Identity of Self as a mental freedom of consciousness to Tinnitus frequencies and from the Godhead code of His Divine Swami of India.


This interaction is in the Co-Enzyme in the Solar Plexus chakra in the Germ Layers. It is where: not enough nutritional liquids are being imbibed into the Germ Layers. It is an evolving of B vitamins and media Tinnitus Energy frequencies entering Core Identity Tinnitus frequencies and the extra liquids and B vitamins and Omega oils that are needed. And that is of hereditary beliefs from the Phylogenies of brain and destiny of the Vagus nerve. In western terms this area forms the Parasympathetic Enzymes of the Sympathetic nerves liquids of Omega oils. These are of electro-chemical Energy in the Solar Plexus of Metabolism of Nucleic Acids. And, these then feeding Vestibular Motions against Psychological trauma of a severe Anxiety disorder and also is Paranoia traumas. It is of the Medulla Oblongata in the Norm of Society of a: thoughtfulness and body Ignorance. This is via; the 7 Chakras and Germ Layers. In Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Harmony Inner thought Experiences Re-inforce calm against erratic body mentalist Ignorance and Disassociation. This is to the trauma of severe Anxiety disorder and is Paranoia caused by lack of B vitamins and Omega oils. It is via thought blockage and calm but Ignorant body language motions. This is to the Parasympathetic notions that are Peripheral sensations of electro-chemicals ion signals. And that includes electro-chemical sweat and scent in the day/night/day continuum of 7 Chakras metabolism of Germ Layers. And that is of meat tissue forming from electro-chemical reactions from Metabolism. It is also the cause of eliminating Histamine chemical Compounds. These are Nitrogenous wastes. Wastes - such as I propose of the Delta Wave Amplitude of sublime sleepwalking in the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in my head. That is in the Glossopharyngeal nerve of its Inner thought Experience towards body language notions in a Psychosocial situation. This then creates traumatic Bipolar severe Anxiety disorder, Depression trauma and Paranoid mood swings. They are an affect of Psycho Social (public but separated by inner Chakra Energy of the Inner Core Identity Experience). They are of traumatizing bad mood swings and Psychotic episodes in H3 Delta Wave Amplitudes of Tinnitus frequencies via Nitrogenous Blood plasma Histamine compounds of H3. It is in the blood/brain barrier of the inner ear and the resultant visual and auditory Confabulation (delusions).


Creatine and the Histamine Compound of Nitrogenous Decarboxylase (HDC) leads to Sympathetic nerve Excitory Behaviour. And I say the Rest and Digest of the Parasympathetic Interpellation of Psychosocial learning of aging through Chakra and Streetwise Germ Layers. This is of sweat and Energies of Harmony via the very womb juices of breath's Hydroplasma of elation (hyperventilation). This is a Homeostatic Psycho Social Peripheral sensation of Scents’ and the Presence of noised Script Buzz forming a sublime consciousness in the womb at a certain hereditary ageing.



This is the Plasticity in the three points leading off to Hippocampal Excitory communication via the Glossopharyngeal nerve of Inner thought Experiences and Tinnitus in the womb of the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head of sublime Peripheral sensations of body language Interpellation of natured Religiousness of Congruence.


It is a Germ Layers Homeostatic sweat of womb juices and equilibrium of Chakra Energies. It is the Interpellation in the tissue. This includes Paranoia trauma (body Ignorance) and traumatic Anxiety (thoughtfulness and body Disassociation) of Psychosocial phobias. It is where you are not Streetwise and have become a Psychosocial Phobic Psychological trauma of Vestibular Motion Disorders. This Plasticity is from the Vagus nerve and if the Body/brain barrier is in Harmony then: a Psycho Social electro-chemical gives day/night/day continuum gives off a Cortical reboot of blinking a Hippocampal Reward or Reinforcement from B vitamins and Omega oils.


Plasticity is from the Vagus nerve and Hippocampal Excitability and I say is a bi-product of Creatine that gives the short bursts of energy to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactions. These vitamin B and Omega oils' reactions are worded formulas of: Fight or Flight; Rest and Digest; Disassociation and Body Ignorance. This is the way in the Norm of Society against Anxiety and Paranoia that contain necessary levels of vitamins B6, B8 AND B12. As a Psychosocial Mentality of Psychological trauma Phobic of the Parasympathetic body Ignorance that is replaced in the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in the head. This is via Glossopharyngeal nerve in the Medulla Oblongata reacting with the Throat Chakra in the inner voice box of thoughtfulness reacting on the Pharynx and Larynx.


This causes Sympathetic Attention from lacking B vitamins and Omega oils towards the Psychological trauma of an Inner body language thought Experience of severe Anxiousness trauma. It is a way of showing Core Identity cognition to Psychosocial Interpellation of the Parasympathetic nerve and the 7 Chakras entering the Germ Layers as Historical Insignificance of Psychosocial Cycles of Enquiry. Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head is just that: a dysfunctional Bicameral state of Theory of Mind to human Interpellation. It is where feelings within the 7 Chakras Inner thought Experiences create an Inner Psychosocial interaction where B vitamins are lacking. And that is towards a Core Identity of the Self image in Psychosocial Interpellation. A Psychosocial of the of feelings that are murderous in the NREM2 pattern of medication causing a sleepwalk affect sometimes.


I say the Psychological trauma systems of the authorities have got the Psychological traumas of severe Anxiety disorder and is Paranoia around the wrong way. And something needs to be done about this when medicament is issued. Also, the fact of: how many of them do carry out a Glossopharyngeal and Vagus nerve test? That is in the back of the Throat Chakra to see which nerve of the main mental health zone is located in the Medulla Oblongata of Schizophrenia causes and symptoms, Bipolar Disorder trauma and many other issues with vitamin B6, B8 and B12 along with the Omega oils of 3, 6 and 9.


It’s of Plasticity in the Hippocampal and Vagus nerve feeding the Glossopharyngeal inner voice box interaction to the inner ear via Sympathetic Reward and Parasympathetic Inforcement of blinking a Cortical rebooting. This is via the Peripheral actions of the ANS and CNS of body mentalist language. At this point muscle ridges in the ears are not performing with aptitude but with a Disharmonic attitude to the Psychosocial Norm of Societal inclusion. And that is via Vestibular Motion Disorders and Facial Conformity Disorders. This is caused by a lack of Cortical rebooting that is of chief concern to me as a Socio-Psychologist.


Creatine gives Hippocamal Plasticity in the inner ear from personal thoughtful feeling via Self-Behavioural Analysis. It is to circumstantial Buzzing sublime noises from the Psychosocial Chakra crowd of media devices, things and Being’s. These all cause Chakra Psychosocial influences of Energy that is relayed to the electro-chemicals of sweat and scent feeding Peripheral notions and motions. And this is then displayed as emotions of Psychosocial phobias relating to the meats’ of Germ Layers of birth and conception of the 7 Chakras.


The Sympathetic nerve is linked to Psychosocial Phobic thoughtful severe Anxiety disorder trauma and vitamin B8 of Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP). Inositol is the second of the B8 vitamin. Myo-Inositol is not an Essential nutrient and also a Sugar Alcohol of the body/brain barrier. It was formerly known as a vitamin B8 and is Phosphate free. Therefore because it is an alcohol it is an Inhibitor of the Parasympathetic reaction of body mentalist Ignorance. So, although severe Anxiety disorder trauma can be linked to AMP, so the Inositol reactions can be linked to: Paranoia trauma of the Parasympathetic nerve reaction of Schizophrenia causes and symptoms. This is where this nerve is more dominant than the Sympathetic reaction and Creatinine is its Harmony. This is via loss of consciousness to Psychosocial Peripheral actions in the Inner ear Experience due to natural imbalance in the Alcohol Sugars of the blood plasma.


Phytic Acid is in the nutrients of bran content and yet when its Phytic acid occurs as an Inositol it is not digestible. However sometimes it enters the dietary nourishment system. In the formula of Germ Layers and the 7 Chakras of the Inner Experience the non-vitamin Myo-Inositol have become dysfunctional Rest and Digest to the Inner Experience of the Omega 3, 6 and 9 inclusions to the Psychological trauma of Bipolar Disorder. It is the Nitrogenous Compounds such as Ammonia that need to be looked at.


It is too Psycho Social Inner sublime body language Experiences. It is hearing Psychological voices in the head instead as well. And it is also Paranoia from a lack of vitamin B compounds to Peripheral sensations overloading the Parasympathetic reaction. This dysfunction is known as Paranoid Schizophrenia and Schizophrenia causes and symptoms. These are from the sublime interaction of the Parasympathetic reaction as Rest and Digest body language as Inner thoughtful Experiences from the Psychosocial noised Buzz of Thing’s.


Schizophrenia is a complete comprehension of the Inner Self Experience where Psychological trauma of hearing paranoid voices is not present because the Core Identity still displayed a Psychosocial Acceptance via the Sympathetic nerve.


So saying in Schizophrenia it is the Delta H3 Amplitude dysfunction in the blood/brain barrier maybe from: Inositol B8 with its toxic build up of Chemical Compounds of Alcohol Sugar conversion in the Germ Layers of meat tissue from lack of exercise and physical duties. Whereas: Psychological trauma of a severe Anxiety disorder is from the AMP subdivision of B8 but its; Disassociation in the Norm of Society. Here the cross over to a Norm of Society giving: relaxing body Ignorance cognition of nodding or even raising the thumb up or down at times of Stress or Pressure on the Medulla Oblongata. This is from Phosphate Chemical Compounds of Histamine.


But in the Psychologically traumatized a Paranoid Schizophrenics body, it is polluted with Inner insinuation Experiences of sleepwalking. This is in an NREM2 Delta Wave Amplitude of a Vestibular Motion Disorder.


It is a lack in the Tinnitus Plasma frequencies causing in the blood supply to the Inner ear Experience against a Core Identity thoughtfulness. Its complexities as a Paranoid acute Psychotic Episode of Psychological trauma are a Core Identity proving they do not spread voices in the head. And so ultimately inflict themselves. This is because of a Psychological trauma that is Paranoia dysfunctions from a lack of B vitamins. Also, that hearing trauma of voices in your head will actually hear them back as: a Core Identity of Peripheral body language notions; in a crowded Buzzing arena! These are the depths of hell in the Psychological trauma of hearing voices in your head leading into the Godhead code of Tinnitus frequencies Swami’s.


In natured Religiousness of Congruence there is no need to feel you are about to be murdered as some medication causes the creation of in the Vagus nerve of Tardive Dyskinesia and Confabulation of my Olanzapine. This, obviously leading to bursts of Psychotic verbal overloads. And sometimes as Paranoid verbal Confabulation where B vitamins and Omega oils are lacking. Instead of the lips trembling the Pharynx and Larynx, the dysfunction is Tardifve Dyskinesia in the inner voice box of the Throat Chakra spreading to the inner ear Experience of the Germ Layers Embryo genetic Energy from Psychosocial Homeostatic Script (Erving Goffman) birth.



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