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The Throat Chakra function has two distinctive sides when it comes to the Ego Identity. Within this article I will discuss the left hemisphere of the Throat Chakra function. When this area of the Chakra function dysfunctions, the resultant effects are the cause of Psychological trauma symptoms of worrying thoughts, Anxiety and trauma and also Psychotic trauma episodes. It also leads to the mental health illness of traumatic voices inside your head from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder shortened to OCD. 

Worrying thoughts can be an everyday disorder in anyone, but can be controlled with deep breathing exercises focused on the left-hand side of the Throat Chakra. Also known as the inner voice box in Western sciences. The use of Tinnitus or the Buzz can also be used to block the thought pattern by using the left side of the inner ear. In my early work – because of consultancy quackery – I would describe voices in the head from Anxiety as a mental Schizophrenia disease. Thoughts have two distinctive occurrences in the Throat Chakra of the inner voice box. That is either the left or right hemisphere of the inner voice box. Worrying thoughts do not concern mental health issues until the body/brain function of the guts and Psychology Syndrome becomes an issue. Mental health can however be alleviated with the use of breath and the Buzz of Tinnitus. 


Mental health becomes the issue when Psychological trauma of Anxiety trauma and bad mood swings of traumatic Psychosis becomes a dysfunction in the Medulla Oblongata. The Medulla is the area involved in the hind brain with the body/brain barrier of the Guts and Psychology Syndrome shortened to GAPS. With the Medulla Oblongata there are four key nerve centres that spread throughout the body from the Central Nervous System. 

  • Sympathetic nerve 

  • Parasympathetic nerve 

  • Glossopharyngeal nerve 

  • Vagus nerve 

When the left-hand side of the Throats inner voice box Chakra becomes infected with mental health issues, it is because of the Sympathetic and Glossopharyngeal nerves. This becomes the dysfunction of Psychological trauma symptoms of Anxiety trauma via the left hemisphere of the Throat Chakra function and the Pharynx of the Western Germ Layers. Psychological Anxiety and trauma are an issue within the empathy of vocalising and the Chakra thoughts that has been purveyed towards a person or because of incessant lying. These two nerves are accessed in the brain via the Pharynx in the Throat Chakras inner voice box. This area also has involvement with the Thyroid gland in the throat. The Thyroid gland becomes infected with a Histamine allergic reaction and this causes issues in the energy flow of the Germ Layers of the Throat Chakra. This can form in the DNA in the womb or from Psychosocial issues caused to the Ego Identity by lies and fun loving criminals. 

Psychological Anxiety trauma is a Yeast infection of Histamine and the energy blockade it causes. It is an allergic reaction of the Alpha waves that the Cortical system causes as a mental health dysfunction. Alpha waves are the intensifying of the Hypertension of the brain’s thought function known as Chronic Inflammation. Thoughts and the Psychological overload into Anxiety attacks are Chronic Inflammation in the brain that the Throat Chakra of the body language purveys. 

As an allergic reaction to Alpha wave it builds Histamine blockade that starts to cause Chronic Inflammation in the brain. The main cause of a Histamine allergic reaction is caused by high levels of Dopamine D1 (Alpha). Continuance of high levels of Dopamine D1 will eventually caused the brain Chronic Inflammation towards hallucinations of Dopamine D3 caused by a Yeast infection of Histamine H3 in the body/brain barrier of GAPS. What is needed to stop this dysfunction is a Dopamine D2 supplement that allows the body to be caused Ignorance and Dissasociation in the inner voice box of the Throat 5th Chakra against mental afflictions of the brain's Chronic Inflammation and the Ego Identity.

Alpha waves and the Cortical system not only extend from the Throat Chakras Thyroid and Pharynx, but the Lacrimal gland as well. The Lacrimal gland controls the Alpha waves that the eyes absorb. These Alpha waves cause the brain to dysfunction because of a lack of Cortical rebooting known as blinking. However, blinking is not enough, as the brain needs to momentarily shut down via blinking an Omega wave function to cancel unnecessary Psychosocial interaction known as Interpellation.

Omega waves cause the Cortical function of the Medulla, Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex in the brain to reallign itself.

Corrections to the left Throat Chakra function and the Cortical system are made by using tonal sounds in the inner voice box. A good example that can be used for the Psychological trauma symptoms of traumatic Anxiety is the Prosody tone of Hummmm. This tone not only purveys Chakra energy of the inner voice boxes left-hand side, but the facial structure as well. Try sounding the Huuuu until it is achieved in the left side of the Throat Chakra. Once this is achieved you will find the mmmm starts to reverberate across the facial muscles.

Within Thyroid and Lacrimal glands the facial structure conforms to a facial conformity Disorder. When a Facial Conformity Disorder occurs due to Alpha waves centred on the left side of the Chakra body language and its Throat 5th Chakra function the muscles begin the waste in the face. This causes the Ego Identity Psychosocial disfigurement. This is caused because of a lack of Hydroxymethyl Butryric Acid (HMB). This is a well known nutraceutic supplement used by body builders for the reduction of Leucine breakdown.

Leucine is a key factor in the body/brain barrier of Chronic Inflammation. Leucine functions as a receptor for the nerves in the facial structure that react to the facial structures emotions. These facial emotions are purveyed via the silence of a marathon runner or the Facial Conformity Disorder that develops via mental health issues of the Psychological symptoms of Anxiety, OCD and the trauma of Psychotic bad mood swings.

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