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Karma and hearing voices of trauma



This is how I see Karma via Social Sciences and Interpellation (light) of Homeostatic (heat and cold) Script (Destiny).


Interpellation is like a greeting momentarily given in heat, light and scent that extends into communication of consciousness of sublime notions localized to a public Performance of the Setting where you exist in a community.


Script is the extension of that Karmic Performance that is your individual notions given by Karmic motions and noise, plus your sensual scent that exudes from your entire bodily motions. Script is Karmic destiny that everyone plays a part in and is the individual divide that you choose to motion and give sound too.


When these two words are appraised you can see Karma in a localization known as Earth – our mother and its consortium of our star code that transmits around the world as heat and light that gives smell of pleasure and distaste. This in turn forms our transferral of individual energy shining from the very beginning in the wombs enhancement of protection and nurtured growth in nitrogens. In no way can the individual know of beginning other than as Karma of unreasonable – but ignorant energy. Certain usuable consciousness can be gathered though. That is a life force of peaceful and distasteful energy that is described as the temple of the brain where words have no beginning or meaning other than in a damaged system of energy frequencies of blood flow through the inner ears and the Taste/smell of Coffee.


In Karma if the left side of Karma is damaged inner psychosis forms in this frequency and can form knowledge gathering of internal problems within the Sympathetic nerve and the inner left hearing. Usually because the knowledge is not present panic attacks and paranoia can form into anxiety. At this point Karma overtakes and study becomes necessary rather than looking inward for knowledge from an un-worded process of frequencies of Theory of Mind barriers between its unconscious and consciousness of outer Karma gathering.


So the head needs sensual knowledge of guiding the ears back to individualism of Self Interpellation of sensual Karmic notions of look to the right to stop inner motions looking for inner knowledge – or thought – that does not exist in the womb of the earthly body of your mother’s electro-chemical reactions. True, in Karma Mother Earth has untold knowledge of the stars divide, but that is studied as a consciousness outside the womb. By looking to the right the left inner ear becomes pronounced into hearing lower levelled noises, where knowledge is perceived as individualism of Karmic knowledge gathering. It is then the stage of blinking a Cortical Reboot via the Parasympathetic nerve where untold Karmic knowledge is treated with ignorance or gathered.


When looking further at Karma these two nerves are the Script Interpellation known as cold and heat. Heat is the lesser detection utilization of the left hand ear of a more sublime notion of how destiny controls the Karmic Self towards notion gathering via bodily motions. In this divide the star then causes a blink across the divide of the day/night/day continuum where: the bodily Karma causes an un-worded ‘Rest and Digest’ ignorance rather than Karmic pressures where the knowledge has not yet been gathered. In Karma if the knowledge is available then ‘Fight or Flight’ causes communication or thought or even Karmic bodily ignorance known as ‘Disassociation’.


So Karma is a Self realisation of Others that involves the outer self with localized communication where: the ‘Scent of Magnolia’ is the finality of cold night’s breath where; sleep exists as an extension of another. An extension of creatured Bi-cameral-ism of verbalised notions of Karma. This is known as Psychosocial interaction of the day/night/day continuum. This can be discussed as conception, birth and conscious existence of the Self. That is a point in Karma where Mother Earth’s role is to continue the Self outside the wombs protective atmosphere of Stars first blurry lights. Your introduction at that point is: WaWaWa or WaaaaWaaah. At this point Karma defines the domination role of Script (destiny) via a stronger Sympathetic or Parasympathetic nerve of Self control points in the luck of the scent inhalation at the birth point of crying for the first time. The Sympathetic nerves role of ‘Fight or Flight’ and just how much Karmic knowledge can be gathered and bodily stored in ‘Rest and Digest’. In the latter panic and anxiety exists in Karma, but also pleasurable ‘Ignorance and Disassociation’.







In Karma and the Scent of Magnolia there are breaths and the smells and tastes of the: (Taste/smell of Coffee). The visualization is the individualism of Psychosocial (public localization) Performances that the ears guide the Core Identity forwards towards another Karmic Setting. It is your Karma that guides your waking and breathing points in lifes’ construction once you become Self outside the womb.


When looking at Karma and the Cosmic reasoning of contemplating the stars of another there is no reasoning simply because no Alien Interpellation has consciously been proven or logically reasoned with. To contemplate with another star is to reason science fiction of another book, movie or enactment of role playing towards a new Ego Identity in the Script of modern social media. Here Karma has a new force known as mass visualisation rather than the sounds of the football crowd and an unknown reason as to who scored last week’s goals’.


History and Karma are in existence for the new reasoning of a Cycle of Enquiry so as we can all feel brand new throughout Interpellation. History is evolution of how Karma is a goal scored in the overhearing of another countries goal last year or the live act of modern social media.


New maybe! 2,000 A.D? World war 2 could have become 1945 – 0 G.C.H.Q and a knew Komical new nucleic beginning. Ahem...


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